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Sonic: Pure Chaos (Discussion/Sign Up)

Discussion in 'General Role Play Discussion' started by Mechanist Gamma, Feb 9, 2017.

  1. (Current members: @Lucky Ace [Co-founder], @The Ringmaster, @Trainer Moar @PokeKitty42404, @GreninjaTrainer013, @Icena )
    Link to the thread: https://pokecharms.com/threads/sonic-pure-chaos.15607/
    So yeah. This is an idea for a Sonic RP I have, and one I've had for a long time. It's finally time to get it started. As long as there are characters left, people can still join. And if there are any characters not there that people want, I'll add them in. If the people you want added are Archie-Sonic/Fan characters, then we'll talk about how they'd fit in. If you want to know about the specifics of some of the characters, just ask. I'll inform you here so the others will know as well.
    But that's just setup. The real backbones of the best RPs are their plot. And boy does this one have plot! The main plot will be brought underway throughout the RP, but the history of this specific world is a bit different than the normal plot. If you're interested in the plot, I'm putting it into a collective spoiler tab. This will inform you of the basics of what happened. For the most part, the plot is just a modification of the video games. So I've listed the plot in order, and labelled it as the games. Not all of the games have canon places in the timeline, and one is even a game of my own creation. Feel free to take a read to better understand the RP, even if you are a veteran of the series.
    But what of the modern plot? Well, I've got a few ideas. Most of them were just teased. Maybe we'll pursue the adaptation of the Black Arms. Or maybe the Marauders? Or possibly even the Egg Fleet and the events of Sonic Heroes. Will Metallix be involved? Or will Eggman be the big villain again? Or, perhaps, shadows will awaken...? One thing I can say for sure, though; Team Hooligans are coming in!
    ...so not sure what else to do. This is good enough for now! Any other things, just ask me or @Lucky Ace! (Might be better to ask me since I'm the one creating the plot and world but still...)
    Sonic the Hedgehog: @Eeveechu151
    Miles "Tails" Prower: @Lucky Ace
    Amy Rose: @Lucky Ace
    Knuckles the Echidna:
    Shade the Echidna: @Trainer Moar
    Chaos, God of Water (and sometimes Destruction): @Trainer Moar
    Tikal the Echidna: @Trainer Moar
    Shadow the Hedgehog:
    Rouge the Bat: @Lucky Ace
    E-123 Omega: @Eeveechu151
    Dr. Ivo "Eggman" Robotnik: @Eeveechu151
    Orbot: @The Ringmaster
    Cubot: @The Ringmaster
    Metal Sonic: @Eeveechu151
    Mighty the Armadillo: @Eeveechu151
    Ray the Flying Squirrel: @The Ringmaster
    Mina the Mongoose: @Eeveechu151 (for now)
    Radic the Hedgehog: @Eeveechu151
    Nex the Lynx: @Generation Sect
    Tai the Chimera: @Icena
    E-102 Gamma: @Eeveechu151
    Silver the Hedgehog: @Lucky Ace
    Blaze the Cat: @The Ringmaster
    Shard the Metal Sonic: @Eeveechu151
    Cream the Rabbit: @PokeKitty42404
    Vector the Crocodile: @GreninjaTrainer013
    Espio the Chamelion: @Trainer Moar
    Charmy Bee: @PokeKitty42404
    The devious Dr. Ivo Robotnik launched his assault on the world, taking over vast territories and forcing people to work in his factories, creating new badniks. However, this was all just a ruse for what he was really after - the Chaos Emeralds. An informant told him of the rumor that six of the seven emeralds had supposedly been placed on South Island, which Robotnik turned into his new base of operations. He established a factory and got his badniks to swarm the island with two goals in mind - capture the local wildlife to be used as live batteries for more badniks, and locate the Chaos Emeralds. However, Robotnik's conquest forced him into contact with one of the residents of South Island - Sonic the Hedgehog. Together with his friends and fellow residents, Mighty the Armadillo and Ray the Flying Squirrel, Sonic destroyed Robotnik's factories and sent the fat man packing. However, Robotnik accomplished his goal - collecting the six Chaos Emeralds located on the island. Sonic decided to chase down Robotnik in his plane, the Tornado, while Mighty and Ray stayed behind to look after the island.
