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XY/ORAS Singles So... Clefable.

Discussion in 'The Doctor's Clinic' started by zachisapoet, May 15, 2014.

  1. zachisapoet

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    So I've been using her A LOT. And she is really good. I was just looking for some input on her.

    The move set is: Calm Mind, Cosmic Power, Moonblast, and Wish.

    It works so well, handling most everything single handed.

    Tips and suggestions on improvement? Or is she good the way she is?
  2. KoL

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    One massive problem here is having two setup moves that already lack synergy with each other and using Wish on something that boosts its stats since Wish is mainly used to heal team-mates, requiring Clefable switch out and remove its stat boosts. Clefable doesn't need both Calm Mind and Cosmic Power on the same set, and the insane amount of time it'd take to set up both moves would be enough for Clefable to get slain by a critical hit (they ignore defense boosts) never mind the amount of Taunt users and PHazers you see on any team worth its salt these days.

    If you're going to use setup Clefable, use either Calm Mind OR Cosmic Power, not both.

    Onto the details:

    - Clefable's Cosmic Power set can be quite heavily damaging thanks to Stored Power, an attack that gains 20 Power per stat boost on you, and since Cosmic Power boosts two stats it'll grant Stored Power an extra 40 Power per use for a maximum of 260 Power with six Cosmic Powers, which is almost twice as much power as STAB Moonblast. Moonblast is still good to have to hit Dark-types with though, and the final move can be anything ranging from a recovery move (Moonlight is more powerful in Gen VI since Sand Stream was nerfed and Mega Charizard Y can increase Moonlight's power with Drought) to a third attack (I'd recommend Fire Blast to hit Steel-types if anything) to even Lucky Chant to block the critical hits that can otherwise end up being this set's only Achilles' Heel in the correct situation.

    - Clefable's Calm Mind set is equally powerful. Again, Stored Power and Moonblast are the attack moves of the day for a setup set like this one, and due to Magic Guard blocking most status moves Clefable doesn't need Substitute with this set, functioning much like Gen V Reuniclus by using a recovery move in the fourth slot instead (likely Moonlight again unless you can somehow get Softboiled.) EVs and Nature should be Bold with full HP/Defense to maximize defensive power and prevent the opponent from killing you during your setup.

    - Wish sets generally don't work too well with setup moves unless you have Protect as well, so Clefable can run full stall with Cosmic Power, Wish, Protect and a fourth move. The weakness to Taunt can ruin this though, as stated.

    Long story short, focus on one setup move here, not both of them. Clefable doesn't need both anyway.
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  3. zachisapoet

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    Wow, I didn't expect such detail. I thank you so much for your input, and I will try the changes out immediately.

    I had forgotten all about Stored Power, and that strategy is impeccable.

    Once again, I thank you, kindly.

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