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Discussion in 'Pokémon Role Play' started by Shocari, Nov 7, 2008.

  1. Shocari

    Shocari Guest

    (rp in my own region: own fakemon, people, etc. To know more about the region[such as Gym Leaders and fakemon and moves], just pm me. I'll put the fakemon and region in the art thread as soon as I learn how to do that(including splicing the region or whatever its called)This also happens to be the infamous region in my fic Wounds, but for now...)

    The crisp morning air and smell of the woods brought Hunter to a happy mood. Grove Town was small, but was a nice place to live. Trees of every kind filled the surrounding area. Hunter had decided to start his journey today, five years later than most, but only because he felt he wasn't ready. All kinds of thoughts filled his mind: which Pokemon should he choose? Should he get Gym Badges, Contest Ribbons, or both? Gym Badges.

    But back to the Pokemon: Grasven, a Grass-type, Firen, a Fire-type, or Riviry, a Water-type? Firen seemed like a better choice because even though Hunter loved the woods, Fire Pokemon had drawn his fancy, and Firen's strongest form was said to be the best out of the three. Hunter looked out of his bedroom window and saw Professor Cherry walking from her house to the Lab. She was most likely getting some of the paperwork for any other Trainers that might start their journey today.

    Hunter ran out of his room, down the stairs, and outside. He didn't even bother to grab breakfast, he just ran to the Lab. As hard as it might be to pick a Pokemon on an empty stomach, the longer he delayed, the more of a chance it would be for someone else to pick Firen. Hunter had asked Prof. Cherry to keep Firen for him, but she had said that she would as long as nobody asks for it. She had every Pokemon a Trainer could start with from all five regions, but only one of each. As Hunter was pondering this, he ran smack into the door. With a painful thud he landed to the ground, clutching his face. He got up, dusted himself off, and walked inside. Prof. Cherry was at her desk, her long black hair pulled into a ponytail.

    "Good morning Hunter. Are you here for that Firen? If so, you're in luck, you're the first person here today." she said.

    "Well that's a relief." Hunter said. "I'm sure glad that I won't have to worry about getting a different Pokemon."

    "Which one would you get if you had to?" she inquired.

    "I don't know. Maybe a Torchic, or a Turtwig. No! It would definately be a Cyndaquil!" he answered.

    "The good news is that you don't have to. Here's you desired Firen." Prof. Cherry said, handing Hunter a Pokeball.

    "Thank you!" he said excitedly.

    "Wait. That's not all. Today, when you get your first Pokemon, you also get a Pokedex and five more Pokeballs." she joked. She picked up a tiny blue machine and handed it to Hunter, along with five more red-and-white balls. Hunter took the Pokeballs and attached them to his belt, and stuffed the Pokedex in his front right pocket.

    "Thanks again Prof. Cherry! Now, one question. Where's the first Gym?" Hunter asked.

    "The first Gym? That would be in Spring City. To get there, you'd have to take Rt.250 and Rt.251 until you reack Silva Town. From there, you just take Rt.251 from the south side until you reach Spring City. Heads up: the Gym Leader uses Water Pokemon." she replied.

    Thanks again, Prof. Cherry!" Hunter said. He then proceded to head outside in a calm manner. He looked around, and took in the view of the trees, wooden houses, and myriad of leaves on the ground. This would be the last time for a while that he would see home. His mom knew he was leaving, so he didn't bother to stop by. He went to the bottom of town, to the sign that said "Now leaving Grove Town. Now entering Route Two Hundred Fifty." With his backpack and Pokemon in tow, Hunter got a final glimpse and set off.
  2. Linkachu

    Linkachu Hero of Pizza
    Staff Member Administrator

    OoC: Interesting, but you're gonna have some trouble setting this up if people don't know what the Fakemon/region look like. Still having issues figuring out how to upload them? PM me about it and I can try to help.
  3. Blaze soared though the sky, with Katie, Fang and Aura on his back. Katie was stroking Fang, and holding the baby Aura to make sure she didn't fall off Blaze's back. Katie's mind wandered back to her time in Sinnoh. She had only time to get one badge, The Coal Badge, Help Riley, Catch Fang and let Aura hatch before someone noticed that she was wanted in Johto.

    "Oh well," She muttered to herself, "At least I could go there."

    She felt Blaze touch her mind, to make sure she was alright. She smiled. It was a great thing, to have one of your Pokemon be able to talk and share your thoughts.

    There's land ahead. Came Blaze's thoughts

    Katie instantly leaned forwards, almost knocking Aura off Blaze. Aura yelped in protest. Ahead was a town which she had never seen before. It was covered in Trees and plant like. The only person visible was a 15yr old running off with a Strange fire Pokemon beside him. Blaze landed near a sign. 'Grove Town, Solest Region' it read.

    Aura and Luxio barked, Blaze roared, as if to annouce thenselves to the region. The boy turned and walked towards Katie and co.
  4. Shocari

    Shocari Guest

    Hunter took Firen's Pokeball and sent it out. "Firennn!" he said happily. Hunter looked at the small Pokemon. It was simliar to a Cyndaquil in size and voice, but had a firey tail like a Charmander. It had really sharp claws and had a small fire running down its back like spikes. It would have been terrifying were it not so cute.

