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Sonic Chronicles: Season 3 - The Dark Brotherhood (Discussion/Sign-Ups)

Discussion in 'General Role Play Discussion' started by Mechanist Gamma, Sep 16, 2017.

  1. RP thread: https://pokecharms.com/threads/sonic-chronicles-season-3-the-dark-brotherhood.17779/

    So I wanted to make a Sonic RP, and so I have! For the past year or so, I've been developing a timeline recreation for the Sonic series. I've now written down this timeline and am now making it an RP. Once we get enough people, then I'll start this up. Just so you know, we'll be basing this RP off of the plot of Sonic Chronicles: The Dark Brotherhood. ...so I get that's kind of confusing, but I mean that the RP Sonic Chronicles: The Dark Brotherhood shares its name with a Sonic RPG game (that I remember being good, think I'll get back into playing that later today). Anyways, feel free to ask questions if you don't understand anything. Original characters are allowed under certain circumstances, but in order to use one you'll need my approval, a filled out character sheet (that I'll make tomorrow) and a logical place for them in the story. Other rules are the same as usual, and if I've never RPed with you before I'll need a quality assurance check. So yeah. Let's do it to it!
    Sonic: Aw, yeah! This is happenin'!

    Sonic the Hedgehog: @Eeveechu151
    Miles "Tails" Prower: @GreninjaTrainer013
    Amy Rose: @Fraseandchico
    Knuckles the Echidna: @GreninjaTrainer013
    Vector the Crocodile: @Lucas Inazumai
    Espio the Chamelion: @Eeveechu151
    Charmy Bee: @GreninjaTrainer013
    Uncle Chuck: @Eeveechu151
    Cream the Rabbit: @Lucas Inazumai
    Vanilla the Rabbit: @Lucas Inazumai
    Big the Cat: @Fraseandchico
    Mighty the Armadillo*: @Eeveechu151
    Ray the Flying Squirrel*: @GreninjaTrainer013
    Mina the Mongoose*: @Eeveechu151
    Cloak the Rogue*: @Eeveechu151
    Nex the Lynx*:
    E-102 Gamma*: @Mecha Who
    Tikal the Echidna:
    Chaos the Water God: @Eeveechu151
    Agent Topaz: @Lucas Inazumai
    Commander Abraham Tower: @Fraseandchico

    Dr. Ivo "Eggman" Robotnik: @GreninjaTrainer013
    Omelette "Protegge" Robotnik: @Eeveechu151
    Metal Sonic: @Mecha Who
    Shadow the Hedgehog: @Fraseandchico
    Rouge the Bat: @Mecha Who
    E-123 Omega: @Mecha Who
    Orbot: @DopeLeafeon470
    Cubot: @DopeLeafeon470
    Tai the Chimera*:
    Metallix*: @Eeveechu151

    Spectre: @Eeveechu151
    Thunderhawk: @Mecha Who
    Sabre: @Eeveechu151
    Locke: @Eeveechu151

    Imperator Ix: @Eeveechu151
    Kragok: @Eeveechu151
    Shade: @Mecha Who
    Emerl the Gizoid: @Fraseandchico
    Nestor the Wise: @DopeLeafeon470
    General Raxos of the Zoah:
    N'rrgal Queen:
    Foreman Krag of the Kron: @Eeveechu151
    Voxai Overmind (Leucosia, Ligaia, and Riadne):
    Thebes of the Voxai: @Eeveechu151

    Silver the Hedgehog*: @Fraseandchico
    Blaze the Cat*: @Fraseandchico
    Shard the Metal Sonic*: @Eeveechu151
    Professor Von Schlemmer*:
    Rena the Rogue*: @Eeveechu151
    Nina the Lynx*:
    Gold the Tenric*:
    Dr. Nega "Eggman" Robotnik*: @Eeveechu151
    Mephiles the Dark*: @Eeveechu151

    *There are details/events of this character not covered in the timeline that need to be discussed with me in Private Convo.
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  2. PopeyPenguin

    PopeyPenguin Previously Mecha Who

    Yay :D
    Can I be Omega and Shade too?
    I love them...
  3. PopeyPenguin

    PopeyPenguin Previously Mecha Who

    Oh yeah, I'm at my phone and the link of the timeline bugged :/ can you post it in the thread, please?
  4. Yeah, it says that it's temporarily closed.

    Anyway, I'd like to take Eggman and Knuckles, as well.
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  5. @Mecha Who Sure I can repost it, but I'll do it later. I'm on an iPad right now. And sure, you can have them! Just be aware that at the time the RP begins Omega is just being activated by the Doctor and Shade is still in the Twiligt Cage as part of the Nocturnus clan.
    @GreninjaTrainer013 Sure, they are yours!
    @Fraseandchico Eh...? Maybe? It really depends, as from what I remember he really won't fit in that well...
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  6. Kay. I Understand if I cant use Theifneik.
  7. Although, he could be Like a late Rp Boss or something that joins the heroes later and conveniently, gets less Useful when he joins Sonic.
  8. PopeyPenguin

    PopeyPenguin Previously Mecha Who

    Heya Eevee, are you sure that you can control 19 characters? I mean, that is a lot of characters.
  9. Also, can you add my name onto the Character List for Eggman and Knuckles?

    Plus, I have never played Sonic Chronicles The Dark Brotherhood nor heard of it's story..
  10. Updated the character list!
    Yeah I know that's a lot of characters, but I can handle it. (I think...) If you folks would like to take some other characters, then that'd really help!
    I'll get the timeline and characters up soon.
  11. PopeyPenguin

    PopeyPenguin Previously Mecha Who

    Like you already know, I have an unhealty love for robots.
    So, I would like to take Gamma too.
  12. Well I kinda already took Gamma, but I guess I can give him to you.
    And yes, I know there's a lot of text here. I spent a good few days writing this and have about three days of YouTube to catch up on!

