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Ask to Join Sliver Academy

Discussion in 'Pokémon Role Play' started by ~Aura~Slashz~, Sep 27, 2018.

  1. ~Aura~Slashz~

    ~Aura~Slashz~ Previously Airslashz

    OOC: Hey everyone! This is my second role play that I have made. This one will hopefully last longer, lol.
    If you'd like to sign up or even just get a clue of what's going on here, please go to this thread, located in Pokemon Discussion: https://pokecharms.com/threads/sliver-academy.19978/#post-668543

    If you signed up for the role play and your form was accepted by ME, you may go ahead and post here.

    Anyways, without further ado, here we go!

    Kaylee, quite nervous actually, walked towards the registration area. It was a quite big line as this school had quite a lot of applicants. It was a nice, sunny day, as nothing were to happen today. The line actually took quickly then she was expecting. When it was her turn in line, the staff at the front asked, "Name?"

    "Oh, um, Kaylee Jai," she answered instantly.

    "Okay then, here's your dorm key! Have a great day!" the staff member at the front replied.

    Kaylee went away from the line, and walked quite slowly to her dorm building.
  2. Sara stood before the building of which the dorms were located. She made it to the school, and seemed to have been shoved in this direction by staff trying to get as many students through as possible. The day was nice though, at least something was good out of this so far.

    "So Sneasel, this is our home for the next year. Or, however long school lasts." Sara said to her partner, a Sneasel who stood next to her. "Lets make this year count."
  3. PyroTechnical157

    PyroTechnical157 Previously DarkIllousion157

    Rueben made his way down the hall, his Rowlet in his bag with his Aron and Zorua walking by his sides. "Name?" The staff asked "Rueben Pines." He replied in a f"Okay here's your dorm key." Rueben grabbed the key, put it in his pockets, and then picked up his walking pokemon and started running towards his dorm passing by multiple people.
  4. Serah blended in with the linear crowd of students in the academy, as Tyler silently unfolded his clipboard after managing to get a grip on his pen. He watched his trainer keeping him gently held around her left arm. He noticed his trainer promptly stating her name to the staff a half minute later. He took a mental note of the staff member handing her a staff key and waving to her as soon as she made her way towards the dorm building. The first page on the clipboard read:

    So today’s the first day of school huh? I really hope that I don’t get called on in class... I already embarrassed myself having to at least try introducing myself to the girl’s parents. At least I don’t have to wear anything too funny here, and I really would not like to have to go to the Pokémon Center again. That giant pink balloon thing really creeps me out.

    I’ll at least admit that I’m still me even if I am now well... yeah. I’ll just have to cross my fingers and hope that today at least turns out okay.
  5. As Houda was trying to squeeze past the group of people to receive her dorm number and key, her Gible decided to climb up and sit on the top of her head, taking in the view. This action did not really bother his trainer. Her Drampa was walking beside her, along with her tired Jangmo-o curled up on the elder dragon’s back.

    When she finally survived the crowds, she eventually made it to the reception. After a simple exchange, she received her dorm keys and number.

    Dorm Key added to Inventory!

    Houda then set out to find her dorm, with all three of her dragons by her side.
  6. Tyler gulped after taking a brief glance at a greenish-white dragon Pokémon that towered over his infantile size. He discreetly gathered some energy in his body, as Serah took out a handgun-shaped device from her satchel. She pointed the peculiar machine at a shark-like Pokémon that sat on a girl's head. The small monitor unfolded from the device's left side, as the screen read:

    [ ERROR 003: Scan unsuccessful, data not found in file drive. Please call technical support for more details. ]
    [ ??? (???) // Type: −−− | −−− // No. −−− ]
    [ "No entry found." ]
    [ Region of Origin: −−− ]
    [ HT: −−'−−" | −−− cm ]
    [ WT: −−.−− lbs | −−.−− kg ]
    [ Condition: −−− | Mood: −−− ]
    [ Weak: −−− ]
    [ Strong: −−− ]
    [ Absorb: −−− ]
    [ Immune: −−− ]

    "Hmm okay, let's try that again I guess," Serah thought before getting the same result on the screen after pointing the machine at the blue dragon Pokémon once more.

