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Ask to Join Sprout Labratory

Discussion in 'Pokémon Role Play' started by HeyItsPip, Mar 27, 2020.

  1. Discussion Page: https://pokecharms.com/threads/sprout-laboratory-discussion.22182/



    Sprout Daycare and Hatchery, the place to drop off or breed Pokémon! Rated best in region two times!

    Haha, oh, if only they knew…
    Algae was getting tired of reading the poster just outside his enclosure over and over again. As he rubbed the sleep out of his eyes, beat up his Arbok toy (which he considers a stress relief), and laid down in the empty, dry mini stream, he huffed and was impatiently waiting for every other mon to wake up. In the five months he’d have been in this hell, Algae never completely understood whatever the humans would say, and he couldn’t read the other chunks of word in the poster. What he did know, was that the routine the scientists added in made it a whole lot easier to escape. All he needed was a bunch of other Pokémon to help.

    Gumi groggily woke up and looked around her mostly dull room. A few vines and one with a bell wasn’t much to be excited about. Picking up one of the vines with her psychic abilities, she ripped it in half and wondered if it was edible. Tossing it across the room, she looked at the glass wall. If this enclosure wasn’t reinforced, this would be an extremely easy escape. Too bad the scientists seemed smarter than they looked. Maybe smarter than her. Ringing the bell, she started thinking up ideas to escape, all related to food. Then she shook her head. No. No food, Gumi! How dumb can you be?

    Sighing, she sat down against the wall and occasionally batted the vine with the bell.
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  2. Scamper the yamper

    Scamper the yamper Previously Pokemonwolf667

    The Growlithe woke up, "rise and shine myself" she said to herself. She paced in circles in her room thinking, now, why am I here?? I forgot again...
    After pacing in circles, she sat down and then got up and paced around again. What to do next, what to do she thought while still pacing.
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  3. Neko sat up as he came to his senses. He seemed to be keeping a diary in his head. Day however many- I am still here. He looked at his mostly bare room. He had a small stuffed toy of a Teddiursa next to him. It's blank, button eyes stared at him; it's smile was beaming in Neko's direction despite the fact it's head was half ripped off. I need to learn how to sow. "If I can get string and a needle I could fix you up, Buddy!" Neko dismissed the thought that he was talking to a stuffed toy and smiled for no reason whatsoever. He licked his paw and brushed the hair around his ears with it. He tried to brush his forehead but remembered the Steel Plate embedded into his skull. Let's hope I can make some friends for once. He looked at his teddy. "Now we wait."
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  4. Scamper the yamper

    Scamper the yamper Previously Pokemonwolf667

    The Growlithe rolled around for a bit than lied down to regain it's energy, waiting for food is hard... The Growlithe thought to itself, trying to stop thinking of food, it began pacing and rolling around again.

    When she stopped rolling around and pacing, she lied down for a second, I'm still bored, and hungry...the Growlithe still thought. Boredom struck the Growlithe, the whole point of me pacing was to pass the time, not to be bored, the Growlithe thought to itself.
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  5. =Nightshade=

    =Nightshade= Previously Night's Shadow

    Ciara's eyes opened slowly, then closed again. I'm still alive. Why the heck am I still alive? She answered the question she'd been thinking to herself since she was caught and smacked into her cage. Because the dinguses in this hellhole want me to be. The red-and-black Delcatty rolled over onto her back, then came back down onto her stomach. Her tail flicked halfheartedly, and silver claws extended to draw circles on the ground. Listless luminous amber eyes gazed off through the glass, unseeing. Ciara could feel the incendiary power coursing through her veins, but couldn't muster the energy to stand. Not so much because she was tired, but because she just didn't see the point. There was no way to escape. She had figured that out early on.

    Or was there?

    The Delcatty immediately squashed the tiny voice of hope in the back of her mind. No point in leading herself on. Ciara licked a paw and began to wash her ears out of habit, glancing disdainfully around the tiny confines of her enclosure, then scratched idly at her shock collar with one hind paw. They kept it on her for the occasional time when she would lapse into a murderous rage and attack anything that moved, as well as for the times when she refused to eat in an attempt to kill herself. They said she was one of their greatest successes, and that they couldn't afford to lose her. If that's true, then why am I kept in a tiny glass cage with nothing to occupy my thoughts but pain, suffering, and a need to end it?

