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Ask to Join Smash Bros. Ultimate: Galeon's Revenge. (RP)

Discussion in 'General Role Play' started by GhostlyCubone11, Mar 17, 2019.

  1. Discussion: https://pokecharms.com/threads/smash-bros-ultimate-galeons-revenge.20724/#post-735166

    Sonic was watching the inklings with a smile, seeing them chasing a butterfly. "They have a lot of curiosity.....I hope they stay that way." The hedgehog said with a sigh, leaning against a tree. Suddenly, he saw something rise up, and it looked dangerous. " Yo, little guys, get outta there! " Sonic yelled, running towards the two kids. He got in front of the two, and the monster shot some kind of energy ball at him, turning the hedgehog to stone. "Inkling, we gotta run!" Blue yelled, grabbing the others hand and running. Blue then pushed Inkling into a ditch as another energy ball flew at him, turning the child to stone as Inkling hit her head at the bottom of the hole, passing out.
    - ------------------
    Few days later.....
    "...And that's what happened. Why I'm here.....why my friends are gone.....I don't know anyone here....." Inkling said, turning to the space beside her. " Ugh.....I was talking to myself again huh.....whatever.....I need to find someone, anyone else! " Inkling told herself, sitting up and looking around frantically.
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  2. Villager yawned, sitting up. It had been days since those attacks came, turning his friends to stone. “.....its too quiet now.....” He thought with a sigh, standing as he walked out of the cave he had been hiding in.
  3. Lightning and sparklight

    Lightning and sparklight Previously Lightning-the-emolga

    Pichu and kirby were hidden in the underground, there was a small hole, but it was big enough for both them to pass.
    They both could remember clearly what happened during the past days.

    Pichu was playing with pikachu, they played cheerfully in the trees, chased each other and more thing that the two electric micr did together. However, something suddenly rised up, at the start the mice looked at it curiously but when the monster shot his lazer and turned pikachu to stone the pichu start running for life, leaving the pikachu behind.

    The pichu ran as she sobs, she could see the lazer getting closer, she wasnt fast enough for the deadly lazer and almost turned to stone as well.

    Luckily she was saved in the last second by kirby's warp star, turned out kirby saw this thing too, and quickly went to help.
    They both flew until they was out of the monster's sight, they dig an hole and made a little house underground so the monster wont find them.

    In the underground kirby and pichu sat, trying to think how the help the other and free those who turned into a stone.
    They didn't have a lot of food, only the food pichu stored along with pikachu. The world outside turned to be dark and empty, but still like a normal day with light.
  4. Inkling began walking, careful not to make any sound. “Ok....just be quick...and quiet....” She thought, looking around. “I-is anyone there....?” She said softly, before tripping over a nearby rock. “Shoot.” She thought as she fell down, then, she sat up with a growl. “That hurt....” She whined, sitting up. she decided to spray some ink on the ground, and jumped in it while she was in her squid form, so she could think of a plan.
  5. Villager kept walking, swinging his axe around a bit. “I’m gonna slice right through that giant monster.....” He mumbled, still a bit tired. “Man......I hope this all ends soon......”
  6. Corrin looked up at the sky then saw a monster. A laser was headed towards her quickly. Corrin's eyes went wide-eyed then she started running quickly to get away from the laser.
  7. Inkling rose out of her ink, when she saw someone running from a laser. “I should help them....” She thought, running over. “WOOMY!!!!” She yelled, trying to distract the monster. Galeon directed its attention on her, beginning to shoot lasers at her, as she ran the other direction, diving back in ink and waiting for the monster to stop, before coming out.
  8. Villager heard shouting, but ignored it, walking over to a tree. He began slicing at it, chopping it down. “If there is one thing that calms me down, its cutting down trees.....” He thought happily.
  9. Corrin had watched the Inkling distract Galeon to help her and she smiled lightly. "Who was that?" She asked herself then she ran to Inkling.
  10. Possibilit

    Possibilit Previously Shocking Trainer Zipz!