    Arriving on Westside Island, Sonic decided to explore a bit. Upon returning to his plane, he found the young fox Miles Prower tinkering with his beloved Tornado. But Sonic was fine with it, as it looked awesome and worked even better. Amazed at Miles' talent and potential, Sonic decided to take him on as a protégé while bringing the fight to Robotnik. Miles' two tails and ability to use them to fly brought Sonic to the decision to nickname his new pal "Tails". Needless to say, the name stuck. After smashing a large number of Robotnik's bases, Sonic and Tails took down the Wing Fortress. This led Robotnik to escape to the Death Egg, where Sonic followed him to by grabbing hold of his shuttle. There he defeated Silver Sonic, claiming the seventh Chaos Emerald that served as its battery, and taking on the Death Egg Robot. Since Robotnik had the other six emeralds powering it, it was nigh unstoppable - nigh, as Sonic used his emerald to spin-dash through the robot, taking the other six emeralds. Super Sonic awakened, and crashed the Death Egg. The fiery ruins of Robotnik's dreams crashed into Angel Island, so Sonic and Tails set off to explore the island with their new power.
    Before Sonic and Tails could arrive, Robotnik convinced Knuckles the Echindna - guardian of Angel Island - that the brutal conqueror Sonic the Hedgehog destroyed his research station in a terrorist attack, and was now coming to Angel Island to steal the Master Emerald. Knuckles believed the doctor, and attacked Sonic upon entry to the island. Knuckles decided to take the Chaos Emeralds dropped by Sonic, and (being a fair sport) gave him 24 hours to retrieve the emeralds and get off the island before he would be hunted down by the Guardian. Sonic managed to collect the Emeralds again and made it to the Hidden Temple, the location of the Master Emerald. However, Robotnik had tricked them into uncovering the temple for his own benefit. Knuckles challenged Sonic to a fair duel, no emeralds, and lost. But despite being battered and weary, Knuckles challenged Sonic again, not able to let him take the emerald. But as it turned out, Robotnik was the one after the Master Emerald after all - as he painfully made clear by shocking Knuckles as he made his escape. The Guardian, realizing his mistake, helped Sonic and Tails make it to the Sky Sanctuary, where they could intercept the now-Master-Emerald-powered Death Egg in launch. After smashing through the Eggman's defenses, Sonic and Tails engaged Robotnik in a battle in the outer reaches of the atmosphere. Tails was wounded, but Robotnik's machine was destroyed. The doctor fled with the Master Emerald in an emergency robot, but Super Sonic was right on his tail. The Chaos Titan destroyed Robotnik's robot, reclaimed the Master Emerald, and returned it to its rightful place in Angel Island. Robotnik vanished, so Sonic and Tails set out to look for him. But what of Knuckles? Well, he made some friends...
    After the Death Egg was crashed, Robotnik still had one ace up his sleeve - he had captured multiple residents of Angel Island, and sent his newest badnik to capture Sonic's friends Mighty the Armadillo and Ray the Flying Squirrel. He was basing all of this in the Carnival Night Zone, the place where he would hatch his master plan. Knuckles had been guarding the Master Emerald as usual when some EggRobos attacked Knuckles and stole the Master Emerald. The Guardian chased down the EggRobos, but found a chameleon being attacked by the robots and in the process of being captured. Knuckles saved him, and he introduced himself as Espio the Chameleon. Espio explained that Carnival Night was really a front for Robotnik's scheme - capture those with great potential and use their power to collect the Chaos Rings, items which could bend space. These Chaos Rings were locked away in an alternate dimension. Knuckles managed to find the six Chaos Rings, while rescuing Espio's fellow captives; Vector the Crocodile, Charmy the Bee, Mighty the Armadillo, Ray the Flying Squirrel, and two badniks who had supposedly rebelled against Eggman, Heavy and Bomb. The heroes banded together as the Chaotix, and swore to defeat Robotnik. Upon returning to the hub of Carnival Night Zone, the Chaotix was attacked by Metal Sonic, Robotnik's newest badnik and the one who kidnapped Mighty and Ray. The robot nearly defeated them all, but by working as a team they were able to catch Metal off guard and beat it. Robotnik took his badnik and converted its programming to the new shell of Titan Metal Sonic. Titan Metal Sonic almost destroyed the island in its conquest, but Knuckles managed to find the Master Emerald and use it to channel the power of the Chaos Rings to wreck Titan Metal Sonic. After being weakened, the Chaotix could easily finish it off. Knuckles found something strange inside of the Titan - the seventh Chaos Ring! Metal was taken by Robotnik to be saved for the next plot. The last that anyone heard him say that day was "It seems the test was successful..." The Chaotix split up, some of the members having goals to pursue. Vector, Espio and Charmy stuck together, vowing to use the name of the Chaotix to do good for the world, no matter what that good was. Knuckles returned to his duty of guarding the Master Emerald, choosing to move it to Shrine Isle. Mighty and Ray decided to follow in Sonic's footsteps and travel to Westside Island, in search of adventure. As for Heavy and Bomb? They wouldn't be seen again for a long time...