    A deep, enervated sigh scratched her parched throat as she flopped down on her front paws, apathetic to anything and everything around her. There weren't very many 'mons in Building C, and they were the most interesting things to look at. So she scanned the cages around her with a soporific glance, locking eyes with a Quagsire across the way. What was his name again? Moss? Lichen? Some sort of plant. Algae. Yeah, that's it. She looked away, yawning, wondering when her pathetic excuse of a life would end.
  6. The golden Raichu’s eyes slowly opened. She flopped on her back, yawning. Another day in this place. She wanted to get out so badly, but her need to be obedient and follow the rules overruled it. I’m starving, the Raichu thought to herself. But she had to patiently wait for food to be served. The Raichu noticed a Joltik and Reuniclus who were in the same area as her.
    Aren’t they also electric types? the mouse Pokémon asked herself in her head. She thought it was a weird coincidence.
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  7. Jacksoneternal

    Jacksoneternal Previously Breon

    King's eyes opened slowly, then growled at himself for being confined into this room still. Tch, looking at this room starting to get on my nerves. I might as well work up an appetite before breakfast gets here.
    King thought as he jumped to his feet and started pounding into the punching bag those humans gave to him since he was punching the wall too many times when he first got there.
    I wonder if those humans will give me a new opponent for today, it will be fun beating them to a Pulp. King smirked as he punched too hard and made hole into the punching bag making sand spill onto the floor. "God dang it, not again this is the fourth one this week!" King yelled as he pulled his fist out of the punching bag while quietly cursing at himself.
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  8. Wyatt hung upside down. Nothing else better to do in the mornings, anyways. He clung to the durable thread that suspended him in the air with all his little legs. He wanted to eat, but he would have to wait. His eyes darted back and forth, but there wasn't much to do in his room. He had a small water dispenser, which dripped into a small cup. He had his web up in one corner. That was about it. And so he waited for a time when he would be allowed out.

    Molly, on the other hand, hadn't stirred since she woke up. She was tucked in close to her shell, glaring out at the world. She wanted nothing more than a chance to clobber the people who kept her locked here.
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  9. 8:36

    Tick. Tick. Tick. Tick.

    The clock nearly made Algae go insane. Not like he wasn't already, though. He was ever so impatiently waiting for the dry, tasteless kibble the scientists passed out. Come to think of it, it tasted like cardboard. Then he wondered how he knew the taste of cardboard, but quickly ignored that. If they were lucky, they’d get a slice of cheese or even a berry. Once they even got a tiny, tiny chunk of Old Gateau. Nonetheless it never really filled him up and he tried everything he could to make him full, all of which proved futile. He groaned, wanting to shatter that clock that was constantly telling him breakfast isn’t coming anytime soon. Picking up a plastic vine, he chewed on it to ease his hunger. Not the best for his health, but it seemed like the scientists only cared about him living.
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  10. Iota got up on her hind legs. Her stomach growled with hunger. Iota didn’t mind eating the bland kibble. She wasn’t picky and would eat about anything that was edible. However, Iota yearned for her most favorite food- berry tarts. But of course, the lab would never feed her something as extravagant as that.
    The Raichu avoided looking at the clock, for she wanted to think about something else. But there was nothing else, everything had been taken away from her.
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  11. Neko looked at the pokemon in his section, Section A. The one at the very end was a Drednaw. Oh, no. She's still there. I hate the way she looks at people. There was a Growlithe next to the Drednaw and a Elekid next to the Growlithe. Feel bad for the Growlithe. Being in between those two must be horrible. The Elekid punched a hole through the punching bag. Seriously? How many times am I going to watch him punch a hole through the punching bags? If I got close I would probably get beaten up... The Growlithe does seem nice. Best not to try though. Maybe I'll get the chance to find someone in a different section to me. "For now you're my only friend, I guess." He smiled at the Teddy. "Wonder if I'll ever get out of here? Of course I would take you, so don't worry." He picked up the stuffed toy and cuddled it. It's head nearly fell off.
  12. 9:03

    By this point Gumi just wanted to go back to sleep. Closing her eyes, she quickly realized her food rations would get split in half if she did that. The Reuniclus wanted to let out an ear piercing scream, but tried saving her breath for the water. This repeated every single gosh darn day, and she started to lose track of time by now. Instead, she vigorously shook the bell, which made quite the ruckus. Then she sighed. Nothing to do but think.