    A deafening roar shook the ground, startling Hunter and Firen. Hunter looked around for the source of the noise, and saw a Charizard landing. A teenage girl hopped off, including a Luxio. The girl had to be around fifteen or sixteen, and she was holding a Riolu. She had black hair in two ponytails. She was kinda pretty.

    Firen looked up at Hunter, fear in his blue eyes. Hunter looked down and said, "It's okay Firen. I don't think they're here to hurt us. I think." He walked up to the girl and extended his hand. "Hi, I'm Hunter Johnson, and this is Firen. What brings you to Solest?"
  5. Katie smiled at Hunter, but refused to take his hand.

    "I don't want to cause you any damage by accident." She explained, "Anyway, I'm Katie, and this is," incating her Pokemon, "My best friends, Blaze, the Charizard, Fang, the Luxio and Aura, the Riolu. To answer your other question, We kinda came here by accident from Sinnoh. A new reigon sounds like fun to explore!"

    Aura yipped in agreement, Fang sparked and Blaze had fallen asleep, exausted, on account of all the flying he had done. Katie smiled and said,

    "Blaze, Return."

    In a flash of red light, Blaze disappeared back into his Pokeball. Katie turned back to Hunter.

    "So where are you going?" She asked.

    "To Spring City." He replied, "That's were the first Gym for Solest is."

    Katie's eyes lit up. She loved fierce battles, and Gym leaders normally delivered just that.

    "Do you mind if we come with you?" She asked, "I wouldn't mind watching a bit of good battling. I would do it myself, but It might be unfair on the Gym leader. So, can we?"

    Hunter paused, if consitering her question, then replied...
  6. Shocari

    Shocari Guest

    "Sure. I'd be okay if you tagged along. Who knows? It might be fun." Hunter said while withdrawing his hand. He returned Firen to its Pokeball, and clipped it to his belt. The two walked down the dirt road, entering Rt. 250. The number of trees lessened, but only a little bit. Bird Pokemon flew about in the sky above and from tree to tree, merry in the lack of sounds from a big city.

    Suddenly, a wild Pokemon came out from some brush. Hunter took out his Pokedex and aimed it at the Pokemon. "Shocra," it said, "the Lightning Pup Pokemon. Special Ability: Static. Type: Electric. Shocra are capable of unleashing up to 7,000 volts of electricity in one discharge of energy. Beware of their Thundershock attack." Hunter looked at Shocra. It had blue-gray fur covering its body, bright golden eyes, and a short tail. Its ears were pointing upward. Shocra looked ready to attack.

    So it was an Electric-type, eh? It would be good to battle the Spring City Gym with it, which used Water-types. "Firen, go!" Hunter yelled, sending out his Pokemon. Firen appeared, his back erupting in flames. "Firen, use Scratch!" Firen charged Shocra, and slashed it with its claw. Shocra fell back, but got right back up and used Thundershock. Firen barely got out of the way. "Scratch again!" Firen attacked again, once more hitting Shocra.

    Hunter grabbed one of the empty Pokeballs and threw it at Shocra. The ball enclosed around it, and wiggled three times. "Awsome! I got a Shocra!" he yelled excitedly. He picked up the Pokeball and attacked it to his belt. Katie smiled.

    "What's Sinnoh like? I've never been there." Hunter asked.
  7. Katie watched Firen battle the Shocra intently. She quickly judged that the Thundershock was almost deadly for any human. When Hunter exclaimed coz he'd caught the Shocra, she grinned. A Fire VS Electric type match. Reminded her of catching Fang.

    "What's Sinnoh like? I've never been there." Asked Hunter.

    "Ummmm...," Katie began, "I've only been to a small part of it, around Calavae (Damn my inablily to spell!) City and Iron Island. Calavae City is a port City. It has a Motel, a Library, a Dock and..." She said while burrowing around in her bag, "A gym!" She pulled the Coal Badge out and showed it to Hunter, "This is the Coal Badge, you can get it from the Gym leader, Bryon, who lives in Calavae city, and he trains on Iron Island. Iron Island is really rocky and small. There's a single house on it, it was empty when I went there, and a mine. It's a great place to train." What Katie kept to herself was her time with Riley and defeating Team Galactic. He didn't ask, so why tell him?

    "It sounds pretty neat...I should go there one day."

    "I'd like to go back and see the rest of it."

    The two continued walking along, Hunter telling Katie about Solest and the Gym leaders. Katie felt rather happy. To have someone of your own kind to talk to was a great gift.
  8. Shocari

    Shocari Guest

    Katie told of Iron Island being an excellent place to train, and how she had only been to Canalave City. But judging from even that, it sounded cool. So in return, Hunter decided to tell her of the Gyms of Solest from what he had heard from Prof. Cherry and other veteran Trainers who occasionally stopped by.

