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Sloth to draw

Discussion in 'Small Talk' started by higavoch, Apr 26, 2020.

  1. Hey guys, what do you do when you are discouraged to draw or just too lazy? About 4 days ago, I decided to make a drawing more complicated than mine usually, I started very well but I got to a point where I just reached a HUGE and inexplicable laziness. I open my drawing program, look at my drawing and sleep in my mind, i need a way to end this laziness to continue my drawing...
  2. Try to set small goals for yourself. Maybe add a little detail today. Maybe a little tomorrow. Maybe a minute or two just adding some detail. It doesn't matter how much you get done during that time period. Just trying is good enough. Any progress is helpful. You can also take a minute or two to think about things you can add to your current or future drawings. If you feel like you've met a good stopping point or like you've put enough time into the craft take a break. If you feel like continuing later that day go for it ,but do it at your own pace. Draw when you you enjoy it. Finishing a picture should be fun. Not just another deadline to be met.
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  3. Thanks, this is really helpful and are great tips!
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