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Ask to Join Splatoon: A New type of Danger.

Discussion in 'General Role Play' started by GhostlyCubone11, May 8, 2019.

  1. @milk_tea @Iazy guy who loves to eat @Lillipup07

    My links dont work, I’ll put one once i get them to work.
    Cyrus moved out of the way of a group of inklings, looking around. For some reason, somebody decided to hold a big party at night, and everyone was allowed to come. Cyrus normally hates being in public, but he decided to go for once. “I cant dwell on the past forever...” He thought. His robotic parts made a whirring sound as he moved, and he got weird looks by some people. “Sorry...” He mumbled, speeding up as he stood of to the side, looking around at everyone. “Why does everyone need to be here....? Is something bigger going on...I should find out.”
  2. Adriel grinned as he ran around, talking to everyone. He ran over to Cyrus, panting a bit. “Yo, those robot parts are cool! How’d you get them?” He asked. Penny however, was walking around through the crowd, completely lost. “Um...hello...? Adriel...?” She called out, bumping into someone. “Hey, watch it kid.” The older kid said, and his friends crowded around her, blocking her from leaving. “U-um....sorry.....” She stammered, beginning to tremble violently. “Aw...the little kid is scared....” One of them said, and Penny nodded a bit. “Well, how about we give you a real reason to be?” The same one asked, while Penny whimpered quietly. “Adriel, where are you?” She thought to herself.
  3. “Hmm? Oh, I got these in an accident a long time ago....their helpful, and it took awhile to get used to them.” Cyrus said, a smile coming to his face. He hadn’t felt happy like this for awhile, and finding someone who thought he was cool was new.
  4. “Cool! Do they have anything special they can do?” Adriel asked, really interested in this.
    “Um...somebody help me!” Penny cried out, trying to get away as one of the group grabbed the back of her shirt, picking her up. “There’s 3 of us, one of you kid. No one can help you now.” He said, and Penny whined a bit, shutting her eyes.
  5. Alzbet grinned at the crowd. She watched as a young Inkling struggled to get through the waves of people. She stepped towards her, and like a current, the crowd split, letting her through. Though Octolings might be accepted now, they weren't all that common, either, and people were still afraid of her. She made her way to the Inkling.
    "Do you need help?" she asked, holding out her hand. She tried not to focus on the stares that cut her like knives, or the way the people around her were suddenly quiet. The people holding the Inkling dropped her and backed off, snarling.
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  6. Penny yelped in pain, but got up, running behind Alzbet. She didnt think twice about how everyone seemed afraid of her, but she trusted her if she was trying to help her. “So, are you like, a cyborg?” Adriel asked, feeling happy and comfortable talking to Cyrus, not afraid at all.
  7. Alzbet snarled back at the large men, and they turned tail and slunk back into the crowd.
    She turned to the small Inkling huddled behind her and tried to smile reassuringly, but she didn't have much practice with that. She hoped she didn't look maniac or creepy.
    "Are you okay?" she asked. "Those thugs are gone. Stupid idiots, all you were doing was walking."
  8. Penny looked up at her, nodding. “Thank you miss....that happens a lot, normally my brother is around to help, but he isnt here....” She looked around. “At least, I cant find him....” She said quietly, trying to see through the crowd.
  9. Cyrus nodded. “Watch this.” He lifted his robotic arm, the hand retracting into the metal, and a lighter coming out. “Ta-Da. This is only one of the things.”
  10. "Let's go find him?" Alzbet suggested. She turned around and scanned the crowd. Her goggles had slipped a little bit, and she adjusted them feverishly.
    "Oh. I'm Alzbet," she said suddenly. "I forgot to introduce myself."
  11. “I’m Penny! Nice to meet you!” She said, smiling. “Uh...one problem....how do I Get through the crowd without getting lost...? I cant really move around much....” She said, looking at all the people.
  12. Alzbet smiled grudgingly. "Don't worry. People don't want to touch me."
    She started out, and people moved away from her. No one wanted to touch her, just as she had said. "Just stay behind me, and you'll be fine," Alzbet said over her shoulder. "Point out your brother and we'll go that way. Can you see him?" She spun around.
    Inklings stared at her. Some looking out of the corners of their eyes, some staring directly. Alzbet didn't mind. She was used to this. And the goggles did more than improve her vision - no one could see how hurt she was by their blunt reactions. She shook off the feelings and turned to Penny.
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  13. Penny followed after Alzbet, looking at all the people. She noticed an Inkling from before close by, and sped up a bit to avoid him. She could hear the person mumble something along the lines of “shortie” and “freak” and she couldn’t help but growl a bit. She walked next to Alzbet, staring down at the ground.
  14. Cyrus turned his hand normal, looking up. “The stars are nice tonight....” He said, before looking at Adriel. “Hey, do you have a bad feeling about this party at all? Like something bigger, something more, is happening without us knowing...”
  15. Lazy Millenial

