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SnowPaw: The wolfness

Discussion in 'Creative Archive' started by Wolfness321, Oct 26, 2008.

  1. (I've been working on this for about a few days. Constanly rewriting it. I realize it's kind of short, but the rest of the chapters are going to be longer. So I hope you enjoy the first chapter!)

    Chapter 1
    The Hunt

    A long dark howl rang through the night. Echoing in the dark forest. The howl told the hunt was on, and that no mercy would be shown. Owls hooted and flew over the tree's seeking cover. Ground animals hid in their burrows, hopping the blood battle would pass them. Then the unlucky ones ran for their lives, the only thing they could do. Shadowy dark figures slunk through the trees. The glow of their eyes where the only things noticeable.
    As the pack stepped closer to their prey, the sounds they created decreased drastically. The pack came closer to a clearing that was filled by the full moons light. Standing in the middle of the large clearing was a herd of elk grazed without a worry in the world. A few of them lifted their heads to listen to the suspiciously quiet night, but soon returned to eating.
    The pack surrounded the elk, by hiding in the shadows. A snap of a twig, the crackled of a leaf, or the roll of a pebble was all it would take to scare the herd. That's exactly what happened. In a split second the herd was grunting and snorting at the sound of a twig snap. Then they were off. Sprinting through the trees. The pack chased them barking and snarling. Snapping at legs, and pouncing on backs. Finally they had them. The pack had separated the heard from four females. The females were rounded up into a tightly packed circle. The pack circled them. Watching out for flailing legs, they pounced.
    Two took out a weak female in a few seconds. Four others struggled to ping down the strongest female. The other two were taken down by the rest of the pack. The pack began to tare into the hide, trying to get at the warm insides. Once the skin was broken even in a small hole, one of the pack members would ripe open the entire elk. Letting the others dig in with it. Suddenly the feasting pack stopped, dead silent. A large male walked through the trees towards the pack.

    "Arrluk. Where is the strongest female elk?" The male asked. The male had a velvety voice. That was both soft, but strong.

    "Right this way, Amaguq." Arrluk said.

    The older male named Amaguq had a dark chocolaty brown pelt with brilliant golden eyes. While his paws from the ankle down, his mussel, and his under belly, were both a lighter, calmer tan color. The younger male called Arrluk had a bronze pelt with a calm shade of copper mixed in. He unlike his father he had bright amber colored eyes. Arrluk lead his father toward the strongest female. His father walked up to the corpse.

    "Your life shall not be wasted." Amaguq said bowing his head to the elk before ripping it open.

    The wolves howled once again and feasted on the warm elk carcasses. Amaguq sat and watched as the pack ate. His son sat next to him. They both stared at the others. Then at the tree line. The sun was rising and the other clans would smell the kill soon. Then quietly, and ever so slightly bushes rustled. The two wolves turned their head only to see three cougars emerged out of them. One was and adult female, the other two were a young male, and a young female. The wolves growled at the visitors. Waiting for their response.
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