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Open Splat Wars | Splatoon RolePlay | Disscussion

Discussion in 'General Role Play Discussion' started by Peachy Ace, Aug 11, 2017.

    Welcome to Pokecharm's (probably) first Splatoon RP, but Robboted!!!!. Where the Residents in Inkopolis Splat down, in a variety of stages. Splat others, and Freshen Up, explore the world of Inkopolis!

    Basic Rules:

    1. All General RP rules apply!
    2. No Gore! Heck, I don't think there's such thing as blood, only Ink.
    3. Romance *sigh* is allowed, but kept to a minimum!
    4. Only the first 8 (including me) will be accepted.
    5. Max of 2 controllable Inklings, meaning 16!
    6. Fill out the Form.
    7. If you had read all rules, post SPLATATATATATATATATATATATOON in Other.

    Current RPers:

    1. @Nova Ace
    2. @Fraseandchico
    3. @Paul H. Hoff

    Ink Color:
    Appearence: (This is not required to be filled out, the fact you can always change.)
    Weapon of Choice:

    My Form:

    Name: Tyler
    Gender: Male
    Ink Color: Cyan
    Personality: Tyler is a Pacifist, not very intrested in Ink Wars. He doesn't seem to get why most people love the concept of splatting. His Freshness Level is a simple level 5.
    Weapon of Choice: Ink Brush

    My Form:

    Name: Kylie
    Gender: Female
    Ink Color: Pink
    Personality: Kylie is a top tier competitor when it comes to Ink Wars, and probably Carrie's and Marie's biggest fan. With a freshness level of 49. She is very upbeat, and will never turn down a challenge, if she loses to anyone, she will immediately admire them, and may be a bit stalkerish.
    Weapon of Choice: SplatterScope

    The RP will be made when a minimum of four Charmers will have joined.
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    : Mana Blona
    Gender: Male
    Ink Color: Is Meant to be Octoling Purple, but he modified it to be Inkling purple.
    Personality: Normally quite Quiet, Always To Himself, As he is Ashamed of his past(Was An Octoling Spy, but Started to like the Inkling Way, and Only told his leader false Info, like that there was a secret entrance through octo Valley, Where Cuttlefish Was.), Is Sometimes Sarcastic, Kind at heart. His Freshness level is a simple Lv24.
    Appearance: (This is not required to be filled out, the fact you can always change.): Is Actually An Octoling, But Managed to Change his Octoling purple bits into Inkling Purple. other than that, he Changed his tentacles to look like 2 ponytails. and wears A Grey College Sweat, Crazy Arrows(Shoes), and his old Octoling Goggles
    Weapon of Choice: Enperry Splat Dualies

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