    Lazy Millenial Previously Hungry Badass

    Sam went to the party, entering late, the inkling didn't know why the heck he was here instead of training for turf war, but he did like the free food
  16. “Well, I’m gonna go grab something from the snack table. I’ll bring something for you.” Cyrus said, walking over to the table. “Hey, why’s that guy a cyborg?” He heard someone ask, and a few inklings gathered around him. Cyrus looked away, trying to find something to eat to take his mind away from them, that being hard with them crowded around him. “Great....”
  17. Penny slowed down, looking at everyone else. “Where is he....woah!” She yelped, falling forwards. “Have a nice trip.” Someone said, and Penny growled a bit, getting up. “Very funny.” She said, walking to catch up with Alzbet, grabbing onto her hand so she wouldn’t get separated again.
  18. Lazy Millenial

    Lazy Millenial Previously Hungry Badass

    Sam noticed a crowd around an inkling "he probably doesn't like all those people around.." he thought as he grabbed the inkling out of the crowd and started eating again
  19. Alzbet looked quickly down at the Inkling's hand in hers, then at the person who had tripped Penny. Why the ... why were they so rude? She had thought all Inklings were chummy friends, or something like that.
    A tingling feeling crawled down Alzbet's back as she led Penny away from the crowd and to a less-populated area. Something was going to happen tonight ... someone ... she shook off her premonition. Maybe Penny could see her brother away from the crowd.
  20. Penny looked around, a small whimper coming from her. She looked up at Alzbet, about to say something, but she stopped. Her attention moved towards the moon, and she let go of Alzbet’s hand, her eyes widening.
  21. Cyrus looked over at Sam, smiling. “T-T-Thanks.” He mumbled, looking at the ground. He wasn’t the type to talk a lot. He looked at the crowd, sighing a bit. “Something is off....I even came here, and I hate being in places that are crowded....Whats going to happen....”
  22. Penny’s eyes started glowing through her contacts, and she let out a small growl. “Whats going on...? It hurts....” She thought. Adriel finally saw her, and he jumped up. “Shoot....its happening to her again!”
  23. Alzbet stepped back, unnerved. Penny was shaking, and her eyes glowing.
    "Penny ...?" Alzbet asked, touching her hand gently. "Are you okay?"
    She turned around. She was starting to freak out. "Um, help?" she asked quietly. No one looked at her. She turned back, and in the darkness behind the shaking Inkling she saw a young male Inkling running towards them. He looked suspiciously like Penny.
    "Are you her brother?" Alzbet asked, panicked. "I don't know what's wrong with her! She needs help!"
  24. “Yeah, I’m her brother, Adriel.” He said quickly. “Penny, its me, are you ok?” He said, waving his hand infront of her face. She let out a small growl. “Oh god...why now....anytime but now.....” He said quietly.
  25. "What?" Alzbet asked. "What's wrong with her?"
    She suspected that the brother Inkling was annoyed with her, but she couldn't leave. She watched him mutter to himself and silently prayed under her breath.
    She didn't really know Penny, but she felt like she was responsible, somehow. Maybe because she was the first Inkling to talk to her without wincing whenever she moved her hands.
    "What's your name, Penny's Brother?" Alzbet asked. "And what the eff is wrong with Penny?"
  26. “Adriel. Adriel Olivine.” Adriel said. He turned back to Penny, seeing she was gone. “Oh shoot....” He turned to Alzbet. “Look, I need help! If we cant find her, somebody could get hurt, or even worse, die!”
  27. Cyrus head Adriel yelling, and moved over. “H-Hey....are y-y-you o-ok...?” He stammered, unsure of why he was yelling. “Did s-something bad h-happen....?”
  28. "Oh, um ... okay," Alzbet said, flustered. Another Inkling had entered the picture. He stuttered as he talked to Adriel, and Alzbet took the chance to look at Penny. "Honey, come on, it's okay, calm down."
    The little Inkling was shuddering, staring up at the sky with wide pale eyes. Alzbet hesitated, then scooped her up. Penny's small size made it quite easy, and she turned to the Brother. "Adriel, I got her."
