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Private/Closed Something Wicked in the Air (Reboot)

Discussion in 'Pokémon Role Play' started by Krisseon, Jul 21, 2019.

  1. Krisseon

    Krisseon Previously ThatMoodyHipster

    @EmoKitty21 @Merciless Medic @Retr.0 @EeviumZ @PlayfulFox47 @Eliiiscool @LunarSilvally
    Discussion Thread --- Freewrite Free-for-All


    Many strange things happened in the pokemon world. Things no scientist or researcher could explain. Things that could very easily cause chaos throughout society, wreak havoc on the ecosystem, and quite possibly even end life as they knew it. It was a terrifying thought for any normal person.

    But not for Georgie Bernard. For her, the insanity of the world was her playground, and every opportunity to witness odd happenings first hand would have her sprinting head first into whatever came with it. She was a thrill seeker through and through, and nothing could stop her when she set her mind on something.

    This time around, it was a Legend in the Kalos region. According to the locals she'd spoken with, some crazy stuff happened when someone entered the Chamber of Emptiness a certain time of the year. On the sunset that happened to spit the year in half exactly, it's said people inside the Chamber would be taken away, never to be heard from again.

    That sunset happened to be today.

    Georgie had no idea what to expect. Most likely it would be just that--a Legend. And she could go back to the people of Kalos and let them know it was all just a story. But in the back of her mind, even with her simple way of thinking, she knew there had to be more to it than that. Which is what drew her to it in the first place, she supposed. This could, however, be one of the most dangerous things she'd ever done. If it was indeed true.

    With a simple shrug of absolution and the confidence of her Flareon partner Pepper at her side, she entered the Chamber of Emptiness without a second thought...

    Inside, she found a few random items strewn about.

    A cross necklace.

    An old, dusty puzzle piece.

    A handmade necklace with many charms intertwined in it.
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  2. For a solid year, a scientist had left her home to study the phenomena behind the Cave of Emptiness. Sadly, she hadn't returned. Her family became more and more distraught as they went on for days, weeks, and months without hearing from her. Most of her family members were having nightmares about horrible things happening to her, especially one such individual with flaming locks of hair.

    His body was frequently covered in sweat when he would wake up from the nightmares and tonight was no different. He could just imagine how terrified she must be. Was she kidnapped? Maybe she was still alive and just couldn't contact them, but she would usually contact her family every other day. She would never stop contacting them for so long as she was pretty family oriented. Maybe she's-....

    No, he will not think of that! She has to be alive. She just has to be.

    After obtaining his chosen Pokemon for this mission, he set foot out of his large home and into his ranch. He didn't bother to say goodbye to his family because, in his eyes, he was going to find her and bring her back, no matter the cost. Determination and courage, as well as a bit of fear, could be seen in his eyes as he looked up at the night sky, the cool air brushing his tall and muscular frame. He whistled, and a draconic figure flew about above him before landing beside him, the flame on the Pokemon's tail illuminating enough of her body. She was also worried about her trainer's sister, as evident by the soft and disgruntled look on her face, and she was going to help him get her back.

    He climbed up on her saddle that he made for his Charizard and, after a few strong flaps, they were up in the air, flying from the north part of Mt. Moon to the Cave of Emptiness in Kalos.

    ~~~~Several Days Later~~~~

    The cool air of the oncoming night fueled the young man and his Charizard with more energy to look for his long lost sister. Maybe she got trapped in the cave and lost signal? Hopefully, that was the case. After taking a short pit stop at Aquacord Town and reviewing the notes that his sister had excitedly sent him about the cave and its weird phenomenon, he became worried. If these notes and rumors were true, did the cave swallow her up? She had this theory of it being a portal to another dimension (her and her dimensions...), but he always waved it off as her obsession and that it couldn't have been real. But maybe she was still alive, just trapped in this cave. Maybe the thing she was searching for had found her instead.

    After a good but uneasy breakfast, he recalled his Pokemon except for his Charizard and hopped on again, eager to get to the Chamber of Emptiness before it got any later. The moon was high in the sky tonight and the full phase of this moon was illuminating everything underneath it with an eerie pale glow.

