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SSBB's music, sastified or left wanting?

Discussion in 'General Video Game Discussion' started by Akazu, Jul 21, 2008.

  1. To me a game's appeal depends a large amount on its music and Super smash bros. Brawl is full of it (music, that is). I love that it has alot of my favorite songs from some of my favorite nintendo, metal gear solid, and sonic the hedgehog games, but there are a few I wish had been in there.

    This topic is to talk about the songs you are glad were in brawl and which ones you would have wanted.

    I'm glad that these are in there:
    Lugi's Circuit mario kart 64, I didn't originally like this on but it grew on me
    Title/Ending (super mario world) I loved what they did with it. ;D
    Bramble Blast donkey kong country 2, I absolutely love this one its cool and realaxing.
    Gourmet race kirby super star, this one is just simply awesome and I love what they did with it.
    VS Ridley super metroid, always liked this one even though I prefer the meta ridley version in this game.
    Tetis: type Athis one simply grew on me.
    Dialga/Palkia Battle at Spear Tower One of the best songs in the game I really love this one! ;D
    King Dedede Theme kirby series, always loved this one. ;D
    Squeak Squad Theme kirby: squeak squad, I love what they did with this one really catchy! :D
    Corneriastarfox, altough not really a starfox fan this song chought my intrest. :)
    Underground Theme (Super Mario Land)That was always a fun game and the mix for the sons is great. :)
    Jungle Level Ver.2 donkey kong country, awesome job on this mix! :D
    Ocarina of Time MedleyLoZ ocarina of time, Its amazing how they combined all the ocarina songs to make this. :D
    The Dark World LoZ A Link to the Past,alway has been absolutely awesome, ;D
    Obstacle Course yoshi's island, one of the best songs in yoshi's island. :)
    Butter Buildingkirby series, my second favorite song in kirby nigthmare in dreamland.
    Ice Climberlike it alot better than the melee one although I hear voices at the beginning of the song. :-\
    EncounterMGS, awesome battle music. ;D
    Thema of Tara metal gear, the brawl mix is awesome. :D
    Snake Eater (instrumental) MGS 3, Both awesome and sothing I only whish they had use the one with vocals. :'(
    Sonic Boom sonic CD, me and my brother always love this one. :D
    His World (Instumental)sonic the hedgehog, my personal favorite favorite from the sonic series, ;D
    from melee im gald they brought back Fountain of Dreams the best song in melee, (would have also wanted the stage though) and doctor mario theme.

    Songs I wanted:
    The hippie song from mother it was catchy. was originally going to be in there. :'(
    Marble garden zone. second level in the first sonic game, the best in the classic games.
    Mini boss from yoshi's island. very catchy
    Metal gear solid main theme. cant believe that one wasnt in there.
    Boss fight from super mario sunshine.
    Fight agiainst the egg viper from sonic adventure.
    I wanted saria's song back! :'(
    The battle against the champion from pokemon D/P.
    Boss battle theme from M&L PIT was originally going to be there. :'(

    Thats pretty much it. Here is a list of the music in brawl if you need help
    there are more links at the bottom of the page.
  2. The complaints I have against Brawl have nothing to do with the music...I really enjoyed the music, but of course, I haven't touched Brawl in months, and I plan to keep it that way unless a certain friend of mine decides she wants to play...

    Melee preference aside, Brawl had great music...it's too bad Sakurai spent too much time focusing on it, though (I mean, saying that the game revolved around a SONG when he introduced the opening theme?!)...
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    Heh. Overall, I think Brawl's music collection is a masterpiece, and a lot of the music I love made it in. I'll need to put a bit more thought into this to give you a proper answer.

    Offhand, though, I have one qualm with some of the music and one song I would've loved seeing in. You already mentioned the song I would've loved having: Cynthia's theme. Both parts of it, too (when you're talking to her before the match and during it). It's just a really awesome song and could've made a great Brawl remix.

    Otherwise, I'm rather saddened by the lack of Sonic music remixes in Brawl. I'm not really bugged about it, mind (it's all understandable really), I just can't help but wonder what some of them could've been like if they'd been redone like Angel Island (which turned out awesome). A bit of a shame, but ah well. What can you do? xp

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