    Sonic had come to visit the miraculous Little Planet, a mini-moon that only appears once every year. When he got there, however, he found two things - a young girl named Amy Rose who was insistent on following the hedgehog because he was destined to be "her chosen hero"... and Robotnik's face carved into a mountain with a chain that held Little Planet in place over Never Lake. Sonic jumped aboard the chain and ran to the top. Sonic found (surprise, surprise) Robotnik causing trouble again. After defeating the Mad Scientist, Sonic learned from a dropped electronic notepad that Robotnik was out to collect the Time Stones, seven gems that could manipulate time. Sonic was about to set off to find them, when he was stopped by Amy. The girl pledged to follow him anywhere, and Sonic tried to convince her to stay away. "I'm pretty much a trouble magnet, according to Mighty. If you're not ready for what I deal with, then it's best to stay out of the way. Otherwise, you might end up hurt." At that moment, Metal Sonic burst in and kidnapped Amy. So now Sonic had two goals - find the Time Stones before Robotnik, and rescue Amy. Sonic managed to collect the Time Stones, and used their power to create a Good Future for each of the Zones he passed through. However, he needed help - specifically, the help of Mighty, Ray and Tails. They all banded together and searched the island. However, Robotnik assaulted them continuously, and one by one the team was captured. By the time Sonic reached the Stardust Speedway, only he remained free. It was there that Robotnik presented Sonic with a challenge - race Metal Sonic to the end of the Zone. If Sonic won, Robotnik would leave Little Planet and free Sonic's friends. If Metal Sonic won, then the lives of Sonic and his friends was forfeit. Sonic accepted, and won. Metal Sonic was destroyed in the race, and Robotnik fled. Sonic saved Tails, Mighty, Ray and Amy. The last thing he had to do was restore the final Zone. As his friends fled the planet, Sonic created a Good Future for Stardust Speedway, the last Zone to be saved. As the chains shattered, Little Planet flew away into the cosmos, returning to its cycle. Sonic did have to return the Time Stones first, though. With Robotnik defeated for now, Sonic and the others could finally rest. Tails went to the Mystic Ruins with the Tornado, wanting to set up a laboratory there. Mighty and Ray returned to Westside Island, in seek of more adventure. Amy traveled to Station Square. And Sonic? He just kept running.