    They left Aquacord Town and headed over to the cave. He saw a person enter already. Maybe they had lost other people, too. Did his sister recruit people to join her on her expedition or did they all go into the cave as they were curious and had gotten trapped? Possibly. He landed just outside of the cave entrance and slid off. His Charizard, despite her being a little winded, stayed out of her PokeBall this time. Along with her, his other Pokemon erupted from their PokeBalls. They were all worried about his sister, as she also took great care of them when he couldn't.

    His Pokemon looked about, the small silence being interrupted by the large footsteps of his Charizard, Haxorus, and Kommo-o, as well as the Kommo-o's scales clanging softly against each other. His Chandelure used Will-O-Wisp, creating little balls of blue flame and set them up around the cave's walls, shedding some much needed light. His Pyroar was sniffing the ground before he found her scent. It was an old scent, and it was hard for him to pick it out, but once he did, he found her necklace. He gingerly picked it up and walked over to his trainer, who then knelt down to inspect it. It seemed like a fine layer of dust had coated the entire thing. This wasn't like her. She wouldn't leave her necklace on the ground like this, and if she took it off, she would have cleaned it every now and then. These necklaces were sacred to them, so the state of her necklace showed that something bad happened to her.

    He held the necklace softly in his hands and stared at what he saw was the last remnant of his sister. Tears welled up in his eyes before he began sobbing. He never broke down in public, and his Pokemon huddled around him comfortingly as his tears hit the floor with loud plops. He held that necklace up to his forehead and he held on to it tightly. It seemed like his composure that he had up to this point had broken down.

    His Charizard, Haxorus, Flygon, and Kommo-o laid down around him, his Chandelure hugged him from above, and his Pyroar sat there in front of him, his head down in sadness. It seemed like all of his Pokemon were grieving with him, his Pokemon also shedding tears, as they could hear their trainer sob uncontrollably and sniffling as he rocked on the balls of his heels. She was... Gone...

    But then he remembered something from the documents he had found from his sister. Items were left behind as the person disappeared. But where could she have gone? He wiped the tears from his eyes before standing up, his Pokemon following suit. He looked down at his sister's beloved necklace one last time before wearing it around his own neck. He will find her. His tirade of tears had stopped flowing, but his eyes were still red and puffy from his sobbing. He looked about the illuminated cave and saw the other items and one other person. He felt like he knew just a little bit more about this place than most would due to his sister.

    He found the one person and he immediately began to feel sub-conscious. He must have looked so stupid crying and rocking in place, but his sister was gone. He shook out his sadness by shaking his head and arms before clearing his throat and speaking, his baritone voice echoing across the chamber as he spoke to the only person there at this time. "I am Pyroshu Darastrix, but you may call me Pyros. I traveled here because my sister was talking about this place a year ago before we lost contact with her. Sorry for that scene you saw. I don't know what came over me. Who are you and why are you here?" He asked with an inquiring tone that held no malice as he saw the Flareon by the young girl's side and he smiled at the fluffy sight.
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  3. The Dark Fairy

    The Dark Fairy Previously Eliiiscool

    Eli was walking down the road, traveling from one town to the next, he looked up and saw it was already pretty much dark. He spotted a cave and walked inside of it, preparing to be done for the night. He spotted two People, he smiled and waved, not yet saying anything
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  4. Callie stepped into the cave, her Delphox (nicknamed Blaze) walking at her side. She glanced around, looking for threats, and was pleased to see that there were none.

    Three people were already in the cavern, none of whom she knew. She went on her guard. She’d heard things about this place, so she could never be too careful.

    “Blaze, Mystical Fire,” she whispered.
    Blaze used her stick and conjured up a fire on the end, lighting the cavern around them. This made Callie relax slightly, as she could now see the people well.

