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DPPt/HGSS Snorunt to Frolass

Discussion in 'The Doctor's Clinic' started by Agent Zero, Nov 5, 2009.

  1. I have a level 33 Snorunt, Lax nature, that I am looking to evolve into a Frolass. I'm carious as to what the best level would be to use a Dawn Stone on it.

    I've also got this moveset in mind....

    Shadow Ball
    Sucker Punch

    Any help would be greatly appreciated,
  2. Shocari

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    There really is no "best level" to evolve Snorunt into Froslass. Any level is fine, it just depends on how soon you want a Froslass.

    As for the soon-to-be Froslass, do you plan on using it competitively?
  3. Ah, ok. I was just wondering if there might be negative side effects to evolving it early. Good to know.

    Anyway yes, I will be using it competitively.
  4. Sem

    Sem The Last of the Snowmen
    Former Administrator

    Lax is not the best nature for a Froslass. I would try either Timid or Modest. As for when to evolve her you can evolve her whenever unless you plan to have Bite, Headbutt, Ice Fang, or Crunch on her moveset.

    For a moveset I would pick...

    -Shadow Ball

    The fourth move is just a filler. Psychic works, but I would rather go with something like Thunderbolt or maybe even Signal Beam. You can also do something like Confuse Ray or Destiny Bond. Your choice.

    I did go with Hail because it makes Blizzard 100% accurate and also activates Froslass' Snow Cloak ability, which raises her evasion when it's hailing.

    As for an item you can give her the Icy Rock to make Hail go on for longer, or you can give her Bright Powder to raise the chance of an attack missing even higher :3
  5. Very much appreciated, thanks ;D

    I was actually thinking Ice Beam, Shadow Ball, Psychic, and Sucker Punch, but replacing Sucker Punch with Thunderbolt seems like a much better idea.
    The only thing I'm debating now is whether or not to stick with Ice Beam and Psychic or go with Blizzard and Hail like you suggested, because both have their very appealing points to me.
    The Blizzard/Hail combo, as you said, is absolutely deadly, especially with Froslass' Snow Cloak.
    On the other hand Ice Beam is a strong ice move and more reliable, plus having Psychic increases the amount of attack types on my team.
  6. Sem

    Sem The Last of the Snowmen
    Former Administrator

    Blizzard is just as reliable when it's Hailing, and more powerful. You could always use some PP Ups or a PP Max on it to raise Blizzard from 5 to 8 if that's a problem. It's just a shame to ignore her ability and the fact that it gives you the perfect excuse for Blizzard.

    Honestly the only thing Psychic would help you with are Fighting and Poison-types. Poison types are taken care of easily with an Earthquake, which EVERY competitive team should have at least one of. If you don't have a Flying-type move for the fighters then maaaaybe pick Psychic, though I wouldn't. Also keep in mind that a lot of Fighting-types have secondary types now which makes them weak to other things. (The only pure Fighting-types are Primeape, the Hitmon line, Machamp, and Hariyama.) Everything else is weak to other kinds of attacks.
  7. You're ideas intrigue me and I wish to subscribe to your newsletter :D

    Seriously though, you raise a very good point. Blizzard/Hail it is.
    And yeah, Nidoking has Earthquake covered and Charizard's fly neutralizes Fighting types.
  8. KoL

    KoL Expert FPS Player
    Staff Member Moderator

    For a pure sweeper Froslass, I'd have to err towards Modest over Timid purely because Froslass needs the extra power more than it needs the extra Speed. Froslass will have well over 300 Speed with Modest anyway, and your Sp.Attack will be high enough to inflict heavy damage on pretty much anything that doesn't resist your STAB attack.

    Otherwise, Sem's pretty much nailed everything - Hail/Blizzard is a great combination for Froslass thanks to Snow Cloak's evasion boost and the hail's tendency to wreck Sashes as well as provide a bit of extra damage for you. As for the last move, it doesn't necessarily have to be an attack move - Confuse Ray, Thunder Wave and Destiny Bond are all very viable choices as well should something come in that you won't be able to kill quickly.
  9. Hmm....good point about not using an offensive move. The fourth move is currently Thunderbolt, but Nidoking already knows Thunder so....yeah, no real need for a second, weaker version of that.
    I like the idea of Destiny Bond.

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