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Spring Samba

Discussion in 'Pokémon Role Play' started by SineCosineTangent, Sep 17, 2011.

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  1. [OOC: IT BEGINS. This is incredibly long |D]

    It was mid-morning in the bustling city of Oreburgh. People were just beginning to emerge from their domiciles, some still groggy from a restless night. The shops and businesses that lined the paved roads were just opening around now- the only thing that had seen any activity before this time in the morning was the Oreburgh Mine, a major draw of the city both for coal acquisition and fossil hunting. Many of those who woke up during these hours did so by choice- for love of their job, or for love of the multitude of species of Pokemon that only showed up when the sun was just making its way over the horizon.

    Xyrem Kaminsky was not one of those people. In fact, she might as well have been the angriest person awake in the whole town. Mid-morning was far too reminiscent of a long journey she had taken with a would-be thief- and while memories of this journey were, on the whole, positive, she still would rather leave the fond reminiscing to later hours. Xyrem tended to enjoy sleeping in long past noon, to the point where she was waking up a mere three hours from dinner. Today just wasn't her day.

    Although she had unconsciously been following a schedule for the past year, she enjoyed her life immensely. In other words, waking up so close to dinner was a good thing- she could spend the night hours training, meaning that use of the Oreburgh Gym's main battlefield was plausible. If she tried to train during the day, she'd have to share the thing with the junior trainers, and would have to move aside for any challenger that walked through the doors. And while often enough trainers that walked through the doors would be promptly sent to go hunt for Roark in the mines, she figured that there would be too many interruptions throughout the day to justify a complete switch of her normal sleep schedule.

    Today, however, the young redhead was woken up by the blaring tone of her LiveCaster. And as she sat up in bed, bleary-eyed, glaring at the thing, she realized that she would have to indeed answer it, as the call was coming from her parents.

    "What," she mumbled into the receiver, not even attempting to look happy.

    "Hey honey! How are you?" her mother knew that she was not the type to be awake at this time, but didn't really seem to care all that much.

    "Tired. You know I don't sleep until 4 in the morning! It's only 8 now. That's four hours," Xyrem mumbled back.

    "I'm perfectly aware of your sleep schedule, but this is important! I just got a call from Professor Birch in Hoenn," she started.

    "Birch?" the young girl cocked her head quizzically. "Hoenn?" at this hour in the morning, her brain just didn't work right.

    "Yes. You are aware that 'Vadumee came from Hoenn, right?" Xyrem looked over to the Pokeball on her nightstand. It belonged to her Blaziken, her best friend and protector, 'Vadumee. It made sense for him to come from there- Torchic was given to beginning trainers, after all.

    "I suppose so. What did he want?"

    "Well, I told him how you had just traveled Sinnoh with 'Vadumee, and he said he'd love to see what has become of that little Torchic that he gave to your father so long ago," her mother smiled. Xyrem thought for a moment. Her parents had given 'Vadumee to her... how many years ago? Had to be around 6, at the least. She nodded, and turned back to the screen.

    "I suppose I have to go and see him, then?"

    "It would be best. I mean, you could call, but I believe he wants to make sure you have taken good care of him," she began, then paused, noticing a slightly sad look crossing Xyrem's face. "I'm sure Roark will understand," she finished.

    "Well, I guess it can't be helped. Thanks for telling me- I'll pack up today, and head out tomorrow. Now can I please go back to sleep for a bit?"

    "Of course. Have a good time, Aruru!" Xyrem sighed, bid goodbye to her mother, and ended the call. To think, there were exactly three people in the world allowed to use that name. Crazy how these things worked. A few minutes later, the young girl had fallen back asleep.

    "You really are going to sleep through dinner one of these days." Xyrem rolled over, pulled the covers over her head, and went back to sleeping. Ah. This act again. The gym leader smiled, grabbed the covers, and pulled them back. For this, he got a glare that could melt steel.
    "Fire doesn't work well against rock types, Aruru," he laughed. Another glare.

    A few seconds later, she realized that Roark probably wasn't going to let her sleep any more. After all, he was still holding the covers just out of her reach, and had begun to ask her something. Not that she could understand English this soon after waking up, but whatever.

    "I'm up, I'm up," she mumbled, sitting up. "You're lucky I love you so much." This was true- usually anything that disturbed the young girl from a nap was decimated with a mailbox. No one knew where she got the mailbox from, as it always appeared out of thin air, and disappeared right back into it. Most just assumed that a wizard did it.

    "Now then. What reason do you have for forcibly removing me from sleep? It's only-"

    "Four thirty?"

    "Prove it!" In response, he pointed over to the clock that sat jubilantly on his nightstand. Sure enough, it read "4:30" in block red letters.

    "You set that clock up. It can't be that late," Xyrem continued, completely in denial that it was that late.

    "Well, for one, I get home at 4. You know that," he stated, sitting on the bed next to her. This fact she couldn't dispute. She didn't want to fight at all, really. She was just stalling, because there was an impending trip to Hoenn that really wasn't going to be fun to talk about. She sighed, and leaned against his shoulder. He wrapped an arm around her, pulling her close.

    "This is late, even for you. Everything okay?" The question was just a formality, really. He could tell by the look on her face that something was seriously wrong.

    "I was woken up early this morning," she mumbled, yawning softly.

    "I know you're serious about your sleep, but that's not what's bothering you. I've accidentally woken you up tons of times. You didn't sleep until 4:30, and you weren't this down." This was true- being the mine's foreman, Roark was usually awake around 6:30 and out by 7. In fact, nearly every morning his alarm woke her up.

    "It was a call from my mom. She had just talked to Professor Birch."

    "Wait. The Professor Birch in... Hoenn, is it?"

    "Yes. That's where 'Vadumee came from. Apparently, he would like to see what has become of the Torchic he gave away so long ago," she finished, suddenly very attentive to her feet. Meeting his eyes at this moment would probably start her crying.

    "So..." he started, careful to control his tone as not to upset her any more, "I assume you have to actually go and meet the Professor?" His only response was a curt nod. For a minute, silence prevailed between the two.

    "Sorry," she started, clearly upset. "I don't even know how 'Vadumee feels about this. I just slept," Xyrem brought her head up, but still couldn't meet her boyfriend's eyes. Roark sighed softly, and looked to her, waiting for her to turn her head. Once she finally did, he locked eyes with her, and smiled softly.

    "It's okay, you're clearly upset by this. You probably should talk to 'Vadumee about this, though, as he is the reason you're going over. If he doesn't want to see Birch, you might end up just going with a phone call." He paused, and pulled her into an embrace. "Although if you two decide to go... I'll miss you more than I could put into words."

    "I'll miss you too... Although you are right," she replied. Xyrem stood up, and walked over to her bedside table. She grabbed the Pokeball, and let 'Vadumee out. As usual, he slumped slightly to avoid bumping his head against the ceiling.

    "Blaze?" after knowing Xyrem for 6 years, the fire chicken knew exactly when his trainer was happy- and this was not one of those times. She looked up to meet his avian eyes.

    "I got a call today. Professor Birch would like to see how I've raised you. What do you say? Would you like to go to Hoenn?" 'Vadumee seemed rather taken aback at first, then looked to his trainer once more. He wasn't psychic. He wasn't the smartest Pokemon out there. But he did know that Xyrem cared for someone here very much, and that leaving would be terribly hard for her. Still, the promise of seeing the man who hatched him, and took care of him until that fateful day when he met Xyrem's father... He contemplated for a few moments. Finally, he slowly nodded. His trainer smiled.

    "To Hoenn it is, then. C'mon you, back in the ball. We'll train where the ceiling isn't so confining," she laughed, recalling her friend. Within seconds, her smile faded. She placed the ball back down and silently walked back over to Roark. Without a word, he stood up and wrapped his arms around her.

    "Hey... I just realized that... well, everyone else really likes it here. I think one region was enough of a journey for them. I'm definitely taking 'Vadumee, but... is there any way I could leave the rest here with you?"

    "So you're telling me there are going to be -three- Rampardos running around here?"

    "Is that a no?"

    "Are you kidding me? It'll be like the past has come alive within the Gym! I can even have Prometheus swoop down on people! It'll be like it was when the world was new," Roark replied, smiling brightly. She smiled at him in return, and kissed his cheek. He was adorable when he was speaking about fossil Pokemon.

    "Okay then. I suppose I've got a journey to pack for. I think the only ferry from Sinnoh goes to Slateport. I've got to figure out where Birch's lab is, since that's where he should be. I think it's in Littleroot, which is rather removed," she pondered aloud, "I'll probably need a map. I can probably get one on the ferry over."

    "I suppose I'll leave you to your packing, then. I'm going to get in some training before dinner. Let me know if you need me, kay?" The leader broke the embrace to go head out of the residential section towards the main battlefield.

    "I always need you, silly," the redhead mumbled, opening up the drawers in order to start pulling clothes out.

    "Mutual," he replied, closing the door behind him.


    After packing what she assumed to be a sufficient bag, Xyrem got herself dressed and headed out to go and grab some form of dinner. Hopefully, the kitchen still had pasta- she was rather in the mood for something with mostly carbohydrates. The kitchen was closest to the entrance to the Gym proper, and sounds of a battle filled the air.

    "It's an odd time for a challenger, so late..." the young girl thought aloud, walking over to the entrance and peeking thorough the doorway. There was no challenger- just Roark, running what clearly was a rough training session. She frowned. This whole Hoenn thing was taxing on the both of them. Xyrem set up some water to boil, and ran out into the Gym.

    "Hey! Do you want anything to eat?" He looked over at her, clearly surprised that she had finished packing so quickly. He shook his head, and turned back to the battle field.

    "You need to eat, you know, and you've been training for a while," Xyrem continued, pulling a Pokeball out from her belt.

    "I'm okay for now, Aruru," he stated, knowing full well that they were the only ones in the Gym at that time, "but thank you."
    She shook her head softly. The two of them really were a match- whenever something upset her, she and her Pokemon would usually work it out through training, so she understood his preference to skip a meal. However, since it would be their last dinner together for what would probably end up being months, that wouldn't fly this time.