    "Well, as I already said, Spring City is the first Gym. It's run by Walter, I think, who's a master of Water Pokemon. After that, is Crimson City, which is only two Routes and a Town away, which is run by Summer, a Fire-type user. To get to the third Gym, we'd have to travel almost to the other end of the region, past Glacial Cavern, to Frost City. I'm pretty sure its an Ice Gym, but I forgot the Leader's name. Then we'd have to go back through the Cavern, and take the long drop to Amethyst City, where Psychic Trainers reign supreme with Matt. Then we could go southwest to Rayca City, but I can't remember the type, but I know has Courtney. Once more, we would have to go east back through Amethyst, to Millenian City, which uses Ghost Types. If you're up to it, we could go back through Glacial Cavern so we could get to Darcovis City, which as its name implies, uses Dragons, who are even more powerful when Kai uses them! And finally, we travel back to Amethyst, and go like we would to Rayca, but instead go up to Willow City, where Ralph and his Bug-types are at home." Hunter said. He waited a few minutes to let the mass of information soak in to Katie. From her expression, she seemed amazed.

    Before they knew it, the pair had reached Silva Town. It was bigger than Grove Town, and had much less trees. People hurried to and fro, whilst young Trainers left the Trainers' School. Hunter didn't need to go there though, he had learned almost all he could from Professor Cherry.

    "Let's go to the Pokemon Center, I need to heal this Shocra." he said.

    "Sure. Besides, its also getting dark. We'll need a place to spend the night." she replied. The two walked in, and Hunter headed straight to the main desk.

    "I need you to heal my Pokemon please." he asked. The nurse nodded, and took Hunter's Pokeballs and placed them on a tray. She then took the tray to a machine and set it down. The balls glowed faintly for a few moments, then stopped abruptly. She picked them up and handed them back. "Thank you. You wouldn't happen to have a spare couple of rooms, would you?" he asked.

    "As a matter of fact,we do." she said. "Here, your rooms are up the stairs and on the left and right." The nurse handed Hunter and Katie two card keys. Hunter thanked her again and headed up the stairs. He put the key in the door and turned it, faced Katie and said good-night, to which she said as well. Hunter put his Pokeballs in his backpack, set the backpack on the floor, and just collapsed on the bed with a gentle thud.
  9. The door closed. Katie stode alone for a moment, then turned and expertly climbed out the window. The room was on the ground floor, so it wasn't dangerous or anything. Making sure Blaze's Pokeball was in her bag, she ran until there was nothing moving in sight. A last minute check for anyone, then she threw herself into her mind. It took 10 minutes to find what she was searching for, a part of her mind, surronded by a shield, and was humming with energy of a out-of-this-world kind. She begin to coax the barrier to let her though, brute force couldn't work here, and that took another 2 minutes of her time, but finally, it opened and admited her inside. She felt it flow though her veins, making her feel all powerful, like she could move a mountain. She opened her eyes, they were a brighter, more vibrate shade of purple now, and raised her hand at the nearby dead tree. It shuddered as a purple aura surronded it and then, it crumbled into nothingness. A nearby bird Pokemon squarked, and Katie threw herself at it's mind, making it do a few loops in the air, before releasing it. After what seemed like minutes (but was really 5 hours) Katie's psychicness disppeared back into her mind. She collasped and touched Blazes pokeball by accident. He burst out in a flash of White light. Seeing Katie had fallen asleep from exaustion, he lifted her gently onto his back, and took off, flying towards Sliva Town.

    "Huh?" Katie had woken up on her bed, with Fang curled up at the end, Blaze taking up most of the floor room, and Aura, asleep in the sink... (lol). Sunlight was streaming in the open window, which was also somewhat broken. Blaze. There was a knock on the door.

    "Katie! Are you up already?!?" Hunter yelled.

    "Ahhh... gimme a few minutes..." She muttered, as it was her habbit to sleep in.

    "Come on! It's 10 00!!!"

    "Ok... Coming..."

    Within seconds (*minutescough*) Katie was outside with Aura and Luxio (Blaze was outside), and was ready for the new day.
  10. Shocari

    Shocari Guest

    Hunter was waiting for Katie outside the Pokemon Center, where she eventually came out of with her Pokemon. "It doesn't look like we'll be here much longer." Hunter said. "There's really nothing here that seems even remotely interesting. So I guess we'll just head to Spring City." The statement didn't even bother Katie, she looked kind of relieved to leave Silva Town.

    The two walked down the street, heading for the route. Out of nowhere, a commotion took place behind the Trainer's School. Two big bikers were harrassing a young boy. Well, he wasn't exactly young, he was close to Hunter's age, give or take a year or two. From what it looked like, they had caught him completely off guard. The bikers took his Pokeball, slugged him in the gut, and started to run off.

    "Hey, give that guy back his Pokemon, or you'll have me to answer to." Hunter said, trying to sound brave. The bikers stopped and turned around. They were probably thinking if this little punk just gave them an order. A smirk crossed each of their faces.

    "Now hold on just a minute, shrimp. You ain't tellin' us to do anything, you hear?" one of them said.

    "Yeah. Now we can do this the easy way or the hard way." the other said. Hunter kept looking right at them. "Okay. I guess it'll be the hard way."

