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DPPt/HGSS Snapdragon's Trade Requests (Eevees aplenty!)

Discussion in 'Pokémon Trades and Battles' started by Snapdragon, Jul 1, 2007.

  1. Okay... I have a lot of Pokemon, so if you want something but it's not in my "to offer" list, then you may as well ask about it anyway. I'm currently too lazy to breed multiples of my Pokemon unless I need one, so as an added bonus, you can request for the Pokemon you get to be Modest, Adamant, Sassy whoops I mean Hasty, or a random nature. (I only have three Dittos. XD) If you want a certain nickname, too, I can give you that.

    I have:
    These guys.
    Eevees have Charm and Wish.
    Natus and Murkrows have Drill Peck and Roost.
    Sneasels have Ice Punch.
    Shroomishes have Wake-Up Slap, may be able to give them Spore.
    And I think that's about it for egg moves.

    Okay, so thanks to recent events, I am now the proud owner of 41 Eevees. xD A few I'm keeping for myself, but the rest are cluttering up my PC. I know there isn't all that much demand for Eevees, so if you're willing to get these guys off my hands, I'd appreciate it.
    For a short time only, I'm offering two Eevees for the price of one. XD I'm not extremely picky about what I get. As long as it's not wretchedly common, I'll lob two Eevees of your choosing at you for one Pokemon.

    Eevee list:
    Gentle - 1 female, lv. 16; 4 males, lv. 16.
    Jolly - 2 females, 1 lv. 16 and 1 lv. 1; 1 male, lv. 1.
    Mild - 1 female, lv. 1
    Brave - 1 male, lv. 18
    Quirky/Docile - 3 males, lv. 1
    Impish - 3 males, lv. 1
    Adamant - 1 male, lv. 1
    Lonely - 3 males, lv. 1
    Modest - 8 males, lv. 1
    Sassy - 1 male, lv. 1
    Bold - I male, lv. 1
    Timid - 1 male, lv. 1
    Careful - 1 male, lv. 1
    Naughty - 1 male, lv. 1
    Rash - 1 male, lv. 1
    Quiet - 2 males, lv. 1, 16

    Level 1 Eevees have Charm and Wish, anything above that doesn't.

    I want:
    shiny Snorunt, female (I'll give you two or three things for this, plus I might have an item or two you'd want.)
    Any Johto legendaries (Again, lots of stuff from me.)
    Jirachi (Not that I actually really expect/am dying to have one)
    Cubones aplenty Kingdra item is. XD)
    Timid/Jolly Ditto
    Politoed/Poliwhirl + King's Rock
    (Bold ones are new. Except for shiny Snorunt. That I just really want. XD)

    Also: items! I'll gladly trade my critters for your Bidoofs, Magikarps, paraplegic Wurmples with the bubonic plauge, or what have you if they're holding onto one of these:
    Thick Club (I will pay you real good for this, no joke.)
    Non-Salac "pinch" berries (Liechi, etc.)
    Dubious Disc
    DP evolutionary stones. (Dawn stones and the like, not fire stones.)
    Moon stones.
    "Power" EV items. (The battle tower ones. Except for the +def and +atk ones.)
  2. Ok. here's the dealio.

    I have..

    And a bidoof with AIDS and a severe case of Mono, but lucky for you, its holding its dubious disk. XD

    and.. how about.. cyndaquil and Bagon for those 4.. ?
  3. Alright, Im gonna ask... Do you Have a Gligar/Gliscor? I woulde rather do the breeding myself, All I need is a male one, I could also use a Bagon.

    I have a Squirtle, a Spiritomb, and I can trade a shield fossil on one.
  4. BTK: Cyndaquil and Bagon it is.

    Figs: I do happen to have a Gligar, and it won't be too tricky for me to hatch you a Bagon, too. You don't need to attach the shield fossil if you don't want to, though. I feel it's fair enough being two-for-two.

    Both of y'all: I'm off to work real soon, actually, and it's a night shift, so I won't be able to make any trades until later on tomorrow afternoon. What times would work for you guys, and what time zone are you?
  5. Um, well I'll probably be on for most of today, so if you're on the same time I am, send me a message and I'll get on wi-fi.
  6. 1st: I have the same timezone as you, if your profile is accurate.

    2nd:I can be on at any time, as I lack what you humans call a life.
  7. if figs isnt giving you a sheild fossil, i can get you a sheildon, or i might be able to get you a sheild fossil, but im not sure if i have the fossil

    for a totodile maybe?

    oh, and i have leftovers, a few of them actually, and i think moonstones that i'd trade for a uhh...elekid?
  8. Update: Got a few of the buggers I was looking for, so I crossed them off the list. Also, I made a mistake with one of the Dittos being Hasty, not Sassy, so keep that in mind if you're requesting a nature.

    King: Yeah, sorry about that. I'm not currently after Squirtle or Shieldon. I am, however, a greedy bastard, so I'll be glad to trade for items. XD
  9. i have the johto starters

    what will you give for them?
  10. I'm... not sure you know how this works.
    See... I have all the Johto starters. That's why they're under my "what I have" heading and not the "what I want" heading.
    I'll maybe give you a Bidoof or something if you really want to trade, but since I don't really want or need them, I'm not inclined to offer anything much better than that.
  11. my bad it says legendaries sory :p
  12. ok, ill trade, 2 lefties and 2 moonstones for tododile and elekid
  13. i can get you a swellow and a bidoof with one leg, but it's holding a dusk stone.

    how about those two for a totodile and a cyndaquil?
  14. for a bulbasuar, a chikorita, a cranidos and a cyndaquil (or phione if ur feeling generous :p) I have 2 shiney stones, a dusk stone and a dubious disk, but can you wait until sunday?
  15. Okay, update!

    First of all, check the first post. Little update on Eevees, that's all.

    Ready for trading: Cyndaquil and Bagon, Bagon, Totodile and Elekid.

    If these are your guys, throw me a line next time we're both online and we can get our trade on. (ouch XD)

    SteelixFan: Totodile and Cyndaquil it is. Give me some breeding time, and we have a deal.

    Emo: Yeah, I can wait, and Phione's no trouble to breed. XD So Bulbasaur, Chikorita, Cranidos and Phione? Or do you want the little water-bugger replacing one of the other guys?

    Reia: That would be superb. What do you want for one of the buggers? If it's an item/Pokemon not on the list, throw out a suggestion anyways. I might have what you're looking for.
  16. No Johto legendaries whatsoever. Sorry. XD

    The most likely candidates I could offer would be either Salamance, Cacturne, or maybe female Blaziken if you don't mind waiting a long time for it.
  17. Are you still up for our trade?
  18. Yeah, your Pokemon are ready and waiting.
    Just throw me a line next time you're online, okay?
  19. i have a remoraid and rioulo or whatever
  20. Cool, I also have riolu furret and a kabuto fossil. for them could i have Cyndaquil and Larvatar. So that would make it :- Bulbasaur, Chikorita, Cranidos, Phione, Cyndaquil and Larvatar =] I'll work out the time difference, I'll add ur details, add mine too
  21. I've got a Swellow, Butterfree, Skorupi, and a Relicanth. I'll trade them for any of the starters but Charmander, Chimchar, Torchic or Treecko. I can get the Swellow and Butterfree any level under 40 that you want, too.
  22. I have a Skorupi. Can I have a Phione egg for the Skorupi? I can make it hold one of the items you want if want that. ;)
  23. I have a skorupi and a female heracross if you want them. I just really want an Eevee!
  24. i can get you a riolu for....

    the adamant and naughty eevees.

    how does that sound?

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