    The echidnas formed into three clans - the Nocturnus Clan, the Knuckles Clan and the Guardians Clan.
    The Knuckles Clan is destroyed by Perfect Chaos, who is sealed inside the Master Emerald alongside Tikal.
    Imperator Dimitri and Guardian Edmund clash for the first time, and Dimitri becomes Enerjak. Edmund sacrifices his life to kill Enerjak, and the ensuing reaction causes the Phantom Ruby to sent the Nocturnus and Guardian Clans into the Twilight Cage. The only thing the Nocturnus Clan leaves behind is their city and their ultimate weapon, the Gizoid Emerl.
    The Nocturnus Clan became led by Ix, son of Dimitri, who begins a conquest of the Twilight Cage. The Guardian Clan, now led by Spectre, son of Edmund, takes the Phantom Ruby and hides it in their own lair. The Guardians became a hidden rebel group, battling Ix’s Marauders wherever they can.
    When Spectre has a son, he decides to use the Phantom Ruby to send Sojourner to Angel Island to guard the Master Emerald.
    When Sojourner comes of age, Spectre goes to him and explains his legacy.
    Sojourner remains on Angel Island and continues to guard the Master Emerald until he has a son of his own - Thunderhawk - and he does the same as Spectre. This cycle continues for the following centuries, and all Guardians not guarding the Master Emerald are brought to the Twilight Cage to join the Brotherhood of Guardians.
    During Sabre (son of Athair, great-grandson of Janelle-Li, great-great-grandson of Thunderhawk, father of Locke)’s time as Guardian, Doctor Gerald Robotnik first meets the Black Arms and receives their help on Project: Shadow. Shadow the Hedgehog and the Biolizard are born.
    Ix has three children; Kragok, Lien-Da and Shade. Each are given the rank of Commander amongst the Marauders.
    Ivo Robotnik is born.
    GUN attacks the ARK, shutting down Project: Shadow and killing Maria. Shadow is launched towards the planet’s surface.
    Sabre’s son, Locke, is left to be the next Guardian.
    Professor Gerald is brought to Prison Island with the recovered Shadow, who has a revenge program implemented inside him by the professor.
    Kragok and Lien-Da lead a brutal assault, killing all of the Guardians but the Brotherhood, who barely escapes thanks to Spectre and the Phantom Ruby.
    Professor Gerald is executed.
    Locke is brought into the Brotherhood and has a child of his own, Knuckles, who is empowered with the Master Emerald.
    Knuckles is left alone on Angel Island, as the other Guardians all have been.
    Sonic the Hedgehog is born on Christmas Island, but his parents are killed because of Emerl’s rampage. Charles the Hedgehog takes Sonic to South Island, where he is raised alongside Mighty the Armadillo and Ray the Flying Squirrel.
    Miles Prower is born, but is orphaned due to a battle between the Marauders and the Brotherhood which spreads to Mobius.
    Spectre uses the Phantom Ruby to draw both the Marauders and Brotherhood back into the Phantom Zone, leaving it on Mobius to ensure that the Marauders won’t be able to use it to escape again.
    Birth of Omelette Robotnik, daughter of Dr. Theodosius “Teddy” Robotnik and Dr. Maddie “MD” Robotnik.
    Ivo Robotnik begins his world conquest, taking over Westside Island. He learns of the Chaos Emeralds from ancient manuscripts and heads to South Island to take them for himself.
    Sonic 1
    Sonic the Hedgehog encounters Dr. Robotnik and the Badniks in Green Hill Zone, and recruits Mighty the Armadillo and Ray the Flying Squirrel to help stop Robotnik.
    The trio goes through Marble Zone, Spring Yard Zone, Labyrinth Zone, Star Light Zone and Scrap Brain Zone, shutting down the doctor’s operations in each.
    Sonic, Mighty and Ray fight Dr. Robotnik’s Egg Crusher and Egg Terminal, taking down the doctor.
    Robotnik flees back towards Westside Island in Wing Fortress.
    Sonic follows Robotnik with the Tornado, saying farewell to Mighty and Ray.
    Sonic CD
    Sonic sees Wing Fortress making a pit stop at Never Lake, having chained Little Planet to the ground.
    Sonic boards Little Planet, following Robotnik.
    Sonic encounters Amy Rose, who followed Sonic to Little Planet, with a Time Stone in hand.
    Sonic discovers the powers of the Time Stone, saving the area from the doctor’s control in the past.
    Sonic encounters and defeats Robotnik.
    Metal Sonic appears, kidnapping Amy.
    Sonic finds all seven Time Stones and liberates the past from Robotnik.
    Sonic and Metal Sonic race to determine the fate of Amy, and Sonic wins, resulting in Metal Sonic’s apparent destruction.
    Sonic and Amy leave Little Planet, freeing it. Robotnik boards Wing Fortress once again, fleeing to Westside Island. Sonic pursues Robotnik in the Tornado.
    Sonic 2
    Sonic arrives at Westside Island, only to have the Tornado shot down by Wing Fortress.
    One week later, Sonic awakens, having been nursed back to health by Miles Prower. Miles has also improved the Tornado, its new version being superior in every way to the old Tornado.
    Sonic spends the next three months training with Miles, who he gives the nickname Tails, while they wait for a chance to strike back at Robotnik.
    Sonic and Tails are forced into action when Tails’ home is destroyed in an explosion caused by Robotnik while drilling for the hidden seventh Chaos Emerald. Sonic and Tails take down the doctor’s machine, following him to his factory.
    Sonic and Tails head through Chemical Plant Zone, Aquatic Ruin Zone, Casino Night Zone, Hill Top Zone, Mystic Cave Zone and Oil Ocean Zone, shutting down the doctor’s operations in each.
    The duo arrives at Metropolis Zone, the doctor’s base of operations. They shut down Robotnik’s command center, and the doctor flees to Wing Fortress.
    Sonic and Tails pursue in the Tornado, but the Tornado is shot down by Wing Fortress. Sonic boards while Tails attempts to save the plane from a crash landing.
    Sonic destroys Wing Fortress, and Robotnik uses an emergency shuttle to escape the flaming ship. Sonic is saved from the ship by Tails, who has repaired the Tornado and helps Sonic board the doctor’s ship.
    Sonic and Robotnik enter the Death Egg, where Sonic is attacked by Silver Sonic, who steals his Chaos Emerald and gives it to Robotnik. Sonic defeats Silver Sonic, who had a Chaos Emerald inside him all along. Robotnik attacks Sonic in the Death Egg Robot, powered by the other six Chaos Emeralds.
    Super Sonic awakens for the first time, and Sonic wrecks the Death Egg and destroys the Death Egg Robot. Sonic falls back to Mobius, Tails catching him.
    Sonic 3 & Knuckles
    The Death Egg crashes on Angel Island, and Knuckles takes notice. Knuckles meets with Robotnik, who tells Knuckles that Sonic and Tails will be coming to Angel Island to steal the fabled Master Emerald.
    Sonic and Tails arrive on Angel Island, attempting to locate and take down Robotnik. Knuckles sneak-attacks them, stealing the Chaos Emeralds.
    Sonic and Tails fight their way through Angel Island, eventually reaching Hidden Palace to challenge Knuckles for the Chaos Emeralds. During the fight the two parties get to talking, and Sonic tries to convince Knuckles that Robotnik is lying to him and Sonic and Tails were just trying to find and stop Robotnik from causing any more trouble. Knuckles doesn’t believe him, and is defeated by Sonic.
    Robotnik steals the Master Emerald from right under Knuckles’ nose, and when Knuckles tries to stop him the doctor shocks the Guardian. Knuckles apologizes for his actions, now believing Sonic. The trio teams up to stop Robotnik.
    The Death Egg, now powered by the stolen Master Emerald and Chaos Emeralds, takes flight once more. Sonic and Tails frantically race to board it via Sky Sanctuary, while Knuckles battles the Mecha Sonic Troopers.
    Sonic and Tails storm the Death Egg, taking back the Chaos Emeralds and destroying Robotnik’s Egg Titan. The doctor flees with the Master Emerald in his Egg Rocket, but Super Sonic pursues and takes him down.
    Sonic restores the Master Emerald to its proper place, and Angel Island is restored. Sonic and Tails head out while Knuckles moves the Master Emerald to Shrine Isle to better keep a constant watch over it.
