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DPPt/HGSS Soren's Breeding/Trading Stables

Discussion in 'Pokémon Trades and Battles' started by Lenvoy, Apr 16, 2009.

  1. Greetings. Soren The Grand here, and I thought I'd just start up my own Pokemon Breedin/Trading thread. Keep in mind that I only recently got Pokemon Platinum, so I am limited to the Sinnoh Dex (Platinum) at the moment.

    Breeding Offers:


    Here's how it will work. Just post with the above form filled out. You can request the following (somewhat) rare Pokemon. Please understand that I am not providing a list of Egg Moves for each Pokemon. Use resources such as serebii.net to find a desired egg move.


    Trade Offers

    My Scyther for Your Pinsir
    My Cranidos for Your Shieldon
    My Yanma for Your Nincada

    Feel free to ask what gender, level, or other conditions I am offering.

    Alright. That sums everything up nicely. I'll update frequently, and you can expect wider ranges of options the farther I progress into the game.
  2. Hrm... My female Combee for your shieldon, if you can get that. (Even ID only)
    Or My Bagon for your Aipom with pickup.
  3. I have not Shieldon, so strike that one.

    But with the Bagon ~ Aipom, do you have a specific nature and Egg Move in mind? If it's not a hassle, I'd like a Bagon that knows Hydro Pump with a Rash nature. Yeah, I'm a very picky person.
  4. ... yeah, it's a hassle XD The Hydro pump bit, as I don't have a single pokemon that knows hydro pump XP
    I could probably grab a Rash nature though...

    However! I could get it to know hydro pump, but it may take a while to get a male XD (As most pokemon I encounter tend to be female, with the exception of Ralts XD)

    Also, chances are good it's a female XD
  5. Alright. Any preferences on the Aipom.
  6. Only pickup. Also, i lied XD

    I has a Kingdra I can level up for hydro pump XD just 6 more levels, and male too ^^
  7. Sweet. ^^ I'll get that Aipom ready for you.

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