    Puffball sat in the corner, sleeping. He saw that Corrin was running away from some sort of light, which was also coming at Puffball. Puffball used rollout to try to run away from the beam. It got Puffball far but he knew that he was not going to out run it. He saw the Villager and tried to tell him about the light that was coming. "Jigglypuff!" Said Puffball as he Pointed to the beam. "Jiggly!" (Translate: "Jigglypuff!" = Run! "Jiggly!" = There is a death beam!) Puffball ran away using rollout after he told Villager. Puffball puffed up and hid under a Boulder. He was safe...for now. "Hopefully the Villager is safe.." though Puffball, then he went to sleep, trying to forget this ever happened.
  11. Inkling looked around again noticing Corrin as she backed away. She may have helped her, but she was still nervous, and scared. “W-Who.....are y-you....?” She asked quietly, preparing to dive back into her ink puddle.
  12. "Oh...I am Corrin, a dragon." Corrin said, stopping to put her sword down in the ground and knelt in front of Inkling, "Who are you, If I may ask?" She was worried that Inkling would attack her but she would have to defend herself
  13. Inkling backed away some more, making a soft sound similar to growling, before slowly disappearing into her ink puddle. “Should I attack....? She could be an enemy....” She thought to herself.
  14. Possibilit

    Possibilit Previously Shocking Trainer Zipz!