    Sonic Mania
    Robotnik crash-lands at Never Lake, where he discovers that Little Planet has returned. Formulating a plan, the doctor returns to Metropolis Zone, where he builds five robots he dubs the Hard-Boiled Heavies.
    Sonic and Tails are flying the skies when they notice five Eggrobos flying towards Angel Island. The duo follows, witnessing the quintet unearthing the Phantom Ruby from Angel Island’s soil. The gem activates, sending the duo and the gem to Green Hill Zone, where the Hard-Boiled Heavies escape with the Phantom Ruby.
    Knuckles is caught in the same energy wave as Sonic and Tails, being sent to Green Hill Zone as well - just in the caverns below.
    Sonic and Tails find Mighty and Ray in a battle with Robotnik’s robots, and the two teams pair up.
    The quartet meets up with Knuckles, and are sent to Chemical Plant Zone when Robotnik activates the Phantom Ruby upon the HBHs delivering the gem to him.
    Eventually, the quintet makes their way to Little Planet, where they meet Amy Rose. Amy joins them, and Tails and Mighty convince Sonic to allow her to tag along. She’s learned how to use a hammer, and she’s pretty good at it.
    Reaching Titanic Monarch Zone, the six heroes battle the doctor one final time.
    In the aftermath of the fight, the gem is dropped on Little Planet’s surface. The Phantom Ruby is taken by the Heavy King before Sonic can get it, which causes the leader of the Hard-Boiled Heavies to become corrupted and rebel against the doctor. Using the Chaos Emeralds collected by Tails, Robotnik, Mighty, Ray, Amy and Knuckles - as well as the last emerald that Sonic finds on Little Planet - Super Sonic awakens once more to take down the Heavy King.
    Robotnik betrays Sonic during the fight, attempting to use the Egg Reverie to take the Phantom Ruby back. Sonic defeats both the Heavy King and the Egg Reverie, but the Phantom Ruby activates on its own. Recognizing that the gem is sentient and the source of the trouble that Sonic has gone through, Sonic chases it through the newly-created portal, leaving the Chaos Emeralds behind.
    Overwhelming Twilight
    The portal opened by the Phantom Ruby leads Sonic to the Twilight Cage, where he arrives in the middle of a battle between the Brotherhood and Marauders. Sonic immediately recognizes that the Guardians need help, and takes down Kragok and a bunch of Nocturnus Warriors, forcing the Marauders to retreat.
    Locke quickly befriends Sonic, inviting him to stay with the Guardians. He explains their situation, introduces the Guardians, and asks for Sonic to give up the Phantom Ruby.
    Sonic tries to give the Phantom Ruby to Locke and the Guardians, but the Ruby has its own plans - it creates a portal and vanishes.
    Sonic is stuck in the Twilight Cage, so he aids in fighting off the Marauders and the search for the Phantom Ruby.
    Over the three months Sonic spends in the Twilight Cage, he physically changes drastically. When he asks Locke about this change, Locke explains that the Twilight Cage has different time then Mobius. He explains that Sonic is aging at a normal rate because of his longer time in Mobius. When Sonic asks what that means, Locke tells him that three years have passed since Sonic took down the Heavy King and Egg Reverie.
    At long last, Sonic and the Brotherhood finally track down the Phantom Ruby. The Guardians vow to keep it safe, using it to send Sonic back home to Mobius. Before he leaves, Locke makes Sonic swear a promise that he won’t tell Knuckles about anything he learned in the Phantom Zone - no matter what. Sonic swears it before jumping through the Phantom Ruby’s portal to return to his home dimension.
    An Eggcellent Decision
    Back in the main dimension, Dr. Robotnik has tried his best to figure out what the Phantom Ruby is and what it does. His musings eventually lead him to… nothing. All this musing has had the Doctor spend a full year in hiding, and Sonic’s friends have all but forgotten about him. Tails has been trying to move forwards with his life while still searching for Robotnik and Sonic, Knuckles has returned to Angel Island and befriended a group of residents, Amy has moved to Station Square and Mighty and Ray have gone out on their own adventure. Ivo decides that he needs a change - with Sonic gone, it would be the perfect time to attack… but the Phantom Ruby escapade stripped his forces down to almost nothing. It’s at that time that Robotnik remembers something - due to his under-the-table dealings with various casinos, oil refineries and companies, the Doctor has an overflow of cash he uses to quickly rebuild his empire - in secret - using the desolate Hidden Ruins Jungle as his undercover base of operations - with Metropolis Zone being watched 24/7 by GUN, Robotnik can’t exactly go there. His newly-acquired intel soon brings him into the know that he has a niece, orphaned at a young age. Robotnik then kidnaps the girl, bringing her into his empire. Omelette Robotnik is the perfect child, and the Doctor spends the next year and a half building his empire and training his Protegge.
    Protegge’s final training assignment and initiation mission is to retrieve Metal Sonic from Little Planet, which she passes with flying colors - finding Metal’s exact location, retrieving him and returning to Final Egg in just a day.
    Later on, Omelette tells Robotnik of the legend surrounding the ancient God of Destruction, Chaos, and the Knuckles Tribe. Interested, Robotnik investigates, taking the new name Dr. Eggman and launching his new mobile base - the Egg Carrier - for the first time. The pair arrives at Angel Island, and Eggman shatters the Master Emerald. Protegge then captures Chaos in his liquid form, bringing him back to the Egg Carrier, and Eggman’s revenge plan is able to begin in full force...
    Knuckles is guarding the Master Emerald when it suddenly shatters, causing Chaos to break free. Knuckles tries to battle Chaos, but a strange green light brings Chaos up into the sky. Angel Island falls from the sky, and Knuckles and the Chaotix perform damage control.
    Big the Cat and Froggy encounter a piece of Chaos that fell from the Egg Carrier, and Froggy eats it, gaining a tail. Now partially possessed by Chaos, Froggy eats Big’s Chaos Emerald and flees. Big follows.
    Sonic travels through the Phantom Ruby’s portal, ending up in Station Square. Sonic then encounters the police heading towards City Hall, and follows. After witnessing the police unable to stop Chaos, Sonic attacks and takes down Chaos.
    In the morning, Tails records a data log showing it’s been three years since Sonic’s disappearance. Tails then tests out the Prototype Tornado 2, which goes haywire from the Chaos Emerald’s excess energy. Tails crashes at Emerald Coast.
    Sonic sees Tails’ plane crash, running over and helping out his pal. Tails reencounters Sonic for the first time in three years, and after a tearfully happy reunion Tails decides to take Sonic to his workshop in the Hidden Ruins, as he has something to show him.
    Arriving at Tails’ lab, Sonic and Tails are attacked by Protegge in the Egg Hornet. Sonic destroys the Egg Hornet, but Omelette manages to take the Emerald from Tails while he’s not looking. Robotnik then appears, powering up Chaos with it. He then realizes that Sonic the Hedgehog has returned, and calls an immediate retreat to the Egg Carrier. Eggman bolts out of there, followed by an extremely confused Omelette.
    Sonic and Tails decide that, knowing that Eggman is back, they have to find the Chaos Emeralds and stop the Doctor from fully powering up Chaos. Sonic reunites with Uncle Chuck (who was at Tails’ lab helping with his project) and Chuck points Sonic and Tails in the direction of Windy Valley.
    Knuckles arrives in Station Square, sensing Master Emerald fragments in Town Hall. He finds two but are stopped from taking the third one by the police. However, a shadowy figure enshrouded in a brown cloak takes the Master Emerald shard, giving it to Knuckles.
    Sonic and Tails find an Emerald, heading to Station Square to search for the next one.
