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Sole Searching

Discussion in 'General Role Play' started by Picnicker Virgil, Mar 21, 2008.

  1. "We're going to the beach."
    "Ok, have fun."
    "You're coming with us.."
    "I don't want to."
    "Come on, Virgil. What else are you gonna do?"
    "I just don't wanna go. I went to the beach with you guys last time."
    "Rrrrg. Fine. You never do anything with us."

    Diana made sure to slam the door on her way out. Virgil sighed, relieved that he got out of going to the beach. He was home alone, that didn't happen often. "What am I gonna do..." Virgil asked himself aloud, one of the things he enjoyed about being home alone was that he could talk to himself and no one would know. Virgil understood why the others had gone to the beach, there was nothing to do here. He would have gone, too, but he knew it would be a repeat of what happened last time. Everyone using their Sole Powers, as always. Virgil had tried to join in their fun by performing some Telekinetic tricks but any time he did something and one of his siblings noticed they would do it as well, as if they somehow wanted to prove they could do it too. As if he didn't know. Virgil was angered just at the thought of what happened last time. He longed to discover his Sole Power. He was getting desperate now. Even Arthur and Lacey had their Sole Powers, why not him? Virgil punched the wall of the house, hurting his hand. "Ah!" He yelped in pain. He had forgotten the house was made of hard clay, clay that hurt when you struck it. The ground began to burn Virgil's bare feet. One of Glenda's enchantments, she had fixed the house to detect any threats and take care of them. "Ow!" Virgil yelled loudly as he hopped towards the door, which swung open and closed quickly, hitting him on the rear and causing him to fall face first into the dirt.

    Kicked out of his own house. Virgil's eyes began to water and he could feel blisters forming on his feet. He held back the tears that were forming in his eyes and tried to get up. "Ahhh..." He hissed as pain shot from his burned feet. He almost leaned on the house for support before remembering what had just happened. Wiping his eyes, Virgil looked to the door. No doubt it had locked itself, he wouldn't be able to get back in until Glenda allowed him. Virgil uttered one last, "Ow." as he began to walk, he had no where to go but anywhere was better than here, he figured. As he walked, Virgil imagined himself discovering his Sole Power. This was something he often thought about, especially now that Lacey had discovered her power only a few months earlier. He pictured himself with a fun and strong power. One that came to mind was the forming of Psi balls. A kid in his class, Mark, had this power and used it often. He would cup his hands together and in a few seconds a glowing ball of energy, the color up to him, would appear between his palms. The energy was powerful when thrown, but harmless if he wanted it to be. Virgil smiled as he thought of himself possessing such a power. He cupped his hands together and focused hard. Nothing happend, naturally. He hadn't expected much. He wished he could know when he would discover his power. Of course, no one did. It could be years before signs of his power showed up. He thought about a story he had heard about a man that discovered he could become invisible, only to die minutes later. Virgil shuddered and hoped that wouldn't happen to him. Maybe he had his power all along and didn't notice. He thought back to a different story he heard, one about a pair of twins. A Mother witnessed one of her 3 month old twin babies suck the other inside, later realizing the baby posessed the power to clone himself, and had done so in the womb out of loneliness. A leaf crunched under Virgil's foot, snapping him back to reality. Virgil looked up and was suddenly aware of his surroundings. He was in the forest by his town, the one apparently home to bandits of all races. Virgil gulped, he had no idea how to get back to town. How had he wandered this far? Straining his ears, he could hear a stream nearby. The stream! That's how he would get back, the stream ran right into town, he would simply follow it and it would take him back. Hopefully, he wouldn't encounter anything on the way...

