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Sonic Chronicles: Order from Chaos (RP idea)

Discussion in 'General Role Play Discussion' started by Mechanist Gamma, Oct 4, 2016.

  1. I kinda want to start up a Sonic RP. I'm a huge fan of the series, and I'd love to see what adventures could be made from it. There are a few groups that I already have set out, but I'm going to be leaving a few characters out. If you want to RP as a character, please list the characters. I can go into more detail if anyone's interested, but here's what I have so far (Character wise);
    Sonic, Tails, Amy
    Mighty, Ray, Mina
    Shadow, Rouge, Omega
    Knuckles, Chaos, Tikal, Shade, Heavy, Bomb
    Eggman, Metal Sonic, Orbot, Cubot
    Silver, Blaze, Gold, von Schlemmer, Shard (Metal Sonic Nega)
    Sally, Rotor, Antoine, Bunnie, Nicole
    Radic, Tai, Nex, Gamma
    This may seem like a bit of a mess, but I'm not quite sure what way to go about this. If the concept of a Sonic RP sounds interesting, I'd love to have you! I want at least two other people before I start the RP. Ask about any more details you want!

    Sonic: @Eeveechu151
    Tails: @OmegaRocky
    Amy: @Icena
    Mighty: @Eeveechu151
    Shadow: @Eeveechu151
    Chaos: @Eeveechu151
    Metal Sonic: @Eeveechu151
    Silver: @Blu Ace
    Blaze: @The Ringmaster
    Shard: @Eeveechu151
    Rotor: @Eeveechu151
    Radic: @Eeveechu151
    Tai: @The Ringmaster
    Gamma: @Eeveechu151
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  2. Oh,can I reserve a spot for Tails? I've always had a fondness for him. :)
  3. Nice! I can also do a list of the characters. I'll edit the first post for that. Glad to see you're interested!
  4. Cool, cant wait. I haven't been in a Sonic RP on the site.
  5. Me neither! That's why I wanted to start this up.
  6. May I be Shadow? (I wanted Tails, My favorite but he was taken)
  7. Well, I could step down if you want tails more.
  8. Tails is more to my personality than Shadow, But the Call is yours. I am Happy with both
  9. Well then I'll step down, but I will ask for Shadow in return.

    1. Tails
    2. Shadow
    3. Silver
  10. ...well, this is awkward.

    I want Shadow for story reasons, but I can give you Silver, Blu Ace. And sure, Tails is swapped to OmegaRocky.
  11. So you said I'd be good as Blaze and Tai, right? I could be Blaze, but I kinda want to know at least something about Tai, and I actually can't find anything online. :S
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  12. Sure, I'll be Silver, although I'm still thinking off a second character, that is if I can get another character.
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  13. No prob!

    @The Ringmaster I understand the confusion, Ring, as Radic, Tai and Nex are characters I made that I have worked on for YEARS to sensibly fit into the story. Tai is a chimera made by Eggman. Tai is a hybrid between an echidna and a tenric. Her skin is pinkish, and she can have a bit of a temper. And by a bit, I mean a lot. She's also silent and stoic, and (once freed from imprisonment by Radic, Nex and Gamma) is determined to destroy Doctor Eggman. Her powers allow her to manipulate kinetic energy into pulses and bursts of energy. They grow more powerful with her rage. However, she is loyal. No one (not even herself or Eggman) know who she used to be before the experiments. She now travels with Radic, Nex and Gamma. Radic and Gamma are her closest friends, as they can best sympathize with her.
    200 years in the future, Tai awakens from a long cryogenic slumber thanks to Silver, Blaze and von Shlemmer. She was Silver's first mentor, who taught him how to use his psychokinetic abilities for battle (before, he only knew how to move objects) and even taught him a bit of her techniques. However, she was killed by Shadow the Hedgehog (while under the mind control of Eggman Nega) while protecting Silver.

    @Blu Ace If you feel like you understand the characters well, take as many as you want! Just make sure to leave some for others. And if there is anyone else I never listed but you want in the RP, just ask!

    EDIT: I changed Tai's second species to Tenric. Hedgehog is a bit too generic.
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  14. ^^Well, that would explain why I couldn't find anything about her online. xD

    I might go with Tai, but just incase, could you explain a bit about Blaze? The entire wikia website is super slow and crappy on my laptop, so it never really works for me... :|
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  15. Thanks, but currently I'll stick to being Silver, although i may grab another character later.
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  16. Sure! Also, the future is a bit different from the games so I should probably give you guys the info about the future here. I'm actually thinking of starting another RP that takes place before the main Sonic RP. (Although, it technically takes place 200 years after the RP... TIME IS CONFUSING!)