    Knuckles enters Casinopolis to search for Master Emerald shards.
    Sonic and Tails also enter Casinopolis, but in search of a Chaos Emerald. They pass Knuckles without knowing, finding a Chaos Emerald and leaving. However, they are ambushed by Protegge, who hits them with sleeping gas and takes one of their Chaos Emeralds.
    Knuckles leaves Casinopolis, having found all the Master Emerald shards in the area, and is shown a flashback of the past by Tikal. Knuckles then sees Eggman in a hotel with what seems to be a Master Emerald shard, and Knuckles follows him. Finding Ivo and Omelette talking to each other, Knuckles witnesses Chaos’ power up and faces Robotnik. Chaos duels Knuckles and loses, and Eggman leaves - but not before hinting that Sonic might be stealing Master Emerald fragments, which gets Knuckles thinking. If Sonic has returned, as the Station Square news states, who’s to say he’s the same person after three years of vanishing?
    Zero (E-100 Alpha) kidnaps the Flicky family.
    Sonic and Tails wake up, passing Big the Cat, who has just arrived in Station Square.
    E-102 Gamma is first activated by Eggman, and is sent into the Final Egg for training.
    Big finds Froggy in Twinkle Park, fishing him out. However, Froggy escapes.
    Sonic and Tails head to Angel Island, finding a Chaos Emerald in Ice Cap.
    Gamma completes his training, battling E-101 Beta for rights to serve aboard the Egg Carrier. Gamma wins, but after Beta’s sulking and Protegge’s whining Eggman allows Beta to come along as well.
    Knuckles heads to Red Mountain on Angel Island, finding some Master Emerald shards and getting two from the cloaked figure.
    Protegge (in Eggman’s place) orders the active E-Series (E-102 Gamma, E-103 Delta, E-104 Epsilon and E-105 Zeta) to locate and retrieve Froggy, as he has Chaos’ tail.
    Sonic and Tails encounter Knuckles, who battles Sonic as he thinks he has Master Emerald fragments he refuses to turn over. In the ensuing battle, Eggman steals the two Chaos Emeralds from Tails and gives them to Chaos. The trio teams up to take out the water monster, defeating Chaos 4.
    Eggman reveals the Egg Carrier, retreating with Chaos back to the hull. Sonic and Tails chase after Robotnik in the Tornado.
    Big finds Froggy in Ice Cap, but loses him again.
    Amy Rose first spots the Tornado, and saves the escaping Flicky from Zero.
    The Tornado is shot down by the Egg Carrier’s main laser battery.
    Knuckles scours the ancient ruins of Lost World, finding some more Master Emerald shards.
    Sonic is rescued by the cloaked man from the ocean, who tells him that the Egg Carrier has escaped. Sonic decides to search for Tails and plan the next step.
    Tails awakens in the forest, seeing Froggy eat another Chaos Emerald. Tails chases Froggy.
    Sonic and Amy meet up with each other, and Amy almost kills Sonic with happiness at seeing him again after three years. Amy entrusts Sonic with keeping guard over the Flicky, which Sonic begrudgingly agrees to. Zero soon appears, and Amy decides to “hide” in Twinkle Park. Cute couples get in free, after all. However, Sonic soon loses Amy.
    Tails chases after Froggy, but is sent into the past by one of Tikal’s visions.
    Amy is captured by Zero, unbeknownst to Sonic.
    Sonic looks for Amy on Speed Highway, but doesn’t find her.
    Tails returns to consciousness as Big appears, causing Tails to drop Froggy and let the frog escape. Tails does manage to take the Emerald that Froggy ate in the jungle, however!
    Knuckles finishes his search, receiving another flashback from Tikal. The Guardian then heads back to Shrine Isle.
    Tails meets with Chuck, giving him the news. Together the two begin construction on the Tornado 2.
    Big finds Froggy at Emerald Coast, but Gamma finds Big. Gamma steals Froggy and heads to the Egg Carrier, Big frantically pursuing. Gamma receives a vision from Tikal.
    Sonic sees Zero taking Amy towards Mystic Ruins, and pursues.
    Knuckles almost restores the Master Emerald, finding out that there are three missing pieces left. The cloaked figure appears, telling Knuckles that he’ll probably find the remaining Master Emerald shards on the Egg Carrier. When Knuckles asks the cloaked figure how to get there, the man points out Gamma returning to the Egg Carrier. Knuckles follows. Knuckles and Gamma then arrive at Final Egg, where they board the Egg Carrier before it takes off. The cloaked figure also heads to Final Egg, and downloads the Egg Carrier’s schematics from Final Egg. This, however, means that he’s too late to board the Egg Carrier.
    Sonic witnesses Zero and Amy being beamed up to the Egg Carrier, and heads to Red Mountain to hitch a ride.
    Uncle Chuck and Tails finish the Tornado 2, and see the Egg Carrier. Tails takes off immediately.
    Gamma is praised by Eggman for being the only E-Series unit to retrieve the right frog, and becomes Eggman’s right-hand bot. All the others are beamed away. Eggman orders Gamma to bring back the bird located in a prison cell, and Gamma goes through the wrong door. Gamma witnesses a part of Beta’s reassembly, and leaves the room. Gamma then enters the correct room, meeting Amy Rose. Amy’s words and the Flicky reignite something inside Gamma, and E-102 chooses to set them free.
    Sonic arrives at the top of Red Mountain just too late to catch the Egg Carrier. Thankfully, Tails arrives, and Sonic hitches a ride. The cloaked figure jumps onto the wings of the Tornado, joining Sonic and Tails. The two parties make a deal - allow the cloaked figure to stay on the Tornado and delivering him to the Egg Carrier in exchange for the Egg Carrier schematics and help making it to the Carrier. Sonic, Tails and the cloaked figure (who tells them to call him Cloak) attack the Egg Carrier. Cloak destroys the Egg Carrier’s main laser battery with a blast of lightning and the trio “lands” on the Egg Carrier - Tails forgot to install landing gear.
    Amy enters Hot Shelter, and flees from Zero.
    Protegge transforms the Egg Carrier to stop Sonic and Tails from advancing, and the trio of heroes head through Sky Deck in order to reach the bridge. Knuckles also notices the change, and heads to a different area of Sky Deck in order to find the Master Emerald shards. Knuckles finds Cloak on Sky Deck, and the two work together to locate the last shards. Meanwhile, Sonic and Tails make it to the the interior of the Sky Deck. Tikal gives Knuckles another vision, this time one that Cloak can see as well.
    Big finds Froggy in Hot Shelter, and manages to hold onto the frog. Big is also given a vision.
    Eggman and Protegge stop Amy, taking the Chaos Emerald in the Flicky’s pendant. Sonic and Tails arrive, and Eggman calls Gamma to stop them. Sonic is actually matched by Gamma, but still manages to take him down. Amy stops Sonic from destroying Gamma, and Eggman and Protegge flee.
    Tails notices that the Egg Carrier is losing altitude, and Sonic orders Tails to take Amy and leave. They do so, but not before Amy says farewell to Gamma and to “keep safe”. This interests Cloak, who witnesses the end of the scene, and uses an escape ship to follow Gamma off of the Egg Carrier.
    Sonic pursues Eggman and Protegge, and finds Chaos absorbing Froggy and Eggman’s Chaos Emerald. Using the two new Emeralds and the returned tail, Chaos 6 awakens. Big saves Froggy and flees, and Sonic and Knuckles take down Chaos, seemingly destroying him. Big and Froggy flee in the Tornado, and Knuckles uses an escape ship to return to Angel Island with the six Chaos Emeralds. Sonic follows Eggman and Protegge, jumping onto Eggman’s Egg Mobile and holding on.
    Gamma determines that Eggman is his enemy, and he must save the animals trapped inside his brothers. Gamma departs on a quest to destroy the rest of the E-Series, tailed by Cloak. Gamma finds Delta at Windy Valley and destroys him. Cloak considers getting involved but decides to hold back for a short time.
    Sonic falls into the jungle, and is led into Lost World by Tikal. Inside he finds a mural of Perfect Chaos, and receives another flashback from Tikal.
