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Private/Closed Soul Partner

Discussion in 'Pokémon Role Play Discussion' started by EmotionSenser, Jun 6, 2016.


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  1. So... In this world, you only get one Pokemon to raise. The base form of its line is given to you, and you only raise that Pokemon. It evolves, learns new moves, you two form a bond that lasts for your lifetimes. Your line is randomly determined when you turn ten.

    We live in the Lintaque region, full of traditional and urban areas alike. Pokemon from all regions can be found here. Pokemon center healing machines only have room for one Pokeball, and there are no PCs. The Pokemart clerks only sell healing items and no Pokeballs.

    After a child turns ten, their mother or someone will take them to the central city of Corbol, where they will receive their soul partner and start their journey.

    First: Follow Pokecharm's rules.
    Second: Two characters only.
    Third: Your character(s) must be at least 10.
    Fourth: In this RP, you only have 1 Pokemon. That's it.
    Fifth: When you fill out your bios, please state what Pokemon you're using. No legends. Pokemon that don't evolve are allowed.
    Sixth: If a line you wanted was taken, too bad. Choose a different line.

    Fill out this bio form:

    Name (first and last):
    History(if applicable):

    Pokemon (either they'll be getting or they already have):
    Pokemon's nickname (optional):
    Pokemon's nature:
    Defining features (if applicable):

    Here's my character:

    Name: Willow Laker
    Age: 19
    Gender: Female
    Looks: Willow has tanned skin, flowing red hair often kept in a ponytail, and vibrant green eyes that have a dangerous glint in them. There are freckles on her face, though they aren't very noticeable with her tan. Willow wears a white T-shirt, somewhat baggy blue jeans, black and green sneakers, fingerless black gloves, and has a black bag slung around her shoulder. She has a muscular build, and is somewhat tall. Her body is covered in fresh and faded scratch marks from all the traveling she does.
    Personality: Willow is a bit of a bully. She's loud, confident, and sassy. Prideful, sharp-tongued, and never one to back down on a dare, you don't tick her off without consequences. She's excellent at keeping promises, but not one to keep secrets.
    History: Willow was given her Pokemon like any normal kid. She knows the ins and outs of Lintaque, as she has traveled the region for nine years.

    Pokemon: Leavanny(Female)
    Pokemon's nickname: Coconut
    Pokemon's nature: Naughty
    Characteristic: Likes to fight
    Defining features: Red ribbon tied around her neck

    I'll probably start when I have 5 people or so. So far I have:

    @EmotionSenser, Willow Laker
    @_Umbreon_, reserved spot
    @Storybook, reserved spot
    @OmegaCarvineplays, reserved spot
    @nicko14525, Lynne Rainel
    @LadyLucs, Lux Snow
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  2. This seems like a cool idea! I'll have to make a character.., could I reserve a spot..?
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  3. Of course! Feel free to join :)
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  4. I'd like to reserve a spot if I could, as well. My schedule looks to be freeing up nicely, and I'm going to need something to do once school dies out and summer starts rolling in. Provided that is alright with you, of course.
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  5. Can I reserve a spot? I don't really have time right now. It's interesting
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  6. Sure!
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  7. Name: Lynne Rainel
    Age: 16
    Gender: Female
    Looks: Lynne has sky blue eyes, pale skin, and jet black wavy hair that goes over her right eye. She's quite skinny, but is still quite strong. She wears a navy colored mini dress and a black jacket that she usually leaves open. Her sneakers are black, with white shoelaces. She has a necklace made of aquamarine.
    Personality: Lynne lurks in the shadows, and is very quiet. She doesn't have such a great attitude. Her favorite thing to do is be with her pokemon, Gothorita.
    History: Lynne would always be bullied by others when she was little and would shout and cry a lot, but when she got her Gothorita, she quieted down and left Lintaque.

    Pokemon: Gothorita
    Nickname: no nickname
    Nature: Quiet
    Characteristic: Alert to Sounds
    Defining Features: Gothorita has a bracelet made of aquamarine on each 'hand'.
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  8. Thanks for joining! Added your character to the main post :)
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  9. I'm in! I'll make my character card her in a minute
  10. Name (first and last): Lux Snow
    Age: 17
    Gender: Male
    Looks: Dark brown hair, brown skin. He's got dark green eyes, and normally wears a white dress shirt and black jeans, along with a pair of red converse. He has an odd amulet around his neck.
    Personality: Punny, jokester, calls everyone "kid"= a sans like personality (oops, but this character is like five years old, so he came before sans? Aw well). He doesn't trust easily, but he'll pretend he trusts you to make you trust him. He doesn't like to make promises (like a majority of my characters...now that I think about it, they're all relatively the same...). He's got a "you wanna fight bro?" Attitude.
    History(if applicable): "Heh, how about no. You don't need to know my past to talk to me!" -Lux

    Pokemon (either they'll be getting or they already have): Houndour
    Pokemon's nickname (optional): Wiggles
    Pokemon's nature: Jolly
    Characteristic:has a little satchel strapped to him containing a blue rubber ball that squeaks.
    Defining features (if applicable): His "I'm so cute pet me" head tilt
  11. Okay! Adding you to the main post
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