    The two of them sent out a Pokemon: a Pokemon that looked like a Machop, only it had black skin, green eyes, and white stripes on its face and chest, and a Geodude. Hunter aimed his Pokedex at the Machop-thingy. It said, "Darpyos, the Training Pokemon. Special Ability: Guts. Type: Dark/Fighting. Darpyos like to train by fighting anything, even something 20 times its size. Darpyos have a strong pride and therefore do not give up easily."

    Hunter sent out Shocra and Firen. "Firennn!" and "Shooocra!" were yelled, showing that they meant business.

    "Okay Firen, use Ember on Darpyos! Shocra, use Leer on Geodude!" Firen spat out a small flame towards Darpyos, who dodged it like it was nothing. Shocra glared at Geodude, startling it a little bit.

    "Geodude, use Rock throw on that puny Shocra!" the biker on the left said. "Darpyos, hit that Shocra with Mach Punch!" his buddy said. The Darpyos moved faster than lightning, hitting Shocra hard. Shocra fell back, and before I could say anything, Geodude had grabbed a good-size rock and chunked at Shocra, who took even more damage. Shocra collapsed to the ground.

    "Shocra!" I cried as I returned him, stopping further harm. "Firen, nail that Darpyos hard with Quick attack!" Firen lunged at the opponent, who proceeded to use Mach Punch. Firen narrowly avoided and turned around. "Ember at max power!" Firen shot out a much larger flame than last time, which hit Darpyos from behind. Darpyos was still standing, and had a lot of energy left.

    Meanwhile, the kid had grabbed his Pokeball off the first biker's belt. He asked, "Could I be of any assisstance?"
    (OOC: nows a perfect time for another person, because an rp with only two people...well, you know)
  11. (OOC: Perfect! Hope you don't mind if I join? And uh, could you PM me a bit about the RP?)


    A biker had just stolen Joey's Pokeball, which held inside his favorite Pokemon. A boy that looked maybe a few years younger than Joey had approached him and had sent out two Pokemon, Joey recognised them as Firenn and Shocra and the two bikers had sent out Darpyos and the other a Geodude. The young males Shocra had been knocked out.

    "Could I be of any assistance?" Joey questioned. Joey threw his Pokeball loosening his grip that was covered by a pair of black fingerless gloves, the sphere shaped object hit the ground, releasing a scarlet red light in the shape of a Charmander, the beam materialised and stood a small orange lizard Pokemon with a flame at the tip of its tale, it had strange markings that they wouldn't usually have and Joey still hadn't figured out why.

    "Charmander, let's start off with Metal Claw on Geodude!" the crystal blue eyed youth had called out, determined to win.

    His ebony black hair being blown about by the wind, he thought it wasn't a great day to be wearing a pair of three quarter lengths and a T-shirt, he pulled on his black cap to make it so his hair would stop blowing about.
  12. Charmander raced forwards, claws glowing, blue eyes narrowed. Geodude tryed to dodge, but the metal claw hit full on. Snarling, the bikeys ordered their Pokemon, to attack... The seemingly harmless and weak girl standing next to Hunter. Seeing both Pokemon racing towards her, Katie grabbed one Pokeball and tossed it into the air.

    (Yeah, I know I could blast them out of the way, but I'm saving Katie's abilities for a more dificult time)

    In a flash of white light, Aura burst out of it, singing (errrr...). The bikers sniggered, and Katie yelled,

    "Aura, Aura Sphere!"

    Aura made a blue/green ball of her aura, a move that was normally only learnt by Lucairos, but somehow Aura was stronger than a normal Riolu. Aura threw the ball of aura, and it hit the Geodude directly on the head. Aura then lept forwards to take advantage of the stunned Pokemon, and Force Palmed the Geodude. It fainted. Aura looked somewhat proud. Then all 3 Pokemon turned to face the Darpyos, who was growling at all 3 at them.

    "Metal Claw!"


    "Aura Sphere!"

    "Vital Throw!" One of the Bikers roared.

    Firen started to puff up his mouth, before relaseing a small blast of fire, which hit Darpyos on the foot. He ignored it. Charmander charged towards Darpyos, with shineing claws, and slashed the Pokemon on his head. This time, Darpyos faltered, but still grabbed Charmander around the neck, and threw him at Aura who was launching a Aura Sphere, but hit Charmander as Charmander crashed into Aura from the Vital Throw. Aura and Charmander struggled to get up, and Darpyos gloated, completly forgeting about Firen. Firen raced forwards, seiseing the moment, and used Ember on max power, using the bright sunlight and his fire type ability to give a more powerful attack. It caught Darpyos off guard, causing him to topple and fall. Aura lept forwards, and dispite her low HP, started to exchange blows with Darpyos. Charmander and Firen then both embered at the same time, making a small flamethrower. Aura had jumped into the air to land a Mach Punch, when the combined Embers hit Darpyos squarely in the chest. He howled in pain. The fire cleared and her seemed ready to kill because of takeing so much of hit HP, but gravity took effect and pulled Aura back to earth, making her gracefully land on his head, which she slamed her fist into. Darpyos swayed, overcome with faituge, before falling down and not getting up again. The bikers withdrew the knocked out Pokemon, and fled. Aura barked at them, as if saying, "And don't you dare come back!"
  13. (OOC: Hey, I hope you don't mind if I add a little twist?)

