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DPPt/HGSS Spiritombs Moves

Discussion in 'The Doctor's Clinic' started by Paranoia, May 12, 2007.

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  1. I want to teach it
    Dream Eater
    Dark Pulse
    Nasty Plot
    or Ominous Wind

    Which four should I pick? Or any better moves?
  2. First, I would check what stat it's strong in. Which I checked, and it's Sp. atk./Atk. are it's "second-best." So go with:

    Dream Eater
    Confuse Ray
    Dark Pulse -or- Shadow Ball

    That's what I would do. It's an annoyer/attacker. Def. and Sp. Def are it's strong points. Plus, Dark Pulse can flinch someone (if you can raise speed it'd be even better!).
  3. personnally,i would go with:
    Spiritomb@spooky plate
    dark pulse/sucker punch
    shadow ball
    embargo/will-o-wisp/ominous wind/hypnosis
    embargo/will-o-wisp/ominous wind/dream eater

    dark pulse/sucker punch AND shadow ball get stab,which is a nice bonus

    as for the last two,take your pick.if you pick hypnosis though,pick dream eater too ;)
  4. My spiritomb is lvl 100 ;D and knows: Dark Pulse
    Dream Eater
    Dark Void

    It rocks. 8)
  5. Dark Void??? Only Darkri and Smeargle can learn Drak Void. You're pokemon must be hacked. Also, even if he could learn Dark Void, whats the point in Hypnosis and Dark Void.

    As for Spiritomb, (presuming this is competitive) give him the leftovers and Bold (+def -atk) or Calm (+sp.def -atk) nature. so...
    Spiritomb @leftovers
    Bold/ Calm
    -Dark Pulse/ Shadow Ball
    -Confuse Ray/ Nasty Plot/ Calm Mind
    -Hypnosis/ Toxic/ Will-o-Wisp
    -Dream Eater/ Psychic

    Dark Pulse or Shadow Ball for STAB. Only use one of them since they give exact same coverage. Confuse Ray to annoy the opponant. Nasty Plot or Calm mind to increase your stats, and make battling eaisier. Toxic or Will-o-Wisp to chip away at the opponants health. Hypnosis to put them to sleep (really usefull, mine has it). Like Nachoman said, if you go for Hypnosis go for Dream Eater as well. If not go for Psychic.
  6. This topic died last year. Grave digging Yellow Arceus. Warn'd and Lock'd.
    Also only Darkrai and Smeargle can learn Dark Void.
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