    She saw a man with a Charizard and a girl with a Flareon. She couldn’t make out the third person.
    She walked up to the pair, giving a respectful nod.
    “Hello. I’m Callie Towers. And you?” she asked hopefully, wondering if she seemed too awkward.
  5. Krisseon

    Krisseon Previously ThatMoodyHipster

    Georgie turned to see more trainers had entered while she was preoccupied with the random items. The first was a tall man by the name of Pyros. His pokemon were around him, and they all looked very strong, himself included, but they also seemed troubled. He'd asked reasonable questions, so she put on a confident smile to help lighten the mood and replied, "Name's Georgie! Georgie Bernard. And, well, I dunno, this place sounded cool so I thought I'd check it out." She shrugged nonchalantly, and added with a lighthearted chuckle, "And don't sweat it. Dudes are allowed to cry too. If you want I can even help you find her!" Meanwhile Pepper looked up at the man as he smiled at him, giving a smile back. He could see the pain through the smile, and felt the need to make him feel better. He walked up to him, putting a soft comforting paw on his boot.

    Georgie smiled fondly at her intuitive partner. "I guess Pepper's taken a liking to ya there, Pyros."

    She then turned to the shy boy who hadn't introduced himself yet, giving a nod and a wave back with a reassuring smile. The third was a younger girl with a beautiful Delphox. She smiled at the two, placing a hand lightly on her hip. "Sup! I'm Georgie. Nice to meet ya."
  6. Ty walked next to his Sylveon. He was looking for this rare flower that is said to appear once a year. He held the necklace that he bought when he was in the city earlier this year. He looked up to the sky. It looked like it was going to rain. He found a small cave and walked to the entrance. He sat down on the cave floor. Sylveon laid down by him with her head in his lap.

    He must have dozed off. He did not remamber how he got into this part of the cave there were other people around as well. He looked around and noticed them talking and that there were items on the ground.

    He felt the necklace it felt warm. When he opened his eyes and looked down at the guitar necklace. It seemed ro glow with a sort of energy like it was ment to be in this place. It stopped when he stood up to take a better look around.

    He looked to his Sylveon who seemed to kind of sniff the air. She bounded over to the girl with the flareon. Ty followed trying to calm his pokemon down. When Sylveon got to the flareon she sniffed and started to try and play with her.

    Ty looked up to the Trainer to apologize when he recognized who the girl was. It was his old friend from Lavender town. "Georgie? Is that really you? I haven't seen you since we were just starting out." He looked very happy to see his old friend.
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  7. She had left her home in Alola just a few days ago in search of her brother Shadow. It was strange that he had not called her or mom about how they were doing. This concerned her because he would always call her to make sure her medical condition was doing alright. She was worried that something might have happened to him but she didn't want to think that was the case until she knew for sure.

    She had asked a friend of hers if he wanted to tag along with her to find Shadow. He agreed to it as he told her he would meet her a bit later. Her thoughts clouded her mind as she walked in a slow pace. The rumors she heard about trainers going missing in a cave called the Chamber of Emptiness seemed to catch her interest. She prayed that her brother Shadow didn't end up missing like those trainers have. She shook her head. "-No JC...don't second guess yourself...-" She thought.

    An Umbreon walked beside her, seeing the concerned look on her face. This was her partner Blue, her shiny Umbreon as she wore a blue and black flower on her right ear. She gently nudged JC to see if she was alright. She looked down to Blue under her wolf mask before she bent down to her level gently petting her. "Don't worry Blue, I am alright"she told her before standing up. She made her way down another path before she saw an entrance to a cave. "-Is this it?-" She thought until she saw a familiar young male wearing a russian blue and silver wolf mask. She noticed the shiny Yamask and Flareon beside him. "Mask?"she said calling his name. "Yami? Ember?""