    "Sorry, love, but you can train when I've boarded the ferry," she threw the Pokeball in her hand into the air, and released a large, hard-headed dinosaur- her Rampardos. In particular, her female Rampardos, named Eris. The same Eris who had a penchant for head-butting anything she liked, including the Rampardos that belonged to Roark. Within seconds, she was in full headbutt mode, rushing towards the other of her species that was out on the battlefield, in an epic match with a rather tired Onix.

    "I appreciate what you're trying to do, but-" Roark recalled his Rampardos, and soon after, his Onix, "Rampardos is already tired enough without being love-headbutted by Eris."

    "Fair enough," Xyrem replied, quickly recalling Eris before she decided to headbutt Roark or herself. That Pokemon just loved too much.

    "I suppose that we should have a last dinner together. Sorry, I kind of lost track of things," he bashfully rubbed his neck, and smiled softly at her.

    "Lost track of thin- THE PASTA!!" Xyrem jetted back into the kitchen faster than a Magnemite on fire. Roark stood, perplexed, and then opted to follow her, hoping she hadn't set anything ablaze.

    Luckily for the two, the water had just begun to boil, and they were able to have a fire-free dinner together. Afterwards, Xyrem grabbed her Pokemon and walked out to the battlefield, knowing full well that Roark would probably be asleep by the time she had finished her own training regiment.


    Xyrem let all of her Pokemon out. Generally she liked to let them all stretch, mock battle each other if they wished, and generally relax. 'Vadumee, however, would be taken aside, and the two of them would spar. She was often called insane for sparring a six foot tall fire/fighting chicken, but she was often called insane for a lot of things, so it didn't bother her much.

    She stood at one side of the large main battlefield, and 'Vadumee stood at the other. The rocks littered around the field provided good obstacles, and generally made it much tougher. Xyrem stretched one final time, and looked over to her Blaziken.

    "Shall we?" within a split second, the Pokemon rushed forth, giving her his answer. She began to run forward as well, keeping the two of them on a collision course. At the last second, she leaped off of a nearby rock, and spun a kick towards the Blaziken. He allowed it to hit his arm, and twisted his claw to grab her leg. Both had clearly read the others' movements, though, as Xyrem allowed the force of the kick to continue in a more circular path, bringing her other foot into a hard hit on the bird's left shoulder. The shock of the hit made him let go, and she pushed off of his claw. A second later, she landed on the ground, and he spun around. He ran forth once more, but she stayed crouched. Just as he was about to kick, she jutted her leg behind her, slamming into his support leg- or where it would have been, had he not expected this and jumped over her.

    "Nice move, 'Vadumee. It's getting harder to knock you down." She stood up, and dusted herself off. A mere taunt, really, as the two were nowhere close to finished. This time, she rushed forth, and pulled back her arm. He closed his eyes, sensed where her form was, and stepped forward only slightly to the left of her. Just as her punch was about to connect, he swept her arm towards her core with his left claw, and brought his right around from the side into where her head should have been, if she hadn't taught him that technique when he was still a Combusken. Instead, she had ducked and, with her arm pulled into her core from the block, rushed forward into an odd offensive headbutt- probably something she had picked up from Eris- and finished with an elbow to the Blaziken's central core. A solid hit, yes, but it was coming from a 5'2'' girl who really didn't want to hurt her Pokemon.

    Their training continued on like this for the next hour. The whole time, all Xyrem could really do was worry about the upcoming adventure. She would miss it here. She would miss her love. But in the end, 'Vadumee truly wanted to see this guy, and to hurt him would be like hurting a younger sibling. After sparring, she recalled him, and all of her Pokemon.

    She walked through the residential section slowly, perhaps taking in her environment. Xyrem had really grown to love this place, so much so that she had sold her apartment three months before. She had no reason to live alone, now that she had someone. She smiled bittersweetly- Roark was probably asleep by now. What a hypocrite she was, stopping him from training so they could spend time together only to walk off herself. She sighed, and softly opened the door. Sure enough, he was asleep. She changed out of her training outfit and into a night shirt, and quietly got into bed, turning to look at him. Even in his sleep, he looked troubled.

    "I'll be back as soon as I can," she whispered softly, hoping to appear in his dream, "and I'll miss you the whole time," she finished, turning over and closing her eyes.

    "I'll miss you too," he mumbled, half-asleep. She turned over once more, and moved closer to him. He wrapped his arms around her, then fell back asleep. She soon fell asleep, with the hope that tomorrow wouldn't be so rough.


    As the morning dawned, Xyrem bid farewell to her team. They were all excellent Pokemon, and she knew they wouldn't give Roark too much trouble. Except maybe Anonymous- he was a little crazy, even for a Porygon-Z. Ah well.

    The plan was for Roark to fly her over to the port in Canalave on her Aerodactyl Prometheus, and then bid farewell to her there. She would board the ship with 'Vadumee, and would sail to Slateport, and find a way to Littleroot from there. She had no idea how long she was going to be gone for, and therefore was rather skittish about leaving.

    The ride to the port town was rather uneventful- Roark knew the way by heart, as he had made the same journey to visit his father many times before.

    As they got to the ship, she turned to Prometheus, giving his large head a hug. She released 'Vadumee from his ball, and looked towards the ferry sadly. Xyrem was terrible with goodbyes. Roark knew this for a fact- back when she was going on her Sinnoh journey, before the two had even gotten together, she was just as awkward. Rather then let her stand around, then, he held her tightly, and kissed her.

    "Come back safe, okay?"

    "Of course. You can count my team as collateral," she said jokingly. It did have a kernel of truth- she would never leave her team behind. They were like family to her.

    "I'll miss you too," he mumbled softly, smiling. They broke the embrace, and she turned with 'Vadumee to head for the ship.

    "Wait a minute!" he called, walking towards Xyrem. "I want to give you something. I was trying to figure out when would be a good time, but I want you to have this," he said, pulling a box from his pocket. She took it, and curiously looked at him before opening it. Within sat a necklace. The 'stone', as it was, was a cut piece of amber set in a silver square.

    "I found that amber when I was digging around in the mine. I... well, I thought it would look good on you," he fumbled, smiling bashfully. She grinned, and placed the necklace around her neck. He took the two ends from her hand and connected them behind her head.

    "I was right. It does look good on you. Then again, anything would. It's you," he smiled.

    "You just find more ways to be amazing every day, don't you?" She asked, giggling softly. "Well, I love it. It'll remind me of you, and of the fact that I can see you once more when I return. I'll get back as soon as I can. Take care~"

    "Take care yourself, and don't be gone too long," he replied, jumping back on Prometheus.

    "You think they'll be okay, 'Vadumee?" Xyrem was obviously worried, and the Blaziken sighed. He nodded, and the two boarded the ferry to lands unknown.
  2. StellarWind Elsydeon

    StellarWind Elsydeon Armblades Ascendant
    Staff Member Administrator

    "This is the last time I let you talk me into something like this, Sin!"
    "Aw, come off it, Mori. You and I both know you needed the vacation."
    "Yes, but by 'vacation' I thought a nice trip up north to the mountains, not across the bloody ocean from Castelia, then to Hoenn through Sinnoh! How did you even manage to get the money for this cruise?"
    "Feminine wiles and a bunch of Pay-Day happy Meowth."
    "You know, sometimes I wonder if anyone else has this many issues with your species."
    "You mean this much FUN!"
    "Oh just go back into your Pokeball. And don't forget to de-morph before that. Last time we got the mother of all weird looks."

    The exchange you've just heard, dear readers, appeared to be conducted by two virtually identical girls who stood on the deck of a ferry moored at Canalave City in the region of Sinnoh. Both appeared to be around 18, relatively tall and slender. Both had shortish, medium-brown hair and almond-shaped eyes in a dark shade of hazel. Both were dressed in a faded moss green shirt with silver buttons, dark brownish baggy pants, and a matching set of green and silver bracelet and hairpin.

    Where they differed was their expression - one seemed to be slightly exhasperated, while the other had a demented grin that would not be out of place on a complete lunatic - an impression that would be enforced as she stuck her tongue out at the exhasperated one. At least, that's what you would think if you gave them a quick glance. You would probably think they are identical twins having a bout of sibling rivalry.

    Had you looked more closely, though, you'd have realized the grinning one had a feature the other did not. She had a small, dark-gray and fluffy tail - a tail which her counterpart proceeded to grab, illiciting a squeak and a wide-eyed look of surprise from her - a look which faded into a glowing purple aura as the "girl"'s true form was revealed.

    Where the tailed girl once stood now stood a small fox-like creature, mostly dark gray save for a black chest-ruff and dark red markings on its feet, face and a tuft of hair on its head. The creature gave the girl a teal-eyed glare simply dripping with 'You know, I really hate it when you do that'. The girl chuckled, picking the small fox up and cradling it in her arms, and it proceeded to almost purr, getting a bit of a glazed look in its eyes as the girl scritched its ears. All was forgiven.

    Her name was Moriko Hayashitani, and her homeland was the region of Unova. Her vulpine companion's name was Sinistral, and Sinistral was a Zorua, the Tricky Fox PokeMon, a dark-type native to her region. She was currently on a bit of a world tour - it was one of the Zorua's twisted schemes and she still has no idea why she went along with it. Maybe because underneath her mild gruffness she really did want to see the world. Her parents were rather thrilled that she was going on such a big journey all by herself - it felt like some huge coming of age trip to them. You know, just in case that running around the region, doing battle with the strange people her region called gym leaders and returning home riding a giant bird-reptile that should have been dead millions of years ago wasn't enough.

    The sound of a bell caught her attention - the last few passengers have boarded and the ferry was about to head off. The Zorua, twitching an ear at the sound, clambered up to the girl's shoulder and perched there. Moriko giggled, and the two gazed off into the horizon as the ferry began its motion.

    Crazy as it was, it was probably going to be one hell of a ride.
  3. The ship's horn sounded as the undocking procedure began. Xyrem was in her room, her suitcase sitting contently on the bed. 'Vadumee was out of his Pokeball, and was sitting in a cushy chair that was in the corner of the room.

    "Hey 'Vadumee, how's that chair?"

    "Blaze! Kenblaze!"

    "Okay, just don't set it on fire," she smiled. 'Vadumee frowned, upset that she would assume he had so little control. He then playfully ignited a bit of his wrist and made the chair smoke a bit.