    The girl that was standing at the sidelines had helped out with her Riolu, Joey heard the name Aura being called out a couple of times.

    "Thanks back there, if you guys hadn't showed up, I wouldn't have been able to get my Charmander back!" Joey exclaimed.

    In the distance, he could hear one of the bikers shouting and saw him throw the Pokeball on the floor, smashing it to pieces. A blue light was released instead of a red, taking the shape of Darpyos. The small Pokemon ran towards the trio in tears.

    "Hey, you can't do that!" Joey called out. "Darpyos, how about you come with me? You'd be a good addition to my team, and I might be able to make you stronger then they could!"

    Darpyos let out a small cry of happiness but had gotten into a battle pose.

    "So you wanna battle huh? Your on! Lets go Charmander! Start off with Ember!"

    Joey threw out his Pokeball, releasing the small lizard Pokemon.

    Charmander breathed in and released a small flame, hitting the Darpyos in the chest, it tried to dodge but it was too slow.

    The small Training Pokemon's fist started to glow and he started running towards Charmander, aiming for his stomache with his Mega Punch attack.

    Charmander jumped back, biting the dark skinned Pokemon on the neck.

    Darpyos let out a cry of pain and jumped back once Charmander had let go, it charged up a sphere of dark energy and fired it towards Charmander, skimming his leg as he tried to jump out of the way.

    "Okay Charmander, use a Dragon Rage attack!"

    The small orange lizard Pokemon opened its mouth wide and started charging up a small sphere of electricity and fired it towards the Darpyos.

    The attack hit head on, knocking the small Pokemon to the ground.

    "Okay, now your mine!" Joey said, digging into his bag for an unused Pokeball, threw the small red and white sphere towards the Training Pokemon, sucking it inside.

    The Pokeball wiggled once, twice and a third time!

    Joey jumped up in happiness, he ran over to the Pokeball that held inside his newly caught Darpyos. He picked it up and released the Training Pokemon.

    "Sweet, I just caught a Darpyos, a new addition to my team and one step closer to becoming the Pokemon League Champion!"
  14. (OOC: for any of you mods out there, I started this topic. Just lettin ya know. PM for the details)

    Hunter looked at Joey, who was picking up his freshly caught/stolen Darpyos. He seemed happy, and so did Katie. "Well Katie, it looks like we've found what could possibly be either a friend..." Hunter said.

    "A friend or what?" she asked.

    "A friend or a rival." Hunter finished. "He might make a pretty good opponent were he one. I'd battle you but I think I'll let Firen and Shocra rest for a bit."

    "That's fine with me." Joey said.

    "I'm gonna grab some food. You guys wanna come with?" Hunter asked.
  15. A friend or a rival." Hunter finished. "He might make a pretty good opponent were he one. I'd battle you but I think I'll let Firen and Shocra rest for a bit."

    Although Katie seemed fine on the outside, the word rival caused her gut to stir and fill her with worry. She had a rival who wanted her dead. She didn't need another.

    "That's fine with me." Joey said.

    "I'm gonna grab some food. You guys wanna come with?" Hunter asked

    "Yummmm..." Katie grinned "I could do with some food, and so could Blaze, Fang and Aura."

    "I will too." said Joey.


    After devering food of there choice with their Pokemon, all 3 of them left Silva Town, heading to Spring city. Katie remained silent for an hour, her mind wandering absently. Joey and Hunter were talking non stop. A presence alerted her. There was someone, or something watching. She thought that in the shadows of those trees, she could see a pearly white Pokemon, large, with curved horns. It looked at them with it's black eyes, then faded into the shadows. Scared, Katie released Blaze incase that Pokemon decided to attack. It looked ready to kill.
  16. (three guesses what that is ;D)
    After filling their stomachs to the point of bursting, the trio left the restaraunt and left Silva Town. Hunter and Joey began jabbering away non-stop about Solest and their plans for the future. "I wanna be Champion!" Hunter said.

    "No way! I'm gonna be Champion!" Joey countered.

    "Actually, I've heard stories about the current Champion. None of which are good." Hunter said.

    "Like what? It can't be that bad." Joey asked.

    "I heard that he kills people just because they're there and that he can. Also, he has a demon for a Pokemon, that takes battles too far on purpose." The last statement seemed to creep Joey out a little bit.

    Aura, meanwhile, was just staring off into the woods. She sent out Blaze. It was kinda weird.

    "Katie? You alright? Is there something in the woods? You look like you've just seen a ghost or something." Hunter asked, concerned.
  17. "There's..." She whispered, "A...Pokemon over there..." She said, pointing to the shadows and trees. "I thought it was an Absol...but...Absols don't have horns do they?" She laughed nevervously.

    Don't worry Katie. Blaze's reasuring thoughts came to her. If he tries to attack, he'll have me to deal with!

    Blaze growled at the shadows in a stay-away-if-you-know-whats-good-for-you way. There was a snarl from the Shadows, and a man and his Absolish Pokemon.

    "Hello there." He said in a dangerous voice, "I see you've seen my Absolean." He gave them all a look, and addressed Katie, "How did you know we were there? No one's ever noticed before."

    "I saw your Absolean's fur...It's like moonlight." She instantly lied.

