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Discussion in 'Small Talk' started by Secad MS, Jun 24, 2010.

  1. Sports: Recreation and a way to tell some traits of various cultures. Do you guys play any? Watch any often?

    I am on a basketball team and working towards my black belt in karate currently. I used to play on a soccer team, but that was ended as the coach wouldn't come back. I love both, but I prefer karate, as it has real-life applications and less-nasty class/teammates.

    If I could, I would play on the male's team. :p
  2. Over the years, I've participated in karate, baseball, football, and soccer (and paintball, if you count that as a sport.) I quit karate after the first class because all we did was learn how to count to 10 in Japanese. I played baseball for a few years, even though I sucked royally at it. Football is by far my favorite sport. I play linebacker, nose tackle, full back, and occaisionally punter. Football is also how I earned my school nickname of Zippy. I'm halfway good at soccer too. I play defense, and I hold my own out there I guess. Paintball really isn't a sport, but me and my friends play Woodsball occaisionally. I'm also starting golf lessons soon, but I'm a little worried because people say golf takes a lot of patience, but I have no patience, so I'll probably get kicked out for smashing my club against the ground Happy Gilmore style.
  3. I'm laughably terrible at sports. I have very rudimentary depth perception and terrible balance, and airborne objects trace mechanically impossible paths in order to hit me in the head. It's quite remarkable actually.

    I used to swim quite a lot but I got sick of it in high school and quit. I'm thinking about going back and doing it more often recreationally cuz I'm getting overweight. I tried out yoga with my mom and sister and really liked it. Unfortunately the teacher I liked left and the replacement makes it actually very difficult and they keep the practice room at about 27 degrees C with stagnant air, which is way too hot for me! I got dehydrated and nearly fainted the last time. I might get a yoga video, then I can go at my own pace in a cool room (i.e. my basement).

    I'm also planning to ride my bike more often since it's good exercise and I won't have a car when I move to Toronto in the fall. Transportation!
  4. Any sport with a ball, which seems to be a lot, is out of question. Like Keleri, balls seem to change physics for a second to hit me in the head. Like one time during a church dodge ball game, a ball glanced off of my boyfriend's arm (who was trying to protect me) and flew directly at my head, really bending up my glasses and giving me a black eye. It was redonkulus.

    But I do participate in Marching Band, and if any other marchers are willing to back me up, I'll call it a sport. Takes a lot of air, teamwork, air, concentration, air, butt muscles and air. Cuz you're marching around a football field at 160 bpm blowing air into a horn that's probably as tall as you un-tangled for about 7 minutes for a short show. And even flutes have a hard time because they don't have any pressure coming back from their horn. The people up front in the pit on the xylophones (and drum majors, but they do a lot of band camp with you) are the only ones who don't get much exercise, but they have really hard music. So yeah.
  5. I am a dedicated recurve archer, currently shooting 24 lb, which is pretty heavy. My other sports are things that involve water; Kayaking, wildriver rafting, swimming.

    I suck at things thay involve balls or excessive movement of legs.
  6. Well, I'm not a huge sports fan, but I do enjoy a few types. I've been playing volleyball for years, and I believe as of the next season it'll be eight years total. I don't really have anyone to practice with between seasons, though, so I remain at average skill level. *Shrug.* I've also started doing martial arts in the past year, a Chinese variety. When it comes to swimming, I do it whenever I can. ^_^

    I'd also like to pick up archery, if it'd be possible.
  7. That's what she said. ;)

    In reply to Kel's comment about yoga, I've tried it, for three years even. However, I found it too slow, as well as too boring. During meditation, my mind would wander all over the the place. At least I gained a lot of flexibility from it. :p
  8. Sports make me unhappy. They're boring, to me, and I just can't enjoy them. I never have been able to.
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  9. I just started golf... and I am the WORST golfer ever.
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    Anonymous Guest

    Im really bad at sports I kinda like tennis and rounders but I never watch any sports on tv

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