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Ask to Join Sonic Chronicles: Season 3 - The Dark Brotherhood

Discussion in 'General Role Play' started by Mechanist Gamma, Sep 17, 2017.

  1. [Discussion/Sign-Ups: https://pokecharms.com/threads/soni...e-dark-brotherhood-discussion-sign-ups.17763/ ]

    "That the best you can do, kiddo?"
    Sonic smiled, running backwards as he was being chased by the large phoenix robot. "'Cause I really feel like if you were trying, then you'd have hit me by now!"
    "Shut your mouth, porcupine-head!" Protegge said from the cockpit of the robot. "Daddy Ivo wants ya dead, so Imma gonna make you dead!"
    "Just try it!" Sonic said with a smile, blasting off at incredible speeds. Large bursts of fire came from the ends of the Egg Phoenix, and suddenly Sonic was being chased by a giant bird-shaped fireball. "Whoa! Now that's turning up the heat!" Sonic said with a smile.
    "Yeah you're gonna die now." Protegge said with an evil grin. "Orbot! Cubot! Use those chain guns already!"
    "Hey Tails, Chuck! Is the EMP set up yet?" Sonic said to his wristwatch, transmitting the signal back to the tech team. "And is Amy in place?"

    The water around the Master Emerald circled. This was a sign that Chaos was acting up. Something the Guardian should obviously notice.
    At the bottom of Shrine Isle, Espio was gently strumming his guitar. The rest of the Chaotix was with him visiting Knuckles. Vector had pulled them along to record another song, as he does. Espio just wanted to hang out. "You know, Knuckles. I've always wondered. Where do you come from? As far as I know, you're the only Echidna out there."

    Cloak was swinging his sword outside the Crystal Temple, practicing his combat skills. He was swinging at a training dummy that was quite battered. He heard the clanking of metal feet coming his way, and sheathed his sword. "Gamma. How are things?" he asked.

    In the Twilight Cage, Locke was sitting at the monitor screen. These screens were his only connection to the outside world... and to his son. Locke looked out and saw the boy with his three main friends. He sighed. Sabre, Locke's father, walked into the room.
    "Looking at screens for too long can give you eyesight problems, you know." Sabre said. "Let me take over. Besides, Spectre is calling you and Thunderhawk to a meeting."
    "Alright, father." Locke said with a sigh. He got out of his chair, eyes baggy.
    "When was the last time you slept, Locke?" Sabre asked.
    "Just before Sonic left." Locke replied.
    "That's three days without sleep. After this meeting, you need to get some rest." Sabre said.
    "I suppose it would be a good idea..." Locke said with a sigh. "I'm headed to the meeting. Make sure to keep watch over my son."
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  2. PopeyPenguin

    PopeyPenguin Previously Mecha Who

    "Things. I think they are okay, at least for me." The robot replied, looking at his friend. He was really good at sword fight. Gamma walked to him and the dummy, his feets making a heavy metal sound as he walked. "Cloak. How are you doing?" He asked with his robotic voice to his friend, Cloak. Probably his best friend. "Anything important going on?" He asked again, seeing his friend swing his sword, attacking the dummy.

    Thunderhawk waited at his room. "A meeting with Locke." He thought, waiting for Locke. He was late, like he ever was... "When he is going to come?" He thought impatiently.
  3. "Nothing at the moment." Cloak said with a smile. "It seems that there aren't any major catastrophes currently happening. Thus, no need for me to go into action on the other side of the world. Sonic has the small-time things covered. And things have been quiet here, of course, ever since we took down E-107 Theta."