    He looked angry and Absolean growled. "Don't lie to me girl!" He roared.

    Katie shrunk back. This guy was scarier than Clair, and that was saying something.
    (OOC: DarkPokemonTrainer, beware.)

    "Don't lie to me girl!" the man who came out of the trees had yelled. He had a Pokemon that looked like Absol, but what was it? Absolspleen? Absolclean? Absollean. That was it. Hunter took a closer look. It was much bigger than an Absol, with four wickedly curved hornish blade things. Its eyes were pure black, and they cast the feeling of looking through you...right at your soul. Hunter knew who this was.

    "You're the Champion of the Solest Region!" he blurted out.

    "Yes I am. My name is Troy. I see you've already become acquainted with my pet(he indicated his demonic beast of a Pokemon)." the man said. He stared at Blaze with a smile. Hunter would have been surprised if he didn't laugh.

    "Do you think you can even compare with Absollean? I'd be pretty astonished if you're Charizard could see even a glimpse of it." Troy smirked.

    "Firen, go!" Hunter yelled. His little fire-starter looked up and saw Absollean, then ran behind Hunter. Troy just laughed manaically.

    "From the look of your Firen, I would guess that you just started your journey." The comment tore through Hunter's mind. How did he know? "Judging from the look of your female friend, I would guess that she's not new to Pokemon, but..." he trailed off, looking into Katie's eyes.

    "She finds me scary. She wonders if I'm psychic. Well, I'm not. I've just learned how to tell people's thoughts by reading them. It helps to sort out the liars."

    Joey stood rooted to the spot, so it seemed. "Don't worry little boy, I'm not going to harm you three. I'm merely interested in your progress. I'll have my people watch you, if not myself." he turned around towards the woods.

    "Just one question though." Troy said. "What are Pokemon to you? Are they friends-loyal, willing to sacrifice themselves for you if need be. Are they servants-slaves to our will and command? You decide. As for me, they are merely manifestations of our emotions, with each trainer catching a Pokemon that matches a certain part of themselves." And with that, he walked off, Absollean following.
  19. Troy and Absollean disappeared back into the shadows. Katie realised that she was holding her breath. She forced herself to breathe again.

    "He's...He's the CHAMPION?!?" Katie cried, a bit of hiseria in her voice. "Cynthia was so kind... So were the others..."

    "Yeah," came Hunter, "His seemingly ruthless nature normally nerves the trainer he's facing, and well, that can be really helpful if the oppenent makes ruthless decisions because of it." He too seemed somewhat nerved by Troy's appearance.

    Katie looked to where they had disappeared, she could still sense their presence.

    "Lets go..." She muttered. "I don't want to run into him again..."

    Joey and Hunter agreed, and they all left as quickly as they could.
  20. (OOC: Hey, Darpyos wasn't stolen! Hehe lol, anyways that guy seemed scary.)


    A man had just approached the trio, accompanied by a dark looking Pokemon, although its name had been mentioned a couple of times, Joey didn't catch a word of what they were saying, but Joey did hear one thing, it was a question.

    'What are Pokemon to you? Are they friends-loyal, willing to sacrifice themselves for you if need be. Are they servants-slaves to our will and command? You decide.'

    Joey couldn't get it out of his head, it had drove him crazy in the minutes that they had been walking.

    "Hey, do you think your Pokemon are ready for a battle yet? My nerves feel like they just cracked, I gotta have a battle!" Joey said questioningly, he really wanted to batlle.
  21. The trio had only ran a short distance away from the freaky Champion when Joey asked, "Hey, do you think your Pokemon are ready for a battle yet? My nerves feel like they just cracked, I gotta have a battle!"

    "Sure, I guess. As long as Troy doesn't show up and try something." he replied. Which Pokemon to use? Joey had Charmander and that super-strong Darpyos, Hunter had Firen and Shocra, which he hadn't had that long. It would have to be Shocra. Spring City was close, and the Gym was Water, a total disadvantage for Firen.

    "Go, Shocra!" he yelled. His little blue-gray mini-wolf had come out with a spark of electricity that circled its body a few times. Shocra looked at Joey, not knowing what to expect.

    "I choose, this one." his opponent responded.
  22. Hunter had accepted Joeys challenge. Hunter sent out Shocra, the small wolf like Pokemon looked up at Joey. He thought it was kind of cute

    "Okay, I choose this one, lets go Darpyos! Start off with Shadow Claw (OOC: Please tell me he can learn that hehe) then a Vital Throw!"

    Darpyos' fist was covered in a thick black aura, he charged towards the Pokemon that stood opposite him, Shocras blinked twice, Hunter calling out a command.
  23. (as a TM)

    Darpyos charged forward with a shadowy aura around his fist, aimed right at Shocra.

    "Use Thunder Wave to slow it down!" Hunter called. Shocra crackled with electricity, and shot it at Darpyos. A faint sound of the crackling of lightning filled the air. But Darpyos was the quicker, altogether avoiding Thunder Wave and still heading to Shocra.

    "Use Thundershock!" Darpyos' fist got within a hairsbreadth from Shocra, but Shocra still had enough electricity left over from Thunder Wave, knocking Darpyos back a little ways with a small burst of electric charge. Katie just watched, not knowing who to root for.