    "Alright, I guess it's not working on him, maybe I'll try it on little Tyler to see if it's really acting up," Serah added in her mind after pointing the device at the seal Pokémon. The text loaded up in a matter of seconds, as the screen read:

    [ Scan successful! Downloading data... ]
    [ Signita (Cross Seal Pokémon) // Type: Water | Ice // No. E−007 ]
    [ "Signita is the water starter Pokémon for Etepeal. Typically, they are given to beginning trainers, as they can rarely be seen in the wild in colder areas napping on some patches of snow near the frosty seas." ]
    [ Region of Origin: Etepeal ]
    [ HT: 1'10" | 0.56 m ]
    [ WT: 17.90 lbs | 8.12 kg ]
    [ Condition: Fine | Mood: Troubled ]
    [ Weak: Fighting, Rock, Grass, Electric ]
    [ Strong: Water, Ice ]
    [ Absorb: None ]
    [ Immune: None ]

    "That's odd, he's not usually worried at this time. I haven't made any appointments with the nurse yet, he's already taken a bath and even his medicine, so I have no idea what's going on right now," Serah mused while Tyler carefully folded up his clipboard and placed both the pen and plastic board back in their respective pockets of his lab coat. After the little Pokémon took a careful look around the area, he decided to put his left hand in his mouth for a brief moment. His trainer gave a light giggle a split second after, as he soon forgot about the sizable, serpentine Pokémon.
  7. ~Aura~Slashz~

    ~Aura~Slashz~ Previously Airslashz

    Kaylee was right at the dorm building, entering in. Music was on in the hallways. An announcement rang across the whole entire school. It said, “Hey everyone! Welcome to Sliver Academy! I hope you’re having a nice time here! Anyways, there will be an orientation in two hours in the Auditorium in Education Building A, room 141. Enjoy this time to see new friends and old!”

    “Oh.. um.. okay then.”

    Kaylee went into the dorm, released her Pokémon, and sat down.
  8. PyroTechnical157

    PyroTechnical157 Previously DarkIllousion157

    Rueben got to his dorm before anyone else showed up and relaxed after a session of huffing and puffing. "Time to choose a room I guess..." He said looking through the multiple rooms and choosing the on with floor to ceiling shades "This should do for now." Rueben then took his Rowlet out of the bookbag and emptied the things inside. "Clothes, Toothbrush, Food for me, Food for them. I'm just missing a few things." He then put up a few posters of different typed pokemon, and stole the coatrack from the living space "There goes the bag and there goes the Rowlet. I still feel like I'm missing something." He turned and picked up a Satchel filled with Pokeballs, Potions, a modded Pokedex, and other Items and placing them on the stolen coatrack. "Perfect." He whispered before throwing himself on the bed.
  9. While Clint was looking, where his dorm could be, he reminded to him what happend when he had to tell his name.

    "Name?" Staff asked Clint "If I really need to... " he said
    "Something happend"
    "No, My name is Clint Skyscale" He stated "Sky-, Skys-. Okay, there is your dorn key. Have a nice day." Staff said "Thanks" he replied and came inside the building.

    Then he got bored in searching and he wanted ask someone. His Chimchar sended himself out from his pokeball and he looked at him "Of course, you can help... Search for someone".
  10. When Houda stopped in front of the door of her new dorm room, her Gible leaped off her head and began clawing the door as if he were an excited puppy. His trainer sighed, picking up the Gible with one arm before using the other to open the door to her dorm with her key.

    She stepped into the dorm first, placing her Gible on the floor before storing away her dorm key in one of her pockets inside her poncho. Her Drampa and Jangmo-o came in last, with the smaller dragon still snoozing as the elder dragon squeezed through the door to enter the dorm.

    When her Drampa fully entered, Houda closed the door, leaving her and her three dragons alone in this dorm. She went over to sit on her bed, pulling out a pen and journal from one of her poncho pockets.
  11. Darren walked over to the registration area and appeared to be tailed by an Elekid and a Rockruff. He sighed lightly as he kept his hands in his pockets. Elekid patiently waited for Darren to register in whilst Rockruff happily wagged his tail.
    "Name?" The woman at the desk asked.
    "Darren Anderson." He replied in a nonchalant and almost bored tone of voice.
    "Thank you Darren, here's your dorm key, have a fun day at school." The woman said.
    "No promises." Darren responded in an almost joking tone as he walked off to his dorm room, Elekid followed on his left whilst Rockruff followed on his right, curiously looking around at everything as they walked down the hall.
  12. Clint finally found the door for his Key and he went inside "It looks better then I thought, now I need to take a nap. Chimchar, I want you to stay and wake me up when someone will came here" He said to his pokemon then he fell at the bed, he had traveled for a long time to get here and now he wasn't able to move, he didn't want to do it either. He closed his eyes and started to rest, in the same time Chimchar was walking around the dorn.
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  13. Serah decided to make her way towards the dorms after letting a couple of insults from other trainers slide by. The remarks appeared to have moved onto a younger trainer after a duo of boys noticed a lack of reaction from Serah or her Pokémon. A brief minute later, she arrived at the room where she and Tyler would be staying for at least some time.

