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So much for the UK getting any more decent events...

  1. Doctor Oak

    Staff Member Overlord

    [img align=right]http://www.pokecharms.com/random/darkraigoaway.jpg[/img]It's been reported today that Pokemon USA and Pokemon UK will be merging to become THE MEGAZORD Pokemon Company International. President Kenji Okubo, current president of PUSA will control PCI and will report to the main headquarters of the Pokemon Company in Japan.

    Essentially, this means the UK is screwed for any more events. This new company will control the entire Pokemon franchise outside of Asia, while Pokemon UK was expected to control the whole of Europe and was incompetent at that to begin with. Most of Europe got a poor showing of any events, and even though the Shaymin event in the UK this Easter has been a pretty good run - it's a rarity and is looking to become even more of a rarity after this merger.

    Now that the entire non-Japanese world is under the control of one single company, it's more or less guaranteed that the UK, if not Europe in general, will be completely ignored the same way Canada has been throughout PUSA's run over the Americas.

    If we get Arceus next year, we'll be extremely lucky. If we get it even to half the standard we've received Shaymin this year, it'll be a damned miracle.


Discussion in 'Pokécharms News' started by Doctor Oak, Apr 15, 2009.

    1. Havak
      Ugh, well.

      Doctor Oak, I have good contacts around the world and am generally able to get any Event Pokémon I like traded to me over Wi-Fi (Legit, but obviously, cloned).

      If PokéCharms decide to do more Events / Tournaments in the UK, I'll be glad to perform some kind of download service and trade certain Event Pokémon to anyone who turns up.

      If you want me to, that is. I think it'll be good advertisement and increase the number of people turning up if they can expect an Event Pokémon.

      In regards to your actual post, this is a worry. Hopefully everything will work out and we'll still get a share of the events. But obviously, we only ever get the the 'important' ones so we can fill our PokéDex's (discounting Celebi in ADV ._.) anyway.

      I'm hopeful that the Pokémon World Championships will continue to happen in the UK from now on, and hopefully that'll include us getting Event Pokémon there every year too. The Shiny Milotic could be given out at the UK Tournament, however, I'm expecting it to be the Movie Regigigas instead (unless GAME do that as well, or we may not even get it at all).
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    2. Doctor Oak
      Doctor Oak
      Well, I'm certain the Platinum WiFi events will occur in Europe too - but it's impossible to say for sure until June, really. But at the very least, we'll probably get Arceus that way.
    3. TroJanHam
      i wouldn't say we are skrewd.... yeah, actually, i would... well i'll be getting my Shaymin on saturday :D i'll be happy
    4. Tatile
      Ah, Europe's probably easier for the US-ers (coporate wise) to forget than Canada, i mean, Canada's right next door. It's rather hard to miss. Given how I've seen the whole US-Europe thing work in the past, if events aren't made by a centralised system, Europe loses out.

      Yeah it sucks and it probably won't be getting any better soon. But hopefully we'll still be able to Arceus legitamatly and of course I'll be playing train-times on Saturday to get Shaymin.
    5. Pokérob
      Mm, I'm not fully convinced on that pessimistic article. If you didn't realise the Pokémon USA controlled last years Pokémon World Championships 2008 for the TCG.

      20 countries participated: http://www.go-pokemon.com/worlds/2008/

      I've had 3-4 emails with Pokémon Organised Play over the last few weeks and from what I hear they're adopting the showdowns to be run similarly to how the TCG is run.

      Canada next year is supposedly in the video game championships. Its also in the TCG I think this year so I really wouldn't trash hopes of there being a huge change in events.

      But yes I do understand this isn't good news for Europe for Pokémon and I really do hope this does not destroy our chances of getting Regigigas and Arceus.

      On a happier note, good thing we got gamerbase eh? =)
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    6. Lord_Gabriel
      Hurray for the fact that it's Nintendo Denmark that's the ones making sure we get events here in Denmark.
    7. doggy491
      Well i live in Australia and we dont get ANY events. So dont complain
    8. RLRL
      I reckon most events in the future will be Wifi rather than anything else anyway, its a lot cheaper than setting up stores with promotional merch etc.
    9. altema
      Sorry to sound mean, but as much as I feel for you not getting any events any more, but I live in Australia. We've NEVER had a Pokémon event, no-one here has a legitimate Shaymin, Arceus, Darkrai, or any of those Pokémon, or any of the 3rd Generation event Pokémon, so put simply, I agree with doggy491.
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    10. pokemon2010
      atleast i dont have to worry im in texas ;D

      im a boy can someone tell me how to put that on my id or whatever

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