    Spectre saw the look on his great-grandson's face. "Patience, Thunderhawk. Locke has been watching his son and Sonic for the past few days. He's bound to be a bit late."
    The high-tech door opened up, and Locke walked in, taking a seat. "Brother Thunderhawk. Brother Spectre. What is the occasion?"
    "The occasion is that the Phantom Ruby has been acting up again." Spectre said. "Its energies are incredibly powerful. If we don't find some way to contain it - or possibly reason with it - then the Phantom Ruby could give away the location of Haven."
    "...that is quite bad." Locke said, thinking. "Wouldn't this be something we would discuss with the entirety of the Brotherhood?"
    "We already held a meeting on this, Brother Locke. You and Brother Thunderhawk were the only ones who missed it. I'm merely recapping what we discussed for you."
  4. Tails was in the lab with Chuck. After hearing word from Sonic, he immediately answered. "Yeah, all set, Sonic! It needs to charge up a bit, though.. Keep the Egg Phoenix distracted for a little more!" He answered, giving a nod to Chuck.


    Knuckles was just on top of the Emerald Altar, before hearing Espio's question and jumping up. "Yeah! Can you at least tell us where ya came from? I mean, you never told us.." Charmy asked. "Hmm, well it's.. really a blank memory. All I remember was waking up in front of the Master Emerald and assuming I was the guardian of it. Though I did see the vision of the past during Chaos' rampage, I still don't remember anything. Sorry guys." He explained.


    Meanwhile, Eggman was just watching the fight using a monitor. He had installed it so that he could speak with Protegge in case anything was wrong. "Protegge! Keep your guard up! There's gotta be a weak spot or weakness... somewhere. Just think about it!" He shouted.
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  5. "Gotcha!" Sonic said, giving a thumbs-up. He continued running, this time zig-zagging and jumping around. "Nyah nyah! Catch me if you can!" Sonic said with a smile.
    "Right, dad!" Protegge said, analyzing the terrain. She then saw Sonic was running towards a large overhanging cliff. She shot two missiles at the cliff, causing it to fold over and fall towards Sonic.
    "OH CRUD!" Sonic said, stopping and thinking quickly. He whirled his hand around and swung it forwards. "SONIC WIND!" he shouted, creating a mini-tornado which flung the rocks around and away from him.
    "BUH?!" Protegge said, weaving the Egg Phoenix around to dodge the rocks.

    "It's fine." Espio said, gently strumming his guitar. "I suppose we can never truly know all the answers. Or, at the very least, we may not want to."
    Suddenly, a small burst of water came up from the pool and splashed Knuckles on the back of the head.
  6. Amy Stood in Position, ready to smash the Egg Phoenix once the EMP Took affect, she muttered to herself
    "Alright, Once this is done, Sonic will owe me a date." she saw sonic fall, and almost screamed, but saw sonic survive, and calmed down.


    Big the Cat was sitting Down with Froggy, Simply Fishing.
  7. "Gah! What the--" Knuckles exclaimed, a bit startled by the water burst. He looked behind him. "Chaos? What's up WITH him now?! Is he trying to tell us something?!" He questioned, getting his fists ready.


    "Alright! Sonic! It's completely charged up! Amy, get ready!" Tails said using the wristwatch. He quickly pressed a button, causing the Egg Phoenix to be unable to move and caught in the Sonic Wind. After that was done, it was Amy's turn.
  8. Protegge was shocked as systems malfunctioned. Her Fire Shield vanished, and the guns and missiles refused to fire. "Alright, Tails!" Sonic said with a smile, running up what was left of the cliff. At the top, he high-fived Amy before running back down.

    Espio walked over to the Master Emerald where it lay, surrounded by a small moat of water. Chaos formed up from the moat. He looked over towards Westside Island and pointed towards Metropolis Zone. "Metropolis Zone? What's the Doctor up to now?" Espio asked.
  9. Amy was Ready, she threw her hammer, full force, And ran onto the Egg Phoenix, picked it up, and whacked the mech 5 times, jumped back, and said
    "Take that!"
  10. PopeyPenguin

    PopeyPenguin Previously Mecha Who

    "Oh..." Thunderhawk said.