    When Puffball saw that it was safe to go outside, he did. He found a strange person and a weird squid. Puffball decided to go over and introduce himself. "Jiggly!" Said Puffball "Puff!". This both kinda startled the Inkling and Corrin, but due to the "pinkness" of Puffball they thought he wasn't dangerous.
  15. Inkling growled a bit more, before decided what she needed to do. She was scared, and she thought they were enemies, and she couldn’t think straight, so she attacked. She jumped out of the ink puddle, throwing a Splat Bomb to distract them, as she ran away. “Gotta hide gotta hide gotta hide!” She thought, seeing a bush and jumping into it. “Wait, ow ow ow!” She said to herself, seeing she had just tangled her leg up in the thorny branches of the bush.
  16. Corrin quickly brought her sword to block the Splat Bomb and countered it, transforming into a water dragon then launched water around her for a short distance. She changed back then looked around. "A bomb....made of ink? She must be a ranged fighter." Corrin said then started moving forward, "Where'd she go, anyway?"
  17. Inkling continued trying to try and pull her leg out of the branches, which made a loud russtling sound. The monster turned towards her, and began to make spotlights, searching the ground to locate the source of the sound. Inkling noticed the lights getting closer to her hiding spot, and began to struggle more.
  18. Villager saw the Jigglypuff warn him, so he nodded and ran into a cave again. “I hope this all ends soon....It better.....” He said to himself, looking out at the lights as he backed further into the cave.
  19. Inkling began to freak out even more, before deciding to do something risky. “Please have someone who can help notice.....” She thought, pulling out a Splat Bomb and throwing it into the air, almost like a somewhat distress signal that she used to do when exploring with her friends.
  20. Corrin looked up and saw the bomb. "It's her....will she attack? I don't care...I have to help her." She said then started running to where Inkling had thrown the Splat Bomb. Please be okay, please be okay, please be okay. Her mind went even though the Inkling attack her first.
  21. Inkling whimpered as the light got right infront of her hiding spot, staying as silent as possible. Tears began falling down her face, shutting her eyes as she continued trying to pull her legs out of the branches. “I’m scared....I dont wanna die......” She thought,
  22. Corrin stopped then saw the monster. She glared at it then her hand became a large claw that charged up a water blast that could stun an opponent. She held her arm up at the monster to wait for the blast to be fully charged then she could attack normally. "Come on...hurry...." She muttered.
  23. Inkling noticed Corrin, whimpering softly. “Great...now there’s to people that could possibly kill me....” She thought, trying to move and she felt the thorns on the branches push farther in her leg. “Ow! Great, forget I was trapped here....” she thought to herself, trembling more.
  24. Corrin grunted then shot the water blast at the monster, trying to paralyze it. "I'll get you out of there! First I need to stop this thing!" She said to Inkling, "If you have any weaponry to get you out, using them can help you!" She gripped her sword with her other hand as her launching hand get ready to crunch at the monster if the water blast made contact.
  25. Galeon stopped moving, as the lights slowly stopped moving. Inkling reached for her Ink Shooter, as one of the still moving lights landed on her, and Galeon noticed the frightened Inkling. She froze in fear, the only movement coming from her being the uncontrollable trembling.
  26. Villager walked out of his cave, sighing in relief. “Thank goodness......the lights aren’t here anymore....” He said, looking around with a small grin.
  27. Corrin watched her water blast hit the monster and she glared at it. "Hey, big and ugly! Face me instead of someone trapped....unless you're a coward!" She yelled at the monster.
  28. Galeon simply ignored Corrin, and after awhile, seemed to forget about the two and went to attack something else. “Phew....it must have noticed something else.....” Inkling sighed, going back to try untangling her leg. “That things gonna come back.....if you hurry, you can escape it.” Inkling told Corrin, before yelping in pain. “Ow ow ow I just made it worse by trying to untangle the branches!” She thought, whimpering a bit as she tried pulling her arms, which were now also tangled, out.
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  29. "I'm not leaving without you. You're stuck and you're hurt. I can't leave you here." Corrin said then she went towards Inkling, "I'm just going to cut the branches with my sword. That's all."
  30. Inkling began softly growling again, but other than that, didnt do anything. She couldn’t attack, or move, or really do anything. She tried pulling her leg out again, but all that did was hurt her more, so all she could do was trust Corrin.
  31. Villager looked up at Galeon, sad. “Maybe....Maybe. Should try and fight too....?” He asked himself, then nodded with a determined look.
  32. Corrin sighed then she raised her sword and cut one of the branches that was a little far from Inkling's arm. She carefully inspected the next branch that had been coiled around Inkling's other arm.
  33. Inkling whimpered softly, trying to stay as far as possible from Corrin. “Well....she didnt try and kill me yet...and she did help me.....but what if its all a trick? I’ll just keep my guard up....” She thought to herself, waiting for Corrin to finish.
  34. Corrin cut off the next branch then kneeled down to where Inkling's leg is. "Just these two more branches and you'll be free." She said then Corrin slashed her sword at one of the branches.
  35. Inkling nodded, shaking a bit. “Its almost over, you can handle this.....” Inkling thought, shutting her eyes and waiting for it to be over.
  36. "Last one...." Corrin reminded herself then she slashed at the last branch holding her other leg. She should be free now....I need to keep watch of that creature that headed off. She thought, But....I can't leave this girl.
  37. Inkling looked up at Corrin, smiling a bit. “Thank you....”. She said quietly, gently hugging Corrin, still unsure if she could trust her.
  38. Corrin smiled at Inkling. "You're welcome. My name is Corrin, and sorry if I repeat myself..." She said, "You look like a strong fighter...what's your name?"
  39. Possibilit

    Possibilit Previously Shocking Trainer Zipz!

    Jigglypuff used Rollout to catch up with Corrin and the Inkling. He knew that the Inkling was going to attack...mabye. "Puff!" Said Puffball "Jigglypuff!". This was jiberish to Corrin and the Inkling, but some people could understand Puffball. Like the Villager and the other Pokemon. Puffball puffed up, to reduce attack, or was planning on using sing if they attacked. Then, Puffbull then realized, Galeons attention was on him! Puffball used Rest to fling them upwards to a safe area, mabye a boulder. Puffball was turned to stone, while Corrin and Inkling were safe.
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  40. Inkling saw the pink thing fling them away, and ran over. “Oh no....they turned to s-stone.....I....I could’ve protected t-them.....” She whimpered, tears falling from her eyes. “First it was Sonic....then my best friend....now this one......it all....is it my fault....” She said softly to herself, staring up at Galeon. “I’ll....I’LL DESTROY YOU!!!!” She yelled, running over to where the monster was.

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