    "'Vadumee, I said -not- to set it on fire." The fire chicken smiled, and stood up. The chair was fine.

    "I suppose we should go out to the deck- we can see some sights as we start this crazy adventure."
    The two walked out of the room, and down a long hallway. Other trainers were in their rooms, probably itching for a battle. Xyrem wasn't the sort to break and enter for no reason, though, so she ignored the temptation to battle.

    As she stepped out onto the deck, she was assaulted by a cool sea breeze. 'Vadumee put his arms up, to block the spray from the ocean. Most of the trainers were getting acquainted with their rooms and each other. There were a few scattered along the railing, although most were sailors anyway. The one that stuck out was a tall, brown haired female with a small, dark grey fox Pokemon on her shoulder. Xyrem hadn't seen one like that around Sinnoh, and she had traveled all over.

    "Hey 'Vadumee, look at that," Xyrem pointed towards the girl, "what kind of Pokemon do you think that is?" The fighting type shrugged, and continued fighting the water droplets. "Might as well go find out."

    Xyrem walked up to the girl, and tapped the shoulder that wasn't inhabited by a Pokemon.

    "Hey, sorry for intruding, but what kind of Pokemon is that?"
  4. StellarWind Elsydeon

    StellarWind Elsydeon Armblades Ascendant
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    The trainer and the Zorua had little time to absorb the view before being accosted by a friendly fire-chicken and its trainer. In a perfect world, Mori would have had the time to turn around and introduce herself and her PokeMon before aforementioned PokeMon would manage to react. This was not a perfect world.

    Upon hearing the other trainer, the Zorua seemed to do a 180-degree turn, develop a smirk, and leap off the girl's shoulder, suddenly enveloped by a purple glow and transforming into a creature mirroring the fire-chicken - with a few notable exceptions. For one it was blue. Also, the jagged path of markings along its legs was a bit more wavy. Also its head-wings were larger, more developed and more likely functional - and it had the typical dark-gray fox tail. The creature emitted a squawk as a jet of water appeared to materialize around its wrists, fading just far away enough from anyone involved - the smirk never leaving its face.

    The girl, in response, did a turn nearly as quick, observed her companion's new form, and proceeded to do what could only be described as a facepalm.

    "Sinistral, how many times do I have to tell you to stop re-typing things? Seriously, we're on a boat, not a bad spriting forum." she glared at the formerly-a-fox-and-now-a-bird. The creature cocked its head to the side, giving the girl a look of "Aww, you're no fun anymore." before bursting once more into purple light and reverting to its natural form as the Zorua.

    "Sorry about that." the girl apologized, picking the fuzzy creature up again "She kinda does that. I think it's in the species' nature. The Self-Styled Mistress of Disguise here is Sinistral, my Zorua. If I may so myself, that's quite an impressive Blaziken you have there - we don't see PokeMon like him often where I come from."
  5. Before the trainer could respond, the Pokemon on her shoulder jumped off, and turned into what could best be described as a water-type Blaziken. Xyrem looked to 'Vadumee, perplexed. 'Vadumee looked back, both perplexed and rather afraid.

    "Sinistral, how many times do I have to tell you to stop re-typing things? Seriously, we're on a boat, not a bad spriting forum," the trainer chided. The creature then transformed back into its original form, but not before giving its trainer a backwards glance.

    "Sorry about that." the girl apologized, picking the fuzzy creature up again "She kinda does that. I think it's in the species' nature. The Self-Styled Mistress of Disguise here is Sinistral, my Zorua. If I may so myself, that's quite an impressive Blaziken you have there - we don't see PokeMon like him often where I come from."

    "No problem. It's a rather impressive ability that Sinistral's got there. And thanks for the compliment- 'Vadumee here, as that is his name, has been with me for years. We've trained daily. Actually, we're going to Hoenn to meet with Professor Birch," she laughed softly, and turned to 'Vadumee, who was sufficiently less afraid and had gone back to his mission to defeat every small droplet of water in his vicinity. Xyrem shrugged.

    "Anyway, the name's Xyrem. Where abouts are you from?"
  6. StellarWind Elsydeon

    StellarWind Elsydeon Armblades Ascendant
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    "Xyrem. Sounds like some sort of medicine." the girl thought to herself as the Blaziken's trainer introduced herself. " People abroad have interesting naming schemes."

    "Name's Mori." she smiled "And Sinistral and I are originally from Unova. We're on a bit of a world tour - did a bit of sightseeing around Sinnoh, and now we're moving on to Hoenn. Her idea, I'm afraid." she playfully glared at the foxlike creature, whose face contorted into such a smug, self-satisfied grin that, had Mori not known better, she would have sworn she was holding a Snivy rather than a Zorua. "Otherwise I probably wouldn't have gone such a long way away from home, and on boats at that."
  7. "Name's Mori." she smiled "And Sinistral and I are originally from Unova. We're on a bit of a world tour - did a bit of sightseeing around Sinnoh, and now we're moving on to Hoenn. Her idea, I'm afraid," she playfully glared at the foxlike creature, "Otherwise I probably wouldn't have gone such a long way away from home, and on boats at that."

    Xyrem laughed. Another trainer brought to far off lands at the whim of a Pokemon.

    "I hear you there. The only reason I'm on this boat is so that 'Vadumee can meet Birch. I really don't have much of a reason to go to Hoenn besides that. Maybe I can get some interesting fossils there, though, so I suppose it's good for something," she replied, smiling softly. 'Vadumee, at hearing his name, perked up, momentarily distracted from his war on water. The trainer shook her head, sniggering under her breath at her traveling companion's futile attempts at staying dry.

    "Anyway, have you ever been to this place before? Perhaps on another whim of Sinistral? Because I have no idea how to get to Littleroot Town once this accursed ferry halts," Xyrem bashfully rubbed the back of her neck, grinning.
  8. StellarWind Elsydeon

    StellarWind Elsydeon Armblades Ascendant
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    "Funny how the world works." Mori giggled. "Well, Hoenn is pretty new to me too, honestly, but I kinda did my research, so I know of at least two ways to get there. One of them involves even more ferries..." she paused, regarding the avian warrior with mild amusement "Though your companion most likely won't care for more water. The other path is longer and a bit more scenic, but at least it's landbound."

    She set the Zorua on the ground again and stretched, clearing her throat and assuming a stance and tone of voice of the type of ranger-explorer-warrior of the sort the movies were all so fond of. Sinistral mimicked her stance, emitting a purple glow for a moment as she seemed to sprout a wide brimmed hat. "The path of which I speak goes north to Mauvile City, then due west to Rustboro City via Verdanturf Town. Then, from Rustboro, it's south through Petalburg Woods to Petalburg City, Oldale Town and lastly, Littleroot."

    She then paused and shook her head slightly, as if realizing how silly she probably sounded. She proceeded to shrug, knowing that no matter how silly she sounded, it wasn't as silly as how Sinistral looked with that hat.
  9. "Funny how the world works." Mori giggled. "Well, Hoenn is pretty new to me too, honestly, but I kinda did my research, so I know of at least two ways to get there. One of them involves even more ferries..." she paused, looking towards 'Vadumee with a look of mild amusement, "Though your companion most likely won't care for more water. The other path is longer and a bit more scenic, but at least it's landbound."

    Xyrem nodded. She still didn't quite understand why the fighter was so incensed at the water. It may be his weakness, but he didn't have to show such vigor.

    "The path of which I speak goes north to Mauvile City, then due west to Rustboro City via Verdanturf Town. Then, from Rustboro, it's south through Petalburg Woods to Petalburg City, Oldale Town and lastly, Littleroot." Xyrem noticed that through her entire speech, Mori had posed, and Sinistral had sprouted a hat. She cocked her head quizzically at the hat, but then shrugged.

    "That's probably the path I'll end up taking, then. I'd like to take as few Ferries as possible," the girl laughed. 'Vadumee nodded appreciatively, and then realized that he hadn't been protecting his back. Tons of little droplets clung to his feathers, and he began a slow and systematic removal of their presence.

    "So then, what path are you taking through this wacky region?" Xyrem asked, shooting a glance at 'Vadumee that read 'give it up, the moisture is in the air. You can't fight air.' In response, 'Vadumee shot a look back that read 'Oh yes I can.' The redhead sighed, and turned back to Mori.
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    Mori paused at this. What path were they taking through this region? She did her research on the region so she would know where she is, but wasn't entirely sure where she was going. She shot a look to her companion, who seemed just as clueless as she was.

    "To be honest, I don't think Sinistral thought that far ahead." Mori replied sheepishly, illiciting a glare from the little fox "Hey, don't give me that look, Sin. This whole silly thing is your idea, you could have at least figured out where you want to go!"

    If quadrupedal vulpine creatures could shrug, she probably would have. In fact, in a flash of purple, she assumed the form of what appeared to be a wildly-colored golduck with Vileplume petals in a ring around its face and a long tail with a flag at its tip, a screw and a ball portrayed on which. She proceeded to point at her trainer, wiggling her eyeridges suggestively, shrugged, and morphed back into the fox form. Minus the hat, this time. The girl, in response, just sighed. That was Sinistral for you.
  11. "To be honest, I don't think Sinistral thought that far ahead." Mori replied sheepishly, eliciting a glare from the little fox. "Hey, don't give me that look, Sin. This whole silly thing is your idea, you could have at least figured out where you want to go!"

    The Zorua, as Xyrem learned the species is called, then turned into something that the redhead had never seen the likes of in any Pokedex. The only way she could find to internally describe it is "wtf is that is there a flag on its ass?" Xyrem shrugged, and 'Vadumee began to dance. Or, that's what it looked like. He was simply stepping up his efforts on the water front with some martial arts moves. He looked very, very silly.

    "Well, if there's one thing I've learned from journeying around Sinnoh, it's that more people always add up to more fun. Hell, last time, I traveled around with a thief, and it was pretty fun. I'll be heading on that path to Littleroot, and if you want to join along, you're welcome to do so," Xyrem smiled. "And don't mind 'Vadumee. He'll get a lot more normal when we get to dry land," she laughed nervously. The Blaziken shrugged, deciding that his trainer's embarrassment was simply collateral of his unwinnable war. The ferry's horn sounded, indicating that the ship was quickly slicing through the sea towards Slateport without any delay (it was known that in some cases, Gyarados in the deeper oceans got lonely and tried to be "friends" with ferries. Problem was, "friendship" to a Gyarados is the same thing as "arch-nemesis-ship"), where the would-be travelers would disembark.