    "True. We need to find the others." Gamma said, looking at the dummy. "Need help with the dummy?" He asked, aiming his machine-gun at the dummy, ready to fire at the dummy and destroy him in a fraction of second. "Any idea of where they are?" He asked again, looking deep at the dummy's body. Now he could easily destroy the dummy, he just waited to see if Cloak accepted that.
  11. "Good job, Amy! Now to deal some more with Protegge. We still need to take HER down!" Tails said, cheering. He was more deternimed then ever it seemed. Ever since Sonic returned after 3 years, he seemed to get more brave - Like his soul was getting stronger and stronger after the meeting.


    "Great. Eggman's up at it again, probably. How about we kick some butt and infiltrate the base and wreck his plans?" Knuckles asked. "Chaos could come, too."
  12. "I'm not trying to destroy the dummy, Gamma. I'm using it for practice." Cloak said, stabbing it through the chest with his sword. "It's also not the best thing to shoot."

    "WAH! No no no!" Protegge said in a panic as the Egg Phoenix was broken into multiple pieces. Emergency springs sent Orbot and Cubot into Omelette's Egg Mobile as she ejected. "You won't get away with this!" she shouted, shaking her fist. Once she was out of the hearing range of Sonic and Amy, she opened communications. "They destroyed the Egg Phoenix, da. But did it work?! Did I buy enough time for you to launch the fleet?!"

    "Heh! Shows her!" Sonic said, jumping down besides Eggman. "Wonder what she was here for, though? It seemed like an unprovoked attack."
    "Knowing Eggman, it's either just him sending his daughter to try to fight you just because or it's part of some elaborate plan." Chuck said. "Perhaps... she was a distraction?"
    "But from what?" Sonic asked.

    "Hm. That would leave the Master Emerald unguarded, but it does sound like the type of adventure I would enjoy." Espio said. "But still, are you willing to risk it?"
    Chaos wasn't responding. Instead, he was merely standing there - seemingly watching, and waiting for what was about to happen.

    "So then, what should we do?" Locke asked.
    "Perhaps the Krag will have a solution." Spectre said. "Thunderhawk, you and Sojourner are being sent to see if they can figure this out. Locke, get some rest."
    "I can aid with this mission, ancestor."
    "You can help more after getting some rest. Sleep is key to strong thought." Spectre answered.
  13. PopeyPenguin

    PopeyPenguin Previously Mecha Who

    "Okay." Gamma said, lowering his machine-gun. "Any idea of where the others are?" He asked his friend, looking at the temple. A beautiful place, if you asked Gamma.

    "Okay." Thuderhawk said, looking at Spectre. "When we are going?" He asked, looking at his brother. He really needed to rest, and what Spectre did was really good. Finally he could rest, after all this time. Thunderhawk liked the idea to see his brother with energy again.
  14. Amy Smiled, because teaming up with Sonic no longer seemed occasional, in fact, it was now Normal for her to help Sonic beat up one of Eggman and Protegge's Robots. She said to Sonic
    "Who Cares? Whatever it is, When we see it, It'll be smashed! Also, you totally owe me a favour for helping you Sonic!" She put her hammer, wherever she put her hammer when she isn't using it.
  15. "Hmm, I could try to get my spy 'bot ready, Sonic! It could follow in Protegge's tracks!" Tails suggested, holding the tiny spy robot in his arms. The robot was already scanning around.


    "Yes, it was great! Daddy's proud of you." Eggman said, grinning. He managed to change the monitor's position, revealing that the fleet of airships which Eggman had showed to Protegge were gone - They had simply taken off without any sound.


    Knuckles started to think. "Well, I could pass, but I wouldn't like it. Maybe Chaos could guard the Master Emerald?" Knuckles answered, having a slight confused look at his face.
  16. "Hm. Possibly, but- WHOA! GUYS! IN THE SKY!" Sonic said, pointing upwards and towards Metropolis Zone.

    Protegge laughed, increasing her Egg Mobile's speed to fly up to and safely land on the deck of Eggman's new Final Fortress.

    "Hm? Knuckles! Over there!" Espio said, pointing towards Metropolis Zone. Chaos watched on.

