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Open Squad 17 (Superhero RP) Discussion

Discussion in 'General Role Play Discussion' started by NotaViolinist, Feb 12, 2020.

  1. With crime rates in Midnight City skyrocketing, a group of superheroes bands together to kick butt and take names.

    Just your generic superhero vs. supervillain workplace comedy... with a twist. This is a RP designed to test your character-creation creative limits. Here are the rules for creating your character:

    1) Decide whether you want to be a hero or villain (or make two characters, a hero-villain duo or hero-sidekick duo!).

    2) Go to randompokemon.com. Choose "generate 2 pokemon". Click the box next to natures. Then generate your character. If you're only making one character you can choose between the two. If you're making a duo, then you must work with both of them. If you get a legendary/mythical Pokémon, reroll (they're too strong). Also, I'll put a list of Pokémon already used down below so we don't end up with duplicates.

    3) The nature generated will be the base nature of your character, and the evolutionary stage is their relative age (for example, a Pichu would be "young" and a Raichu would be "old". But the definition of young and old is up to you). Now to come up with a power for them! There are only a couple limitations for this: make sure it's not just a type-based power (i.e. I got Blastoise so my character can control water). Instead make it fairly unique (i.e. I got Blastoise so my superhero uses their control over water to create pressurized water guns). Here are some ideas:
    - Read Pokédex entries for inspiration
    - Look at the Pokémon's appearance
    - Base it off a signature move or a move they can learn
    - Base it off an Ability
    - Search "(pokemon's name) human" online and see what pops up
    Drop your newly created character's bio down below! Remember, this is NOT a Pokémon-based universe. It's only the characters that are based off Pokémon. The setting is Midnight City, so no characters from Kanto or other regions. Also, you can name your characters whatever you want (I tend to base them off the Pokémon's name since it's easier for me).

    Here are two examples:
    Leon (based on Inteleon): A sharp-eyed young man with a yellow scarf and dark brown hair tied into a bun. Has a cape that allows him to glide in the air. He's a paranoid research agent working for a secret hero organization that recruits the new members. Insists Marcus is his sidekick. His weapons of choice are handguns that he can easily conceal in his clothes. Serious nature.

    Marcus (based on Maractus): Leon's coworker. A friendly young man who used to teach dance lessons before he became an agent. Has long black hair and dresses very casually. He has a mild form of epilepsy (myoclonic seizures mostly). Depending on his body language, he can manipulate emotions in people, such as causing fear in enemies. In combat he depends on small explosives that draw attention to him. Insists Leon is his sidekick. Lax nature.

    Taken Pokémon:
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  2. Gold The Dragonite

    Gold The Dragonite Previously Dratingonair

    I really like this concept, I'll make a bio soon!
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  3. Gold The Dragonite

    Gold The Dragonite Previously Dratingonair

    Star (Staraptor) is a young woman who has brown-medium hair and a single red streak. She can be quite friendly, humble and selfless, however if she gets annoyed she will retaliate recklessly. Star is able to grow and contract a pair of wings, and uses white energy that resembles claws. Modest nature.
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  4. Wow, this is a really unique idea, and I dig it!
    Oh, I have a question, can I make, like, the type of bio that you usually see in RPs, like Name: Gender: one? I think I would to fit a hero better in that.
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  5. Sure there's not really a set template I have for this, just remember to put what Pokémon they're based on and the nature you got!
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  6. Awesome! Feel free to join in whenever!
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  7. Okay, jeez, I think I got a good one! Also, if you want, I can create a whole template for this guy like I did for Neon.
    Gar(Gengar) is a mischievous prankster who loves to joke around. He can sink into his own shadow, as well as other’s. Unfortunately, people don’t like being around him very much, because his body is a heat sink, dropping the temperature in a 3 foot radius by 10 degrees. He can create many dark and shadowy things to use as weapons, and can teleport around at will. If he concentrates, he can put people to sleep, feed of their dreams and replace them with traumatic nightmares. He wears black sports pants, a black hoodie with a purple t-shirt underneath, and has jet black hair with a single purple streak. When it’s time to fight, he doesn’t put on a costume, he uses his ghost-like energy and turns into a phantom. His main color is a dark purple/Indigo gas-like ghost substance that trails 6 inches from his body. His eyes turn bright yellow, and his mouth is also a bright yellow, which glows this Color and makes the shape of his mouth moving as if he was talking normally.He’s 17, by the way. He stands at 6'00. Sassy nature.
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  8. I love concepts that have an interesting type of character creation like this. Count me in!