    Dr. Robotnik had gone into hiding over a year ago, and Mighty and Ray were still just exploring Westside Island, looking for adventure. They found just the adventure they needed when they saw a mongoose fleeing from a group of badniks. Mighty and Ray destroyed the 'bots, saving the girl. She introduced herself as Mina Mongoose, and revealed that she had been walking around the ruins of Wing Fortress when some badniks suddenly attacked her. Curious, Mighty and Ray went to Wing Fortress. Mina decided to accompany them. The heroes, exploring the ruins, found a secret chamber. Mighty accidentally activated a badnik, SE-2 Metallix, who destroyed the lab and activated a legion of Mecha Sonics. The Mechas forced Mighty and co. to flee the ruins, else be destroyed. Mighty could only bear witness to the Mecha Sonics and their leader escaping. However, they did manage to destroy one. The data core they retrieved from the wrecked Mecha Sonic allowed Ray to construct a homing beacon. Mighty had wanted adventure? He got it. Now he, Ray and Mina had to work together to track down and defeat all of the Mecha Sonics. In their mission, they uncovered two of Eggman's secret labs. One was the creation facility for Project Black Chaos, an attempt to synthesize the mythical creature Chaos. It was only later that the doctor would uncover the real Chaos. The other was Robotnik's creation lab for the Power Gems, spherical crystals that could store and replicate battle data. Metallix, being a badnik given the ability to think freely, tricked Mighty into releasing both the Black Chaos and the Power Gems. Mighty managed to hunt down and defeat all of the Mecha Sonics, the Black Chaos, and the Power Gems. After defeating them all, Mighty and his team went after Metallix. They fought him and won, but Metallix wasn't ready to give up just yet. Having returned to Metropolis Zone, Robotnik's old HQ, Metallix activated the self-destruct of the doctor's headquarters. Mighty and Ray were saved by Mina's speed, getting them out of the building before it blew sky-high. Metallix escaped, so ever since Mighty and his friends have been chasing him down.
    After two long years in hiding, Dr. Robotnik finally emerged in style. He had found ancient tablets, describing the ancient water deity Chaos and how to awaken him. He launched a surprise attack on Angel Island, shattering the Master Emerald. This released Chaos, the God of Destruction. The water monster was taken by Robotnik, who had a plan. The mad scientist convinced Chaos to follow him, as he could get the Chaos Emeralds for it if it helped him. Chaos was attacking the police when Sonic arrived, defeating it. Chaos retreated, and Robotnik now knew the power of the creature he had just unleashed. Sonic and Tails were attacked directly by Robotnik at Tails' lab, where the doctor told Sonic that he was going to collect all of the Chaos Emeralds and bring Chaos to his perfect form. Sonic and Tails raced to collect the emeralds before Robotnik did. Meanwhile, Knuckles was looking for the shattered pieces of the Master Emerald. He managed to find some of the pieces, but a strange figure in a dark green hood helped him to collect the rest. After Knuckles collects almost all of the pieces, the Master Emerald shows him that the remaining pieces are on Robotnik's flying ship, the Egg Carrier. The very same ship that has a kidnapped Amy Rose and a bird she was keeping safe. The doctor's robot, E-102 Gamma, had been sent to take the bird but gained a robotic conscience, instead deciding to let Amy go. The girl wasn't safe yet, though, as she had to escape from the Egg Carrier. She would have been caught by one of the badniks if the man in the green hood hadn't reappeared and saved her. The hooded man guided her to a safe place, and left. Robotnik did find her, however. After taking the bird, he told Gamma to deal with her. Sonic appeared just in the nick of time, and saved Amy. Sonic would have destroyed Gamma, but Amy convinced him not to. Sonic went after Robotnik, wanting to finish the fight. He encountered Chaos 6, Chaos with the six emeralds Robotnik had stolen from Sonic, the bird, and Froggy. The hedgehog teamed up with Knuckles and Big the Cat to defeat it. The hooded man also appeared to help, as well. With the defeat of Chaos 6, the Egg Carrier went down. Big stole the Tornado, Tails flew Amy to safety, Sonic jumped after Eggman and Knuckles glided down. Who knows what happened to Gamma? (Same as in the game.) After Sonic defeated Robotnik, the scientist encountered Chaos while flying over Angel Island. Knuckles found the doctor unconscious before being knocked out by Chaos as well. Sonic and Tails, searching for the Tornado, found the two. Robotnik fled, leaving Knuckles to explain that Chaos had knocked them out and stolen Knuckles' six Chaos Emeralds. Oh, and even though the Master Emerald was whole again, Angel Island wasn't flying. Sonic and Tails found the Tornado, but too late - Chaos had already taken the last Emerald from the plane's engine. Station Square was attacked by Chaos, which sent the city into a panic. Sonic, Tails and Knuckles arrived too late. Big and Amy also arrived. Perfect Chaos had awakened, and the heroes had nothing to battle him. Robotnik showed up in the Egg Carrier v2, but it was obliterated almost instantly. Tikal, the partner of Chaos and the spirit of an echidna from ancient times, arrived to help Sonic. She was able to take the Chaos Emeralds back from Chaos, but they were drained of their power. Sonic's friends all collected the Chaos Emeralds which were scattered across the city. Tails, Knuckles, Amy, Big, and even Dr. Robotnik all pitched in to collect the emeralds. Sonic got the sixth, but the seventh was obtained by the hooded man, who revealed himself as a hedgehog named Radic. The positive emotions of the people in Station Square and Sonic's friends recharged the Chaos Emeralds, allowing Sonic to transform into Super Sonic and defeat Perfect Chaos. With the negativity purged from Perfect Chaos, Tikal took Chaos and returned to the Master Emerald. Sonic sent the Chaos Emeralds away, for when they would be needed next. The heroes returned to their regular lives. But what of Dr. Robotnik? He was already hatching his next scheme...