    "Now now, 'Vadumee," she said softly, patting the large fighting type's arm, "we'll head back into the cabin soon enough." She turned to the young girl and her Unovan companion. "You're welcome to join, if you wish. It's just that this poor fire type should probably go back inside for his sanity."
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    "Oh, That sounds lovely. And no worries, I don't mind 'Vadumee at all." the girl smiled "As long as you don't mind Sinistral, she's never been normal and never will be."

    The small fox simply sat down with a grin plastered on her face that could only meant "And damn proud of it!" Mori rolled her eyes slightly, but couldn't hide the little grin that she sneaked to the corner of her lips. Crazy like a fox.

    "I think Sin and I would be watching the sea for a while longer. Calms us down, you see. I'll catch you later, Xyrem... Or whenever this silly thing docks." she smiled again, nodding at the girl and her Blaziken "Nice to meet you two."
  13. "Nice to meet you two," Mori said, nodding softly. Xyrem smiled back.

    "Nice meeting you too! I'm sure this adventure will be quite the... erm... Adventure!" she fumbled with her words, but in her heart, she knew it would be fun. "I'll meet you again when the ship docks," she finished, turning to her companion. 'Vadumee grinned back at Sinistral and Mori, and then turned to walk inside, Xyrem following closely behind.

    Once inside, 'Vadumee shook the water off of his feathers, allowing it to fly carelessly in every direction. He was like a Mightyena sometimes, that Blaziken. Xyrem brought the palm of her hand to her face, and noted that there was water all over the floor and walls.

    "Good going, 'Vadumee. Now we have to run so that we don't have to clean this up," she grinned, and launched off towards the dining area. Her partner soon caught up and surpassed her, sending a look back to indicate "ha~HA!~ I have won!", shortly before running straight into a wall. Xyrem laughed, and slowed her run. "Gotta watch those walls, 'Vadumee," she smiled playfully. He harumphed back, indicating "Hey. -It- ran into -Me-." For all of the sadness that came with leaving, Xyrem had to admit that adventures always brought out a more hyper side of her companion.

    The two of them walked into the dining room, and found themselves a table. It was rather deserted, since many of the passengers had eaten at the dock before the ship had left. It was a buffet kind of deal, with the various food items changed for breakfast, dinner, and lunch. The place also sold little snacks that could be eaten when the dining room shut its doors at around 10 at night. Xyrem walked up to the buffet bar, and began to peruse the food items. There was a whole bin for Magikarp meat, which made sense- the ship probably hauled them in by the dozens. That bin would probably be there for every meal. There was a nice selection of fresh berries (although Xyrem wondered how "fresh" they truly were), along with a few pancakes and waffles. The redhead picked up a few pancakes, grabbed an Oran berry or two for 'Vadumee, and trounced back over to the table where her companion was singeing the corner.

    "'Vadumee! No fires!" Xyrem tossed the berries to the fighting type, who caught one in his mouth and the other in his right claw. He shrugged at Xyrem's chiding, but stopped his mission of setting the ship on fire. They sat in silence, chewing thoughtfully on their meals. 'Vadumee was never much for thinking besides his daily meditations- and even that is more a release of the mind. He didn't know what to expect with this "professor". He barely even remembered his life before he became Xyrem's protector. The bird looked over at his trainer, who was now poking the last pancake with her fork, a faraway look in her eyes. "Blaaaze?" he asked, poking at her head with a claw. She turned up to him, her eyes refocused, and she smiled. "What is it?" He shrugged and placed the second berry on top of his head. "What a fashionable accessory you've got there, 'Vadumee," she laughed. He then stood up, intent on making it back to the room without letting it fall.

    A few minutes later, the two arrived at their room, 'Vadumee still sporting a berry hat. As luck would have it, the room that Xyrem had claimed was on the far side of the ship, and therefore had a window with a nice view of the sea. As the Blaziken entered the room, the berry dropped from his head and landed with a thump on the carpeted planks of the hallway. He sighed, picked it up, and gave it to his trainer.

    "What am I supposed to do with this, 'Vadumee?" Again, the bird shrugged, and sat in the corner chair. His eyes were focused pointedly on the ground, and he looked rather disheartened.

    "I'm sorry, buddy," she said, sitting on the edge of the bed. "I guess I was a bit sad about leaving Roark, y'know?" The Blaziken nodded. "And we'll both miss the rest of our friends- although I worry about Eris headbutting everything in the general vicinity, and don't even get me started on Anonymous..." 'Vadumee smiled at this, closing his eyes knowingly. As long as it was left alone with a computer, that electronic entity was going to give that Gym an internet-style renovation. Both sighed, and hoped that the Gym wouldn't be overrun by Skittys with "cutely" misspelled captions when they returned. Xyrem continued, "I don't want to make you unhappy, though. So, we're going to visit this professor, and show him how much you've grown!" she smiled, and he looked up and nodded.


    "I'll assume that means 'Yeah! We'll totally go meet this guy!'"

    "Blaz." The bird nodded, attempting to help her understand him. Although the two generally knew the basic concepts of what the other was saying, Xyrem always seemed to have trouble directly translating his vocalizations. Most of what she garnered was from his body stances or tone.

    Xyrem looked over to the clock on the nightstand. It read 1:00 in green numbering. The girl shook her head slowly. She couldn't believe it was only one in the afternoon. Hell, she was usually still -asleep- at this time. There were so many hours in the day that she had not experienced in so long that time seemed to stretch impossibly far. There was really nothing to do on the ferry, besides sleeping or watching the ocean pass by. A few minutes passed in silence.

    "Hey 'Vadumee."


    "Want to train? Scare some people on the ship? Kick some Wingulls out of the air?"


    The two walked out of the room and on to the deck. It was still rather silent, and just as wet. 'Vadumee grimaced at this.

    "Don't mind the water, buddy!" she got into a fighting stance, and stared the large chicken down.

    [OOC: Sheesh, I have more filler than the anime series' DP arc! |D]

    A few hours later, the two of them had drawn a small crowd. It wasn't every day that one could see a rather diminutive female sparring with a well-trained Blaziken on a ship deck. It became more of a challenge than a point of pride, though, as both combatants had to make sure that they weren't going to bowl someone overboard. In retrospect, those passengers were probably not the smartest Magikarp in the bin. The two stood feet away from each other, and the crowd waited with anticipation to see what these two would do...

    "Hey, 'Vadumee. Dinner?" The crowd "aww'd", and one guy threw a Feebas. Nobody knew where this fish Pokemon came from, just that it was thrown. This was a very odd ship indeed.

    The two entered the dining room at what was apparently a rather busy time. Exhausted parents with cameras around their neck stared vacantly at the bins of fried Magikarp, internally wondering where their lives had gone astray, while their spawn pulled impatiently at the cuffs of their shorts, whining about their choice of salad as an appetizer. There was another group of kids, these ones old enough to be trainers, painting on the wall with cake. Xyrem shrugged, and then shuddered. No kids for her, 'kay thanks. She grabbed a tray, and motioned for 'Vadumee to go wrangle a table from the ranch. The ranch, of course, was the general dining area, which was packed with milling trainers and more exhausted tourists. She rather hoped that the bird would pick somebody out and defenestrate them, but some wishes were just too good to come true.

    After nearly beating about three small children that ran into her path (on accident, mind you, they nearly ran in to her), Xyrem nudged her way to the buffet setting. There was still bins of Magikarp in many styles- fried, boiled, baked, the usual. Next to it sat a rather impressive salad bar, complete with dressings made from pressed berries and piles of unpressed berries. She grabbed a rather funky looking one for 'Vadumee- he was rather adventurous when it came to foods. Down the line, there were some Tauros steaks, left rather untouched, along with bins of rice for a side. The redhead shrugged, grabbed a steak (only after experimentally poking at it, that is), and went to go find her partner.

    As luck would have it, the Blaziken had found a table and was poking a napkin at its surface. It probably was the sheer size of the bird that actually got the table, but Xyrem decided to chalk it up to luck. The two ate in silence, mostly because of the fact that the room was so loud that speech was impossible to hear. They got out of there as soon as physically possible, being that children painting on walls with cake were rather annoying.

    The room was rather small and confining, in Xyrem's opinion. She knew it was only a one night stay, so she didn't quite mind, but she wished the room was at least a bit more cozy. It looked more sterile than the rooms in the Pokecenters for crying out loud. She shook her head, and looked to 'Vadumee. He stood at the wall, beak pressed to the window, staring at the view. He looked rather silly, as the window was at Xyrem's eye level. The girl laughed, and then sighed. It was only 7 pm, if the clock was to be believed. Time had a very odd way of slowing down at just the wrong situations. She pondered this, and then wondered if perhaps Dialga was just an angry son-of-a-b**** who liked messing with the lives of humans.

    Soon into her pondering, she felt a large claw on her shoulder. She looked up to see 'Vadumee peering down at her with a quizzical look on his face. He was not pondering time, nor was he really pondering -anything-, save for the amount of fire power it would take to shoot down a few Wingulls that had been squawking incessantly over their trip. She patted his shoulder. Sometimes he was the lucky one- he really didn't brood much on his actions, provided that they had not caused harm. Back when he was still a Combusken, he would often get into trouble for rushing into things without thinking- Xyrem postulated that his evolution may have rewired his brain to function a bit more normally. He was cautious, but once he committed to an action, there was no turning back. She envied that quality in the avian fighter.

    "Before it gets too late, we should probably check in on the group at home," she said, looking to 'Vadumee for confirmation. He rolled his eyes, as if to say "They can handle everything just fine, it's only been 9 hours", but then smiled, as if to show his understanding for her reasons. After all, she -had- left Anonymous alone, and knowing that Pokemon's capacity to take over the computer systems in the Gym, her worry was rather understandable. She walked over to her bag, rummaged through it, and pulled out her LiveCaster. After pressing a few buttons, she began a call to the Gym.

