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solo sweeper

Discussion in 'Pokémon Games Discussion' started by lolbulbagirl, Jun 30, 2010.

  1. I have been having a huge problem with sorting out my team for fire red hmmmm.... time to go back to solo runs i think!
    I need a strong pokemon for a solo run on pokemon fire red any suggestions??
  2. Well, for an entirely solo run ... I'd suggest starting out with Charmander, then. It can learn a wide variety of moves, has naturally high stats, and can get you through a game quickly when you have one back-up pokemon and an HM-Slave.
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    Solo-runs done for speed-runs tend to, as far as I know, use Squirtle as the starter, since it's probably the most well-rounded of the starters despite suffering weakness to the third and fourth gyms (although getting Dig after Misty helps against Surge.) Charmander is the last Pokemon I'd pick on the grounds that Misty will be near-impossible to beat unless you out-level her Starmie by a tremendous margin, or catch and level-up a Grass-type specifically for her.
  4. Blastoise generally gets all the tools that are needed to succeed.
    You get Surf, Earthquake,something like Bite I guess and Ice beam.
    Thats enough coverage to beat everything, and when you solo you will be able to outlvl most threatening opponents.
  5. Mostly, I'd get a Pokemon with not to many weaknesses, balanced stats, learns pretty good moves, and high leveled. Also, you can use HM Slaves for certain things like Cut to get to the Vermilion and Celedon city gyms, Surf and Waterfall, etc.
  6. In RBY I would occasionally play through with Charmander and not add a second member to my team until I got the Eevee in Celadon City-- what I used to do was skip Misty the first time I was in Cerulean and go through the SS Anne and get HM01, which I couldn't use to get to Surge's gym. But, by this time my Charmander would usually have evolved to Charizard, who makes short work of Misty. Lt. Surge was similarly trivial with Dig.

    You can pick nearly any reasonably strong pokemon to sweep through the game with since once you're 15 or 20 levels above your opposition, all pretense of strategy or type combos all goes out the window.
  7. in pokemon red i beat misty with charizard it was level 40 i guess i went a bit over the top there

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