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Splatoon 2 Players Wanted

Discussion in 'General Video Game Discussion' started by RLRL, Aug 17, 2017.

  1. RLRL

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    I really wasn't sure if I'd get Splatoon 2, I've never been a huge fan of shooters except for the odd title here and there, but my indecision lasted until about 7pm on release day when my other half was delayed in london and i ended up with an hour to kill (add 'wishy', 'washy' and 'impulsive buyer' to known facts about rlrl)

    I'm really enjoying the gameplay for the most part, haven't done loads with octo canyon which i know i need to eventually, but mostly i'm loving grizzco! The problem with going freelance is you get morons on there 75% of the time, even at higher levels. So I'm proposing we organise some work crews and really try to have fun in what's undoubtedly the most ridiculous and challenging mode, not that I'm object to general battles etc and certainly teams for splatfest, i'm just looking at this coming weekend and thinking the salmon run looks like a really good weapon loadout =)
  2. I'm ok at the game. My main weapon choices are the Hero Brush Replica, Rapid Blaster Pro, and Mini Splatling.

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