    Tyler took his hand out of his mouth after noticing his trainer using a certain key to unlock the door. The door was gently opened after the key was stowed in the satchel.

    “O- oh... sorry, I- I didn’t realize you were also here,” Serah hesitantly blurted after taking the swift sight of a girl and several dragon-like Pokémon inside the room.

    Tyler recoiled after seeing the same, serpentine Pokémon for the second time, as he emitted a feeble, infantile sound at the girl.

    “Well, let’s just get to the point real quick. I’m Serah, and the little one that I’m holding is Tyler. He’s quite shy and has some things going on, so try to be careful with him. If anybody gets hurt, he’s usually the one to help, or at least with me since he can’t really talk as much and use his tools anymore,” Serah stated to the girl before Tyler turned away from the girl and the other Pokémon.
  14. XenoRed

    XenoRed Formerly Charizard F

    Joshua came to the reception area. The line wasn't too long, because he was a bit late.
    The staff at the front asked him:
    "Hello sir, what is your name?"
    "Joshua Hunt!" he quickly replied.
    "Ok, here is the key to your dorm, have a nice day." The staff replied.
    "Woohoo! I cant wait to get to my dorm!" Joshua said.
  15. Maren had arrived rather late, which she was very annoyed about. The flight to the coast from Kiloude City had been a long one, and she’d overslept in her hotel room.
    She hurried in after a guy a few hundred meters ahead of her, only to be relieved at the sight of a line, despite it being short. “Good,” She muttered under her breath. “I’m not the last one here.”
    The Makuhita on her shoulder made a pleased sound, and Maren laughed. “You and me both, Yellow.”
    She stood in line impatiently. She would have started a conversation with one of the other students, but she was too busy eagerly anticipating getting to her dorm and heading to orientation.
    When she finally got to the desk, she smiled brightly. “Hey! My name is Maren Whittcomb?”
    The woman nodded, “Oh, yes, here you go.”
    She handed her a key, presumably to her dorm.
    “Orientation is in an hour and a half. For now, take a look at your dorm! Your roommate should be arriving soon, if they haven’t already. Have a nice day at school!”
    Maren grinned. “Thanks!”
  16. “Hm. I am Houda. Nice to meet you.. Serah. The name of my dragons are Khōjin, Hakuoro, and Miso.” She began, pointing to her Pokemon as she said their names.

    “Miso is very gentle while Hakuoro is a little finicky. Khōjin.. has the temperment of a rambunctious puppy.” Houda added, before looking at the smaller Pokemon.

    “How pecuilar. I have never seen this type of Pokemon before. Do you mind telling me about it?” She said, looking back at Serah.

    Meanwhile, the Gible leaped from his position to look at the strange Pokemon he has never seen before. He seemed to be very excited.

    (“Hi! What’s your name? What even are you?”) The Gible chirped, approaching Tyler.

    (“Don’t startle the poor thing..”) Hiso spoke, but his voice was too soft to hold any sharpness.
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  17. “Well, it is nice to meet you Houda, along with the other Pokémon,” Serah replied.

    “I guess not a lot around have seen my Pokémon, so I wouldn’t mind at all. According to my handbook, he’s a Signita if I recalled, and he’s water and ice. Ironically enough, he doesn’t really like playing in the snow even though the book and the Poké Browser both state that his species loves to be in cold areas,” Serah added before gently placing Tyler down after noticing the blue, dragon-like Pokémon approaching Tyler.

    “Oh, I think the blue dragon wants to talk to you, why don’t you go introduce yourself?” Serah said in a calm tone to the little Pokémon, before the seal Pokémon refused to obey his trainer.

    “I know you’re a bit shy, but I would like for you to at least wave at the dragon and say something about yourself,” Serah continued while Tyler slowly turned towards the Gible and gave a vague wave with his trembling, right hand. A few incomprehensible babbles came from the baby Pokémon, as his voice sounded like a neonate begging to its mother for hours on end. The young Pokémon quickly scooted towards his trainer while attempting to conceal his watery eyes with his lab coat as best as he could.
  18. PrincessPika~chan

    PrincessPika~chan Previously PrincessPika

    Aabriella ran towards the registration area, Sparkler, her Pichu, had tucked herself into Aabriella's hair on her right shoulder. There was a fairly-short line; Aabriella huffed in annoyance and tapped her foot impatiently, soon enough however, the line cleared and she was able to get through.
    "Name?" one of the staff at the desk asked, “Aabriella, Aabriella Niako” Aabriella replied quickly; the staff member gave her a key, "For your dorm" the staff said as Aabriella took the key; "Thanks!" she hastily replied before she ran off to her room.

