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Ask to Join Spirit Animals

Discussion in 'General Role Play' started by Iceblossom, Feb 16, 2016.

  1. (Hello everyone! Welcome to Spirit Animals. In this rp, some people have a Spirit Animal, but some do not.There is an academy that we all go to called 'Spirit Academy' which specializes in bringing out a person's Spirit Animal. This academy is hidden, though, because the Republic of Xspire wants to get rid of all the people with a Spirit Animals because Queen Ariza is scared that the children will grow up to be more powerful than herself. This rp is all the adventures and battles of our characters.) Rules:
    1. Must be older than 14
    2. Be kind to everyone
    3. Posts must be at least longer than one line
    4. Have fun!

    Name: Misaki Nao
    Age: 15
    Gender: Female
    Spirit Animal: White Tiger
    Personality: Misaki is usually emotionless, but shows compassion when she wants to. She crushes easily, and has a cute smile. Misaki often wants to be social, but is afraid of getting hurt or embarrassed.
    Likes: Drawing, Listening to music, Trying to summon her Spirit Animal
    Dislikes: Being cold, Getting sick, Being bullied
    Sexuality: Lesbian
    Looks: Misaki has black hair (which she wears down), amber eyes, and usually wears a beige hoodie over her school uniform. Her school uniform has a tuxedo-looking black sweater with a light purple shirt undershirt that is collared. There is a small and thin bow made out of red ribbon that goes underneath the folded collars, and she wears a light purple skirt matching her collared shirt. For her shoes, she wears black boots with a small silver paw print on the outside as a decoration.

    Misaki walked out of the academy's bus and marveled at the sights. She wanted to look at it forever, but the instructor hurried them into the academy. "All the new students report to the Main Hall for further instructions!" A voice shouted over the intercom and Misaki, along with everyone else, rushed to the Main Hall and sat down at the tables. A woman stood up and spoke into a microphone. "Welcome to Spirit Academy. Here, you will all have one roommate depending on your gender, and you will all learn how to summon your Spirit Animals and learn how to use them in battles. You will each get a key and a piece of paper with your schedule, your room number, your roommate's name, and a picture of your roommate. Remember to be kind to everyone and learn as much as possible!" The woman walked away, and the instructors started to hand out papers.
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  2. Bella looked around the school, it was huge! But not as huge as her old home before she discovered her spirit animal. She sat down next to a quiet girl with black hair "I'm Bella. What's your name?" she whispered to the girl, she hoped she got a fun party roommate that had a cool spirit animal, not a cute fuzzy thing like her spirit animal. She had named her spirit rainbow butterfly unicorn kitten Sugar Plum, but it was still not that powerful.
  3. "Oh, I'm Misaki. Do you know who your roommate is?" Misaki asked quietly, and tucked some of her hair behind her ear. She attempted to smile, to make sure she didn't seem heartless.
  4. "Nope, but my room number is 2052, what about you?" Bella asked Misaki. She looked at her nail polish, she had recently painted it pink.
  5. Misaki's eyes widened. "That's my room number too!" Misaki exclaimed, and looked down at her piece of paper once more. There was a picture of a girl on it, who looked exactly like Bella. "I guess we're roommates." She gave Bella a hopeful smile.
  6. "I guess so." Bella said, then she dashed off to their room so that she could have the first pick of bed.
  7. Misaki ran after her, and quickly got to their room. There were two beds that looked almost exactly alike. They were both beside windows and they were both the same length and height. "So, which bed do you want?" Misaki asked, trying to be polite.
  8. "I'll take the one on the right." Bella said flopping down on the bed, she took out her bag and started to spread new bedding on it. She took out stuffed animals and completely decorated half of the room.
  9. Misaki gave her a thumbs up and walked over to the left. She took out her light blue duvet and her grey sheets. She decorated her bed with little stuffed animals, except a white tiger, who was half Misaki's size.
  10. Bluefeather

    Bluefeather Formerly pokeLPS

    Hoshi Ao
    Female, age 15
    Her spirit animal is a golden barn owl.
    She has blond hair with one brown streak running on the left side. Normally worn up. Wears thick black hipster glasses. She's very nerdy, geeky, and shy. She has brown eyes.