    "ZQUEEEEEEE!" the phone had seemingly answered itself, until a rather crazy looking Porygon-Z materialized from the port and wavered in front of the screen, dancing joyously at seeing its trainer's face again. Xyrem smiled, and then became a bit worried that the internet denizen really -had- taken over the Gym, and that it had given it a remodel more suiting to it's tastes. She really hoped there were no Skittys milling around. A few seconds later, the cyberbird was softly nudged aside by a rather tired looking Gym Leader.

    "You look tired. Are they causing too much trouble?" the redhead looked rather worried. He smiled wearily.

    "No, just a long day. Three challengers, one won, the usual," he replied. "How is the trip going? It really hasn't been that long since I've last seen you."

    "Yes, well, I was worried about the prospect of leaving you alone with Anonymous. As much as I love it, it can be a little bit crazy from time to time." The bird squee'd joyously in response, bouncing softly against a nearby table. It was proud of it's insanity.

    "Honestly, Anonymous has behaved itself quite well. Ramiel's been haunting the lights, but it's nothing that I can't handle. You worry too much, Aruru."

    "And you don't worry enough," she replied, a smile forming on her face. "Anyway, the trip is going okay. There are a lot of tourists on these ferries, and just as many children. I also met a trainer from Unova who is going to join me on the trip to Littleroot."


    "Her name is Mori, and she has this Pokemon called a Zorua that can transform into whatever it wants. Rather cool ability, if I may say so myself."

    "I've never heard of that Pokemon before. Then again, we don't get many Unovans around this area." She nodded, and then looked down and sighed. "What's wrong?"

    "I've noticed something. Time seems to be going ridiculously slow. It hasn't even been a day, and yet it feels like an eternity. I don't know if 'Vadumee noticed the same thing," she noted, looking towards the Blaziken. He turned, and then moved so that he was in the camera's view. He cocked his head quizzically at the device.

    "Hey there, 'Vadumee!" Roark smiled at the avian fighter.

    "Blaz!" he cawed, wondering if he could truly be heard through the device. The bird shrugged, and then walked back towards the window.

    "I don't think he likes talking on the LiveCaster," Xyrem noted, giggling softly. Such an odd Pokemon he was.

    "As for the whole time situation, it will probably get better when you actually start traveling. Unless you decide to battle people on the ship, ferry rides are rather monotonous. It would probably be a good idea to relax, though, as tomorrow you'll be en route to Littleroot."

    "That is true. I better prepare myself more journeying- it's almost been two years since I was on a real 'adventure'," the redhead smiled, remembering all of the ridiculous shenanigans of her trip through Sinnoh. "I hope you don't mind if I call each night when it is possible." She rubbed the back of her neck, her face showing her nervousness. She didn't want to be a bother.

    "Of course I don't mind," he replied, smiling softly, "I miss you. It's good to be able to at least see you and hear you while you're so far away."

    "I know the feeling. Don't worry, we'll be back as soon as we can be," she smiled back at him, the nervousness draining from her face. The girl had her paranoias, that was for sure. "I think I'm going to head off- I'm going to shower and get some sleep, since I had to wake up so early this morning." She grimaced.

    "It wasn't early, it was 9 in the morning!"

    "That's early for me and you know it. I'm more a fan of 21:00 myself. 9:00 is overrated," she stuck out her tongue playfully, "besides, most of us aren't in charge of a mine."

    "A mine and the Ancient Pokemon Excavation Operations in said mine, thank you very much," he smirked. She faux-sighed. Honestly, she was surprised he hadn't gotten a t-shirt made that told everyone and anyone that he was the fossil king of the mine.

    "Either way, I better get some sleep." He nodded.

    "Well, have a good night, Aruru. I'll talk to you tomorrow, I suppose," he said with a smile.

    "You too, Roark. And watch out for Anonymous. He's only well-behaved if he's secretly plotting something," she laughed, and the call ended. She stretched, and looked towards 'Vadumee.

    "What do you say we get some rest for the night?" The Pokemon nodded, and Xyrem grabbed his Pokeball from her belt, and recalled him into the sphere. She sighed, got her clothes together, and went to grab a shower.

    Everything felt surreal. Like she was in some world that she didn't quite understand. It was so clean, so white, so pristine. She missed home. She missed knowing every groove in the tiles under her bare feet. None of this made any sense, and it probably never would. Only one day. Still felt like eternity and a half.

    Xyrem fell into a dreamless slumber that night.


    The next morning, the redhead was woken up by the loud calls of nearby Wingulls. The greater number of them meant that they were getting closer to shore. Closer to Hoenn, to this whole weird adventure. She got dressed, and, after checking the room to make sure she wasn't leaving anything behind, walked out, leaving her suitcase on the bed so that she was ready to disembark the second the ship hit Slateport. Instead of going for breakfast (which would entail dealing with the children and the cake all over again), she walked out onto the deck. She walked over to a banister, and looked out. She could see Slateport's shore, and although it was still a bit off, they would be landing soon enough. After considering releasing 'Vadumee (and then remembering his war on water vapor), she shrugged and watched the ocean. It really was rather calming. She closed her eyes, and let the sounds of the waves wash over her. Between the ocean and the sky, she really could lose herself.
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    Left to their own devices, the girl and the Zorua let their attention drift out to sea again, enjoying the ocean breeze and the sounds of the sea creatures. Meditating on her journey and the things she read about her destinations (she preferred to be prepared), she knew there would be a major change in the waters and the sea life as the ferry's voyage would proceed. The Sinnoh region was located in relatively northern latitudes, and though the ferry departed from Canalave (and therefore lacked the arctic chill of the Snowpoint area), the open ocean was still a relatively cold one. The ferry's course would take it southwest to a more subtropical-tropical climate belt and warmer waters. The changes in biodiversity would not be as dramatic as they could be: most species of Pokémon were highly adaptive creatures, capable of weathering changes in temperature, salinity and dissolved mineral concentrations of their immediate environment with relative ease and thus the same major species enjoyed an abundant distribution in the Hoenn area as well as the Sinnoh area - Magikarp and Tentacool were practically ubiquitous in this part of the world, possessing only minor regional variations that often went undetected to the untrained observer.

    And then, there were the seabirds - Wingulls and Pelippers. They had nesting populations in Hoenn and Sinnoh both, but their complex migration paths made them rather common sightings out at sea. In fact, sightings were spotted even as far out as her homeland of Unova - though they generally stuck to the bay area at the east of the region. In Hoenn, she read, Wingulls were practically as ubiquitous as Pidoves were in her homeland due to the abundance of water both inland and surrounding the region.

    Well, at least some things will remain constant, she thought to herself. I suppose you're never *too* far from the ocean in Hoenn. I kind of feel sorry for 'Vadumee.

    The fox was lost in her own world, a quirky little smile suddenly coming to her face as she gazed at the ocean with a new sense of purpose.

    "Oh no. Don't you even THINK about it." Mori muttered darkly - but it was already too late. The fox was already aglow, leaping onto the ocean, taking on the sleek, hydrodynamic form of a Floatzel, twin foxlike-tails flailing behind her as she began a dash forward, attempting to keep up with the ship. The girl facepalmed again. She pulled this stunt off on the ferry from Unova to Sinnoh too, although back then she took on the form of a Dewott, and found herself getting tired rather quickly. Foxes were never meant to be long-distance swimmers, even with the advantage of her illusion manipulation.

    But she would be damned if she wasn't going to try.

    Mori sighed, pulling out the small fox's Pokéball from her belt and pointing it at the creature. The Zorua-in-a-Floatzel's-Appearance shot her an evil smirk... and when the inevitable red beam launched from the plastic sphere, it retrieved nothing - the Tricky Fox Pokémon evaded the beam. She was getting better at this - even though her illusions still had the tell-tale tail that Zorua could not hide, she was gaining further control of her illusion abilities. She tried again - once more, to no avail.

    "Well, have fun with that!" the trainer yelled indignantly towards the fox-moonlighting-as-an-otter as she replaced the Pokéball on her belt. Sinistral proceeded to leap up, somersault and dive back in, the grin never leaving her face. The trainer rolled her eyes, walking away from the railing. Sinistral could be quite impossible when she wanted to be. There was only one way she could snap her out of it, and she knew exactly what it was.

    She made her way across the deck to the other side of the ferry, looking both ways. The fox couldn't see her. Perfect.

    "Okay, little missy." she murmured "Of course you realize that this means war."

    She proceeded to reach to her belt - and from this belt she removed a Pokéball, the only other ball on her belt. She expanded it silently, pointing it at the water - and in a flash of red, released its contents into the depths.

    She then proceeded to switch the sphere back to its storage mode and replaced it on her belt, making her way across the deck again, observing the still-swimming dark-type.

    At first, there was nothing - but soon, something could be seen - a darker shadow amidst the waves. A long, dark, sinuous body, writhing underneath the surface. Occasionally something flickered against this shadow. It moved faster and faster, matching the Zorua's movements, staying just behind it, diving deeper just before the dark-type could sense something was amiss.

    It happened in a flash - a pair of long, paddle-like limbs, tipped with suction cups and framed with three claws suddenly emerged on both sides of the Zorua, grabbing hold of her sides - gently but firmly - and administering a mild electric shock to the dark-type-in-a-water-type's-skin - which proceeded to squeal, more in surprise than in pain, as in a flash of purple she reverted to her true form, electric sparkles bouncing from point to point on her fur - an indication of paralysis. Something stirred underneath the surface, markings flaring into a bright glow as the owner of the limbs burst from the ocean, levitating up to the air.

    It was a large, lamprey-like creature - large enough for a human to sit comfortably on its back as it skimmed the waves. Its scaleless skin was primarily a dark shade of turquoise, with a tan underside. A long, tan-finned, tentacle-like projection emerged from its head and trailed behind it. The tail end of its body featured two, almost leg-like fins on the underside and a long, sail-like fin on its dorsal side - also in tan. The creature's funnel-like, sucking mouth was rimmed with four large fangs, and many smaller ones could be seen in rings within it. Its round, red eyes, set within patches of yellow markings, seemed to focus - as much as they could - on the small creature in its 'hands'. Other yellow markings appeared along the creature's body and on its 'hands' - from both sides. The creature hovered silently onto the ship, gently setting the paralyzed fox on the deck and emitting a deep, rumbling gurgle.