    The clicking and beeping of the door made her flinch. Mentally celebrating, she looked at the kibble being dropped into the bowl. Pit, pat, pit, pat. Although she wanted to pick them up and hear the satisfying snap of their spine, she wanted nothing to do with that, as she know what THAT will get her. Seeing the scientist walk away and the door locking, she grabbed the kibble by just a bit (as she refused to eat from the bowl) and started chomping away.
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  13. =Nightshade=

    =Nightshade= Previously Night's Shadow

    Ciara was bored. What a surprise. She lay pointlessly on the cold floor, tongue lolling out of her mouth to excrete water that wouldn’t come. In retrospect, I probably should’ve eaten last night. The day before that, too. Or at least taken the water. Dying of hunger wouldn’t be too bad, but this thirst is torture.

    Shadows on the wall reached for her with emancipated hands. Ciara hissed at them, and they retreated from her warning of dark power. Stars glimmered on the ceiling. She hissed at those too, and they also winked out. Vaguely she realized she must be hallucinating from dehydration. Eyes blinked slowly as she settled down into a torpid position as she waited for water and paper-like kibble.
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  14. Jacksoneternal

    Jacksoneternal Previously Breon

    King roared with rage as he picked up the broken punching bag and threw it across the room hitting the glass wall. Ugh, when is the food going to be ready, I don't care what it is as long as it fills up my stomach and I don't die from starvation.
    King thought as he began rubbing his head furiously producing electricity from his head.
    Suddenly after hearing a click and beep, he turned around to see a human pouring tibble into his wooden bowl and water beginning to pour down into his little stream, but while the human was pouring the kibble, King was glaring at the human as much as possible urging him to leave as fast as possible before he got the urge to test out how fragile human really are, but as the human finally left King dash towards the bot kibble and grabbed a handful of it and stuff it into its mouth
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  15. Iota immediately wolfed down some of the dry kibbles from her bowl. She quickly lapped up her water. The Raichu passed up drinking water last time, due to how dirty it was. This time, it was still a bit grimy, but not as much.
    Once she finished her water, Iota felt much more energized. She slowly ate the rest of her kibble. It wasn’t delicious at all, but she was glad that there was at least some food available.
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  16. Neko stared blankly at the kibble that had been placed in his bowl. He looked at his teddy, then looked at the kibble. I don't really feel like eating bland stuff. Guess I have to though. He lifted a bit off with his psychic power and ate it. He did this a until he got tired of it. He drank the water to wash it down. "Trust me Buddy, you wouldn't want this, so don't look at me like that." He ate the last bit of kibble and sighed. Now what? He picked up a small, sharp stick. He carved a small bit of wood until it looked somewhat similar to a capital 'S' . What does it even mean? Do humens understand what I say? I might have to stop talking to Buddy, then. He sat down and looked at his teddy. Now that he thought about it, he didn't even remember how to interact with other pokemon. He definitely needed to find someone that wasn't a stuffed Teddiursa.
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  17. Scamper the yamper

    Scamper the yamper Previously Pokemonwolf667

    As soon as she got the kibble, Milla stuffed her face with it. She couldn't wait another minute of starving. "Mmm" she thought, she didn't reconsider the thought, just because of hunger. After eating, she ran in her room for a bit. She walked over to the water bowl after running a bit. After she drank the water she became slowly bored.
    Bored, bored, bored. Nothing to do. She sighed while rolling around a bit more.
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  18. Wyatt’s mealtime was a bit different than the others’. Instead of kibble, a small battery was placed in his cage by a gloved hand. As soon as the door to his small room closed, he spun down on a thread and alighted upon the floor. He shivered himself for a moment and then scurried over at top speed. He went to the end of the battery with the bump and began feeding off the electricity inside.

    The door to Molly’s room opened, and a man stepped in. He had a decent sized scoop of kibble, which he dumped in the bowl. Both the man and the Pokémon kept their eyes locked on one another the whole time. Molly’s eyes were filled with hate, but she couldn’t do anything. The man was holding a small device that could activate the shock collar on her neck. She had to wait until he was gone. And when he finally did, it took her only a moment before she stood up and started wolfing down her food. It wasn’t great, but she ate it anyways.
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  19. 9:42

    As the water trickled down his stream he didn’t bother to get up until that dude in the white coat left. Getting up, soothed by the water, he filled his kibble-filled bowl with some water and slowly pecked at it. Still tasteless and mushy, but at least it didn’t leave his mouth dry. Looking up at the clock, he silently wished it wasn’t his day to go to the Blue Room. Algae hadn’t been in there for the last three months, and he certainly did not want to go there now. Now his bowl was empty, only filled with kibble-stained water, and it isn’t going to be filled for the next few hours.