    Sylvester “Sylvie” Fairfolk (Sylveon) is a young man of a bit below average height, with fair skin and fairly androgynous features. His short, baby-pink hair scrapes just past his ears, adorned with a pair of crisscrossing dark blue hair clips to keep his bangs out of his eyes (admittedly, it doesn’t work all that well). His wide eyes are a piercing sky-blue, a colour he has recently taken to painting his nails.
    Typically, he dresses in a casual manner—this includes around the office, unfortunately, wherein the only thing he does to look even remotely formal is wear a button-up shirt beneath his sweater. His hero outfit is another matter entirely—if he didn’t have to be sneaky in order for his abilities to have any major effect, he’d turn it up to ten and do everything in his power to dress in the most over-the-top way possible.

    As far as abilities go, Sylvie’s tend to focus moreso towards support role than outright physical damage. Upon prolonged contact with an opponent, they may enter a trance-like state of familiarity, treating him amicably as if he were an old friend. Oftentimes, people report having no recollection of his presence in the first place after he is gone. This ability can be adapted to radiate a calming aura to nearby allies, giving them a bit more stamina to assist with their next attack.
    Seeing as his main ability requires a bit of preparation or stealth, it’s not extremely useful in the heat of combat. In that department, he’s more likely to rely on underhanded tactics and/or resort to buffing his teammates behind the lines. When push comes to shove, however, he does carry a switchblade concealed on his person... and sand in his pockets.

    Personality-wise, Sylvie is a bit of a mixed bag. In a word, he could be described as impish, a Cheshire grin on his face and fingers crossed behind his back. He’s nearly-always upbeat, even when the circumstances don’t call for it, and has a bad habit of saying what’s on his mind, for better or (more often) for worse. Perhaps due to his past, he isn’t above utilizing less than savoury tactics to work towards his goals, and he’s only now beginning to discover that those around you aren’t always looking for the nearest opportunity to throw you under the bus.
    Due to the primary effect of his abilities being emotional responses, he often tends to wonder if others’ feelings for him, whether romantic or platonic in nature, are genuine or merely the result of his presence. He certainly hopes they’re real… but…

    Despite his soft appearance and generally harmless means of fooling around, Sylvie formerly operated as a thief under the alias “Foxglove” in the ranks of a team of villains. The higher-ups are most likely aware of this, and certain villains may recognize him (although he looks somewhat different now—his former appearance is more comparable to that of an eevee, albeit with his signature pink hair), but this isn’t public knowledge for anyone else.

    I might make a second character later (if that’s allowed) based upon the other Pokémon I generated (Duosion), but this is it for now.
    If there’s anything wrong with my bio or any abilities/basis for abilities that need to be cleared up, let me know!
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  9. I think Sylvie and Marcus would get along well! Correct me if I'm wrong but this is based on Sylveon, correct? And what nature did you end up getting? A second character is completely fine with me.
  10. Sounds good, what a coincidence that you ended up getting your icon! How's that for luck?
  11. Yup! (And they absolutely would.)
    If you’re asking about Sylvie’s nature, I rolled up impish. I listed it in the bio but I probably should have tacked it on at the end to clarify. It’s in bold now.
    If you were referring the nature of the duosion I also rolled up, I got lonely.
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  12. Oh, okay. I knew it was a dumb thing to ask, but I'm awkward and cautious.
    Alright, here is my hero:

