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Sprite Names

Discussion in 'Creative Archive' started by Frost001, Jul 6, 2009.

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  1. Can anyone help me name my 9 new starter pokemon? I always have issues when it comes down to creating names, so an help would be greatly apriciated. Well here they are.
  2. Do you have any background info on the starters? That may help you, or us, in coming up with names.

    Like for instance Noctowl's name would make no sense if you didn't know that he was nocturnal.
  3. #001 camouflages itself by laying flat in tall grass and lifting the 2 leaves on its head. It is a very kind creature.
    #002 once 001 evolves it gains the ability to stand on 2 legs. It grows 2 leaf blades on its arms and the leaves on its head fuse into 1. It can run up to 40 mph. For a dragon it has quite a calm nature, but naturally it has a short fuse.
    #003 grows wings made out of leaves. The leaf on its head grows in length. The leaves on its arms turn into steel blades during evolution. This evolution shows the natural dragon nature meaning that it is very mean and it is very territorial. The first three live deep in the forest.

    #004 is small, cute, and territorial. This pokemon is loyal by nature but it will bite anyone that isn't its owner. It's also angry by nature.
    #005 grows the eagle head during evolution, but for an unexplainable reason its wings didn't grow. A very hot headed pokemon. Groups of them often compete with each other to see whose the best.
    #006 finally grows its wings. It's a very yet gentle. It is believed that because it finally grew its wings it started to lose its temper. It can be tempermental at times, but mainly when someone or something enters its territory or attacks its owner. These 3 live either on mountains or volcanoes.

    #007 float along rivers and lakes looking for someone to catch it. They are a lonely pokemon that longs for a friend, but once it finds one it will never leave their side.
    #008 is extremely loyal to its owner. It uses its psychic powers to bend the light around itself to look invisible so that it can escape from predators or pokemon poachers.
    #009 may not look it but it is a gentle pokemon. It can levitate using its psychic powers, and because of this people always mistake it for a Rayquaza. It generally lives deep in lakes and oceans in the sea weed. These 3 live in almost any body of water.

    All 3 of these starters and their evolutions have an ability that allows them to gain health if they get hit by their own base element. ie, grass, fire, or water. At level 75 003, 006, and 009 learn a move that only they can learn a move that only they can learn. 003 learns solarblade. This is a move where the pokemon focuses solar energy in its blades and then slashes the opponent, The range of this attack is enemy 2.006 learns implosion. This move whips up flames in the center of the arena then the flames colapse in on themselves, after this they explode sending flames everywhere. This move hits enemy 2/ ally 1 and the user. 009 learns tidal smash. This move creates a large tidal wave that rises behind the user and crashes down on enemy 2/ ally 1 and the user. They each have 130 attack power, 95 accuracy, and 5 power points.
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