    So there he was, back to doing literally nothing. At least he can enjoy the stream for a few more minutes.
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  20. =Nightshade=

    =Nightshade= Previously Night's Shadow

    Ciara’s bleary eyes opened to the sound of kibble tumbling into a dish. She rolled over and turned away from the scientist pouring it. “Cmon, C14,” the guy urged. “Eat. We’re not—“

    He was cut off by a halfhearted hiss. Ciara didn’t understand all of what he was saying, but she hated the sound of his voice. He pushed the bowl closer to her, then shut the door. Slowly, sluggishly, the Delcatty padded over to the water bowl and drank, filling and satisfying her thirst. She ignored the food bowl completely. The guy shook his head as he moved onto the next cage, and Ciara slumped back into the defeated position she spent most of her time in these days. Head on her paws, she observed the others with as little interest as possible.
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  21. Now that she was full, Iota thought of other things to do. She decided to spin her empty food bowl on the tip of her bolt-shaped tail, which quickly got boring after a few minutes. Iota decided to take a look at the other Pokémon near her a second time.
    They look far more normal than I do, Iota thought. It was true. The Raichu stood out from others of her kind, and not just due to her size.
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  22. Jacksoneternal

    Jacksoneternal Previously Breon

    King finished the last of his kibble as he tossed the bowl across the room and made a large burp and sighed with satisfaction before taking a big gulp of water that was coming down from his stream.
    King now starts to look around to finally acknowledge the other Pokemon existence that were stuck in their own glass prisons and seeing how to pass the time until there let out, so he decided to talk with the strange color Growlithe first.
    "Hey you furball do you want to play tag with me when we get to the yard." King ask as he put both of his arms against the glass wall facing towards Milla.
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  23. Scamper the yamper

    Scamper the yamper Previously Pokemonwolf667

    Milla didn't reply, she didn't like any interaction with other pokemon. Instead she looked at King in a "no" look. She began pacing again, making sure to peer at King every once and awhile. Then she sat and waited to go out.
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  24. Jacksoneternal

    Jacksoneternal Previously Breon

    King's eye twitch as he did not get a response from the strange-looking Growlithe. Is she just ignoring me and what's with that looks she giving me, does she think she's better than me that she's too good to play a game with me, oh I will show her that I can keep up with her speed, I'll probably just start running a couple laps around the yard and then I'll show her. King snickered as he turned around and turn towards his broken punching bag and punch another hole Into it dispersing more sand.
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  25. 10:02

    “All right… who’s up today… some Elekid… and a Joltik.”

    Sliding open the door simply labeled A28, he looked at the Elekid, and shifted his eyes toward the now destroyed punching bag. “Damn it, A28! That’s the fourth one this week!” He shook his head.
    Anyways… we got some work to do with you. Come along,” Grabbing King by the head, and making sure he wasn’t able to pummel him, he threw him into a glass cage right on a cart.

    “We’ll have to take a quick pit stop to Section B. Behave yourself, A28.”
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  26. Jacksoneternal

    Jacksoneternal Previously Breon

    King growled as a response to the human before crossing his arms as he was put into a smaller glass prison. Tch, guess they need me for something if they're moving me around, hopefully it's nothing boring.
    King thought as he resist the urge to start flailing around the mobile glass container for he was extremely impatient.
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  27. “B9… B9… ah, here we are!”

    Pushing the cart to be right outside the glass window, he unlocked the door with his card. He looked around, checked up on the cart, and searched for the small Bug/Electric type, making sure to pick up the now dead battery situated on the floor. “Now, where could the scamp be? Perhaps up in his web? Most likely scurried away in the corner of this room?”
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  28. Scamper the yamper

    Scamper the yamper Previously Pokemonwolf667

    Watching king get taken away made her feel more comfortable, she was uncomfortable around other pokemon, and felt even more uncomfortable when other pokemon talk to her. Milla was more of the silent type and didn't care about the lab, all she thought was that the place was a living hell. "next time i get trapped im bringing dante's inferno on whoever trapped me." Milla told herself, she really didn't mind the tests the had happened on her, she just wanted to start life again, hoping she'd never return to the lab in a new life.
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  29. Iota could hear the human searching for the Joltik, who was also in the B section.
    I hope I won’t have to deal with that guy, she thought. To make herself less noticeable, Iota curled up into a ball, and situated herself in a corner of her cage. If the human came to her, there was nothing that she could do.
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  30. Wyatt was perched on his web in the corner. The doors opening at this time of day could only mean one thing... and he really didn’t want that one thing. He made himself as small as possible, but eventually the hand got closer. He began to spark up, but it was quite possible that the man was wearing rubber gloves. He didn’t want to go, but he really was just too small to put up a fight.
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  31. “Ah, there you are!”