    Virgil began a sprint towards the sound he recognized as the stream. He could hear it close, now. The sound got louder, the stream was definetely nearby. Virgil stopped suddenly. He thought the rushing current had somehow paused for a brief second. "No..." Virgil uttered a second too late. As he feared, a Water Troll jumped out from behind a tree and grabbed him. "Let me go!" Virgil screamed. He had been tricked, Water Trolls could immitate the sound of a stream easily and often used this talent to trick stupid kids. Stupid kids like him. Virgil was scared, more scared than he had ever been. "Wriggly little fella, ain't you?" The Troll taunted, referring to the fact that Virgil was squirming to get free. Virgil felt about to cry. "Let me go!" He repeated, softer this time as his realization of what might happen to him kicked in. "Let's see whatcha got in this here baggayurs." The Troll laughed as he grabbed Virgil's bag. "Gimme that!" Virgil demanded as he was shoved aside by the Troll, who was struggling to open the bag, which was enchanted and could only open when Virgil wanted it to. And right now, he didn't want it to. "Stupid..." The Troll muttered as he pulled hard to open the bag. "It's no use, just give it back." The Troll looked up, as if remembering Virgil was there. "Aw well, not a total loss. Gots me a free supper, I say." The Water Troll stated as he began to approach Virgil, smacking his lips. He was going to be eaten. Virgil gave a weak whimpering sound, causing the Troll to laugh. "H-Help!" He tried, but his voice cracked as he tried to shout and he could barely even hear himself. "You're all aloooonnnneee." The Troll teased. Virgil thought hard what to do. Nothing came to mind. Maybe Dino would come and save him? Dino was strong, he would easily pound the Troll to a pulp. Virgil clung to the thought of Dino teleporting where he was and fighting off the Troll. He pictured Dino, appearing in front of him and the Troll and telling it to back off. Virgil had now been backed into a tree and the Troll was laughing menacingly. Virgil closed his eyes, hoping that would make the pain of having his limbs ripped off one by one by powerful jaws less agonizing. Suddenly, the sound of the approaching Troll stopped. Virgil opened his eyes, his jaw dropped. Dino was standing between him and the Troll. Exactly how he had pictured it. 'Back off.' Virgil pictured him saying. "Back Off." Dino said. The Troll dropped Virgil's bag and ran away, fast.
    "Dino!" Virgil said running to face his brother. "You have no idea how perfect your timing was! How the heck did you know, anyways?" Virgil asked all at once. Dino remained silent. Virgil's relieved smile quickly faded as he noticed the lack of expression displayed on Dino's face. "Dino?" He asked. Virgil reached out a hand slowly to touch his brother. "What the..." Virgil said. His hand had gone through Dino completely. Suddenly, Dino dissappeared. He hadn't teleported, that was obvious. He had simply...vanished. Virgil felt alone again. He kept picturing Dino. Suddenly, Dino appeared again, in the same spot he had been standing moments before. Virgil was amazed. "Did I do that...?" He asked himself. He quickly imagined Dino dissappearing again and surely, Dino did. Virgil smiled to himself as he realized what had happened. He had finally discovered his Sole Power.
  2. Denny Lyle was walking down the forest path with his backpack slung over his shoulder. He wore his school uniform, a white gakuran with his school's crest on the shoulder, not he was just in class but because he liked the look of it. His school, in fact, did not have an official uniform and he always thought it should. It made things seem more... orderly.

    As he walked along, reading his favorite manga, he thought he heard the sound of running water. He didn't pay it much mind until it abruptly stopped. Water Trolls. Lovely. It was a wonder why the savage mongrels were allowed to live. A menace like that, preying on the innocent, and not that far from town, either. He supposed it was natural order of things and left it at that.

    The troll didn't concern him. He didn't so much as break stride until he heard a boy scream. Denny stopped immediately, looked up from his book, and tried to discern the shout's origin. He could take out the troll easily, but he wasn't so sure about its latest target. He could hear the sounds of struggle, but it was still a ways off. It soon stopped and the silence was soon broken as the fleeing troll ran towards him. Denny cocked an eyebrow in interest.

    "Hey, you!" Denny called out. "Tell me what happened."

    The troll paid him no mind and ran right by him.

    "Filthy trog," Denny cursed under his breath as he adjusted his glasses. A barely-visible sphere of energy suddenly expanded from his center of gravity to encompass the troll and his immediate escape path. "Those who fight and run away live to fight another day, but when I ask the time of day, I expect you to very well stay!"

    The troll's flight stopped suddenly, his front side flattening as if he ran into a pane of glass he failed to break. He then fell on his back with a dazed look in his eyes. Denny strode up to him nudged his head with his foot.

    "Pathetic," Denny muttered as the energy field dissipated. No matter. He was pretty sure he knew where the scream came from. It wasn't long until he discovered Virgil, still coming to terms with discovering his Sole Power. "Interesting..."

    Denny put his manga in his back pack and set it down at the base of a nearby tree. Only then did he allow attention to be drawn to himself.