    Name: Julia Penly (like, if a pencil looks like a pen, it would be a penly pencil)
    Pokémon she's based on: Jumpluff
    Hero Name: Jumpluff (it fits, alright?)
    Gender: Female
    Age: 17
    Appearence: Julia is rather tall, standing at 5'10 (is that how you write feet?) with a slim build and a pale complexion. She has straight light yellow hair that goes about to her shoulders, the slightest hint of bangs and her eyes are a sparkling hazel.
    Civilian Attire: Her everyday look is made up by a green hoodie(representing Skiploom), on which is written 'Spring' in pink(which represents Hoppip), blue jeans and white sneakers. She lets her hair flow in the wind(that means she keeps her hair down, if that wasn't clear)
    For formalwear she just puts on a red dress, red heels and does her hair in a simple ponytail.
    Hero Costume: When the time comes to be a hero, she ditches everything casual and goes full heroine. She will wear a dark blue full-bodysuit, chelsea boots of the same colour, white gloves and a mini cape with white fur on the collor. She does her hair in two buns(trying to represent the side cotton balls) and curls her bangs(trying to represent the top cotton ball). To further hide her identity, she makes her eyes crimson (trying to represent Jumpluff's)
    Personality: Julia is a bubbly girl, always cheerful and full of life. She is eager to help her friends and strangers, if the situation calls for her help. She isn't completely naïve, she will (sometimes)figure out if the thing that you need help with will hurt others. When she is with friends, she's merry and excited, and when she's alone, she's more or less calm. Yeah, she isn't the smartest book in the library, but she can handle herself just fine... unless there are complex equations, or any type of equation, involved. Jolly Nature
    Ability/Powers: Julia's main super power is that she can fly at any time. If wind is blowing, she will be able to fly even better. When it comes to battling, she produces spores from her fingertips and hurls them at the target and the spores... explode(trying to be a mix of Seed Bomb and Stun Spore). The more spore she creates at once, the stronger the explosion. She can also make her eyes change colour to crimson (that's extra, I know). On the off chance that she can't use her powers, she will simply fight the target, having extended martial arts training (overprotective parents trying to make her fight the potential kidnapper that she might face)
    When there are no clouds in the sky, and the Sun is shining, Julia will get a speed boost. Meaning she can run, fly, and create spore faster (representing the ability Chlorophyll).
    Somewhat Of A Weakness: While it's raining or snowing, Julia will have more difficulty navegating through the air and some of her spores will just be washed away.
    Other: She loves the spring, if you could not tell that from her hoodie.

    Ok, I'm done. If you don't like the changing eye colour thingy, or if she has unbalaced powers, for some reason, or there is anything else that's too extra or unnecessary, let me know and I'll edit my post.
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  13. I know right? I almost backflipped out of my chair when I got it.
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  14. Woah, I might be lazy and inactive, but this concept sounds amazing! Lemme go generate some mons
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  15. Okay. Naughty Heracross and Bashful Quilladin, this should be interesting… time to write. If they’re both too young or too op (let’s be honest they prolly are) I’ll gladly change them.

    Daniel (Quilla”din”) is around 16. He’s a bit shy, never really satisfied with what he does or accomplishes.. Despite this, he’s pretty kind! He’s also a bit of a pacifist. (Pokedex entry) He is very protective of his sister, June. For his looks, he’s a bit on the chubby side and is short. He wears a hoodie with red-tipped horns. (Obviously, the horn things on quilladin) Daniel also wears a brown shirt underneath. He has brown hair and brown eyes. His powers allow him to be much more sturdy, making things like bullets not do much. This has a drawback, making him a whole lot slower. (Hidden ability, bulletproof, and stats) Even with this, he still looks down on himself. Bashful nature.

    June (heracross, and June as in Junebug) is around the same age as Daniel, about 15 (or 16 if that’s still too young) but don’t be fooled by her age. She loves making fun of her brother, Daniel, such as teasing him or straight up flinging him. Daniel only finds this annoying, but refuses to fight back. She’s stubborn and hyper, with a huge sweet tooth. (pokedex entry) June’s also extremely annoying and nosy, along with being reckless, if you haven’t caught that. She also has a huge ego at times. (Also Pokedex entry.) She likes navy blue sweaters. Occasionally she wears pink and blue t shirts. (Shiny) June has blond hair and is just as short as Daniel. Hazel eyes. June has superhuman strength, and is able to summon a helmet with a horn on it. Naughty nature.
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  16. @NotaViolinist , is it okay if I reroll? I love Lucario, don’t get me wrong, but I feel like I use it too much in roleplays. Still my fav Pokémon tho
  17. I like the brother sister combination! You might want to focus on a specific power instead of including all these little things (such as choosing either vines, pins or bulletproof-ness for Daniel, and super strength (including strong grip), wings or withstanding environments). But other than that it sounds good, feel free to join!
  18. Since the first roll should have included two Pokémon, choose the other one that you got (it's okay if you forgot the nature you rolled, in that case you'd have to reroll ignoring the new Pokémon and just working with the randomized nature).
  19. Okay.
  20. okay! sounds simple enough

    quilladin is mostly known for how fat it i- its armor, so I’ll keep the bulletproof shenanigan

    heracross is mostly based on its strength since the Pokedex rambles over and over about it, but can I keep the helmet summoning thing since… yeah?
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  21. Yup it's good! Jump in anytime!
  22. Yeah sounds fine!
  23. Sorry, I’m confused, am I the only one who cares about this rp, and the thread is just gonna sit there? Or...
  24. I’m just sitting here, waiting for a moment to join in since I can’t think of anything without another responce
  25. Gold The Dragonite