    Fifty years ago, Professor Gerald Robotnik's Project SHADOW was deemed unsafe and shut down, the results confiscated by GUN, the global defense force serving the United Nations. The confiscation resulted in the arrest of Robotnik and all the other scientists there, and the death of Maria Robotnik; Gerald's granddaughter. The scientist was asked to continue his work on Project SHADOW on Earth, where the doctor added a data chip to the lifeform that would tell him, if awakened, to enact his ultimate revenge. Gerald Robotnik was executed soon after. In present day, Dr. Eggman (then new title that Dr. Ivo Robotnik had taken on) activated Orbot and Cubot to help him break into the GUN facility Prison Island, the location of Project SHADOW. With the power of the White Chaos Emerald, the doctor awakened the lifeform - which turned out to be a hedgehog named Shadow. Shadow and Dr. Eggman made a deal - if Shadow collected the Emeralds for the doctor, the mad scientist would help him take his revenge on the world with the power of the Eclipse Cannon. Shadow later attacked a shop in Station Square, taking the Chaos Emerald held there. It was a fast attack in the dark by a Hedgehog-like figure, so the police assumed it was Sonic. The Hedgehog was captured, but escaped. Escaping from the City, Sonic defeated a GUN mech and met Shadow, who taunted Sonic with the Emerald before escaping. Sonic was surrounded, so turned himself in. Radic the Hedgehog learned of this, and went to inform Tails. Together, the two joined up to save Sonic. However, Tails found Amy under attack from Doctor Eggman, Shadow and Rouge the Bat, an undercover GUN spy who had given a Chaos Emerald to Eggman as a reason to trust her. The group was going after the six Chaos Emeralds located in Prison Island. The Doctor had to forfeit the match, as GUN troops arrived to try and take them down. So the two groups began their missions; Dr. Eggman and had to distract the GUN troops, Shadow and Rouge had to find the Emeralds, and Amy and Tails had to save Sonic. Amy found Sonic, releasing him. Radic encountered Shadow setting a bomb, but was unable to stop him. Amy rescued Sonic while Tails distracted the guards inside, and Sonic went to search for Shadow. He found him, and the two fought. Ultimately they had to stop, as the two parties had just five minutes to escape the island with their teams. Sonic found Tails, Amy and Radic already preparing to escape in the Tornado, and fled. Dr. Eggman flew away. Shadow came to save Rouge, who had found the Chaos Emeralds but had been trapped in a room. Everyone escaped the island before it went sky-high. With GUN now searching for Sonic, Tails, Amy and Radic, the group had to escape from GUN after they found them. Sonic and Radic were the distraction team while Amy and Tails fled with Knuckles. They reunited in the desert, where Knuckles showed them he had located Eggman's base. The crew made it into the base, taking a shuttle to the ARK, where Eggman was enacting his master plan. With six Chaos Emeralds plugged in, Eggman destroyed half the moon with the Eclipse Cannon. Sonic and crew boarded to stop him. Tails, knowing of how the Eclipse Cannon worked from data files Radic had stolen from GUN, had created a fake Chaos Emerald that if plugged into the doomsday device would overload it - making it self-destruct. The group split up - Knuckles went to look for the remaining pieces of the Master Emerald (oh BTW the Master Emerald broke again and Knuckles went looking for the pieces), Radic went to try and get some info about the ARK and Shadow, and Sonic, Tails and Amy went to place the fake emerald in the Eclipse Cannon. However, they were caught in a trap by Dr. Eggman. Sonic was ejected into space in an exploding capsule, and Tails defeated Eggman to save Amy. Meanwhile, Rouge was downloading Professor Gerald's diary and was going to send it to GUN. She met Radic, who had known all along about her being a spy. Radic took the info, promising