    "In the flesh...."he said gently before Yami and Ember smiled at her. "Ya!" "Flare!"the girls said. "We should head inside"she said to Mask. "Is this really the Chamber of Emptiness?"she asked him. "I have a feeling it is JC..."he said to her. "Alright, lets go then..."she said before she entered inside as Mask followed close behind. Blue's rings had lit the cave up brightly to give a source of light inside. JC and Mask saw trainers up ahead as they approached them slowly. "Are you guys all trainers?"she asked as Mask remained silent.-

    @Krisseon @EmoKitty21
  8. ThePlayfulFox

    ThePlayfulFox Previously PlayfulFox47

    Kathren walked along with Candle, her Lampent, following behind her. She glanced back at the lamp-like Pokemon and smiled. Candle was picking up rocks, probably for some sort of prank. "Candle, I can see you do that," she told her friend. Candle glared at her and dropped the rocks she had picked up. Kathren rolled her eyes and saw a cave. Being one that loved entering and exploring caves due to the fact that her first true catch was inside of a cave. She entered and saw seven people already inside. "Great, I entered cave explorer centeral," she mumbled as she sat down, removed her filled grey bag, and took out a tattered, buttercup yellow journal. She opened it up to one of the later pages rummaged in her bag for a pencil or pen to write what happened so far since her last entry, which was about a week ago. She muttered something to herself due to her forgetfulness with her journal, which was to help her remember her journey for when she was older.

    Kathren hopped all of the strangers within the cave had some sense of decency and wouldn't take a peek at her journal. Candle hovered above her as she used the mechanical pencil from her bag and started to write what had happened to her the previous week, which wasn't much. Just a few wild Pokemon encounters and some hiding from Spindas, although she doubted they were a true threat to her now that she thought about it.
  9. The Dark Fairy

    The Dark Fairy Previously Eliiiscool

    Eli smiled at the pearson who waved back "It was a nice day today, I was going to sleep here tonight, don't know why ya'll are here, anyone need help" he looked around at the room
  10. The girl smiled happily, internally sighing in relief.
    I didn't blow it.. thank Arceus.
    "Sooo... I've heard that some weird stuff goes on in here. You guys know anything about that?" she asked curiously.
    After she spoke, one of her Pokeballs burst open. A Gallade appeared next to Callie, glancing around for threats. Callie chuckled lightly.
    "No, Lance. There's nothing happening at the moment."
    The Blade Pokemon sighed with relief, before moving to explore the cavern.
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  11. She glanced to the girl with the Galade before she spoke. "Yes apparently, or at least that's what the rumors say"she told her before looking at the others that she has not met before. "Trainers in this cave have disappeared without a trace and no one knows why" she added. Blue, on the other hand, walked away from JC's side for the moment as she caught a scent that seemed familiar to her. Ember had followed Blue as she caught the same scent as her as she explored the cavern a bit further with her.

    Mask remained silent listening in to JC's words. He noticed Blue and Ember wasn't at their side at the moment as he left for the moment to look for the girls in the cavern.-

  12. Alex was exploring the Santalune Forest. Exploration had always been one of his favorite things to do, even if it was somewhere he had been before. Oftentimes, there was something new to see... and if there wasn’t, well, it was always a pleasure to see the same sights and know that most people, if not all, had never seen what he had. In fact, that was what he strived for, to gather his own stories of places where people never would’ve known had he not discovered them. In a way, it’s what made him feel special. After having been randomly selected for a trip to Kalos via a radio contest, Alex had managed to fly to the region free of charge. He was no longer in Unova, but an entirely new world full of new opportunities for him, so he had begun exploring the region almost as soon as he had arrived.

    Unfortunately, he also happened to be somewhat lost. This didn’t scare him though, despite his anxiety, because he knew that he had Shisha, his Pidove, with him if he needed an eye in the sky to get back to the route. With the reassurance of the little bird, who was perched on his cap, Alex dived deeper and deeper into the ocean of green... until he came across something that he hadn’t expected.

    About twenty feet in front of him was a large, gaping hole in the rock. A cavern. For a moment or so, he simply stared at it, wondering how far he had actually gone. That’s when it hit him. On the plane ride to Kalos, Alex has studied the map, as well as a bit of folklore, just so he wouldn’t be completely lost in the unfamiliar terrain. Recalling the map was no simple task, but eventually he recognized that he had managed to travel outside the bounds of Santalune Forest and was now at the cave that had been nicknamed the “Chamber of Emptiness” by the Kalosian locals. According to stories, it was a magical cave that could supposedly warp people that were inside to an entirely new reality. Of course, with all stories, there was something that hindered people’s ability to prove it as true, and in this case it was that it only happened at sunset on a specific date.