    "To the rescue as ever, Amber." Mori grinned, gently patting the huge lamprey's head at the base of its head-tendril. "Thank you. Now..." she turned to Sinistral with an admonishing gaze "How many times do I have to tell you not to jump ships?"
    The fox Pokémon grunted in response, giving her trainer a look that could only mean Awww, I was just playing around!.

    "I know, I know, Sin. But you and I both know you can't chase a ship for too long, and I don't feel like trying to argue with the captain to slow the ship down so I can chase a silly fox in Gyarados-infested waters. Now. Say you're sorry."

    The dark-type sneezed, shooting the girl a You're no fun anymore expression. Mori glared daggers at her. The fox yelped and looked downcast.

    "Close enough." Mori sighed, pulling out a small vial filled with a deep red fluid from a pocket and uncapped it "Open your mouth."

    Sinistral complied, and the girl squeezed a few drops of the vial's contents into her mouth, then proceeded to cap it and replace it in her pocket. The fox winced for a moment, then emitted a soft sigh of relief as her muscles relaxed, free from the effects of paralysis - then shook what little water that was not repelled by her illusion-field off her fur. The vial's contents was concentrated Cheri Berry essence - she carried the essences of several berries in small vials at all times to deal with the occasional status ailments that may befall her Pokémon if she ended up being caught somewhere where no medical help was readily available. As this was not the first nor the last time she had to subdue the mischievous little fox, her vials proved quite effective.

    "That said, I have to compliment you for how fast you're moving in water now - but that's no excuse. I get the feeling that as soon as we move out of the Sinnoh jurisdiction water, this thing is going to start moving very fast indeed." Mori smiled, picking Sinistral up and scritching her ears softly. The fox's eyes closed and she purred. Once again, all was forgiven.

    "Whoa, what is THAT?!" a voice shattered the moment like a thrown brick shatters a window. The origin of the voice was a trainer - a kid of about 10 or 11 wearing a red, turned-over cap, who was gawking at Amber. The lamprey-like creature turned her eyes to her trainer with a slightly exasperated look - a fact not lost on the kid.

    "Hey, you! You're this thing's trainer? OUR EYES MET! WE MUST BATTLE!" he yelled, reaching for a ball on his belt. Amber's reaction was rather swift - It launched itself in the kid's direction, arms outstretched, luminescent patches at full glow, emitting a high-pitched shriek which made the kid turn white as a ghost, double back and fall down.

    "No, Amber, you CAN'T eat him!" Mori called out, and the floating creature paused a few mere centimeters away from the kid. "I'm TERRIBLY sorry about that," she apologized "She's an Eelektross, you know. They eat anything that they can latch onto, but their choice prey is young, healthy, overconfident individuals that steer too close to the water's edge. They can tell by sensing biochemical signals. I guess that being out in the ocean made her wild side just... burst out. I should probably go feed her now before any... accidents happen, yeah?"

    "... Yeah. Yeah, yeah, good idea." the kid mumbled, stumbling to his feet, and walking away in a rapid pace. He had his pride to keep, after all. The few other passengers who witnessed the event also opted to move themselves as far away as possible - the Eelektross (for that is what Amber was) did not seem like the manner of Pokémon one would want to trifle with, after this outburst.

    She waited until the child was out of earshot, and then proceeded to shoot a look to the large floating creature... a look which was followed by a burst a laughter from both Trainer and both her Pokémon.

    "My gods, that was RIDICULOUSLY convincing, Amber!" the trainer said in between giggles "Maybe a little TOO convincing..." She paused, a serious expression parking itself on her face for a moment "You weren't REALLY planning on eating him, were you?"

    The Eelektross proceeded to shrug, then rolled her eyes. Mori knew that expression. In Amber-speak, it meant 'Pff, I don't eat Junk Food'. This was followed by another round of laughter.

    "Alright, I think we've given these people enough of a spectacle. You can come back now, Amber. As for you, Sin, I think some food does sound good. Feel like joining me?"


    Their meal was rather uneventful - she had some form of salad and a few odd berries that she found rather pleasant. Sinistral, for her part, was rather occupied with some form of Magikarp meat - which she seemed to find acceptable and Mori found rather unappealing, personally. After the two finished their meal, Mori had two Tauros steaks and various berries bagged for her. The steak was for Amber - she suspected that as soon as the vessel began accelerating, She would not be able to let the Eelektross loose to hunt for herself and she had to eat something too. The berries, however, were for her: not for eating, but for growing.

    Mori always had a bit of a green thumb. Even back home in Unova, she took interest in gardening, and the garden at her parents' house flourished under her care. One of her most prized posessions was her small array of Berry Pots: small, mobile terraria designed to provide a perfect artificial environment for growing berry plants. Her mother bought them in Johto when she was there on a business trip as a birthday gift for her, and she's been raising berries she collected along her journeys in them ever since. In fact, the vials of berry essences she carried were produced from berries that she herself grew.

    Some of the berries she claimed from the dining room were the old standards: Cheri for paralysis, Chesto for sleep, Pecha for Poison, Rawst for burns, Aspear for freezing and Persim for confusion. She still had viable plants in her Berry Pots, but it was always nice to have more - especially for essences. However, some of the other berries were downright exotic looking. There was a green berry which she identified as a Lum Berry (she was looking for one of those for quite a while, as it was said to have effects of healing any status ailment), and several others that she could not even begin to recognize. Their effects would be interesting to research, whenever she had the time. She would grow them in the meantime.


    Following dinner, the girl and the fox made their way back to the deck, where Mori released Amber again, providing her with her meal. The Eelektross seemed delighted with the steaks, clamping her fangs into the meat and proceeding to drain it of whatever fluids remained in it, manipulating it with her fangs to scrape flesh off and into her mouth using the smaller, concentric rows of teeth. After her appetite was sated the Eelektross was withdrawn back to her Pokéball - and soon enough, Sinistral decided that she was going for a nap herself, returning to her own Pokéball. Her companions returned, the trainer retired to her cabin. It was pretty standard as far as ferry cabins go, she felt - small, spartan, and functional. It was perfectly enough for her.

    Of course, she has already been to the cabin earlier in the day - she dropped off her bag. It was there, in the corner of the room - a black, dark brown and moss-green backpack. She took some time to take a few item balls out of it - small items which, using technology similar to Pokéball technology, allowed for the carrying of large items in comparably small backpacks. She released the content of these balls onto the floor of her cabin: her berry pots. She proceeded to plant the berries she had no active plants of in a few empty pots, watered and nourished several of the other plants and the new seedlings, and packed them up again. She stored them in her backpack again, and shot a glance to the clock. Evening was slowly approaching. She figured now would be a good time to take a shower, and read her travel guides until she could fall asleep.


    She woke up rather early in the morning after having a weird dream about two green-haired trainers - an extremely feminine boy who was permanently smug-looking and a young woman who seemed to have a permanently disappointed expression on her face - engaged in battle, black and white dragon-like creatures fighting it out in the sky above them, fire and lightning flying all around. The battle accelarated, but the trainers themselves seemed to move in slow motion with much emphasis on their hair for some reason. She shook the dream off, mumbling something about the sea air doing a number on her sanity. She took another shower, got herself back into her clothes (which she had washed and dried in the machines that thankfully, the cabin rooms also had) and re-equipped her trainer's belt. She packed everything again, throwing her backpack on and left the cabin, locking it behind her. She headed down to the dining room and had breakfast: some form of pancakes with some kind of berry-based syrup that were actually really good. The dining room was a bit more full than it was when she grabbed her late lunch - but still not ridiculously so. She had a knack for timing, it seemed.

    Done with her lunch, the trainer from Unova walked out of the dining room and onto the deck, heading for the banister to look off at the sea. It was certainly much warmer, and she could notice what looked like a waterspout far out in the distance as something large, round and blue surfaced for a moment and dove again - a Wailmer, or perhaps even a Wailord. Soon, they would hit Slateport - she could notice it in the distance, as well.

    She continued to watch the sea in silence. Figured she'd take a few more moments of peace and quiet without having to keep an eye on Sinistral. That fox would be the death of her yet.
  15. "Attention travelers: The S.S. Oceanic will shortly arrive in Slateport. Please prepare to disembark. Thank you, and have a wonderful day!~" a voice cheerily shouted over the intercom. Xyrem shook her head, and stretched. She had lost track of how long she had been staring at the ocean. No matter. She turned, and began to walk inside, when she noticed a familiar brunette watching the ocean not too far off.

    "Hey, Mori!" Xyrem shouted, walking over to the girl, "you still up for that adventure?"
  16. StellarWind Elsydeon

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    The sound of the Ferry's PA system blared away, but the girl known as Mori remained rather oblivious. So, they were to dock soon. Excellent. Now, where was her would-be traveling companion?

    As in in response to that question, the aforementioned would-be traveling companion called out to her, and walked over to her asking if she was still up for that adventure.

    "Hello, Xyrem." she replied with a grin "Yes, of course I am."
  17. "That's good!" Xyrem smiled. The ferry smoothly slowed to a stop right next to a large dock. As soon as the sailors on the dock were sure that the ship wouldn't just float off thanks to being tied down, the ferry dropped anchor and the ramps down to the dock were placed.

    "Well, looks like we should get a move on. I'm going to grab my bag, and I'll meet you on the dock!" the redhead ran off to get her bag from her room.

    Once in her room, Xyrem pulled out 'Vadumee's Pokeball, and released him into the room.

    "Good morning, buddy!" she smiled brightly at the fighting chicken, who grinned back. "You ready to go on this insane adventure?" The bird nodded in response, and then attempted to stretch only to hit his claws on the ceiling. He sighed and poked indignantly at the barrier. "Okay, okay, I get it. C'mon, we're gonna meet Mori on the dock," she said, pulling her bag off of the bed and throwing it lazily over one shoulder. With that, the two traveled out of the room and into the hallway. Many trainers were still packing up, so the young girl figured she should take advantage of the unpopulated ramps while they were still free of human obstacles.


    As she unsteadily plopped onto the dock, Xyrem stretched fully. 'Vadumee soon did the same, apparently quite pleased that the air wasn't as watery as it had been before.