    "Congratulations on finding your Sole Power," Denny said with a raised voice. He adjusted his glasses again, causing light to glint off them as he continued in a more dignified tone of voice. "I'm sure you must be impressed with yourself. A Sole Power like that must be the sign of someone very clever... or very cowardly. I realize this may seem a bit... forward, but if you'll grant the indulgence, I'd like to test your wits... if you have the guts."
  3. Was this kid mocking him? He couldn't tell. And testing his wits? What was that all about? Still, Virgil figured this would give him a chance to learn more about his Sole Power, which was something he definetely wanted to do.
    "Umm..." Virgil started, his deep brown eyes trained on the boy before him. The boy was older than him, he looked to be around Jasper's age, and he was wearing something that almost made Virgil laugh out loud. "Who exactly are you?" Virgil asked, he had been raised to be wary of these woods, as well as strangers. "Denny Lyle." Denny answered sharply. Virgil could feel himself blushing as Denny examined his torn and stained clothing, so different in comparison to the clean gakuran he wore. Virgil wasn't sure what to do, or how to feel. He had just discovered his Sole Power! But on the other hand, this Denny person...

    "Wh-what exactly do you mean by testing my wits...?" Virgil asked as he looked to the once frightening Water Troll, now lying knocked out on the forest floor.
  4. "Ah... This forest, it always seems to lift my spirits." A young girl, probably 15 years old said. She was weaving through the many trees of a forest, which wasn't far from the city. She heard the pleasing sound of a stream for the majority of her walk, but oddly, it came to an abrupt halt. "Eh?" She managed. She then heard quite a lot of shouting, and even some yelping. Unfortunately, the events must've been close to her, as she could make out almost every word she heard. She made her way to where she heard the noise, and by the time she got there, she saw a boy around her age, summoning another boy, who later disappeared. "Heh, guess he has found his 'Sole Power'." The girl whispered to herself. At this point in time, she had climbed a nearby tree to observe from above. Almost immediately after she closed her mouth from her sentence, yet another young man had made his way onto the scene, taunting the first of the boys, and requesting that battle be commenced. "Same old Denny..." The girl said, sighing, and jumping from the tree, as to reveal herself. She noticed a water troll knocked out nearby, which was kind of funny in her mind, but also quite intimidating. Denny definitely wasn't one to mess with, at least, not much. A slight glimmer of sunlight fell upon the girl as she reached the ground. It revealed her hair to be a dark brown, slightly tinted red. Her eyes were a soft shade of hazel. "Ow!" She yelped, and scrambled from the sunlight. She then realized the other two had seen the whole thing. She brushed some dirt from her clothing, stood up straight, and did her best to conceal her blush of embarrassment. "Stupid sun..." She whispered. "So, you wouldn't mind me joining your little 'brawl', would you?" She said, trying to sound smug. With a grin, she put her hands to her hips, and waited for an answer.

    (OoC: Her name is Jennifer Carrison. And, hope you guys don't mind, but I'd prefer she already knows your characters, at least, a little bit. I'll send a PM detailing her Sole and Blood Powers.)
  5. ((I guess I forgot to describe his personality))

    "Please, Jennifer, don't insult me," Denny said, he eyes squarely on Virgil. "You should know by now that I value mind over muscle. But I suppose you may join in as well. And to answer your question, young man," Denny was now addressing Virgil, who couldn't be more than two years younger than him, "I propose what I like to call, 'A Battle of Wits to the Death'."

    Almost as soon as he said it, something seemed to spread out from Denny. The entire area became a little more glossy than it was a moment ago. The elder boy was setting up his Game Room. There was only one more step before the game was ready to be played.

    "There's only one simple rule," Denny said, pushing up on the bridge of his glasses. "Say anything you wish, as long as you avoid the letter 'e'. If you do say something with the letter 'e' in it... let's just say I waive all responsibilities in the matter. To be fair, the game will begin once you agree to these terms. What say you?"

    ((As far as posting goes, you can use whatever letters you want. Your character just can't say something with the letter 'e' in it.))
  6. "Lemme get this straight.." Virgil said, although he understood it perfectly. "We're not allowed to say the letter.." He paused for a moment before remembering that the 'game' would not start until he agreed to the rules. "The letter 'e'?" Denny nodded. "So what do you say?" Denny asked. Virgil decided to wait and see what the other girl said before answering himself. Virgil looked to the girl and suddenly realized who it was. Jennifer Carrison, he had seen her around school before although he couldn't remember every having a conversation with her. "Obviously I'm up for it." Jennifer said, noticing Virgil's look and understanding he was waiting for her answer before making one of his own. "I did ask to be a part of it, didn't I?"
    Denny seemed a little impatient now, Virgil figured he could tell he was stalling. If he said no, he would be safe but also Denny may think of him as weak or cowardly. "Yes, er, I mean Yup." He corrected himself quickly, better get used to avoiding the letter beforehand.