    Sadly, Alex was unaware of that date, much less that it happened to be this day in particular. His adventurous mind ripped him from where he was standing and he quickly made his way inside. To his surprise, the cavern was full of trainers. Strong ones at that. The way he had barged in, Alex figured they had probably seen him already. Everyone appeared to be preoccupied though, so he decided to ignore the crowd. Although he was disappointed that he didn’t have the opportunity to explore alone, he didn’t refrain from walking along the wall and getting a good look at the cavern.
  13. Krisseon

    Krisseon Previously ThatMoodyHipster

    While Georgie was introducing herself to the newcomers, a Sylveon approached Pepper excitedly. He sniffed the familiar pokemon, quickly realizing who it was and got excited as well. "Flare!" He offered, happy to be reunited with an old friend. He jumped around with the Sylveon, playing along with it. The owner of said Sylveon followed, and seemed to recognize Georgie. She looked at the other, her heart skipping a beat when she saw who it was. "Oh my god, Ty! Dude, it's been so long!" She jumped at him, giving him a tight hug before playfully punching him in the arm. This boy used to be her best friend, and helped her through a lot when she was younger. She couldn't believe her luck!

    Just as the reunion came to a close, an unlikely wind picked up, whipping against them harshly. It created almost a vortex around them all, whirring harder and harder by the second. The walls and ceiling began to shake and rumble, hurling pieces of rock at them. The fire that lit the cavern blew out, and they were engulfed in darkness, just before the once solid ground below them seemed to suck them in, sending them hurdling down into an empty nothingness.

    And just as soon as it began, it ended. They landed in the same Chamber, almost as if they never even fell. The flames untouched. The rock walls undisturbed.

    Georgie's heart was going a million miles a minute. "W-what just happened..? Is.. is everyone okay?" She looked around at everyone else, confused. Did anything even happen at all, or was she going crazy? She honestly wasn't sure. Pepper was clinging to Sylveon, terrified of whatever they'd just experienced.

    "I... I need some air..." She announced, feeling a bit claustrophobic. She hurried towards the exit of the Chamber, not far from where they were, and stopped dead in her tracks as she reached it, her heart dropping. This was impossible... There was no way.. It just couldn't be, there was no way this was real.

    This... was not Route 22. It was just... gone. The Chamber was now surrounded by a dense, sickly looking forest, bathed in a light hue of greyish green. It was dark and foggy, and the air was stagnant. So still it was almost hard to breathe, as if the very forest was going against its nature, trying to take away life, instead of give it. This place wasn't right. Nothing about this was right.

    Up above, the sky was completely grey. No clouds. No sun. No moon. It was a colorless nothing, and in the center of it, a giant, menacing crystal. Held inside it was an almost unreal blackness. A void, with equal nothingness. It was emanating different hues, cast along the land they'd yet to see. Along with it, the looming feeling of dread and hopelessness that penetrated the minds and souls of those in its presence.​
  14. "The fu-"
    That was precisely Callie's reaction when the environment suddenly changed. Route 22 had.. disappeared? Everything just looked... dead.
    "OKAY. Does someone here have a Zoroark? Because this is not funny," Callie demanded accusingly. She thought she'd seen it all, and she didn't want to be wrong.
    Everything about this place felt dead and lifeless, like something dark was at work. She realized this... and she didn't like it.
    Her hand instinctively moved to her waist, to the spot where her trusty pocket knife usually was. She felt around for it, only to feel the unfamiliar feeling of nothing at all.
    Her expression turned even more confused and angry. "Now my pocket knife is gone. Great. Juuuust great."
  15. She felt the ground suddenly shake suddenly as she tried to grasp something to hold herself still but to no avail. She was about to fall as she felt a grasp of hands on her shoulder as if holding her to not fall on the ground. She looked to see it was Mask as she grasped his arm to stay standing. She felt Blue grab her pants with her mouth as she closed her eyes as she felt Ember hold on to her.