    Tails and Amy land in Station Square and separate. Tails finds Protegge, who has split up from Eggman. On Eggman’s orders, Protegge activates her nuclear shield and fires a nuke at Station Square. The nuke hits, but doesn’t explode. Protegge and Tails race to get to the nuke first.
    Amy decides to try and find Flicky’s family, and heads to Mystic Ruins to look for any Eggman installations that the birds could be in.
    Gamma battles Epsilon on Red Mountain, and is almost defeated. However, Cloak steps in and gives Gamma the opportunity to destroy Epsilon. Gamma shares his mission with Cloak, and Cloak decides to help. The new allies head to the Egg Carrier, the most likely location of the remaining E-Series units.
    Tails beats Protegge to the nuke and disarms it. In a fit of rage, Protegge tries to crush Tails with the Egg Walker. Tails smashes the machine, defeating Protegge and saving Station Square.
    Amy finds Final Egg, heading inside. She encounters Zero and flees from the robot, not finding any trace of the birds. Amy decides to head to the Egg Carrier.
    Eggman heads to Final Egg, which Sonic sees. Sonic follows the Doctor to Final Egg, shutting down his base and taking down the Doctor in a showdown between Sonic and the Egg Viper.
    Big and Froggy land in the jungle, resuming their casual life.
    Sonic and Tails reunite in the Mystic Ruins, meeting up with Uncle Chuck and finally being able to catch up after three years.
    Knuckles completes the Master Emerald, and Angel Island… doesn’t return to the sky?
    Gamma and Cloak infiltrate Hot Shelter, taking down Zeta. Gamma realizes that there are only two E-Series units left - E-101 Beta… and himself, E-102 Gamma. Cloak tries to stop him from that train of thought, but before they can talk E-101 Beta mk.II appears and blasts the area around them. Cloak is shot in the shoulder, being side-lined for the match between Gamma and Beta. Gamma barely defeats Beta, but Beta’s final attack leaves Gamma critically damaged. Gamma and Beta both explode, freeing the Flickies inside. Cloak retrieves Gamma’s head as a memento, and notices that the main software appears to still be intact. Cloak departs for parts unknown.
    Amy arrives at the Egg Carrier, where she encounters the two Flickies. Amy’s Flicky is shot down by Zero, and Amy decides to destroy the bot once and for all. She wins the match, and Zero is destroyed for good. The Flickies fly away together, free at last.
    Eggman and Protegge are angry at their defeats, cursing the ones who ruined their plan after so long. All of a sudden, Chaos appears and knocks them out.
    Knuckles finds Eggman and Protegge unconscious, and sees Chaos going for the Chaos Emeralds. Knuckles tries to stop Chaos but gets knocked out.
    Sonic and Tails arrive at Shrine Isle to try and figure out what happened but only find the knocked-out trio. They wake up, and Knuckles tells Sonic and Tails what happened. Eggman and Protegge flee, talking about “Base 2”. Tikal gives Sonic and Knuckles a vision of what truly happened in the past, and Knuckles learns Tikal’s Prayer.
    Tails rouses the duo, and the trio head to go find the Tornado 2 - as it has the last Chaos Emerald, and if Chaos gets it there’s no telling what could happen.
    The trio arrives just as Chaos takes the last Chaos Emerald. Sonic, Tails, Knuckles and Big all head straight to Station Square.
    They arrive at Station Square just in time to witness the city being torn apart by Perfect Chaos. Cloak saves Amy from Perfect Chaos’ energy blast. Eggman and Protegge appear in the Egg Carrier 2, which is instantly destroyed by Perfect Chaos.
    Tikal appears, and explains everything. She says that the only way to stop Chaos is to seal him in the Master Emerald again, but Sonic refuses to accept that as a battle plan. Knuckles uses Tikal’s Prayer to deactivate the Chaos Emeralds, and the Emeralds are retrieved by Tails, Knuckles, Amy, Big, Eggman, Protegge and Cloak. The bonds and positive feelings between the group cause the Chaos Emeralds to reenergize, and Super Sonic awakens again.
    Super Sonic battles Perfect Chaos, and his pure aura of positivity was able to stop Chaos’ negative emotions and restore the guardian to peace. Tikal and the Water God return to the Master Emerald peacefully. Angel Island then returns to the sky.
    Sonic and Tails return to Mystic Ruins, Amy chasing behind them. Eggman and Protegge flee to Metropolis Zone to make their next plan, and Big and Knuckles return to their ordinary lives. Cloak vanishes again.
    Knuckles is convinced by Vector and Charmy of the Chaotix to try out making a song, and Knuckles makes an amazing freestyle. Vector decides to immediately publish it.
    A week later, Knuckles Chaotix’s hit single Unknown from M.E. is at the top of the Station Square music charts.
    Rouge the Bat, elusive jewel thief, is finally caught by Lieutenant Topaz of GUN. Rouge is brought to interrogation where she’s met with Commander Tower. Tower gives Rouge a choice - spend a life sentence in prison, or become GUN’s double-agent inside Eggman’s operations. Rouge agrees to Tower’s terms, and leaves with a Chaos Emerald in hand in search of Eggman.
    Dr. Eggman decides to use Protegge’s access codes to search the database of his dead brother, Teddy Robotnik, in order to find something that could defeat Sonic once and for all. Eggman finds a file titled Project: Shadow which Teddy had been looking into. Eggman investigates, and determines that Project: Shadow - the Ultimate Weapon - is exactly what he needs to take down his enemy. Eggman reactivates Metal Sonic, and tries to convince Protegge not to come on the delicate mission. Protegge really wants to come, so Eggman agrees - under the condition that she also brings her two newest creations, Orbot and Cubot, to keep her safe.
    Later that day, Eggman breaks into the secure facility Prison Island, and shoots his way into the storage bay where Project: Shadow is kept. Protegge accidentally awakens Project: Shadow by placing a Chaos Emerald into a slot on the capsule it’s held in, and Shadow the Hedgehog awakens. Eggman, in a state of panic and confusion (he thinks it’s Sonic) tells Metal to attack, but Shadow defeats Metal and states who he is. He tells Eggman that in return for the Chaos Emeralds, he will grant Robotnik a wish. Eggman, of course, wants world conquest. Shadow tells Eggman to meet him on Space Colony ARK, and teleports away using the Chaos Emerald.
    In the middle of the night, Shadow breaks into the Federal Reserve Bank and steals a Chaos Emerald.
    The police are unable to identify the thief, but suspect Sonic thanks to the thief’s incredible speed, shape and Sonic’s past connection to the Chaos Emeralds. GUN kidnaps Sonic in the middle of the night.
    Rouge the Bat decides to use her legal leeway to get into Eggman’s ranks by stealing an incredible gift - a treasure Eggman has gone after before, but failed to obtain. Knuckles isn’t exactly a fan of Rouge stealing the Master Emerald, however, and fights her to protect it. Eggman decides to get involved, trying to take advantage of the chaos to steal the Emerald. Eggman recognises it as the Master Emerald - not the Chaos Emerald he had been searching for. In order to stop both Eggman and Rouge from stealing it, Knuckles is forced to shatter the Master Emerald. Eggman leaves for his main base as Knuckles and Rouge race to find the pieces of the Master Emerald first.
    Sonic wakes up in a GUN helicopter above Station Square, where he takes out most of the GUN guards (while still in cuffs), breaks his shackles and escapes by using a loose plating of the ship as a snowboard.
    Eggman enters his main base to find a news report about “Sonic” stealing a Chaos Emerald from the Federal Reserve Bank. Eggman deduces the true identity of the thief as Shadow. He then uses his Spatial Teleporter to send him to Space Colony ARK.
    Sonic has his City Escape and takes down the GUN Mobile Unit B-6f Big Foot. Sonic then encounters Shadow for the first time, who uses Chaos Control to escape Sonic and leaving him to be recaptured by GUN. Sonic is then sent to Prison Island as a Maximum Security Prisoner.