    "This place is nice, mm 'Vadumee?" Said Blaziken looked around, and nodded. From what little he could remember, it was a good place to grow up. Both trainer and Pokemon looked lost in thought as they waited for the second member of their impromptu adventure.
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    Aforementioned second member dropped off the boat with the silky precision of a Corphish, managing to mask herself rather well amidst the swarm of disembarking humans - a feat that should probably not have been an easy one for a person of her stature and absolutely impossible if her small vulpine companion was not in her ball at the moment. She'd let her out soon enough. Unless she decided to let herself out - a rather likely situation in her case. That was Sin for you.

    She spotted her new traveling companion rather easily - or rather, spotted her traveling companion's traveling companion - short as Xyrem was, her Blaziken kind of stuck out like a sore thumb (in the nicest possible way, the bird was certainly an impressive one) and she was rather easily recognizable as the bird's trainer - there was some form of a bond between the two that any trainer with half an ounce of a brain could probably detect.

    Mori walked up to the two and smiled. "Well, here I am. Let's get this adventure thing started then, shall we?"
  19. The redhead nodded. "Yes, let's." 'Vadumee nodded in approval, and stretched. He had certainly decided by now that he did not enjoy ferries, and that if he ever had to board one again, he would be hard pressed not to burn it to cinders as it floated about.

    Xyrem rummaged through her bag, and pulled out a map of Hoenn that she had purchased at the dock in Canalave. She visually confirmed the path that Mori had spoken of. The redhead frowned when she realized that the most prominent way to get from Slateport to Mauville was a long bike path. She subconsciously shivered. Her only memory of a bike path was the one in Sinnoh- the one that her crazy traveling companion decided would be best to travel on by way of a stolen bike. Being that the pair only had one stolen bike between them, Xyrem had been forced to ride on the handlebars, hanging on for her dear life. She sighed, and 'Vadumee looked to the map, saw the bike route, and nodding knowingly.

    "Hey, Mori," she started, "is it okay if we avoid use of the bike path to get to Mauville? I kind of have bad memories of them," she laughed nervously.
  20. StellarWind Elsydeon

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    Mori blinked.
    "Bike path? They have Bike Paths? What will they think of next?" she said. Unova had no bike-specific paths and it's not like she needed a bike with Robin acting as her primary transport across Unova (where her feet didn't get her where she wanted to get fast enough, that is). "That's all perfectly fine with me. I don't really have one of these wheeled contraptions, anyway."
  21. "I didn't either last time I came upon one. The person I was traveling with made sure we got one for free." Xyrem paused. "Don't ask. She had a good heart, but sometimes her means were rather shady." She sighed once more, "but I'm glad I don't have to deal with one of those again," Xyrem smiled softly.

    A thought occurred to the young girl. "You know, I left Sinnoh in such a rush that I really didn't prepare well for a long journey. Mind if we stop at the PokeMart for a quick supplies run?"
  22. StellarWind Elsydeon

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    "Not at all." Mori smiled "I'm all stocked up personally, but I think I might as well buy myself a bunch of balls. New region and all, might as well catch something if something interesting shows up. Sin and Amber could probably use the company."
  23. [OOC: Mild autoing of Mori to get to the PokeMart, authorized by Stel~]

    With that, the makeshift group headed off to the Mart. Xyrem quietly fiddled through her bag as she walked- a rather amazing skill that she had picked up from her journey around Sinnoh. It was a pure miracle that the girl didn't walk into any and all objects in her way- although 'Vadumee had a habit of pulling her out of the way when she was in danger of becoming facebuddies with a pole. She needed Pokeballs, that was for sure. Xyrem hadn't caught a Pokemon since Ramiel, years prior. She hoped her catching skills weren't too off. Potions would probably be a good idea, too- always a good thing to be prepared. Maybe even some mail to send back home, if there were any "Hoenn-y" designs available.

    Before long, the two trainers arrived at the blue roof of the Pokemart. As they walked forth, the automatic door slid open, allowing a whoosh of cool air to rush out into the warm morning. Xyrem grabbed a basket, and began to peruse the aisles, grabbing things here and there. A handful of ultra balls, a 6 pack of hyper potions, and a delightful mail card with a nicely sketched picture of Slateport later, the girl was standing before the register as the clerk scanned her items. 'Vadumee had spent his time trailing behind his trainer, and was now staring down at the clerk. He wasn't too shocked, after all, Blazikens were certainly more common here than they were back in Sinnoh.

    She stepped out of the store, and placed her items in various pockets of her bag. "Are you ready to head out?" Xyrem turned to Mori,"I believe the first route we'll get to is Route 110."
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    (OOC: We interrupt this program to bring you CONSUMERISM! [​IMG])

    In comparison to her new traveling companion's, Mori's supply shopping was rather brief and focused - she was pretty much set with anything except for Pokeballs. She proceeded to grab some ultra balls of her own, pay for them and evacuate the premises as soon as humanly possible. She was not a big fan of shopping - which was not an easy thing to be when you grew up in Unova and were surrounded by consumerism-addicts. Go figure.

    "Ready, willing and able." Mori replied to the question asked of her "Route 110 it is!"
  25. "Then let's get this show on the road~!" Xyrem smiled, stretching her arms towards the sky. 'Vadumee sighed, probably at the overdramatic gesture that his trainer had made. It was rather reminiscent of one of her old traveling partners. She looked to the fire chicken, and patted him on the back.

    "C'mon, 'Vadumee. Show some excitement," she laughed softly, "it is, after all, the guy who raised you that we're going to see." The Blaziken nodded, and took on a thoughtful aura.


    Slateport opened up to Route 110 after a small archway denoting the opening of the city. The path was large, with dense forests on either side. From the beginning, the travelers were able to see the entry building for the Bike Path, to assure that anyone without 'death-on-wheels', as Xyrem now knew them, would not be allowed to pass. Past the building, the path wound underneath the Bike Path, lush with high grasses. Trainers milled about on both of the paths, aching to battle weak-looking passerby with their new catches. Xyrem pondered as the two traveled further down the path. Is this where she would catch her first Hoenn Pokémon?
  26. Rex

    Rex Resident Furry

    “So, this is Slateport City,” Liam nodded.

    The young man didn’t seem to be paying attention to the city itself. He was sketching something in a notepad as he walked through the city. Following behind him was a Shiny Buizel and a Poochyena. It had been a month or so since he had left Veilstone behind. Following clues in letters written for him, the teenager eventually was pulled all the way out of Sinnoh, back to his home region of Hoenn. It certainly was a blast from the past.

    “Dr. Asimov’s letter told us to go to Rustboro City, the “original home” of my family,” the teenager noted, not really talking to anyone but himself, “What’s in Rustboro that we need to find?”

    Stopping in his tracks, Liam flipped his notebook shut, and placed it in his backpack, he then pulled out a map of the Hoenn region, and another, smaller one of Rustboro City. Looking over the map of Rustboro, he frowned.

    “Rustboro City, home of Devon Corp. That’s where Dr. North works,” he frowned, “Roxanne, the first Gym Leader, is also there. It might be worth testing our abilities against her while we’re there. I guessing we’re to locate Dr. North, though.”

    Now with some idea what he was doing in the region, Liam returned the map of Rustboro City to his backpack. He then opened the one of Hoenn, and began walking forward again, his Pokemon following.

    “The quickest way to Rustboro from here is to head north to Mauville City, then east to Verdanturf Town. Through Rusturf Tunnel from there, and then it’s a straight shot to Rustboro,” he nodded, talking more to himself then his two Pokemon.

    Wandering out of the city and onto Route 110, Liam soon lost track of most of his surroundings, following the route he had planned on his map. He passed by the local Cycling Road without much thought, continuing forward towards the grassy underpass. Not exactly paying attention to where he was going, the newbie trainer bumped into another person. Stumbling a bit, Liam backed up, causing his two Pokemon to run into him.

    Peering over his map, Liam noted the person was a woman, a bit older and taller then he was. She had brown hair, and otherwise seemed to have a general theme of silver and green going on. She was also traveling with another woman and a Blaziken.

    “Oh, very sorry miss!” he said apologetically, “I wasn’t watching where I was going.”
  27. Mr.RMA

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    The sound of people riding their bicycles overhead, the rustling grass, a zigzagoon or poochyena darting around, and the splashes of the sea all went through one ear and out the other for the boy sitting on the side of the walking pathway, his head resting hopelessly in the palm of his right hand. His clothes were drenched, though it was evident that they were even wetter earlier, and his Pokemon were sitting by his side quietly, unsure of what to do to reassure their master. It was one of the very few times when they were this quiet, and they had every reason to be. Things were not going well for any of them, and it was hard to believe that it was only less than a day earlier when they thought they were in for the time of their lives. “Where do we go from here….” Alan Shaw mumbled continually, the memory of what got him into this mess permanently engraved into his consciousness…

    It was dark, and though there wasn’t any sign of a storm, something under the sea wasn’t going to let the small research vessel above it transverse towards its destination so easily. The scientists inside were grabbing hold of anything they could find to maintain their balance as the head of the group continued his struggle to keep his boat going in their planned direction. His name was Michael Shaw, Alan’s father and a researcher who, up to that point, had been a generally unknown person in the field. Alan was off to the bow, trying to look for whatever was making all the waves. He had a suspicion that a Pokemon nearby was behind it all, and he was trying to get a closer look to see what it was, though this was proven a more difficult task than he originally figured, as the shifting waves were easily throwing him off balance. At some point through all this, Perfusus, his Squirtle, had gotten out of his Pokeball and was happily mimicking his owner’s unbalanced movements.
    “Perfusus, this isn’t the time for that!” Alan yelled over to the Squirtle, now leaning against the edge of the boat and holding on. Still, the tiny turtle persisted, also leaning on the edge, completely unaware of the danger of the situation. After a while, Alan finally thought he caught a glimpse of something moving towards the starboard side of the vessel, and slowly wobbled in that direction, Perfusus continuing his imitation as he followed behind. Alan leaned against the side to try and get a better look at what he had just seen, though unfortunately for him, at this point, a particularly big wave violently rocked the boat from side to side. Alan lost his footing and suddenly found himself flung off the boat. As he hit the water, he struggled to remain buoyant and call out for help, but the continually violent waves splashed salt water into his mouth each time he tried to do so. As he struggled in vain to get back towards the boat, something suddenly burst out of the water in front of him, sending him careening backwards, even farther from the vessel. The last thing he remembered before the constant struggle finally exhausted him towards unconsciousness was the cry of “Squirtle!” and the feeling of what seemed like something pushing him… he awoke later on the shoreline of Slateport with Perfusus right beside him. The sunlight beating on his face informed him that it was already morning, and the lighthouse in the distance confirmed to him his location.
    “What…what the heck just happened?” He grumbled, slowly picking himself back up on his feet. He was rather far off, away from where the beachgoers were, so his sudden appearance on shore didn’t seem to catch anyone’s eye. Unsure if this could be considered a good or bad thing, Alan gently picked up Perfusus and headed towards the Pokemon center, letting his two other Pokemon,a Mudkip named Sileo and a Totodile named Rabidus, out to walk around since they hadn't gotten any exercise since they set out . As the Squirtle was recovering, Alan had used the video phone in the Pokemon center to contact his father, who thankfully was able to get the ship out of the chaotic mess at some point after Alan was thrown overboard. Though Michael wanted to get back to look for him, the boat had apparently run out of fuel before they could do so, and now the crew were taking a rescue boat heading towards Unova. Alan urged his father to continue on with the expedition without him, as he could manage on his own for a while and he didn’t want this predicament to ruin the opportunity for them. After arguing this point for what seemed like hours, he finally got him to agree, though on the condition that the two would keep in contact with each other as often as possible.