    ((OoC: Sorry for another short post. Also, I added Virgil's Sole Power to his write up.))
  7. ((Wow. That'll be kinda hard. My bios for these two are already in the first page of the Character Bios.))

    "Hey Serena! Check this out!"
    "Huh? Oh that's nice."
    "Did you even look?"
    A young girl about the age of nine stood beside an actual stream, her gloved hands moving in odd patterns as a glob of water floated between them. Literally floated in mid-air, out of the stream. The girl was weaving the lump of water into complex shapes, making it change color, throwing it and catching it like a boomerang, and even freezing it and molding it into ice sculpters then unfreezing it. The young girl's cyan blue eyes began to take on a shade of pink and she glared at another girl with growing anger.

    The other girl sat at the base of a rowan tree, idily reading a book and not paying any attention whatsoever to the other girl. She had long, white hair, ocean blue eyes, and a black and gold cloak over her body. The younger girl glared at her cousin with now red eyes, her shoulder-length white hair, with even a few pink streaks, whipping back and forth as she turned her head to face her cousin.


    The older girl, Serena, looked up at her younger cousin. Serena could not possibly have been older than fifteen, and met her cousin's gaze with a cool blue.

    "You made me look up from my book just for me to see your eyes turn red Tasmira? That's not unusual." She returned her gaze to her book, "Now why don't you go talk to a trout or something? I'm trying to concentrate." At this, Tasmira's eyes were blood red with anger, and she formed her glob of water into a perfect sphere and then froze it completely. Then, by some unspoken command, the ball of ice hurled straight at Serena's head. It never reached its target though, about a foot away from Serena, the ball suddenly hit some sort of invisible barrier and flew right back at Tasmira, aiming for her head. "Your tricks are starting to get predictable." Was all Serena said.

    Tasmira smiled back at her cousin, and as the chunk of ice was about to hit her face, it swerved to the right at the last second and blew right past her. "So are yours." Tasmira said.

    "Um Tasmira?" Serena asked, looking over at something behind Tasmira's shoulder. Tasmira turned around and gaped in shock. The ice ball that Serena had bounced back at Tasmira you see, was not flying directly at her, but more like it was flying up at her. So when Tasmira had it swerve past her head, it was still flying upwards, and now it was flying above the treetops.

    "Oh crap!" Both of the girls exclaimed and instantly both of them took off after the ice ball. "If this thing crashes through the roof of Denny Lyle's house again, then you're gonna be in SO much trouble!" Serena shouted at Tasmira.

    "Oh shut up!" Tasmira screamed back.

    "Can't you bring it back?" Serena asked.

    "It's too far away!"

    Thankfully, a few seconds later it was certain that the ball was not going to land somewhere in the village, but back down in the forest somewhere. "Listen! I hear a stream!" Tasmira shouted, cupping a hand to her ear. Sure enough, the gurgling of water running over rocks drifted through the forest. As the cousins headed towards the sound, it abruptly stopped, and the sounds of a scuffle came from up ahead. "Huh?" Tasmira asked. Serena walked forward and placed a hand on a tree. After a few seconds, Serena took her hand off the tree.

    "It tells me that there are three people up ahead. Along with an unconsciouss water troll." She explained and strode off. Tasmira quickly scrambled off after Serena.

    "Hey look!" She shouted, pointing up wards, "The ball is coming down!" The duo raced forward in an attempt to see where it was going to land, when it came flying down like a meteor and landed with a loud thump. The cousins burst through the bushes to see three kids, Virgil, Denny, and Jennifer. A water troll lay a few feet away from them, the ball of ice rolling away from its body. Apparently, the block of ice had landed directly on the troll's head.

    "Um," Serena began, "were we interuppting something?"

    ((Just so you people know:
    Serena: Blood power= can control plants and trees, and can even talk to them Sole power= can create psychic barriers around her or anything she chooses. Can be up to a hundred feet away.
    Tasmira: Blood power= she can talk to fish and any other marine animal, can also breathe underwater Sole power= can control water in every way possible. (Shaping it, throwing it, freezing it. etc. what she was doing in the beginning.))
  8. Admittedly, Denny had forgotten to limit the size of his Game Room, and he had been too caught up in his cleverness to make sure that people couldn't accidentally blunder into it. Not that it's stopped him before, but then again he usually did this indoors where traffic was more easily controlled. Also, he usually didn't set a rule against using the most commonly used letter in the alphabet. And since it was easy to miss the effects of his power on the surrounding environment, there was probably no way the two girls could've foreseen what could happen to them.

