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Sonic & Mario at the Olympics Discussion Thread

Discussion in 'General Video Game Discussion' started by Doctor Oak, Mar 28, 2007.

  1. Doctor Oak

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    So, you've surely heard by now, Sonic and Mario are finally going head-to-head at a virtual version of the Beijing Olympics. If not, where the hell have you been? >=O.

    This is a list of all the events taking place at Beijing next summer, not all of them may be included, but what do you think they'll play like if they are - and which characters should be included:

    Aquatics — Diving
    Aquatics — Swimming
    Aquatics — Synchronized swimming
    Aquatics — Water polo
    Archery Athletics (track and field)
    Canoeing — Flatwater
    Canoeing — Slalom
    Cycling — BMX
    Cycling — Mountain biking
    Cycling — Road
    Cycling — Track Equestrian
    Field hockey
    Football (soccer)
    Gymnastics — Artistic
    Gymnastics — Rhythmic
    Gymnastics — Trampoline Handball
    Modern pentathlon
    Table tennis
    Volleyball — Indoor
    Volleyball — Beach

    I personally hope as many of these are included as possible, 'cos some of them could be an absolute laugh riot with Sonic and Mario characters involved, lol.
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  2. I was surprised when i went to the homepage and saw mario and sonic in a game together...that was a happy moment for me..and m friends *i was in afterschool when i saw it, and i showed my friends..there excited* but i whould like to see swiming..
  3. Linkachu

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    As far as humor goes, Judo, fencing, wrestling, and Taekwondo would be great to see in there. Going by that list, though, I'm hoping that every type of event is included in some way. Maybe they don't need every form of gynastics, cycling, aquatics, or volleyball, but I'd still like to see at least one from each.
  4. Gymnatics-Certainly amuses me that I could see Wario trying to do this.

    Table Tennis-Muhahahaha. Table Tennis and Mario/Sonic. What could be better?
  5. I would love to see toad doing shotput
  6. Trampoline-I could just imagine Luigi doing this. *Giggle*

    Also Peach and Daisy doing syncronized swimming.

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