    Darpyos stood up, a tad bit phazed. Joey called out an attack this time.
  24. (OOC: Okay, PM me which moves he can learn hehe.)

    Shocra had fired a Thundershock at Darpyos, he was knocked down but had gotten up, he looked a bit dazed.

    "Okay, lets use a Megapunch, follow up with Low Kick!"

    Darpyos' fist glowed white, charging up to Shocra yet again, his foot glowed at the same time, it looked as if he was running faster but he couldn't have been.

    Katie stood at the sidelines, she looked like she had no clue who to root for, he was hoping that in her head she was rooting for him.
  25. Although there was a great battle going on, Katie couldn't concentrate on it. Troy and Absollean had scared her out of her wits. Why? Because she had only sensed Absollean. Troy wasn't really living. That was what had freaked her. She knew that if Troy decided to show up alone, she wouldn't be able to get out of there.

    (Back to the Battle)

    Shocra sparked up, snarling as Darpyos raced forwards, before getting hit with Shocra's powerful Thundershock. Katie could imagine stars going 'round the Pokemon's head as he stood up, dazed.

    "Okay, Let's use Megapunch! Then Low Kick!" Joey yelled.

    Darpyos snarled, and his fist and foot glowing pure white, racing towards Shocra, who looked at Hunter as if saying "Whatta I do?". Katie found this rather amusing. Suddenly, for no reason, It kicked in without Katie searching for it. That was weird.

    "Oh well." She muttered to herself. "Might as well use it."

    She reached into the nearest persons mind, who was Joey. He seemed to hope she was rooting for him. This was also, rather amusing. She couldn't help but laugh aloud. Both boys looked at her weirdly for a moment, before continuing to battle
  26. Katie randomly started laughing. Both Hunter and Joey looked at her strangely, causing her to abruptly stop. Shocra looked at Hunter like "What should I do?" The expression was cute, until...

    Mega Punch hit dead-on. Low Kick would have hit, but Shocra was no longer on the ground, instead being in the air a few feet up. Shocra landed on all fours, like a cat-like creature would, but was a little off-balance from the ferocity of Mega Punch.

    "Use Quick Attack!" Shocra sprinted towards Darpyos faster than the human eye could catch, but had quite a bit of distance to cover. Darpyos didn't even seem to see which way Shocra went.
  27. "Shocra, use Quick Attack!"

    The small electric type Pokemon glowed a blinding white light and lunged towards Darpyos at an extreme speed, there was quite a distance between them though, but Joey still had to think fast.

    "Okay, Darpyos, when Shocra gets close, use a Megapunch on him and take the hit!"

    Shocra grew nearer and nearer, Darpyos's fist glowing brighter and brighter, getting stronger by the second, Shocra was near and ready to tackle into Darpyos.
  28. Shocra grew closer and closer to Darpyos. Darpyos swung its Mega Punch, but Shocra was too fast, and ran straight into a tree.

    "Shocra? Are you okay?" Hunter asked. The tree replied with a faint, "Cra." Shocra tried to pull free, and eventually wound up getting out and rolling a short distance. He walked up to it. Shocra was out cold.

    Hunter returned Shhocra to its ball, before asking Joey, "Two-on-two, or what?"
  29. Shocra had been knocked out cold, Joey was pleased to have won, but he hoped Shocra was okay.

    "Two on two or what?"

    "Firen and Charmander? I don't know whether it would be a great idea, I mean, Charmander's alot stronger than normal Charmanders'. But if you're sure, lets go!"

    He launched his Pokeball through the air, releasing the powerful Charmander.

    "Lets go Charmander! We can do this!"

    The small fire type Pokemon stared blankly at Hunter.
  30. So his Charmander is stronger than a normal one, eh? Hunter was up to the challenge.

    "Firen, go!" he called, sending out his own Fire Pokemon. Firen stared at Charmander for a little bit, then tilted his head to the side like a child wondering what would happen if he were to proceed. The spine of fire on Firen's back flared up. He seemed to be ready as well.

    "Okay Firen, Charmander's Fire, so let's not use a Fire attack. Use Scatter Burn!" Fire grew around Firen until he was no longer visible. The fire disappeared shortly after, signalling that Firen's speed had increased.

    Joey and Charmander watched the move with interest, and then declared an attack.
  31. "Scatter Burn, huh? I've never heard of that, anyway, Charmander, keep using Slash, full power and don't let up!"

    Charmander charged towards Firen, claws glowing, his mouth made a slight snarl as he grew closer closer, ready to strike.
  32. Shroca lay on the ground, unmoving.

    Hunter's going to have to give Shroca a rather large training session. Even in a water type gym, it might be a little hard to win without some training... Blaze commented.

    Yeah, I think we might be able to help. Katie replied dryly.

    Hunter and Joey then released both fire Pokemon, Firen and Charmander. Charmander burst out, growling, challaging Firen, who came out of his Pokeball and looked weirdly at Hunter.

    "Scatter Burn!"