    "Stop!" Denny called out to them, with one hand raised dramatically. "Don't say..."

    Denny bit his tongue. There was no quick and easy way to explain the rule to them without violating the rule himself. At least, no way that came to mind at the moment, and Denny had no clue what his power could do to them. It was too late, anyway. Serena already said it, and that's all there is too it.

    Fortunately, the punishment this time wasn't immediately severe. Serena was merely sucked ankle-deep under the ground. Under normal circumstances, she could probably just pull her feet back out, but while the Game Room was in effect she might as well be ankle-deep in concrete. She wasn't going anywhere until the Game ended.

    Denny sighed and adjusted his glasses.

    "Looks as though you two will play today also," Denny said calmly and patiently. He's encountered this variation before. "Do not say a word with that... thing that follows D and trails F, or you will sink again. Savvy?"

    Denny turned his attention back to Virgil and scratched his chin.

    "This may last a long bit," Denny said. "What do you go by again? Or did you say?"
  9. "Virgil." He answered truthfully, making sure to leave out his last name as it contained the forbidden letter. An idea popped into Virgil's mind suddenly, although he wasn't sure if it would work. Virgli looked to the girl ankle deep in mud and struggling to free herself. That didn't seem too bad, he thought. If it doesn't work, oh well, he figured he was stronger than the girl and could free himself if he felt like it. Concentrating hard, Virgil thought of letters, bright red letters displaying the sentence, "My name is Virgil Anderson." Where everyone could see it.
    Virgil closed his eyes, picturing the letters as best he could. "Woah." He heard someone say suddenly. Virgil opened his eyes quickly to admire his handiwork only to hear, "What's a Nam?" Virgil looked to the floating red letters, exactly as he had pictured them except for one tiny flaw, they were missing the letter E. "My nam is Virgil Andrson." The letters read.
    "Oops." Virgil sputtered. "That didn't work." He said, thinking carefully about his words before saying them. Still, Virgil had done mostly what he intended to do. The words did appear after all and they did look an awful lot like the ones he thought of, actually, they looked just like the ones he had thought of. Virgil smirked as he noticed he could easily change the color and even the font of the words just by thinking. It seemed a lot easier to change an existing illusion, for that was what Virgil determined his Sole Power to be, than to create a new one. With an unnessescary wave of his hand, Virgil's letters dissappeared, much in the same way Dino had vanished earlier.
    "That was cool.." Virgil said to himself, again picking his words carefully. "I wonder if..." Virgil thought, cupping his hands together and imagining a small ball of energy like Mark in his class could make. Virgil pictured it carefully and suddenly it appeared. "This is..." Virgil started, trying to think of a word that accurately described what he thought it was while still avoiding the letter E. Instead of finishing his sentence, Virgil began to change the color of the Energy ball. It was just as fun as he thought it would be. Now for the fun part, Virgil thought. When Mark threw his Energy Balls they often resulted in a large explosion type effect. Taking aim at the unconscious Water Troll, Virgil threw his hand forward, the energy ball staying put, suspended in midair. "Oh...Right." Virgil said, again to himself. In the hype of his new ability Virgil had forgotten this was still an Illusion, and wouldn't have any effect whatsoever on the Troll. Still, Virgil pictured the energy ball flying from its spot in midair and crashing into a tree nearby. He made sure to include a mini explosion when the false energy ball collided, and discovered he could create sounds as well. "This is awesome." Virgil said absently, before realizing what he had done.
    "Ah!" Virgil screamed as he suddenly felt himself sinking. "Help!" He screamed, causing himself to sink deeper until he was almost knee deep with no way to escape. "Oops..." Virgil sighed as he attempted to make himself comfortable.
  10. (OoC: You used "e" twice, actually. Once in "wonder" and again in "awesome.")

    Jennifer noticed that already two members of this "game" had already broken the rule Denny had set. One on accident, of course, being that she clearly was unaware of the events. "So... How will this 'brawl' stop? If our opposition all say, y'know, that symbol?" Jennifer asked. Her question was mostly for Denny, for obvious reasons. Denny answered, and Jennifer nodded. "Okay..." Jennifer responded. "Now, this... This acts as a hard thing to do. But, I don't think it is, actually." She was really feeling like toying with the others playing this "game." She hoped not to get cocky, though, as that would almost certainly lead to defeat. To finish things off, she gave a mock-yawn, and leaned on a tree.