    Putting on his rubber gloves, he reached forward and picked him up, careful not to accidentally squash him. Placing him down into another cage, he started his way towards the Blue Rooms, and went in. “You guys are in luck! Today we’ll just give you a check-up. B9, you get to go first.”

    He nudged Wyatt towards the counter.
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  32. Wyatt tried to shock his captor as he was grabbed, as much an instinctual reaction as anything else. It was to no avail, though, because of the rubber gloves. He was carted along and then set down. He thought about trying to skitter away, but didn't. The counter's surface wasn't the most conducive to the grip of his tiny legs, and he stood still as if frozen.
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  33. “We’ll be checking up on your reflexes. Those enhanced webs look pretty good according to what the others say.”
    Sliding a screen towards him, a small spot, gleaming bright red shined out of it. “Touch those as fast as you can.”
    He quickly tapped the red light, the spot disappearing, and a few other ones replacing it in order to show an example. “Hey, be glad. At least we aren't giving you anything new… yet.”
    Turning the screen off and then back on to reset everything, he pushed him closer and then picked up a clipboard. “Well? What are you waiting for?”

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  34. Jacksoneternal

    Jacksoneternal Previously Breon

    King smirked as he started looking at the unmoving joltik. "Lucky you pipsqueak, try not to faint before you can do anything ok."
    King snickered as he was still inside his glass container waiting for his turn.
    Ugh, you've got to be kidding me, it's just a stupid checkup to see where we stand of our new traits, I honestly can't stand any more of these tests, for all I know they're just going to make me hold boulders until my arms are at their limit again.
    King thought as he started playing with his electricity from his fingertips trying to pass some time before it's his turn.
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  35. Wyatt barely understood what the human was saying to him, but he saw what he was supposed to do after the man touched it. He hesitated a moment, but King's jeer spurred him on. His hindquarters raise in the air, and he quickly leapt onto the nearest dot. When it disappeared and was replaced by another, it only took him a few seconds to wheel around and land on that one. He kept it up for a minute or more, but then he began to move more slowly. A tiny amount of electricity showed around his fur with the next jump. He kept telling himself that this wasn't so bad, and kept going. He could only hope they would give him another snack after this so h could recharge.
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  36. ~Eve~
    The Eevee was incredibly bored. Nothing interesting had happened lately. No one was really talking to her. It was just her, her enclosure, and the oxygen in the air.
    Tick... tock... tick... tock...
    She tried to entertain herself by counting out the seconds, to no avail. She was restless and annoyed.
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  37. Scamper the yamper

    Scamper the yamper Previously Pokemonwolf667

    Milla ran around, increasing her speed. Run, run, run, increase your speed, pass the time. Milla was bored and tired of waiting to go outside. 1, 2, 3, 4...
    Milla counted the laps she did in her room, while thinking of burning someone.
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  38. 10:32

    They’d been going for the past three minutes or so, and then the man stopped the screen. “Twenty two, not bad for a Joltik!”
    Going to what looked like a battery charger and taking up a still mostly dead battery, he handed it over to Wyatt and gently placed him back inside the cage, replacing him with King as he picked him up and dropped him on the counter. “Now, instead of boulders this time, we’ll be using something live.”
    Scrounging around a bunch of cages each holding specifically bred (and modified) Rattata, he picked up one with the cage simply labeled “Danger! Vicious” and brought it over to King. “Here. Beat it up.”
    The Rattata looked terrified, but sadly wasn’t able to retaliate due to the fact their vocal cords were most likely cut. Nonetheless, they got ready to use Leaf Blade, something a Rattata normally isn’t able to learn.
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  39. Jacksoneternal

    Jacksoneternal Previously Breon

    King grinned and nodded as he began to crack his knuckles.
    "I take it back, I love these tests!"
    King yelled as he dashed towards the rattata closing the distance with a mach punch to the stomach while charging up a thunder Punch from his other fist
    I'm going to enjoy dragging this one out, until I'm satisfied. King said in his mind while yellow and orange lightning we're surrounding his entire body without him noticing it.
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  40. As they wailed with no sound coming out the moment they got clobbered, the Rattata got back to their senses and scurried behind, biting down with Psychic Fang. Ducking down in an attempt to avoid the Thunder Punch, they tried to hit King with another Leaf Blade.

    The scientist shook his head, thinking he might of picked the wrong one up. Or perhaps it was since that King was pretty powerful. He scribbled something down.

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