to deliver it to GUN for her. This way, Rouge could complete her mission without jeopardizing her cover. However Shadow arrived unexpectedly, forcing Radic to pretend to attack Rouge and flee. Knuckles, after collecting the last of the Master Emerald pieces, saw Sonic materialize in front of him. This was, of course, Chaos Control. Sonic had teleported with the fake Chaos Emerald, and was now racing to the Eclipse Cannon. Eggman saw this via security footage, and informed Shadow. The two hedgehogs met on the road to the Eclipse Cannon. The two fought, and Sonic won. However Eggman got there first, plugging in the last emerald that he stole from Tails. Instead of the Eclipse Cannon firing like normal, something else happened. Shadow had uploaded a program to the cannon that went unnoticed by Eggman, Rouge or anyone else. The program was "Gerald's Revenge" which would make the ARK ram into Planet Mobius, destroying all life. Sonic and Eggman's teams had to unite to try to stop the ARK. The strategy was to use the fully assembled Master Emerald, which Knuckles had with him, to cancel out the Chaos Emeralds and stop the colony. Sonic, Knuckles, Orbot and Cubot had to take the Master Emerald to the center chamber, where the emeralds had been moved. Tails, Eggman, Rouge and Radic had been tasked with clearing the way. Amy found Shadow, who stated that he was the one that activated "Gerald's Revenge" to get revenge for Maria. Amy reasoned that Maria wouldn't have wanted this, which gave Shadow back his memories of Maria. Sonic's team encountered the prototype Ultimate Lifeform guarding the Chaos Emeralds; the Biolizard. Shadow arrived, covering them. Knuckles used the Master Emerald to cancel out the Emeralds, but the Biolizard continued Gerald's revenge by fusing with the ARK and using his own weight to keep the ARK moving. Sonic and Shadow used the power of the Chaos Emeralds to transform into Super Sonic and Super Shadow, defeating the Biolizard. The two used Chaos Control to send the ARK back to its place in orbit, but Shadow used too much energy and fell to the planet. After returning to the ARK with only one of Shadow's inhibitor rings, Sonic sent the Chaos Emeralds back to the planet. Dr. Eggman left, taking Rouge and what was left of his forces. He returned to the planet, to plot and scheme another day. Tails, Knuckles and Amy left for the shuttle, Sonic just behind them. He took the ring with him, as a memento of what happened.
    Radic, guardian of the Shadow Gem, has fought against the Eggman Empire for as long as it's been around alongside his friend, Nex. They recently recovered Gamma's core data from the Egg Carrier.
    Rouge is still undercover inside the Eggman Empire.
    Shadow was rescued by Eggman after the fall, and has been brought back into the Eggman Empire. He has amnesia, and knows only what Eggman has told him. He now trains for the day he will face Sonic once more.
    Metallix has gone into hiding, but Mighty and his team are still trying to track him down.
    Shade appeared from a mysterious portal one day, with amnesia. She can't remember who she is or where she came from. She was wearing some weird armor, which Knuckles brought to Tails to analyse. Knuckles watches over Shade, seeing as she's the only other echidna he's ever met.
    Orbot and Cubot were activated earlier than in the games since Eggman needed some extra help running the Eggman Empire and with the Prison Island missions.
    Despite the failure of the first six E-series units, Eggman did make E107 to E-123. Omega now serves as Shadow and Rouge's backup on missions for the Empire.
    If a game was not mentioned here, it has yet or will not happen.
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  2. Wasn't I Blaze last time? I could be her again, if you'd like me to. As for the other characters, since I haven't read up on the plot just yet, mind if I ask about Orbot, Cubot, and Ray? I might be interested in some of them, too!