    (OoC: I simply said "Denny answered so Gardevoir Master could do it, since if I did, that's autoing and against the rules. And sorry it's short.)
  11. "Wha-huh?" Sounded a lot like Serena's sentence as she was suddenly sucked into the ground for some unknown reason. As the kid in the tree, Denny, explained what was going on she pondered what he said.
    Between D and F... She thought, but that's E, and everyone knows Denny's Sole Power. And I said... She suddenly looked around and noticed that the area was a little bit glossier than it should've been, a side effect of Denny's Game Room. Knowing what had occured, she raised up both hands dramatically and screamed: "Ah damnit!!"

    Tasmira tried not to giggle, but the situation was just too funny. An amused giggle burst forth before she could do anything. Serena glared icy daggers at her, "Shut up you. I do wish you'll-" she stopped herself just in time from breaking the rules any further. She sighed to herself and wondered how she could get herself out of this mess while the 'game' went on.

    Tasmira turned to Virgil as he created what looked like red letters floating in the air. "Woah." She said. After Denny decided to stupidly screw around a bit, he found himself squashed against a tree. "So," Tasmira began, figuring she should strike up a conversation before it got too boring, "you disco-ummm, found out your Sol-I mean uh, 'gift' then?" She asked, quickly stopping herself before she said the wrong thing.
  12. ((The Game Room's penalties don't vary between violations, just between games. Simply put, everyone who uses the letter "e" will get sucked underground. Since Serena was only sucked down to her ankles despite using four e's, I'm going to say it takes you down one major joint for every sentence "e" is used.))

    Denny scowled at Virgil's use of illusions to answer his question. Fortunately, Virgil was so impressed with his own power that he accidentally broke the rule.

    "That was smart," Denny said to him. "But not what I'd call fair. Not all of us can do that, you know, and I'd ask you to maintain good grammar from now on, thank you so much. You didn't grow up in a barn, or did you? And as for you," he added, pointing to Jennifer, "Play halts if Virgil or I... submit, or if any of us..." he paused, again, as he searched for the right words. "...Succumbs to burial. I don't kill if I can avoid it."

    Denny glanced at Tasmira as she noted Virgil had discovered his Sole Power. Twice she nearly committed taboo, only to ultimately fail on the very last word. She soon joined her cousin in the ankle-deep club. Denny looked back to Jennifer.

    "Not as... basic as it looks, huh?" he quipped.
  13. Serena exploded into fits of laughter as Tasmira found herself sucked under as well. "Hahah... my wish was..." She searched for the right word while Tasmira made half-hearted attempts to free herself from the imprisoning sludge. Finally she gave up.

    Instead of saying "yes", she only nodded her head and said "Difficult it is. So not a basic thing." She replied, making sure she didn't accidently use an 'e'. "Now that I'm...stuck in this...stuff I'll probably pass out from..." She stopped herself just in time from saying 'boredom'. Then she noticed that the ball of ice that she had frozen was a few feet away from the tree that Virgil was stuck in. Sticking her arm out as far as she could, she concentrated her thoughts. Then, the ice ball suddenly shot forward and hovered just above her hand. The ice seemed to shimmer, then melted completely, forming a perfect sphere of water. Tasmira unfolded her hands and began making the water twist into numerous shapes like what she was doing before she got into this mess.
  14. ((OoC: I changed my old post a little bit. I originally meant for him to think the sentence with wonder but got distracted and accidently made him speak it. Also fixed it so he isn't in a tree anymore.))