    "Don't mind me! I'm sorry. Excuse me!" Hoshi grumbled. She looked down at the paper again. Yep, right room. The door creaked and she peeked through. No one was here yet. Whew, good. Hoshi dropped her bag (that was filled with books) on her bed then started unpacking.
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  11. "So what do ya wanna order for dinner?" Bella asked her roommate as she placed a pink white and black kitten stuffed animal on her bed, and hung up a unicorn poster.
  12. "I don't know. I heard they have a buffet on the first floor, but you can also order from your room. I think I'll just have some sushi." Misaki said while flipping through her 'Sailor Mooon' manga.
  13. "Ok, well I'm gonna order a pizza." Bella said as she took out the phonebook and ordered pizza.
  14. "Okay, cool. I'll eat later." Misaki said in a monotone voice and kept reading. She flipped back to the beginning of her manga, and started reading. She had already read the comics, but they were so good she had to read them again.
  15. Name: Austin Trusk
    Spirit Animal:Blue Elephant
    Personaility: Austin is as wild and free spirited as his spirit, he trains to be thebest, and never turns down a good fight, or good food.
    Appearence: Brown hair with a red spike, has a blue jacket and black jeans:
    Likes: Drawing Battling, hanging with firends
    Austin finally got off the bus, and saw the place where he always have dreamt of going, the spirit academy, he fixed his hair abit, then gave an epic grin
    "Now things get intresting". He said.
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  16. Misaki sighed, and got up. She tossed her manga onto her bed and walked out of the room. She wanted to explore her part of Spirit Academy before eating. Misaki began to daydream. I can't wait to activate my Spirit Animal! I bet it will be so cool! She thought.
  17. Bluefeather

    Bluefeather Formerly pokeLPS

    Hoshi trekked down to the first floor, where they had a buffet open. She looked down at all the choices and grinned. "Yummy!" She picked up a plate and began to wonder what she would get.
  18. Austin headed for is room,
    "i wonder what my spirit animal is, I hope it's something like a Dinosaur"! Austin started to daydream,
    "Yeah, a T-Rex! To stomp on my foes"!
    He didn't realise where he was walking and ran into someone, he tripped over her and fell.
    He now saw the girl, she had black hair amber eyes, and wore a beige hoodie
  19. Misaki barely showed any pain. "Ow." She mumbled in a voice lacking emotion. She turned around. "Sorry, are you okay? " She asked, standing above the boy. She remembered she better be helpful, so she held out her hand to help him up.
  20. Bluefeather