    Rouge the Bat encounters Protegge, Orbot and Cubot entering Eggman’s Pyramid Base, and manages to sneak inside. She then discovers the Spatial Teleporter and its destination of Space Colony ARK. She encounters someone inside the base, and hides. As it turns out, it’s Cloak. He spots her easily, and the two decide to team up, using the Spatial Teleporter to enter the ARK.
    Eggman soon meets Shadow aboard the ARK, and Shadow shows off the Eclipse Cannon to the Doctor. Protegge and Metal Sonic (who went with Eggman) are immediately impressed, just as Robotnik, but Orbot and Cubot are frightened witless. Shadow’s show of the Eclipse Cannon and talk of its potential makes the Doctor immediately decide to gather the Emeralds and use the Eclipse Cannon to hold the world hostage. Rouge encounters them in the middle of this exchange, and enters the scene. Cloak goes elsewhere, vanishing from view before any of the villains can see him. Rouge offers Eggman a Chaos Emerald in exchange for allowing her to join the Doctor’s team and use the Chaos Radar the Doctor has developed in order to find more Chaos Emeralds.
    Rouge uses her connections to get Commander Tower to drop secure information - the fact that three Chaos Emeralds are all being kept on Prison Island. Shadow, Eggman, Protegge, Metal Sonic and Rouge all arrive at Prison Island, and the Doctor forms a plan. Eggman, Protegge and Metal Sonic distract the guards with an all-out offensive assault while Shadow sneaks into the armory and plants a bomb and Rouge breaks into the Vault and retrieves the Chaos Emeralds.
    On his way into the prison, Shadow is tackled by an ecstatic Amy Rose, who has confused him for Sonic. She quickly corrects this mistake, however, and Eggman holds Amy at gunpoint. Amy runs, and Protegge chases her down while the rest of the task force continues their mission.
    Tails flies to Prison Island, unable to believe that Sonic is responsible like they say he is. Tails then notices Amy and Protegge, and swoops down to save his friend. Tails and Protegge battle, but Protegge calls off the battle when Eggman calls her to action. Protegge flies away, leaving Tails and Amy to charge Prison Island.
    Rouge breaks into the Vault, stealing all three Chaos Emeralds. However, she gets trapped in the Vault.
    Amy rose arrives in Sonic’s cell room, using a key card she got off of a guard to open Sonic’s cell… on the condition that he agrees to marry her, which Sonic flatly refuses to. Amy opens the door anyways, and tells Sonic about Eggman’s crew. When Sonic hears about Shadow, he grabs Amy and jets away to go find him.
    GUN Mobile Unit R-1/A Flying Dog flies into the Vault, attacking Rouge. The treasure hunter takes down the mech, but that doesn’t help her, as the pilot’s escape route closes before Rouge can get through to follow. Rouge laments about this over the radio, and Shadow streaks off to find her.
    In the woods outside the prison, Shadow and Sonic encounter each other once more. Sonic unaware of the ticking time bomb and Shadow in a hurry causes Sonic to be the instigator, but Shadow happily fights anyways. A combination Chaos Spear/Sonic Wind attack causes Chaos Spears to be sent flying in all directions, wearing out the two before it wears out and dissipates. Eggman tells Shadow to hurry and get off the island before it explodes, which Sonic hears. As Eggman, Protegge and Metal Sonic flee, Sonic races to find Amy and Tails while Shadow dashes off to save Rouge and the Chaos Emeralds.
    With only seconds remaining, Shadow breaks into the vault and uses Chaos Control to teleport Rouge, the Emeralds and himself to safety. Likewise, Sonic grabs Amy and Tails and gets them onto the Tornado just in time to escape the island’s explosion.
    During this time while everyone is gone, Cloak deactivates Orbot and Cubot and grabs the schematics of the ARK. He then uses the Spatial Teleporter to escape back to Mobius, hiding so that the returning Robotniks don’t notice him before leaving the base.
    Arriving back at the ARK, Shadow and Eggman decide to host a demonstration of the power of the Eclipse Cannon with the six Emeralds they have. Eggman then makes a public announcement, proclaiming his superiority while using the Eclipse Cannon to blow up half of the moon. His demands are for all the powers of the world to surrender within 24 hours, lest he destroy the planet.
    Sonic, Tails and Amy witness this act, and determine that the Doctor is using the Chaos Emeralds - they’re the only thing with the kind of power needed for an act like destroying half the moon. Tails reveals he has the last Chaos Emerald, and says he can use it to find Eggman. GUN arrives, and Sonic holds them off while Tails and Amy escape. Cloak appears, aiding in the battle much to Sonic’s surprise. He allows Sonic to follow the others, vanishing into the night.
    Eggman’s threats fall on deaf ears, and the Doctor sends Rouge to take the last Chaos Emerald from Miles Prower. Rouge does report in to GUN before leaving, however, and Topaz delivers her progress report to Commander Tower.
    Knuckles finds Tails and Amy planning their next move just as Sonic arrives. Tails determines that the Emeralds must have been taken off-planet, and Tails picks up a conversation between the President and Eggman. Tails and Sonic head off to intercept the transmission and get the Doctor’s location, crashing into the limousine and finding Eggman’s location aboard the ARK.
    The heroes regroup, and Cloak tells them he knows where Eggman’s base is. The heroes break into the pyramid, and send Knuckles to look for the Master Key to the base. Knuckles finds it, but has to fight a ghost to get it. Protegge finds the group breaking in, and she sics the Egg Golem on them. Sonic, Tails, Amy, Knuckles and Cloak all team up to take out the Egg Golem. Protegge escapes, however, and blows up the Spatial Teleporter that Cloak used in the first place. The pyramid is then invaded by GUN, led by Topaz. The lieutenant allies with Sonic and crew (but not before getting an autograph from her favorite music artist K.T.E. Knuckles), helping them locate a space ship they use to fly up to the ARK.
    ...however, the ship bumps into an asteroid and the cargo bay flies open. The Master Emerald shards Knuckles had collected flew towards Space Colony ARK, and Knuckles accidentally sent the shuttle into a crash landing in a frenzy to get the shards back.
    The group “lands” on the ARK relatively safely, and splits up into two teams. Sonic, Tails, Amy and Topaz take the Emeralds - Tails’ real one and his fake copy - and the schematics Cloak stole to go shut down the Eclipse Cannon while Knuckles and Cloak go to find the Master Emerald shards.
    Rouge, under the pretense of using the ARK’s defenses to stop the invading parties, gets Eggman to spill the password to the ARK’s central computers. Rouge comes upon some shocking truths when the computer alerts Rouge that Master Emerald pieces have been scattered around the ARK. Rouge races off to collect them… and as soon as she leaves, Cloak drops into the room. Meanwhile, Eggman takes Protegge and Metal Sonic and goes to meet with Sonic’s team himself.
    Rouge and Knuckles encounter each other on the outer perimeter, and battle. Knuckles wins, and Rouge almost falls into a pit of lava. She’s saved, however, by Knuckles. As thanks, Rouge leaves behind the shards of the Master Emerald she’s collected, and Knuckles reforms the Master Emerald at last.
    Amy and Topaz are left behind by Sonic and Tails, and Eggman manages to find them. Metal Sonic knocks out Topaz before she can fully draw her gun, and Eggman holds Amy at gunpoint. Protegge traps Tails in a metal claw as he’s returning to the scene, and Sonic arrives just after. Eggman orders Sonic to slowly place the Chaos Emerald in the middle of the room, and Sonic walks into the center with the fake Emerald. Eggman activates a trap, locking Sonic in a sealed capsule with the fake Emerald. Tails lets slip that Sonic has the fake Emerald, just like Eggman predicted. Sonic tells Tails to handle things and to take care of Amy before Eggman jettisones the capsule into space. A few seconds later, it explodes.