    Mask held JC's shoulders to prevent her from falling as he felt the ground shake. Yami clung to Mask's shirt collar as a sense of fear was in her eyes. JC and Mask both hand their eyes closed until the violent shaking stopped as if they never fell. They both opened their eyes, confused about what had happened. The area had changed somehow as JC and Mask could suddenly feel a very unusual tension. It was almost dark in the cavern, however, Blue's rings had given a bright source of light emulating light blue as her eyes followed emulating gold.

    Ember's had used her paw to rub the lava lamp charm that was attached to her necklace as it turned on, giving a light source to help Blue in a Phoenix color orange. JC was speechless for the moment but had felt Mask's grasping hand on her shoulder to calm her. "We are both alright? Whoever said that since I don't know any of your names..." she answered the girls with the normal colored Flareon. Mask still had a hold of JC's shoulder until he remembered he had a black cross in one of his hands he had found in the cavern that Blue and Ember found.

    Yami had calmed down once the shaking had finished as she looked around to make everyone was safe but she had floated around to each trainer to make sure. "Ya!" she said looking at all of them. Blue and Ember, on the other hand, when to check on the Flareon that had seemed frightened. "Bre..."Blue said giving a smile to Pepper. "Flare!"Ember said as her pelt was a different color compared to Pepper's.-

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  16. Ty was calm as he felt the cavern shake. He felt as if he had been here before. He felt dread and a longing that something bad would happen. He walked over to Georgie and placed his arm around the girl to confort her. "It will be alright we just need to stick together. I have a bad feeling about this place. It just gives me the creeps." Ty felt his back was lighter. He turned around and found thag his guitar was gone. He heard a girl screaming about her pocket knife. He felt a sense of awareness as he heard her statement. He would meantion his thoughts later. Well if he heard more missing their items.
  17. The Dark Fairy

    The Dark Fairy Previously Eliiiscool

    Eli finished looking around, and was about to ask if anyone else was going to set up for the night when the world suddenly turned upside down, when it finally settled down he stumbled to the mouth of the cave and tried to lean on his staff, only to realize it was missing, falling down onto the ground "Where did my staff go!?" looking up he saw that his rod was not the only thing to disappear, he started to open and close his mouth in shook
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  18. Alex had felt the wind, the shaking of the cavern, even a few pebbles that were whipped up from the vortex had hit him. But what was it? He had never heard of a phenomenon like that occurring in a cave... unless it was an earthquake and the wind had come in from the entrance? He watched as some of the others from inside the cave made their way out and decided to follow. To tell the truth, he was scared out of his mind.

    Once he was able to see the outside, his heart sunk. It was dark, but not a natural darkness like someone would expect when it became night. There didn’t appear to be a moon in the sky, nor any stars, not even the faint light of what would’ve been either Santalune or Snowbelle city were visible. Rather, there was a giant crystal that seemed to be intimidating just by its very existence. The trees around him, the ground, the sky, everything. It all seemed to be different. He wasn’t in Kalos anymore. That dumb little tale, wasn’t a tale after all, it was fact.

    After having had stood there looking at the difference in the world, Alex realized he had been holding his breath. He tried to breathe in, and felt a choking sensation. He muttered to himself “No, not now, this isn’t the right time to have a panic attack Al...” but he was cut off by his own coughing. His vision was blurred, his lungs stung, and he felt dizzy.
  19. Once she had calmed down, she felt Mask's grip release before she saw a male a bit freaked out like he was having a panic attack. She went over slowly and held one of his shoulders with her hand. "Calm down and take a breath" she told him as she seemed to glance at him under her mask as she could see Blue emulating bright light that was coming from her rings. Mask seemed to stay close with the others just in case they needed some sort of help as he felt uneasy for the moment after what had happened just now.-

  20. Pyros just watched as more people entered the chamber for varying reasons. He introduced himself several times when the others asked for it and went lost in his own thoughts about his sister. All six of his Pokemon stood behind him, contemplating on what they were going to do. They found her necklace, but where was she?

    It was at this point that the cave began to shake and a wind whipped up around them. His Pokemon began to growl and get on the defensive, while his Chandelure hid behind Pyros. Pyros covered his face to protect himself from the whipped up dust before he felt there was nothing else happening. Looking about cautiously, they found themselves in the same cave. What was this? He nodded at Georgie's question before watching her leave to the entrance. He walked outside with his six Pokemon and whatever he saw in front of him took his breath away.

