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So I'm interested in Jirachi.

Discussion in 'Pokémon Games Discussion' started by shuhbooty, May 2, 2016.

  1. This baby doll is super cute, but packs so much of a punch! I got Jirachi from last months event.s (two because i restarted my pokemon Y file).

    So I was wanting to know a few great things. How does one get a shiny Jirachi, and the best move sets? So far I'm thinking of

    zen head butt
    status affect (thunder wave etc)

    Thoughts, advice?
  2. Psycho Monkey

    Psycho Monkey Member of the Literary Elite Four

    Regrettably one cannot obtain a Shiny Jirachi without hacking so that is a no-go for you. As for a move set, that's up to you really. Jirachi has 100 in ever stat so you can make a Special sweeper with either a Modest or Timid Nature investing EVs into Special Attack and Speed, a Physical Sweeper with Adamant or Jolly Nature with investment in Attack and Speed, a Mixed Sweeper with investment in both Attacks and Speed, a Physical or Special Wall with investment in HP and the apropriate Defense, a Mixed Wall, or a Bulky Sweeper with investment in HP and one or both Attack stats.

    By the sounds of it, Bulky Physical Sweeper is what you seek so you would want an Adamant Nature, 252 EVs in Attack and HP, with the remaining 4 EVs in either Defense, Special Defense, or Speed. Wish and Thunder Wave are good support choices while Zen Headbutt takes advantage of Jirachi's Psychic STAB. The last move I'd throw on this set is Iron Head which can be tutored at the Battle Resort in ORAS. Item wise, go with Life Orb to make the most of your attacks. The recoil damage can be easily healed with Wish. I hope that helps you in some way. Of course since the Jirachi event is now over, you're limited to what you can do based on the IVs and Nature of the ones you got so my advice may end up being moot anyway.
  3. This helps a lot, thank you! I saw about the event they had awhile for shiny Jirachi's and wasn't sure if there was something I could do in general. ;-; I have two Jirachi's: one with a lonely nature and the other with bashful (yikes) i'll def take your help into consideration!
  4. It's possible to get a shiny Tanabata Jirachi but it will almost certainly be duplicated/cloned (it won't hurt your game or anything, just some people are particular about not having duplicated or pokegenned pokemon). PokemonPlaza on reddit allows this type of trade.
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  5. Thank you! There are some reddit pages I follow for pokemon, but not that one. I'll def give it a shot.

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