    "This sucks." Virgil sighed. He had hoped he would last longer than the others and he figured as long as he thought before he talked he would be fine. Noticing one of the girls nearby having fun with one of her powers, Virgil decided he would do the same. Concentrating like last time, Virgil tried to think of what he should do. The possibilities seemed endless. It was almost as if he could do whatever he pleased, even if it wasn't real. He finally decided to make an illusion of a person again, himself. He pictured his curly sand colored hair, his freckles. He decided to make himself wearing nice clothes and he also made his illusion self slightly taller and bit tanner. When he had finished, he opened his eyes. "Cool." He said as he stared at his illusion self who was wearing extravagant clothing, dissimilar to his own. Virgil pictured his illusion flying off the ground and soaring through the air. Naturally, the illusion did so and Virgil was surprised to see that flying didn't look as cool from the ground than he thought it would. He conjured up a few illusion winged animals to fly alongside his fake self. When he got tired of this, he dismissed the illusions and, after noting a rumbling in his stomach, decided to try and find something to eat.
    Virgil scanned the area and noticed a fruit bearing tree. The fruits hung from foot long stems and the food at the end resembled a juicy red apple, although Virgil knew it was really called a clance. With ease, Virgil telekinetically twisted the stem until the clance dropped from the tree, halting in mid-air. The clance flew towards Virgil, stopping in front of his face to allow him to grab it and take a large bite. The juice that flooded into his mouth tasted mostly like an apple but it was sweeter. In about a minute, Virgil had devoured the fruit and disposed of the core. "Anyone else want one?" Virgil asked, sinking deeper and deeper as he said the sentence.
  15. Tasmira gaped as the kid Virgil made an apple fly towards him. "Cool." She said, "But that wasn't a smart thing to do. Now you've sunk almost to your... um, crap." She couldn't find a word to replace chest without using an 'e'. (Note: I think he's up to his chest.) Turning back to her water, she thought for a second, then molded it into an exact resemblence to a cat. The water cat turned its liquid head to her and opened its mouth in a yowl. The cat leaped through the air and landed on the ground, stretching. Tasmira was doing all of this of course, making the water move in the same movemets a cat would. The watery cat twisted and turned in the most graceful movements, before Tasmira got an idea.

    She unslung a bag of her back and dug in it. Now where did I put that water bottle? She thought, Ah! Here we go! She pulled out a water bottle and unscrewed the cap. Clear liquid fell from the bottle and stopped in mid-air above Tasmira's palm until it was roughly the size of a tennis ball. Ridges formed across the much smaller sphere of water until it resembled a ball of yarn. She threw the ball saying, "Catch." The cat leaped at the ball, bating it with its paws. An idea suddenly popped into Tasmira's head. A thin line of water shot out from the yarn and wrapped itself around a tree branch where it sat there, swinging back and forth like a pendant. The cat leaped back and forth, writhing and twisted, yowling silent mews of excitement as the ball swung bck and forth.

    She turned her head around to see if Serena was watching, and noticed that her cousin was sitting on the ground. The sludge hadn't disabled the use of her knees, and she sat comfortably on the ground, her ankes still submerged in to ground. She seemed to be talking to a nearby rosebush, not really doing anything to free herself or even trying to strike up a conversation. Tasmira decided to take after Serena and seated herself on the ground, no need to stand. She patiently passed the time making the water cat jump and play with the liquid ball of yarn as she restrained herself from saying a word with 'e' in it.
  16. Denny looked annoyed. Nobody seemed to be taking this situation as seriously as he'd like. He had half a mind to call the game due to lack of interest. Granted, it was probably a matter of time before his real opponent buried himself, but he wasn't even trying to win at this point.

    Well, if Virgil wasn't going to even try, then Denny was just going to have to make quick work of him. He was just going to have to get inside his head somehow and crush him. However, aside from an illusionary Sole Power and apparently telekinetic blood power, he didn't know much about Virgil.

    "So, Virgil," Denny said, walking over to his backpack and looking for the lunch be brought. "How's your family?"
  17. "What did you say?" Virgil asked as he looked around trying to find something else to eat. There was nothing, aside from the Clances. Virgil didn't mind the clances or anything but they were just another of those things you can't have too many of without getting sick of them. "I said," Denny answered. "How's your family?" Virgil gave up looking and instead kept himself occupied by trying to make illusions of various creatures that popped into his head. "My family?" He said as he created a small dog creature with dog ears and a rabbit tail. "Ok, I think." He looked down at his the portion of his chest not sunk in the mud. Not wanting to sink further, and not wanting to think of a sentence without E in it, Virgil said nothing more. He decided to try something else out instead. He had been able to create a realistic Dino, why not the rest of the family? Virgil thought hard about his father, closed his eyes and opened them to see his father standing in front of him. "Dad." He informed the group before dissappearing him with a wave of his hand. "And..." He said as he closed his eyes and envisioned his mother. "Mom." Virgil was quite pleased with his work, he thought they looked exactly like his parents. For the heck of it, he brought back the illusion of his father and created the rest of his family as well. Virgil smirked as decided to mess around with the illusions. A few of his illusion-siblings met the same fate as him, sinking into the mud. Others were hung upside down by their ankles and some were thrown into the air. When Virgil got bored of this, the illusions vanished only to be replaced seconds later by various other things Virgil thought of.
  18. Denny closed his back pack and watched Virgil's illusions with interest. He wasn't particularly hungry yet. He just wanted to make sure he hadn't forgotten it. Denny was more interested in figuring out how to trick Virgil into saying things he was rapidly learning to express in pictures. The easiest way was to make him angry, and one of the easier ways of doing that is playing "Dirty Dozens," which is essentially "Yo' Mama" cracks only not necessarily directed at one's mother. Crude in every sense of the word, but effective, although the difficulty certainly rises in situations where you can't even say the word "Dozens." Getting to know Virgil's family certainly helps, not that he needed to know much more than who was in it. Seeing Virgil's interpretation of them helped, too, as it showed the sensitive areas of his familial pride.

