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Open Sonic Forces: Rise of Infinity

Discussion in 'General Role Play Discussion' started by Pro Hero Dekiru, Sep 29, 2017.

  1. Pro Hero Dekiru

    Pro Hero Dekiru Previously Battle Legend G.K.


    There is a new threat in the time stream that dares to challenge the defenders that protect it. To assist him, he has united villains from the events of the past. Unfortunately, he is strong. He has the power to shoo aside Sonic himself as if he was a mere fly. He is the one who calls himself Infinity.
    However, there are those who would stand against tyranny. Some found the Color Wisps that can fill you with power, and created machinery that let them develop a link to these Wisps, allowing them to assist and fight back. They are known as the Sonic Forces.

    Okay, here's the basic ground rules.
    1) Please follow the Pokecharms RP rules. You know where they are.
    2) If you're new to the site, then here's the basics:
    - No godmodding.
    - Please use as correct spelling and punctuation as possible.
    - Posts should be written in third person and at least a paragraph long.
    3) Here are the basic rules for this RP.
    - Everyone can only have ONE character the possesses a Chaos Emerald.
    - You can have up to two OC characters.
    4) Here is a list of the canon characters up for grabs. Please inform me if there is a character not on the list that you would like.
    - Sonic
    - Tails
    - Knuckles
    - Classic Sonic
    - Classic Tails
    - Classic Knuckles
    - Shadow
    - Silver
    - Eggman
    - Metal Sonic
    - Amy
    - Blaze
    - Espio
    - Vector
    - Charmy
    - Infinite
    - Chaos
    - Tikal
    - Zavok
    - Zazz
    - Zeena
    - Master Zik
    - Zomom
    - Zor
    - Evil Shadow (from when Shadow and Sonic first met)
    - It'd take years to spill all of the characters... if there's one that isn't on the list that you'd like, just say it.

    Wisp list: http://sonic.wikia.com/wiki/Wisp (Wisp)

    Character Profile(This is also my character profile):

    Name: Lance

    Species: Hedgehog

    Appearance: Colored a dark cyan with cyan-colored eyes. Has a tuft of fur on his chest, with spikes like Sonic. However, his top middle spike curves up instead of down and is positioned further up on his head. He almost always wears his Wispon.

    Wisp Bond(can be N/A): Cyan Wisp; Laser

    Wispon(weapon that you can use to manipulate wisps): Has forehead piece, gloves, kneepads, chest plate that just covers his chest fur, and boots; they glow a neon cyan when using Wisp Powers; he also has goggles with attached headset.

    Powers given by Wisp: Lance can run exceptionally faster than others, and at his highest speed, can keep up with Sonic at his highest speed. He can also generate focused beams of Cyan Energy, which he can blast. His eyes glow according to his energy output.

    Personality: Similar to Sonic, he is cocky and confident, and will risk his assignment to do the right thing. However, he does think a bit more logically.

    Skills: He is fast without the use of his abilities; he also can perform some of Sonic's moves, such as the Spindash and Homing Attack.

    Other: He has the Cyan Chaos Emerald.

    Canon RP Characters: I'll take Sonic, Knuckles and Tails. Team Sonic FTW. I'll also take one villain; Metal Sonic.
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  2. Huh, seems interesting! Could I join in and take Infinite, Classic Sonic, and Silver?

    Also, if I could bring in my time-travelling, dimension-travelling OC...

    Name: Alex

    Species: Unknown (A hedgehog mixed with a fox)

    Appearance: He has a red fur, purple LED shoes (Don't ask how he got them), and his whole face is full of scars. His pupil is blizzard blue, but his left eye is black, and his pupil is red (More about that in "Other"). His gloves seem to be a mix of Sonic's and Silver's - It is not explained why. He also has 4 tails. Plus, because he's a half-Chimera (Like those in Mother 3), he has a fuel supply, and a left mechanical arm.

    Wisp Bond: Red Burst

    Wispon: He does have one, but he doesn't use it much. He prefers to use his own attacks - He's much more of a melee fighter.

    Powers given by Wisp: N/A

    Personality: Nice and friendly most of the time, but serious when the situation gets rough. He's always thinking about strategies in a battle, but that makes him vulnerable. He's also sometimes air-headed.

    Skills: Some of his attacks are unknown, but he can do extremely strong moves. He has the ability to go at the speed of Knuckles. If he has an Emerald, his powers will get even stronger, but it takes longer for him to unleash them.

    Other: His left eye is black and his pupil is red because he has evil in his mind - Dark Matter entered his body and controlled 30% of his mind.
  3. Pro Hero Dekiru

    Pro Hero Dekiru Previously Battle Legend G.K.

  4. Eh, what the heck. I'll give it a try.

    Name: Raze
    Species: Wolf

    Appearance: Light Gray fur with a white secondary fur color, blue eyes, wears a sleeveless black top, Black pants with a flame pattern going around the bottom of the legs, and a black cloak that's tattered and torn. He also wears a pair of gauntlets equipped with several different functions and gadgets. He always carries a large, cybernetic-looking coffin on his back, which holds his arsenal of weapons and tools, as well as being a weapon/tool in of itself. The coffin stays fixed to his back via a magnetic harness he wears over his shirt.

    Wisp Bond: None
    Wispon: None
    Powers given by Wisp: None

    Personality: Raze is often described by his employers as "Lazy, but efficient and trustworthy", and this does hold true to his character. Most of the time, the only way you can get him to help you is to pay enough to catch his interest, or to work up his ego a little and get him to want to show off. And once you hire him, he'll see the job through to the end (though he doesn't let others tell him how to do the job he's given). Aside from his laziness, he's also quite nonchalant with killing innocent civilians. Granted, he won't actively try to kill them, but anyone caught up in his crosshairs is gonna have a bad last day, whether or not they're his target. Despite this, he will try to avoid harming allies, even if they annoy him from time to time. Despite his outfit being based on something as dreary and dark as the grim reaper, he's got a rather upbeat persona, cracking jokes and one-liners while he fights, and always wearing a smile on his face, especially in the heat of the battle.

    Skills: Raze is stronger and faster than the average Mobian, as a result of years of training, though he's nowhere near Sonic's speed or Knuckles' strength, he's at least strong enough to carry his packed coffin around with no noticable speed or mobility loss. He's also got quite a bit of endurance, and is a skilled tactician. As a mercenary, Raze is trained in many different forms of combat, and in the use of several firearms and weapons. Inside his coffin, "Soul-cofragis", he carries:
    - 1 high-power sniper rifle (w/ scope and supressor) with armor-piercing and explosive rounds
    - 2 semi-automatic assault rifles
    - 2 lever-action shotguns
    - 4 semi-automatic handguns with supressors
    - Various explosives
    - And his personal favorite, his collapsible scythe "Soul Harvester", which can emit a plasma aura (activated with a pull of the weapon's trigger) to allow it to cut through heavier armor like it was made of paper.

    Furthermore, the Soul-cofragis itself has rocket thrusters, allowing it to hover through the air and even be ridden like an extreme gear. It can also function as an enormous, electrified gauntlet to deliver a powerful, shocking punch, A railgun that can deliver a powerful blast of energy (single use only), or a two-shot rocket launcher. His gauntlets also have a function as well, packed with concealed blades, a grappling hook, wires, mini-bolas, smokescreen, and a short-range flamethrower to catch enemies off guard.

    Other: His alias is "The Howling Reaper", as he gives out a howl while riding into battle.
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