    Gold The Dragonite Previously Dratingonair

    Is the RP open? Sorry, didn't realise.
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  26. Yeah, it’s open, you can tap the “Squad 17” link in NotaViolinist’s signature and it will take you there.
  27. Gold The Dragonite

    Gold The Dragonite Previously Dratingonair

    Oki, I'll probably get started on a post once NotaViolinis's OCs point to another person.
  28. They just did,Leon said “Welcome Aboard, Next?” Just notifying ya.
  29. Oh dear, when I was randomizing mons for misc oc ideas I got a lax furret and impish exeggutor and now I have a villain duo idea. I’m prolly never gonna do it, however
  30. Sorry for not posting, I’ve had a very busy past few days.

    I’ll be sure to get a reply up later tonight.
  31. Is this RP still open? I just saw it randomly out of curiosity and it sounds fun!
  32. Yep, it actually just started. There’s only like, 7 posts.
  33. Hey, I edited Gar's age, he seemed to childish and sassy to be 21. Also, I just tend to do better with younger characters.
  34. Gold The Dragonite

    Gold The Dragonite Previously Dratingonair

    I was rolling for some villains and got Tyrantrum and Mursharna. Well, that works:

    Tyran (Tyrantrum) is a hot-headed man who easily get annoyed and aggravated. He lashes out quite frequently, no matter who it is. Tyran is quite highly of himself, as if he was a king. He has yellow tipped brown messy hair. He has light brown eyes and fair skin. He usually wears a red and brown plaid, unzipped hoodie with a white, large spiky hood, a white shirt and blue jeans. Tyran is able to rip through things even as strong as steel. He can also harden his skin, which significantly make him more durable. However, if he does it too much, he's as weak as a feather. Mild nature.

    Maya (Musharna (that took a while to think of...)) is a quiet young woman. Maya has pastel pink short hair and a ribbon-like ponytail. Her eyes were usually closed, however has deep purple eyes. She has very pale skin and wears a white, very short skirt, and a purple dress. It also has pink heels. Maya is able to make people fall asleep. She's also able to take their dream and make it a reality. The main point is to scare them, however nightmares can attack. In combat, she's useless. Lax nature.
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  35. Hey, I was rolling for a villain, and got this.

    Gren(Greninja) Is a serious young man who doesn’t take things lightly. He use to be a good guy, then realized he didn’t want to be on the losing team, so he switched.
    Gren has the power to create concentrated water into shurikens. Gren is able to create duplicates of itself, like Gar, and can also substitute itself for an item, and attack the enemy. Gren and Gar used to be good friends, but when Gren became evil, and asked Gar to join him, Gar refused. So, they are now mortal enemies. Gren usually comes close to winning their battles, but Gar always wins in the end. Serious nature.
  36. Yup just roll for some characters and I'll write you in when I can! Make sure you read the first post here for the rules of character creation.
  37. I have some extra/background characters already made so I guess I'll put some quick bios here. They definitely won't be showing up that much though.

    Carrie (Cacturne, Impish) Marcus' sister. She can grow needles on her arms, and her blood is sand (a weird detail I found in the Pokédex entries). Brunette with darker skin.

    Abe (Abomasnow Mega, Bashful) "Whiteout," the head honcho of the villains in Midnight City. Self-conscious to the point of being overly-defensive and tries to avoid media attention. He controls freezing weather, specifically hailstorms. Dark-haired with a beard.

    Tyrell (Tyrunt, Bold) Inside agent for the heroes. He's a youthful yet brave individual whose signature frenzied trance-like state of fighting is affectionately nicknamed "The Tantrum." A redheaded kid.
  38. Hello! Just want to see if this rp is still open for character applications. This seems quite fun, actually!
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  39. Gold The Dragonite

    Gold The Dragonite Previously Dratingonair

    Pretty sure it's open, just generate a Pokemon and give a short description about them as a human.

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