    Shadow watches Sonic’s capsule explode, unimpressed.
    Amy faints in shock, and only Tails and the Robotniks are still left active. Oh, and Metal Sonic. Tails manages to shatter the claw he’s being held in and wreck Protegge and Eggman’s mechs. Metal catches Tails off-guard and is about to choke him to death when Topaz shoves a piece of metal from the claw straight through Metal’s torso. Eggman manages to steal the Chaos Emerald, and the Robotniks flee, managing to get through a closing door before Tails catches them or they’re hit by one of Topaz’s bullets.
    Meanwhile, Knuckles is running through the halls to meet up with the others and encounters Cloak. The pair senses powerful Chaos energy, and all of a sudden Sonic teleports in. Sonic explains that he used the fake Emerald to activate Chaos Control and warp to safety. Sonic asks Knuckles to go back and look after Tails and Amy, and asks Cloak to stop Eggman from making it to the control room. Sonic races off to place the fake Emerald in the Eclipse Cannon.
    Rouge arrives back at the Control Room and sends the data files from the ARK concerning Project: Shadow back to GUN on Mobius. Cloak enters the room, using one of the ARK’s teleporters. He deduces that Topaz isn’t the only GUN agent on the station, and decides to help preserve her cover. Shadow enters, so Cloak and Rouge have a mock fight scene and Cloak “escapes” with the transmission equipment. Rouge’s cover is preserved, and Shadow is none the wiser. Rouge does, however, confront Shadow about something - a discovery she made “during the attack” - the fact that there is a file on the Ultimate Lifeform, and the picture is NOT Shadow but a completely different creature. Before Shadow can respond, Eggman tells the two over the radio that someone is entering the Eclipse Cannon’s main chamber and Eggman is on his way with the last Chaos Emerald. Shadow heads to stop the intruder while Rouge goes to rendezvous with Eggman.
    Eggman and Protegge are running to the control room, but are stopped by Cloak. The mysterious rogue attacks the two, but they are saved by Rouge. The two battle each other, but a sudden spike of Chaos Energy causes Cloak to back off and retreat.
    Sonic and Shadow encounter each other on the way to the Space Colony ARK. After exchanging dialogue (c’mon, you know what they say here) the two battle across the ARK. The battle eventually arrives in the main control room, and Sonic notices the main control panel with the Chaos Emeralds just as Eggman arrives. Sonic throws the fake Emerald at the slot just as Eggman is about to insert the Chaos Emerald. One goes in, the other clatters to the ground.
    As soon as the Emerald locks in, red warning lights flash all over the ARK. Eggman, Protegge, Sonic, Shadow and Rouge witness as Professor Gerald appears on screen in the form of a final video recording. Professor Gerald announces that the ARK will soon collide with Mobius, and the force of impact will exterminate almost all life on the planet. As this is announced, Shadow laughs evilly and teleports away.
    Tails, Amy and Topaz meet up with Knuckles, also seeing the video. Cloak arrives, saying that according to his sources back on Earth they have less than an hour before doomsday. Topaz confirms the same readings with GUN. Sonic teleports in with Eggman, Protegge and Rouge. Cloak walks in as well, with Professor Gerald’s downloaded diary. Eggman reads it and discovers that the ARK was a military attack meant to prevent Project: Shadow from falling into the wrong hands that was covered up as an accident (something Topaz didn’t know and felt betrayed about), Maria’s death and connection to Shadow, and the Professor’s vengeful feelings towards the world. Sonic, Tails, Amy, Knuckles, Topaz, Eggman, Protegge and Rouge all agree that they need to team up to stop the ARK, and Cloak points out that the best way to do that is to shut down the Chaos Emeralds using the Master Emerald. So the team devises a plan, splitting up into groups.
    Sonic, Knuckles and Protegge are to take the Master Emerald to the Chaos Emeralds’ location, using Protegge’s Egg Mobile to transport the Emerald while Knuckles activates the Emerald and Sonic takes out any foes encountered on the way. Tails and Rouge are to head to the Emergency Control Room and open the fastest route possible, while Eggman works on repairing Metal Sonic in case of an emergency situation and Cloak scouts the area ahead. Amy and Topaz are tasked with finding Shadow and either convincing him to help or getting him out of the way.
    Rouge destroys a switch keeping the control room doors closed, and Sonic’s team enters the control room… just in time to see the Chaos Emeralds be sent down to the lower area of the ARK. Cloak arrives in the ARK Core just as the Chaos Emeralds are put into position around a makeshift Shrine Isle, but Cloak is unable to reach them due to a forcefield. He flips a switch, and Tails notices one of the red lights on the Emergency Control Room turn green.
    Amy and Topaz find Shadow sulking in the Observation Room, and Amy and Topaz try to convince him to help. Topaz brings up Maria, and Shadow kicks her across the room. Amy gets in the way, asking Shadow what Maria really wanted.
    Shadow’s full memory returns.
    Tails locates three other switches that need to be flipped in order to access the ARK Core through the main doors (the Master Emerald wouldn’t fit through the air vents Cloak took). Sonic flips one in the control room, Rouge flips another in her area and Eggman and Metal Sonic break through a bunch of GUN Robots and Artificial Chaos in order to reach the last switch and flip it. Sonic’s team enters the ARK Core. The Biolizard appears, trying to stop them. Shadow appears, and battles it, giving Sonic, Knuckles, Protegge and Cloak time to get to the Chaos Emeralds.
    Shadow defeats the Biolizard, and Knuckles uses the Master Emerald and Tikal’s Prayer to stop the Chaos Emeralds. The Biolizard, making a drastic move to complete Professor Gerald’s mission, uses Chaos Control and fuses itself to the ARK - using its own weight to continue the descent to Mobius. Shadow gives up, stating that there is no way to stop the ARK now. Sonic says he’s missing something - their seven trump cards, the Chaos Emeralds.
    Sonic and Shadow transform into their Super Forms, taking on the Biolizard. They fight it all-out, eventually beating it with a Super version of their accidental fusion attack from back on Prison Island. Together, Sonic and Shadow use Chaos Control to teleport the ARK back into orbit. However, the Super energy is fading. They’re unable to make it back to the ARK with the Chaos Energy they have left, so Shadow makes a decision and returns Sonic to safety aboard the ARK with Chaos Control. Shadow falls back to Mobius, happy that he’ll finally be able to see Maria again.
    Sonic returns to the ARK, and gathers with his friends. The heroes head out, leaving Eggman, Protegge, Metal Sonic and Rouge aboard the ARK, with Eggman and Sonic vowing that next time they meet they’re back to being enemies. Eggman’s forces leave right after Sonic, as the Doctor returns to work on his next plan.
    Cloak says farewell as soon as they land, returning to parts unknown.
    Topaz provides crucial testimony that results in Sonic’s acquittal for his supposed criminal actions. She then returns to work as a GUN agent, operating as Rouge’s correspondent.
    Sonic, Tails and Amy return to the Mystic Ruins, where Uncle Chuck is relieved to see them back safe. The quartet celebrates with Chuck’s classic Chili Dogs.
    Knuckles is convinced by the Chaotix to make a sequel album to Unknown from M.E. He agrees.
    A week later, Knuckles Chaotix has made top charts again with the new album Live and Learn.
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  13. By the way, everyone, if you'd check the character list then you'll now see that quite a few characters have stars besides their names. These stars indicate that events have happened involving them that have not been covered in the timeline. These characters should be discussed in Private Conversation with me.
  14. PopeyPenguin

