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Sprite Requests

Discussion in 'Requests' started by Scrafty, Jun 14, 2015.


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  1. Stelluna sister if its ok can you help my bud and recommend this to others thanks.:blush:
  2. Can you make Katsune and NEKOloid trainer sprites please?
  3. Look Guys I made a fusion with the 3 most least memorable pokemon. Take a guess of the 3 pokemon I used. Most forgotteble pokemon fused.png

    Nekoloid for Stelluna, working on Katsune, here Nekoloid for Stelluna.png I tried.:blush:

    Err... Stelluna can you give me a kirby sprite I can use I dont want to use anyone elses work without permission.
    #125 Scrafty, Apr 1, 2016
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  4. I don't have one, but go to the spriter's resource and you can get one there :) (btw katsune is not a puffball :p that was just a fun drawing)
  5. Can I do the Kirby one instead.
  6. I want a Sprite of Lucas and eevee together in both forms

    What about Lucas with Kirby
    #128 Kaben and Madeleine, Apr 1, 2016
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  7. Ok I will do them later
  8. um... Katsune is not a puffball tho she is an android
  9. Kaben who is lucas and Stelluna I cant find the normal Katsune post a pic.
  10. I do scratched trainer sprites now! Mason.png
  11. Make a random kid. A green short, same pose as him, brown hair, quite spiky, red shorts and blue shoes.
  12. Lucas is the trainer from gen4
  13. Can you do a female trainer dressed up as a Arcanine? And a Arcanine Fused with a Latios?
  14. How about a pokesplice of jigglypuff and meowth?
  15. I don't know if this page is still active, but I was wondering if someone can make me a male trainer sprite with a cap and gown? Going to be graduating soon and would love to put one on my cap :)
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  16. Do you still handle requests?? Cause if so I'd like to do a request for a trainer sprite. I was hoping to get a sprite with dreadlocks if at all possible. If not, N's haircut would be sweet and the Base should be Byron the gym leader's sprite. Hair color preferably red or brown
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  17. can you do druddigon+haxorus please?!
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  18. Can you please make Mario and Carracosta+Arcanine with Bowser colors and spikes on the back?
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  19. Can I have a fusion with pikachu and raichu. Cute!!
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  20. I am back. I will start with the easier requests I have missed. LETS GO!
    Kozobozo01 request.png ill do more. Just wait. Easier ones first...
  21. ThisIsBob !.png
    I will do some later I hope you like some of them. Keep those replies comin'
  22. wow!!! these are really amazing !
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  23. Hey. Thanks for the request
  24. planethelium why dont you ask for a request. Anyways I will continue doing the requests...
  25. Oh PIKAMON, to do that request can you upload the mario and bowser sprites thank you.
  26. Nice.
    About Gyarados and Riolu?
  27. i got another one. a king gidorah charzard and a tyrantar godzilla and a baragon neidoking and lastly a mothra larva as a caterpie and a mothra venomoth?
  28. kozobozo01. Rioludos.png
    going to do BetamagnonX3 sprite soon
  29. and please do them in one image.
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  30. wait, Do I have to fuse them all together or something?
  31. nope. just a line.
  32. Sorry betamagnamon, I only do fusions, splices fuse trainer sprites gijinkas and scratch(only scratch trainer sprite)
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