    Where there was the route he was familiar with, it wasn't there anymore. Everything was changed. The trees looked gnarled and black, the sky held nothing but a giant crystal. A creepy, ominous light emanated from somewhere from beyond the fog, probably from the crystal above, to bathe the forest in front of him in a light hue. He looked closer at the crystal floating in the sky, taking the place of the sun and moon and he froze. His Pokemon began to get agitated, as if something was bothering them, too. He stood there, his eyes locked on the crystal and he could feel himself becoming lost, his insecurities coming back to haunt him, and the numbing fear that maybe he will never see his sister ever again and his family will never see them both again. It was then that he noticed a lighter presence around his neck. Feeling for the necklaces, he found his sister's, but he couldn't feel his. Looking down at his sister's necklace and the lack of his own, he began to remember the documents his sister had left behind and told him about.


    He heard other people around him having their own reaction to the transportation to another realm and the "new" Route 22. He heard a young girl saying something about a Zoroark. He just chuckled. "My sister has one. They are unable to make it this convincing, especially to change the entire Route to something as creepy as this."

    It was then that he heard coughing and spluttering. Looking over, he saw a young man struggling to breathe and someone in a mask attempting to help him. Something about it seemed familiar and he stood beside him and offered to set him down. "You okay? You look like you are having a panic attack, like my brother would have. Don't worry, I got you. I know how to help with this and we'll give you some space afterwards." He looked over at his Pyroar, who walked up and began to nuzzle the man's leg. A small purr could be heard as the large lion sat next to the man and offered his warm mane to give the man comfort.

    Now that he was done, he looked about outside and something in his brain was causing him to want to collapse emotionally and physically. It took all of his fortitude to just ignore it and not let it bother him. He had to be strong for these kids. He had to be, or else something bad could happen. He thought that maybe it was a bad idea to stay in one spot for too long, so he turned around, finding himself staring at the base of the entrance of the chamber. At least the cave held a sense of normality, as it was the same look of the entrance in the other realm.

    "After we get settled for a bit, we need to head out of this cave, stay together, and possibly look for those who have lost their items. In my sister's reports, she talked about how people will go in here on a certain time and date and they'll disappear, their favored possessions left behind. If they are still alive, they will likely still be here, and we just need to give them back their items to help them escape. I have lost my necklace, as it would be back in the chamber in the other world. Hopefully, that will allow us the ability to come back when we need to," he looked about at all the faces that were now stuck here. Hopefully, they were going to be okay being here under the pressure of the crystal.
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  21. Krisseon

    Krisseon Previously ThatMoodyHipster

    Georgie looked at Ty with wide eyes, but gave a small smile through her feelings. "Y-yeah... You're right..." She looked at the others in their varying states. There was mention of some items missing. Maybe they'd fallen somewhere when that.... well, whatever it was happened? She took a step back into the Chamber to possibly help look for them, before a memory suddenly popped back into her mind. A story one of the locals had told her about a family member who'd disappeared. All that was found was their most special item in the Chamber, and they were never seen again.

    Was that it? Were all of their items still back in... well... not here? Georgie was confused. She reached in her bag to pull out her music box. She knew exactly where it was; and now it wasn't. Her suspicions were right, and her heart leapt into her throat at the thought.

    She heard a boy having a hard time breathing, and stopped her spiraling thoughts to look in his direction. She saw that there were a few people tending to him, and she relaxed a bit. She then turned to Pyros, his explanation checking out with her suspicions as well. She simply nodded at his suggestions, not really having anything to add to it at the moment really, before turning her attention back to the boy. She wanted to make sure he was calm and feeling better before anything.

    "Hey, it's alright. I know you don't know me, but I promise we'll all figure this out together, okay?" She offered him with a reassuring smile. She stayed where she was, choosing not to crowd him any more than he already was. This was an overwhelming situation already, and an anxiety attack on top of it required proper space, patience and reassurance to get through it.

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