    Bluefeather Formerly pokeLPS

    Sushi and pocki piled on her plate, Hoshi sat down at a table. She took out her phone to text her old friends. Typing, typing, a sound interrupted her.
  21. "Yup! I'm good"! Austin replied taking the girl's hand.
    "I take it I'm not the only roamer around, have to remember that. The name's Austin by the way. The Number one spirit warrior"
    He put out his hand.
  22. Misaki rolled her eyes and shook his hand. "You're here to become a Spirit Warrior, you aren't one yet. I'm Misaki Nao." She informed him and attempted to give him a smile.
  23. "Oh yeah"... Austin replied.
    "well, gonna be number 1 I guess then".
  24. "Right. See ya around, Austin." Misaki waved and walked off towards the buffet. She wasn't going to eat anything, but she though she may as well look around. Misaki wasn't looking where she was looking, and she bumped into a girl. "Ah, Sorry. I've been a clumsy mess today." She apologized.
  25. The pizza came into the door, Bella opened it and gave the delivery guy the money. She started to eat her pizza when a cat walked in meowing.
  26. Misaki waved goodbye to the girl, got some sushi for herself, and walked back to her room. Misaki saw the cat, made eye contact with it, but went over and sat down on her bed. She took out her sushi, and began to eat it.
  27. "Hey, so what happened downstairs?" Bella said while petting the kitten, she had a fondness for cats.
  28. Misaki swallowed, and looked up. "Well, first I ran into this guy named Austin. Then, I ran into another girl at the buffet! Ugh, I'm so clumsy." Misaki scolded herself, and took another bite of her food.
  29. "I'm fairly clumsy myself." Bella said as she looked around searching for the movie disk she had bought. "Hey wanna watch a movie?" she asked Misaki.
  30. "Sure. What movie is it?" Misaki asked, and glanced over at Bella. Misaki stopped eating, and put her sushi away. Though she was still hungry, Misaki didn't feel like eating more.
  31. Name: Hari Usiko
    Age: 14
    Spirit Animal: cat
    Personality: Hari is extremley shy. She has a stutter, for she is always afraid that she will screw up.
    Likes: reading, quiet, writing
    Dislikes: bullies, people who make fun of her stutter
    Looks: Hari wears a purple, baggy sweater that goes down to her knees. She wears shorts underneath. Hari has large, bright blue eyes and black hair. She is extremley short, only standing at around 4'11". Hari wears her hair in a braid, and has a lily tucked in her ear.
    Sexuality: Lesbian

    Hari glanced at the map of the school. Her room was about a ten minute walk from the entrance gate. She flattened out her sweater, and began to walk.

    When Hari arrived at her room, she tripped on the small step on the door and crashed onto the floor. Her backpack, which was filled to the brim with notebooks, books, and a pair of headphones, spilled onto the floor. She sighed, and began to pick up her items.
  32. "Lets see, well it's an anime movie by the look of it, but the cover is in Japanese, you got any idea?" Bella said, she was sure she picked the englidh copy.
  33. "Hm... I'm learning Japanese, but that's a bit advanced. Hm... let's see..." Misaki flipped through a few pages of her Japanese book, and finally stumbled on the right page. "Oh! It's S-Spirited away, I think." Misaki smiled weakly. "Before you start, I'm going to go return my plate to the buffet. See ya in a few!" Misaki rushed out of the door and began to walk towards the buffet.
  34. Hari attempted to gain her balance by standing up. She wobbled on her feet a bit, and then toppled backwards again. Hari felt herself crash into another person. "S-s-sorry!" She stuttered, blushing. Her hands trembled a tiny bit.
  35. Misaki shook her head. "It's okay. I've tripped almost 3 times today so you're good." Misaki said, and looked up. She blushed a bit, and smiled. She's cute... Misaki thought, and blushed more.
  36. "I-I-im sorry. I'm just k-kinda clumsy." Hari blushed. The girl was extremley pretty. "H-hey, d-do you like manga and anime?"
  37. Misaki's eyes lit up. "Yes! I am a huge fan of anime and manga! I read it almost everyday and watch it whenever I can! Heheh, sorry I'm such a nerd when it comes to that kind of stuff." Misaki laughed nervously.
  38. "I-I recently bought the d-dvd set of M-Madoka Magica. I-if you want, you can c-come watch it with me." Hari smiled, then realized that it sounded like she was asking the girl out. "I-I mean, to R-repay you. F-for bumping into you."
  39. Character: Qrow Branwen
    Gender: M
    Sexuality: Straight
    Likes: Messing around with others, beer, and a righteous cause
    Dislikes: People he considers idiots, the military, being tasked
    Age: mid 40s
    Appearance: Dark gray hair, an unshaved stubble, red eyes. Qrow has light and dark gray clothes, which are messy. He has 3 rings, two in one hand and one in the other, and has a sword-looking device under a maroon cape.
    Spirit: a crow
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  40. Misaki's face turned a bright shade of pink. "Oh, that sounds awesome. I'll go return my plate, tell my roommate, and we can watch it!" Misaki smiled, and picked up the plate she had dropped.

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