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Smash Bros. 4 character customization

Discussion in 'General Video Game Discussion' started by Valin, Nov 9, 2014.

  1. Valin

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    If there's anything I love in any video game, it's customization options, whether it be designing your character's appearance, or putting together or tweaking movesets.

    I don't know about everyone else, but I think Smash's 4's fighter customization did not disappoint, overall, especially when you consider that, generally speaking, each fighter really only has 19 techniques (not including basic standing attack combos, or extra steps to specials, and make that 18 techniques if you're playing without Smash Balls), so some extra variety is pretty cool.

    It's a shame that it's only restricted to matches between friends, since, if given a chance, it might have actually become a thing, since going into a match partially blind, and adapting accordingly, sounds sort of exciting.

    Anyway, for those who like making and using custom characters, who among them do you main, or simply think have a lot of potential?

    For me:

    Mii Gunner (I feel like I'm one of the select few that prefers the Gunner over the other two...)

    Master's Jacket
    Super Protection Badge
    Prototype Arm Cannon
    (Atk +70, Def +58 Spd -64)
    Special Abilities: None

    Modeled after yours truly (6'2, upper-medium weight), and wearing the High-Tech Armor and no headgear. Yeah, my Mii runs about as fast as Default King Dedede, but long-range moves with a lot of power behind them, along with high defense, makes up for that.

    Standard: Laser Blaze
    A simple long-range move that can be fired rapidly, and can quickly wear an opponent down.
    Side: Stealth Burst
    Works similar to Zelda's Din Fire. Does a lot of damage, and can even cause a KO with a high damage percentage.
    Up: Lunar Launch
    Not the best recovery move, admittedly, but firing a shot straight down works well against opponents that launch or throw you upward, then stand in wait while charging an up-smash.
    Down: Absorbing Vortex
    On top of high defense, a healing move really helps!


    Expensive Coat
    Expert's Tome
    Stylish Boots
    (Atk +23, Def +23, Spd +29)
    Special Abilities: None

    Just a balanced build. Not much to say about that...

    Standard: Speed Thunder
    In most cases, one doesn't seem to get the chance to charge all the way to Thoron, and even if one does, it's still possible an opponent would reflect or absorb it. While Speed Thunder isn't as strong as regular Thunder, nor is it as likely to cause a KO, it's still strong enough to rack up damage, and the shots fly faster as well, so I think that's an acceptable trade-off for increased utility.
    Side: Arcfire+
    On the other hand, Arcfire does become strong enough to cause a KO, as well as flying farther, so it's a pretty sweet deal for only taking a nanosecond longer to cast.
    Up: Gliding Elwind
    It's simply better for recovery, giving some horizontal movement, while maintaining decent vertical movement. It's not as good offensively, but I don't think people often use Elwind for purposes other than recovery, since like all the other specials, it has limited uses, so it's best to keep it on standby for when it's really needed.
    Down: Goetia
    I'm really no good with Robin's down special in any form since it takes a little too long to cast, so a version that pulls opponents in is somewhat handy. If I later get the hang of it, though, I'll probably go back to regular Nosferatu.

    Mega Man

    Deluxe Arm Cannon
    Hyper Smasher Brawn Badge
    Hyper Helmet
    (Atk +70, Def +13, Spd -42)
    Special Abilities:
    Hyper Smash Attacks

    Just a build that seems to work well for a long-range character. Since Mega Man's side-smash goes far, it makes some sense for it to be charged longer for more power.

    Standard: Shadow Blade
    Since Mega Man's options in the melee department are relatively limited, this move expands the selection slightly
    Side: Ice Slasher
    I really don't like any of Mega Man's side specials, but a simple shot that can freeze opponents feels like the least of three evils...
    Up: Rush Coil
    I didn't really find the alternatives very appealing, so I just stuck with the default.
    Down: Skull Barrier
    Since I haven't found a lot of uses for the other two, one that works a reflecting move feels like it makes the most sense.
  2. pokeman266

    pokeman266 2015 Singles Champion

    I don't really see myself or many other people going into the customization for most characters too much it's still nice to have the option though. The only real characters I use that are customized are Little Mac ( I gave him the better up special ) and Palutena.

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