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Ask to Join Soulless Warriors (contains violence)

Discussion in 'General Role Play Discussion' started by Ry_Burst, May 6, 2017.


If one sells their soul for a great good, aren't they more human than anyone else, who kept theirs?

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  1. If one sells their soul for a greater good, aren't they more human than anyone else, who kept their soul?

    The year is 2031 and New York City, currently doesn't exist. Instead, the once great city, has been replaced by one of false charms, deception, corruption, and crime, all wrapped up in a neat little bow called Neo York City. Millions of people live in the slums, some live in middle class like Ares, and a small percentage live in the high class area, and they are the ones in charge. With a system this bad, corruption, crime and poverty are abundant.
    Poverty: 61%
    Middle Class: 37%
    High Class: 2%

    You will take the postition as one of these lower slummed people. With all this crime, the devil has began to make deals to hopefully collapse the system, and cause a good amount of deaths, and the souls of the high class men, who cheat him, through transplants, and other medical marvels. You sold your soul to receive a power. This power had to have been worthwhile at the time of the deal, and the reason cannot be to topple the government. That wouldn't work, in that scenario. You know that when you die, you face instense pain that is beyond imaginable.

    1) Follow all RP rules.
    2) Have a reason for having your powers. Don't go with the power to shoot lasers out of his eyes, to save his drowning friend.
    3) No OP powers without limits. I will deem if something is too OP.
    4) You must provide a past RPing example and you will be approved depending on what I see.

    Here is the character sheet.

    Reason for Power:

    I'll have my up later.
  2. Name: Ivy Wolf
    Gender: Female
    Appearance: Black hair with grey eyes, a black hoodie with a black t-shirt that has a wolf on it, black jeans, and some throwing daggers in her hoodie sleeves
    Personality: Kind to poor people, quiet and doesn't like to talk much, she doesn't want to get close to anyone again thanks to an incident that happened about a year ago, seems distant from other people
    Backstory: Ivy had a wonderful life until one of the royal guards came into her house one day and killed her family while she escaped. She felt bad for escaping and still does but she knows that they would've liked it if she stayed alive. After that she stayed with her best friend who was alaways there when she needed her to be. One day they went to the ocean and they were swimming. At the time they didn't notice the slight changes in the water. There was a shark in the water and it took Ivy's best friend while she escaped, again. She's always hated herself for doing this and she thought she needed more power to live alone. So, one day she sold her soul to the devil for power and she's lived by the ocean ever since.
    Power: Strenth/Magic
    Reason for Power: She was almost killed when she was trying to steal food from a little store and a guard saw her so she ran. She wants to be strong for her dead family and her dead best friend.
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