    Next easiest, of course, would probably be hitting on his sister. A lot of men were protective of the women in their lives, particularly of things that corrupt the ostensibly pure image they have of them or threaten their relationships with them. Then again, Denny was no lady's man, so his skills at sweeping women off their and stealing their purity were questionable at best, but insinuating that she was a cheap date all the same might be enough. Not many guys would readily admit that their sisters, girlfriends, or mothers would spend the night at the "No-Tell Motel" with some guy they just met for two bucks.

    "Your sis is hot," Denny casually remarked, stroking his chin. "I'd tap that. Uh, huh. That girl could probably go all night long, if you catch my drift."
  19. For a few moments Virgil sat waste deep in the ground staring at Denny with his mouth agape. Finally, he managed, "Ew!" He sunk deeper and he thought he saw a smirk form on Denny's face, but he wasn't done yet. "Don't talk about my sister that way!" He sunk deeper. "I don't care how attractive you think she is, you have no right talking about her like that! She's my sister!" Virgil took a deep breath, angered. "Seriously, how can you-" He suddenly realized how deep he was in the ground, only his face remained above the earth. "Hey-" He muttered before sinking completely underground. Virgil panicked, he was completely submerged underground and his calls for help were only causing him to sink deeper. Every time he shouted "Help me!" He only sank lower and wasted some of his valuable breath. With one last cry of "Please help me!" Virgil suddenly hit something, his entire body fell into a cavern of some sort.

    "Uh!" Virgil uttered as he struck the ground and was rid of his remaining air. "Ow..." He said as he caught his breath again and looked to his surroundings. He wasn't entirely sure where he was but it looked to be a wide empty space beneath the earth, lit by numbers of glowing fungus. Above him dirt and roots created a ceiling and the hole he had fallen from had dissappeared completely. 'Where am I?' He thought to himself. Virgil stood up, he knew he needed to find a way out and fast. Suddenly, something caught his eye. In the center of a wall lay an indent with a pedestal of some sort. Mesmerized, Virgil walked closer, not once taking his eyes off of what lay ahead. As he neared the pedestal he saw something that took his breath away. A ring lay in a small crevice on the pedestal. The ring's band was made of black obsidian and a fair sized diamond sat atop it, held in place by several surrounding red gems. Virgil reached forward and grabbed the ring which was oddly warm. He noticed something else strange. Though most of the fungus wasn't nearby, he could see the ring perfectly. It wasn't giving off a glow of any sort, but he could see it clearly. It was as if it repelled the dark somehow. Virgil tried it on, sliding it carefully on his right middle finger. It fit perfectly and felt comfortable too. Virgil looked behind himself, aware of an opening nearby that led to a narrow passageway. He approached it cautiously and readied himself to enter it. Being somewhat scared, he decided to conjure up an animal companion using his new ability. He closed his eyes and concentrated and was aware of a change from last time he had conjured up an illusion. He opened his eyes and gasped. The ring was actually glowing now, giving off a faint violet color. The dog which he was trying to imagine before was popping into his head now in more detail than he could ever imagine. Almost as if the ring guided his concentration, making it easier for him to create detailed images. He finished up the illusion easily and in a matter of seconds he had a barking dog beside him, ready to walk ahead of him and make sure everything was all right. Virgil walked the fungus lit passageway, leading his dog in front of him wherever he was about to go. When he finally reached a stairway, Virgil dismissed the illusion, took a breath, and climbed the stairs. Above the staircase a small trapdoor awaited him and after pushing hard on it he opened it. The trapdoor opened to the fresh forest air and after Virgil poked his head up he noticed he wasn't too far from Denny and the others, who he could see in the distance. He worked his whole body out of the trapdoor and closed it. Had he not just walked out of it he would have never known it was there. Virgil looked to his new ring, smiled, and headed back towards the others.

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