    200 years in the past...
    A fiery demon named the Ifrit was unleashed from a parallel zone. It's flaming wrath was unleashed upon the world. Many heroes fought it and failed. The Death Egg and the Ark were struck from the sky. The impact of the flaming Hyper Knuckles crashed Angel Island into the ocean. Storm Radic, Chaos Shadow and Turbo Tails, the Chosen One, all failed to stop him. The fleets of G.U.N. and the Egg Army never stood a chance. Even Perfect Chaos and Super Sonic fell to the fiery demon. The Ifrit lay waste to all. Few survived, and those who did hid and waited... hoping that someday a hero would appear and destroy the beast.

    Now, 200 years after the destruction of the world...
    The world has gotten better, but not by much. The Ifrit ravages the city ruins and the badlands. The only safe haven is the former site of Angel Island, a technological marvel known as Onyx City. The city is ruled by the Council, five mysterious individuals who hold an iron grip over the city. The most recent member, however, seems to think differently from the rest of the council...

    However, outside of Onyx City is a barren, corrupt wasteland. In the ruins of Scrap Brain Zone, there lives two intrepid explorers and survivors. Though young, their extraordinary powers have kept them alive as long as they have. One of them is Blaze the Cat, a 13-year-old pyrotechnic with the ability to manipulate any flames. Though hot-headed, she remains loyal to her cause. And the other is her friend, a 14-year-old hedgehog and the descendant of a legendary hero with unparalleled psychic abilities...

    His name is Silver the Hedgehog.
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  17. Oh, man... As cool as Tai seems, I feel like I kinda fit into the Blaze category a bit more. Having a quieter character could prove to be a bit of a challenge, so I'll take the easy way out, if you don't mind.

    Could I be Blaze, please?
  18. Quiet? Oh, no. Tai is anything BUT quiet!

    And sure, you can have Blaze!
  19. Well, then that means I can't read character descriptions for my life. xD

  20. NP! Tai is very moody and serious (just like Blaze, actually!) but is a LOT more hot-tempered and unstable. Also, depending on the time period she's one of the most powerful characters in the universe. But she is VERY outgoing and is not afraid to share her thoughts with anyone. However, she can be pretty oblivious. So maybe you'd like to take her as well?
  21. Hmmm... Y'know what? Sure, I will! I'm just afraid this'll get to be a bit much... But for now, I'll take the roles of both Blaze and Tai! :D
  22. Nice! So you'll have two "future" characters, then.

    Actually, question. Should we include the Future in the main RP or make it a separate RP? Having it in its own separate thread might make it easier to keep track of.
  23. I'm not sure yet.
  24. I'm thinking the best choice would be to have Order from Chaos and The Future in two separate threads. You guys okay with that?
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  25. So I think I'll start up the future one first. Although... I don't really have a name yet. I'll try and get some inspiration from the Sonic comics and link you guys when the thread comes out.
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  26. May I have Amy?
    I also want to know about Nex, if that's okay.
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  27. That's cool! Amy is yours! Now Team Sonic just needs a Ray.

    So Nex is actually a lynx with incredible skills with technology. He's a master mechanic and a skilled battler. He originally came from Soumerica (yes, that's a canon name) but left for Northamer (again, actually canon) on a journey. He met Radic and the two became friends. They've been allies ever since. He wears two blades on the backs of his hands, held in place by strong bracelets. The blades can be used to climb walls, jack into tech ports and bash enemies. He's pretty strong, but he's a glass canon. He built Radic's favourite ship, the Comet, and rebuilt E-102 Gamma's AI from fragments left on the first egg carrier. He's pretty cool.
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  28. Wow. . . What's his personality?
  29. Really happy and funny, but can be serious when he needs to be.
  30. Alright! Could I have him as well?
  31. Sure! Actually, question. Would you like to take Gold the Tenric or a member of the Council for the future RP?
  32. No, not really... I don't think I can take a character like that, I hate poetry too much.
    And he loves it. How could he love it?!?
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  33. Um... what do you mean, poetry?
  34. He likes poetry, and I hate it...

    It would just be too much for me to act out a character that likes something I really hate.
  35. WHO likes poetry? Gold is a HER, and she's a telepath. She comes from the Silver Saga comic series. The new one. Post-Genesis Wave.

    And I never said Nex likes poetry. In fact, he doesn't. At all.
  36. sounds fun, may i join this?
  37. Sure! Just choose who you want.

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