  3. Sure! You can have Blaze again, as I think you were a great fit for her!
    Orbot and Cubot are the same as in the games. You can read up on them here; http://sonic.wikia.com/wiki/Orbot (Orbot) and http://sonic.wikia.com/wiki/Cubot (Cubot)
    Ray is Mighty's partner and best friend, and an old comrade of Sonic. In the games he's only had one appearance in the Japan-exclusive SegaSonic the Hedgehog, but he has much more character and appearance in the Archie comic series. I'm using the Archie character as a base, same as I'm doing with Mina and Mighty. Ray's a Flying Squirrel who is a bit clumsy and a quick learner. He has a bit of a stubble that Sonic sometimes teases him about, but he and Mighty have mostly helped Ray overcome it. He can glide in the airways with his wing-flaps at his armpits and his tail. He's slightly timid, but his friends give him the courage to standup and fight against the Eggman Empire. He even once saved Sonic and Mighty! He's friendly, but a bit frightful when going up against powerful opponents. That said, he has courage. Ray's trustworthy and reliable in any situation.
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  4. I think I might take all of them, if you don't mind, unless someone wants to be either Orbot or Cubot with me!
  5. That sounds great! I'll sign you up for them all, then!
  6. Cool! Thanks a bunch!
  7. Sorry, @*that* guy but @Lucky Ace asked for Tails in a discussion thread earlier. He's also taking Amy and Silver, for the information of everyone.
  8. Wow that's a lot stuff too read lol, I so can't wait!
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  9. @Lucky Ace @The Ringmaster @Rene2is If we're all ready, then I'll create the RP soon. Just checking to see if anyone in another RP group is interested in joining, preferably as the Doctor.
  10. I was born ready! :D
  11. Actually, you guys know of anyone who might be interested? You know, is a Sonic fan or the like.
  12. Mah I can help I'm not the biggest sonic fan but I know my way around
  13. Sure. Any other characters you want to take?
  14. Nah I'm not the best at controlling multiple characters at once so am I egg man or someone else
  15. Unless you can make long, constructed paragraphs all the time with incredibly accurate grammar and humor, I'd recommend not Eggman.
  16. AH SCREW IT! 'll take some more characters for now.
    FYI for people (@The Ringmaster @*that* guy @Rene2is @Lucky Ace) the remaining characters are; Shade the Echidna, Chaos, Tikal, Rouge the Bat, Mina the Mongoose, Nex the Lynx and Tai the Chimera.
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  17. Well, Ill take Rouge then. YOLO
  18. Alright! I want everyone to be taken before we start. If no one does, then I'll take Chaos as well.
    Remaining characters are; Shade the Echidna, Chaos (maybe), Tikal, Mina the Mongoose, Nex the Lynx and Tai the Chimera.
  19. @Rene2is Is that like an indication that you're taking more people?
  20. No:( I'm not good at controlling more then two characters sorry. I hope you understand.:)
  21. Yeah, I think four's plenty for me. Sorry.
  22. Ah, that's fine. We just need a few of those characters filled in for some of the plotlines. We do have enough for one, though. But for the big one we need someone to take Mina, and I already have a bunch of characters. Like... how many? Nine? I think if I took any more, I'd explode. So we need someone else to take at least Mina.
  23. I used that like to say that I saw the post.
  24. So asking again, anyone have any friends who might be interested in joining the RP?
  25. I have two friends that are great at RPs, but I don't think their Sonic Fans much.
  26. Hello, I'm a big fan of Sonic, could I be Shadow?
  27. Sorry, he's already taken. You can see who is and isn't taken by a) viewing the character list or b) check out one of my most recent posts on the thread.
  28. Okay, thank you very much. * Opening wikipedia *
  29. Yes, I wanted to refer to Sonic.wikia.com
  30. Shade the Echidna...
    She/he(I Do not Remember)Is cool.
  31. Yeah. She's in the RP. Why?
  32. Sure! Feel free to take some other characters, too.
  33. Okay.Thank you.Who picked up other people?
  34. Once again, you can check the Character List. It shows both the characters and who has them. (There's a blank section next to the character name if no one has them yet.)

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