  29. “Thanks....” Adriel said, sighing in relief. Penny whimpered a bit, coughing out black ink. “Oh god, its getting worse...” Adriel said, worried for his younger sister. “We need to get her calm....try to get her to a area without a crowd.” Adriel said, gesturing to the group around them, who were watching.
  30. Cyrus looked at Penny with concern. “Whatever’s w-wrong, we n-need to fix i-it.” He said, trying to remain calm. He looked at the crowd. “Hey, nothing t-to see here! Get outta here! Talk to other people!” Cyrus was surprised, not knowing why he was trying to do this.
  31. "Where do I take her?" Alzbet snapped. "Seriously, what do I do?"
    She turned on Cyrus, the rather stiff Inkling who stuttered way too much. "And who the heck are you?"
    Taking a deep breath, Alzbet shook her head. Calm down, she thought.
  32. “Lets just go! Cyrus, you keep them busy!” Adriel said, grabbing onto Alzbets hand and pulling her along with him. “We need to get her as far from people as possible! We cant have her attacking anyone again!” Adriel wasn’t thinking about anything but making sure Penny was ok. Penny whimpered again,tears welling up in the corner of her eyes. “Its gonna be ok Penny, just hold on...please....”
  33. Alzbet trailed along behind Adriel. Penny whimpered in her arms, and black tears trickled down her face. The sounds of the party faded behind them, and soon they were running along a bare dirt path, far away from any people.
    Alzbet wanted to ask what happened, but she didn't want to risk Penny's safety. So she continued to run, nervous and scared for her little friend, waiting for Adriel to stop them.
  34. Adriel slowed down, stopping. “Ok..this should be far enough....if we can keep her contained, and stop her from running off, it will go away.” Adriel turned towards Alzbet and Penny. “Sorry for dragging you into this....um......I dont know you name....” He said, scratching the back of his head. “Or you told me, and I forgot. I dont know...”
  35. "I didn't tell you," Alzbet said. She walked right up to Adriel and set Penny gently down right in front of him. She crumpled to the ground, and Alzbet winced. "I'm Alzbet. Penny was having problems getting through the crowd." She glared down at Adriel. "No thanks to you, I might add."
  36. “Hey, sorry. Anyway, we need to focus.” He bent down, looking at Penny, who had curled up into a ball. “I...guess I should tell you what’s wrong with her....” He looked up at Alzbet. “She touched some kind of black ink when she was younger. And now, whenever she see’s then moon, dont know why, but she changes. She becomes a monster.” He stopped a moment. “She’s killed people, and has no memory of it. I tried protecting her, but...I failed. I have to keep everyone safe....” He put his hand on her back, gently rubbing it to calm her down.
  37. Cyrus ran off, in the direction the others went. “It isnt my problem...but....no harm in checking on that little kid, right?” He thought, speeding up a bit. “Please be ok....”
  38. Alzbet stared down at Adriel for a moment, absorbing the new information.
    "Are you kidding me?" She had no idea why she was so mad. "Why would you bring her to a nighttime party outdoors? That is literally the stupidest thing you could ever do, especially if you think you're protecting her!"
    She turned away and put her hands on her neck, pacing up and down in front of him. "Dude, I could literally blow you off the planet. Why in the effing hell would you do that? That is just ... ugh."
    She muttered angrily to herself, kicking a small stone around at her feet. She didn't care that she was being rude. He needed a talking-to.
  39. “I came on my own. She must’ve gotten away from my friends watching her. I didnt wanna lock her in the apartment.” Adriel said. Penny started growling, her tentacles shifting to black. “Uh oh...” He said, trying to back away when Penny tackled him to the ground, biting down on his arm. “OW OW OW! REALLY!? WHY NOW!?” Adriel yelled.
  40. Cyrus heard yelling, and forced himself to go as fast as he could. “C’mon....I knew something bad would happen!” He thought, before stopping. “Wait...its gonna infect others.” He thought again, running at max speed again.

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