    Firen burst into flames for a moment and then they subsided, while Charmander raced over, claws glowing, snarling. Charmander lept upwards, and at the last moment, Firen used his new speed boost to dodge and headbutt Charmander on the head. Charmander hit the ground, dazed. Firen looked smug. Charmander jumped up again, much to Firen's dismay, and growled angryly.
  33. With what had just happened made Joey think strategically, he thought that if he used Dragon Rage and Scary Face, he might of had an advantage.

    "Okay Charmander! Lets retaliate with Scary Face and Dragon Rage!"

    Charmander nodded in agreement. His eys turnt into a demonic red and he had dark scowl on his face, enough to scare a child to death.As he was doing so, he charged up a dark ball of purple fire.
  34. Scary Face and Dragon Rage? This could turn into a problem quickly. With slowing Firen down and releasing a move that could be devastating, there could be no mistakes in what to do next.

    "Firen, use Ember to light the ground around Charmander on fire! Don't let it see you!" Hunter called. Firen did as instructed, and started with the ground right in front of Charmander. Being stricken with Scary Face didn't help matters much, but at least Firen was able to move.

    But things didn't look as well as Hunter thought. Dragon Rage was charging fast, and might even be released soon. That ring of fire needed to be completed quickly.
  35. Hunter had commanded Firenn to use Ember on the grass in front of Charmander, Joey had to think of something and quickly.

    "Charmander, that should be enough energy for the Dragon Rage! Release it, then get ready for Rage!"

    Charmander fired the purpley-green blast of energy at Firenn whilst begginning to glow, charging up Rage, waiting for Firenn to attack.

    Joey was thinking who would win or lose, but secretly he hoped he would win, or atleast hoped it would be a draw.
  36. Too late. Dragon Rage was shot off like a cannon, rapidly approaching, yet it amazingly was lost in the semi-complete ring of fire.

    "Firen, use Scatter Burn to hide Scratch!" Hunter called. Firen burst into flames, its speed rising. It surged forward in a burst of flame, raised its claw, and went for it.

    Charmander was just beginning to charge up Rage, but the unexpected attack startled it. Joey gave the attack command.
  37. Should I use the secret tactic? I don't wanna hurt Firenn too much, he is Hunter's Pokémon and all. I'll have to try.

    "Charmander, jump over the ring of fire and get him with a Metal Claw and blast him with a Dragon Rage!" Joey ordered.

    I hope I don't hurt him too much.

    Charmander leapt over the blazing ring as his right claw started glowing a metallic colour whilst he started charging up a Dragon Rage.
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  38. Metal Claw and Dragon Rage?! That was an insane choice. Did Charmander even have enough energy for that? Only one way to find out.

    Both combatants attacked, both of the claw attacks hitting their mark. They sped past each other, then came to an abrupt halt, proceeding to turn around and face each other. Both Charmander and Firen looked into each other's eyes and breathed heavily, having already used up much energy. They suddenly collapsed on the spot, leaving the two Trainers surprised.

    After seeing that neither was getting up, Hunter said "Looks like a draw. Hmmm. Guess we both won and lost!"

    Katie just stared at the two Pokemon, thoughts running through her head. But after a closer inspection, Hunter decided that she was apparently not looking at the fallen battlers, but was in fact staring off into space.

    "Katie, is there something on your mind?" he asked.
  39. The battle was over. The two Fire Pokemon had drawn. But Joey was more the winner than Hunter, because he had knocked out Shroca. But Katie wasn't paying attention. Renge and his Absollean were dancing around her mind.

    I need to become stronger...

    We all do... Blaze muttered

    "Katie, is there something on your mind?" Hunter asked.

    "Huh? Oh, nothing. Although... Hunter, you will need to give Shroca a major training session before the gym."

    "Shall we get going then?" Joey inquired.

    "We better," Katie said, "It will be dark soon, and we want to make as much progress as possible."
  40. The sun set after about a half-hour. The three made camp in a tiny clearing off of the road. They had an amazing view of the stars, which shined all the brighter with the lack of city lights.

    After eating a small meal, the trio went to sleep...except for Hunter. He slowly made his way to somewhere around five minutes away from camp to a small pond. Hunter sent out Shocra in a flash of red light.

    "Shoooooo." he yawned. Shocra's bright golden eyes glowed in the moonlight.

    "Listen Shocra. We're gonna be at the next gym soon, and I want to make sure that we can win. How d'you feel about some practice?" he asked.

    "Sho!" it said excitedly.

    "Okay!" Hunter placed the small bucket he had in his hand in the pond and scooped up some water. "Shocra. Use Thundershock on that tree and light it on fire."

    Shocra crackled with electricity, then sent a small charge at the tree. Nothing. "Ummm. Try again?" Shocra did again, but still nothing. "Focus most of your energy into it this time." Shocra fired off another Thundershock, and the tree ignited! Hunter threw some water on it to put out the flame, not wanting to cause a forest fire.

    "Way to go, Shocra. Now keep doing that on some other trees." Shocra obeyed, and each time created a small fire that was instantly doused by Hunter.

    "Shocra!" it cried triumphantly. The bushes behind them rustled, startling Hunter, who instantly thought of Troy's Absollean.

    "Wh-who's th-there?" he stuttered.

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