    PopeyPenguin Previously Mecha Who

    Sorry if this bothered you, I did not meant to. And also, I don't know why, but I understood that we could take some of your characters to help you. I am a little bit dumb, sorry...
  15. Nah, it's fine, you can still have Gamma. Anyways, is there anyone else on the character list you want to take? As soon as we get a few others, we can start.

    Oh also I forgot to list Topaz and Commander Tower. Adding them to the character list now!
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  16. But seriously, Could Theifneik appear as a boss?
  17. Eh... perhaps? Thiefnick could actually be a result of Project Chimera, now that I think about it... anyways, Frase, you should take some other characters as well. We can talk about Thiefnick in PC.
  18. PopeyPenguin

    PopeyPenguin Previously Mecha Who

    Just a quick question, will Metal talk?
  19. At the moment, Metal is mute. However, the Doctor may later decide to update Metal with a voice chip. ...that or Metal will do it himself... Anyways, still hoping you guys see fit to take more characters...
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    naw jk
    I don't know who to be now though...
    Metal Knuckles? Silver Sonic? Mecha Sonic? Shadow Android? Mecha Knuckles?
  21. PopeyPenguin

    PopeyPenguin Previously Mecha Who

    I would like to be Rouge tho. She is great.
    Another simple question, is Gamma dead right now?
  22. Well, we'll have to talk about that in PC. As you know from reading the timeline, Cloak took what was left of Gamma's main CPU to part unknown.
    And thank god we have a Rouge! All we need now is Amy Rose, Orbot & Cubot, Commander Tower, Topaz, Lien-Da, the Guardians and the Alien Chieftans. I'll take Sabre and Locke of the Guardians to fill up that list a bit more.
    I'll be Orbot, because being Cubot would be mean and wouldn't offer that part to other people.
  24. PopeyPenguin

    PopeyPenguin Previously Mecha Who

    Then I am going to take Thunderhawk tho.
  25. Cool. Might want to check up on Thunderhawk on the Archie Sonic Wikia.

    Also I just thought of the best thing, and it is now my headcanon. Whenever Eggman is busy he puts Metal Sonic in charge of watching over Protegge xD
  26. I'm also going to be taking Orbot and Cubot. In the Sonic Genesis/Sonic Chronicles universe, BTW, Protegge built Orbot and Cubot.

    Anyways, GT, since you're online mind taking some other characters? I now have a full twenty characters, so...
  28. Well, I already put down what characters we need before we start the RP. Perhaps you could take one of them?

    Also I just thought of a scene. Eggman sends Protegge to camp with other young villains but is too busy to go himself, so Metal Sonic has to go with her. She goes into the camp, Metal looks away, Omelette tries to run away from the camp, Metal grabs her and drags her back in xD
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  29. I guess... I'll take Ray and Charmy?
  30. and I'll take Amy Rose and Big the cat.
  31. ...no Guardians or alien chieftans? Sure.

    Oh BTW everyone we are going to need to talk about at least one of your characters in private convos. Check the character list - every one with a star is one we need to discuss in PC. Mind throwing those up?
  32. But I'm still not sure about the whole timeline. It says that it's temporarily closed and I can't access it. Plus I don't know anything about Sonic Chronicles..
  33. You don't need to know anything about Sonic Chronicles for the sake of the RP, and I already reposted the entire timeline.
  34. So is the whole thing gonna be the series of every single one of the parts of the timeline?
  35. No, the timeline covers what has happened in the universe so far - at least what pertains to Sonic, Knuckles, Tails and Shadow. We'll be starting the RP one month after the ARK incident, which has been listed as Season 2.
  36. Oh, alright. Is there gonna be a certain plot or are we just gonna continue with Season 3 - Or, Sonic Heroes?
  37. Season 3 does have a basic RP format which we'll be going off of, but elements from Sonic Heroes, Sonic Chronicles: The Dark Brotherhood and Sonic Battle will all be mixed into this.

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