    "No idea where Mighty, Ray and Mina are. I think Nex is inside the Crystal Temple-" Cloak stopped mid-sentence. "Oh crud."

    "We can leave as soon as you and your father are ready, Thunderhawk." Spectre said. "Now, then. Locke, away with you."
    "Yeah, yeah..." Locke said warily, heading towards the bunks.

    The Egg Fleet, consisting of hundreds of ships, had just launched from Metropolis Zone.
  17. PopeyPenguin

    PopeyPenguin Previously Mecha Who

    "What's up Cloak?" The robot asked, looking at the expression in Cloak's face. Something was happening. Something... bad.

    "I'm always ready." Thunderhawk said, looking at Spectre's face. "So, is Soujorner ready?" He asked with a smile. Finally he could enter in action again. Since Sonic left, there wasn't too much to do in the Twilight Cage.
  18. (Shoot, I'm super late. What did I miss?)

    Orbot and Cubot were laying around Eggman's base. "Hey Orbot? When will I ever drink again?" asked Cubot. "I don't think you can, Cubot. You see, your mouth is like a...oh, I don't know, a chute. It opens and closes. But it never actually opens." answered Orbot. "Huh? I'm confused. It opens, but it doesn't open?" asked Cubot, scratching his head. "Well...actually, yes." replied Orbot. "Uh..." Cubot was even more confused than he was before.
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  19. (By the way, considering this is after SA2, I'm guessing Tails should have his voice from Heroes, which I somehow like.)

    "What?! A giant fortress! So it WAS a distraction! Hold up Sonic! I can get to your location as quick as possible and give you a hand if you want!" Tails exclaimed, clicking some options on his monitor.


    A bit surprised by the Final Fortress, Knuckles gave a sigh. "Eggman HAS done something again! You know what, I can't miss this. I need to smash that thing into pieces!" Knuckles shouted, stomping his foot.
  20. Amy stared at Final Fortress and the egg Fleet, and said
    "Ugh, That Brings back Bad memories..." While saying this, she was remembering Zero. She held hammer in a ready position, and said "Well, my Darling Sonic, Should we go and Beat up Eggman's Toys?"
  21. "That isn't just a single fortress! Wow, Eggman. You've really stepped up your game this time!" Sonic said with a smile.

    Chaos looked at Knuckles and pointed again. It wasn't just the Final Fortress.
    "HOW DOES EGGMAN HAVE AN ENTIRE FLEET?!" Espio shouted, bewildered. "This is crazy! He could take over the entire world with an armada that size!"

    "Eggman has launched his most dangerous plan yet." Cloak said. "We need to find the others and get to Station Square. Now."
  22. Tails was looking at the huge fleet from the monitor. "Sonic, do you think we should think of a plan? Or should we storm the fleet right now?" He asked with a smile, confidential.


    Knuckles and Charmy looked at the fleet as well, and noticed that in the centre there was a bigger airship. "Hold up, Espio! Check it out! That middle one is bigger then the other airships! That seems suspicious." Charmy exclaimed.
  23. PopeyPenguin

    PopeyPenguin Previously Mecha Who

    "What's happening?" The robot asked with his heavy voice. As he heard what Cloak said, he imagined what was happening. Eggman was probably doing something so cruel, something to take over the world and even more. Something that could harm... humanity itself.
    Now Eggman was a REAL threat to the world.
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  24. "Storming the fleet wouldn't be a good idea. All we've got right now is the Tornado." Sonic replied. "And I can't exactly run up into the sky..."

    Chaos, turning into a large puddle of water, leaped off the edge of the island, down to the water below.
    "Huh, is it another Egg Carrier...?" Espio asked, before noticing Chaos was leaving. "Hm? Chaos?"

    "Eggman has an entire fleet of ships. A militia about fifty times as big as Metallix's." Cloak said, running off. "Find Nex! I'll get Mighty, Ray and Mina!"

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