    Unfortunately, this choice seemed to be backfiring on Alan quite early on, as now he was stuck out on route 110, unsure of what to do or where to go. He considered calling his father again, but he didn’t have the nerve to change his mind after promising he could take care of himself.
    “I’m such an idiot…if I didn’t go out to starboard; we’d still be on that boat with everyone else…” He murmured. He felt worse off knowing that he had put his Pokemon in this predicament as well. They didn’t deserve to be in this mess. Even when they attempted to give him sympathetic looks, he still felt horrible about the whole thing.
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    Quickly regaining her balance after the unexpected collision, Mori turned to observe the individual who, quite literally, walked into her - a blue-eyed, bespectacled boy who appeared to be about 15 years of age - who clearly did not notice her because his eyes were locked on a map. She made a mental note of the Buizel and the Poochyena that were following him - most likely he was a trainer as well, and these were his Pokémon.

    "It's all quite alright, it happens." she smiled "Might be a good idea to be more careful, though. There are all sorts of things you probably would not want to run into on the road."
  29. Rex

    Rex Resident Furry

    "I can only imagine," Liam nodded, "To be perfectly honest, I've only been a trainer for a month or so, so I really don't think I have the experience to take on any one of these trainers."

    The teenager sighed, then folded his map, placing it under his arm. He offered his hand to the woman he'd run into, offering to shake.

    "I'm Liam, by the way," he grinned.
  30. StellarWind Elsydeon

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    "Nice to meet you, Liam." Mori grinned back, shaking the trainer's hand "My name's Mori and my fellow traveler over there is Xyrem." with that, she nodded in the redhead's general direction.
  31. Xyrem nodded in greeting,'Vadumee following suit.

    "Nice to meet you, Liam," she smiled softly. She felt rather jovial, and why not? Xyrem had no reason to be unfriendly towards the young man- he seemed like a kind-hearted person. His Poochyena caught her eye- she had always thought the species was rather adorable, and its evolution seemed like it would be a good, loyal guardian. She made a mental note to catch one for her team sometime during this journey.
  32. Rex

    Rex Resident Furry

    "Nice to meet you both!" Liam grinned. He motioned back to the two Pokemon behind him, "These are Rick, my Buizel, and Vector, my Poochyena. Have you two been in Hoenn very long?"
  33. Mr.RMA

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    Alan lifted his head up in curiosity when one particular sound he heard didn't fade off along with the others. It sounded like some people talking to each other, most likely trainers if they were traveling down this road. Figuring he wasn't going to get anywhere sitting there and moping around, he got back on his feet and decided to see who these voices belonged to, calling back Perfusus and Rabidus in the process. He would usually only let one of his Pokemon out at a time when he was traveling, as many trainers seemed to do, and considering how this was the Hoenn region, he decided Sileo would be the best choice for the moment. The Mudkip was usually the one Alan left out with him when meeting new people anyways, as he was the only one of the three with any actual self control. It didn't take them too long to come across the group. From the sight of the Pokemon accompanying the people talking to each other, along with the small gist of conversation he was able to hear, it was now obvious these guys were trainers. The Pokemon were all from regions that Alan had never gone to before, and he found himself staring blankly at them in astonishment. Sileo looked at Alan expectantly, but remained quiet, waiting for his trainer's command.
  34. StellarWind Elsydeon

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    "Just got off the ferry at Slateport, actually." Mori replied, regarding the two PokeMon with a nod and a little smile in greeting "This is my first time here... And I am willing to bet my reason for being here is going to make her presence known right about -"

    She was interrupted by a burst of energy from a ball at her belt, a burst which soon coalesced into the form of Sinistral.

    "... Now."

    The Dark-type proceeded to stretch, regarding the newcomers with a slightly curious and slightly mischievous look, before twitching an ear, becoming enveloped by the purple aura of her Illusion ability... only for a hand-shaped sign to materialize upon her head, pointing in a general direction on the road, the words "We're being watched." inscribed on it, flashing a few times and disappearing with the rest of the sign in another flurry of purple light.

    Mori turned her head quickly in the direction the sign was pointing at to see another trainer approaching the small congregation - this one accompanied by a small blue creature which she recognized as a Mudkip.

    "Well, we certainly seem to be popularity central today..." she murmrued in the general direction of Xyrem, before turning back to the new arrival and greeting him with a polite "Good day."
  35. Mr.RMA

    Mr.RMA Magearna before it was cool

    Alan's interest grew all the more with the appearance of a Zorua, yet another rare species he had never seen before, and to an extension, knew very little to nothing about. It was remarkable to him just the variety of Pokemon these other trainers brought along with them: type differences, evolved forms at different stages, and species from different regions...
    His observations however, were cut short once the trainer with the Zorua turned towards Alan to greet him. He felt his pulse quicken slightly, though he nevertheless attempted to keep himself calm enough to give some kind of response.

    "Uh...hi, sorry if I bothered any of you. I thought I heard someone talking around here, and I was hoping I could ask for some information about this region, since I only just...err...'arrived' here, but your Pokemon were so fascinating that..." He stopped himself and shook his head.

    "Sorry, I'm rambling. This day has been rather hectic for me, and I'm still sorta regaining my bearings." He continued, moving a loose strand of wet hair out of his face.

    "Oh, by the way, the name's Alan, and this here's Sileo." He introduced, motioning towards the Mudkip beside him who gave a small nod of his head towards the others in response.
  36. Rex

    Rex Resident Furry

    "Really? Same here," Liam nodded, "I'm heading to Rustboro City, trying to find someone."

    Liam blinked when the small gray Pokemon formed from its Pokeball. He vaguely recognized it as a Pokemon from Unova, a Zorua. However, before he could make note of the Pokemon, another person appeared. Apparently, he was fascinated by some of the Pokemon he saw the three of them owning, and he wanted to ask for directions.

    "Hello Alan, I'm Liam," the teenager said, he then pointed first at the Shiny Buizel, then at the Poochyena, "This is Rick, and Vector."

    Taking a moment, the trainer returned his map to his backpack, and pulled out his notepad again, flipping back a few pages, to what appeared to be a number of notes on Hoenn. "I just got here myself, but I'm a bit of a cartographer, and I've studied this region a bit before coming over, so I might be able to help you out. What do you want to know?"
  37. Mr.RMA

    Mr.RMA Magearna before it was cool

    "Pleasure to meet you, Liam." Alan responded politely as the teenager introduced himself and his Pokemon. Once the boy went on to explain he was a cartographer, Alan felt his confidence increasing all the more. 'Well that's a lucky break for certain. Guess I stumbled upon the right band of trainers.' He thought over just what to ask first, thinking over what would be the most accessible and worthwhile plan of action for him to take, before deciding he knew just what to ask about.

    "Well, I remember my father telling me that he had gotten Sileo here from this region, from a professor who's highly esteemed around these parts. From what I can recall, his last name was something along the lines of... Birch, I think. Yeah, that's his name. I'd definitely like to meet him in person at some point. From what I hear, his research on Pokemon habitats and wild Pokemon behavior in said habitats are greatly renowned. Would you possibly happen to know the location of his lab?"
  38. Rex

    Rex Resident Furry

    "Birch's Lab? That's all the way in Littleroot Town," Liam answered, scanning over his notes, "I'm heading to Rustboro City, myself, I can take you to Littleroot if you're alright with a pit stop there first."
  39. Mr.RMA

    Mr.RMA Magearna before it was cool

    Alan grinned. It looked like he got another lucky break.

    "Sounds good to me. I've not in any rush or anything, so that's perfectly fine." He replied.

    As Alan was talking, Sileo had taken the opportunity to observe the Pokemon for himself, his gaze shifting from one creature to the other with a rather inquisitive look. He was much smaller than most of them, especially the towering Blaziken which he had to back up a bit from his current position in order to get a look at its face. He didn't say anything, only checked all of them intently. He was definitely impressed by a few already, though traveling with two Pokemon that wouldn't ever shut up most likely just meant he was happy to meet a few quieter ones.
  40. Xyrem, who had been mostly staring off into space, pondering the journey that lie ahead, perked up at the mention of Birch. She noted that another trainer had joined the conversation, with him a Mudkip. She nodded in greeting to him.

    "Littleroot, eh? That's actually where I'm going! The Professor wants to see how 'Vadumee here," she pointed to the fire chicken behind her, "has been raised." A smile graced her features, "that's actually why I'm here in Hoenn in the first place. I'm from Oreburgh, in Sinnoh."

    The situation was certainly reminiscent of her journey through her home region, in the fact that she seemed to randomly form groups with people as she went on. Couldn't hurt to try.

    "Actually, we'll be going through Rustboro City to get to Littleroot- although there is a shorter path, it's heavily water based, and 'Vadumee's obviously not very comfortable with that," she laughed. "If you'd like, we could all travel together- I learned from my last journey that it's more fun to travel with more people," Xyrem smiled.
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