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Sonic Generations~

Discussion in 'General Video Game Discussion' started by Fumanshu, Jun 23, 2011.

  1. Demo is out on PSN. most likely on XBL too.

    Get it. Its fun.
    It lacks new Sonic Gameplay sadly. I would have liked to see both.

    The classic sonic gameplay is nice. Very fast and heavy on the eyes because of the background and lotsa stuff in the front.

    The music is very nicely mixed with heavy bass for the drums. I like that.
  2. I'm really excited about this game myself (however my 360 won't get past 1% fer some reason -_-). Generally, I get excited just by hearing that a new Sonic game is coming out, but I'm also excited because of the fact that they're bringing back old levels in this too (ah how I have missed you, GUN truck that takes up 2 lanes of traffic :D).

    I really hope that they won't try to bring in a new villain in this. I personally won't mind, but I just know that the "fans" will bitch about it left and right if Eggman isn't the main villain. But aside from that, I also really want to see how the characters will interact with each other's past selves (Younger Sonic better run from Amy is all I've got to say 0_0).
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    You just made my day. :'D

    But moving on... I'm super excited for this game, too. Looks pretty awesome. All the modern Sonic stages need to do is emulate Sonic Color's gameplay and I'm 100% sold on Generations.

    Can't wait to try this demo out.

    Edit: Played the demo today. It is beautiful. But is it just me, or did they lengthen the amount of time Sonic is stunned after taking a hit? =x
  4. Well, apparently, according to some fan sites I found, Perfect Chaos, Shadow, and Silver might be bosses in this game. I'd be very surprised but happy if that were true. While I think Shadow has had enough of the limelight for his sake, I am glad that Silver will at least make an appearance in an actual game.

    But on top of that, I'm surprised about Perfect Chaos. It makes me wonder if he will actually be fought normally, as an option, or maybe (and mind you this is unlikely) that the two Sonics will have to go super to fight him.

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