    When Aabriella got to her room, she sent out her Popplio and Pikipek whilst Sparkler crept out of her hair, curious about the room they were in; Aabriella sat down on her bed, as she waited for a few minutes for her roommate.
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  19. Once Darren arrived at his dorm, he opened the door to find it was already occupied by someone who appeared to have a Chimchar with them. He raised an eyebrow in curiosity whilst the Elekid and Rockruff stared at Chimchar cautiously. "Didn't realise I'd be sharing a room with someone, either that or I got the wrong room." He said before he looked around the dorm room curiously to see if they were made for multiple people.
  20. Clint woke up when he heard that someone opened the door. He opened his eyes and slowly got up from the bed, In the same time Chimchar seemed to greet other pokemons. "Hi, My name is Clint and if you came to this dorm then It seems that we are roommates" He said to Darren "I hope we will get used to each other" he looked at Darren's pokemons and he headed to the door "Can I leave Chimchar with you for a while... Thanks" and he left the dorm.
  21. "Hmph, you and me both, name's Darren..." He said as he raised his eyebrow once more to Clint's departure which he assumed as abrupt. He looked back at the Chimchar with curiosity. "Rockruff, Elekid, why don't you get to know Chimchar whilst I settle into our new room, yeah?" He suggested as he went to do just that, Elekid merely introduced himself to Chimchar and decided to help Darren unpack, Rockruff on the other hand decided to play with Chimchar. Darren saw Elekid trying to help him and smiled lightly "You always like helping me, don't you pal?" He asked rhetorically as he put his stuff in appropriate places.

    "So this is Silver Academy, hopefully it proves more beneficial than boring... perhaps I'll find my 'other half' if I'm lucky."
    He thought to himself as a Poké ball on his belt shook and out of it came a Bagon who joined Chimchar and Rockruff in playing. Darren watched his Pokémon play with Chimchar and was slightly comforted by the sight of it, he decided to sit on his bed, get out his guitar and start playing a peaceful tune.
  22. Clint was walking around and he thought about the Silver academy then someone pushed him, guy turned around and yelled "Hey, what's wrong with you. You schould apologize me" He said "Easy, It was hard for me to evade you. You are just to big and slow" Clint told him "You little... "
    "Hey, that was a joke, not a rock. Why take it so hard" Clint asked him he looked at the treiner with his Red eyes. "It seems that you can't bear my jokes, maybe puns will be better... Anyway, I will leave you now"
    "Where do you think, you are going. I could crush you if I got a chance" The guy said "You really think so" Clint asked and he took a great ball from his poket "I know so"
    "Alright, let us begin". They started a pokemon battle.
  23. Sara entered her dorm soon after recieving her key to find someone already there. "Hello, I guess we are roommates? Anyways, I'm Sara. And this is Sneasel." She said throwing her bag onto the other empty bed. Sara then pulled the chair, which had wheels, over from her side where the computer was located, and sat down into the chair. "So, who might you be?"
  24. The Battle ended as fast as it begun "I hoped that it would be interesting, what a waste" Clint said and he left the Guy with his fainted Grotle. When he finally was bored, he was heading to his dorm. "Maybe I will find someone interesting but... Anyway, I should have fun. At last that Darren seems to be interesting, maybe I will find more interesting people here" he was saying to himself, he didn't realized that in the same time from his poket dropped his trainer card.
  25. As Serah was speaking, Houda took the opportunity to jot down some notes about the unfamiliar Pokémon on her journal. She then watched Khōjin trying to communicate with the other Pokémon.

    (“Wh- Why are you crying?!”) The Gible exclaimed with confusion. What did he do?

    (“Calm down, Big Jaws. The seal thing is only shy you dullard.”) Another voice spoke up. This voice belonged to the Jangmo-o named Hakuoro, the grumpy dragon that was awoken from his nap. He uncurled himself, watching the situation from Houda’s bed.

    (“If you would allow me..) Miso spoke up, slowly squirming to sit beside the confused shark.

    (“Hello?”) The Drampa softly spoke in attempt to speak to the unfamiliar Pokémon.
  26. ~Aura~Slashz~

    ~Aura~Slashz~ Previously Airslashz

    "Oh, um, hi there.. My name is um.. Kaylee." Kaylee responded, not knowing she was going to have a 'roommate'.

    Bayleef, Fennekin, and Eevee were playing and jumping on the bed that Kaylee was to sleep in. Fennekin accidentally hit Bayleef to the ground.

    Bayleef glared and jumped back, not to play, but to revenge. "BAYLEEEF!" the stubborn Bayleef cried. A few leaves appeared near Bayleef, and with a green flash. It was Razor Leaf, and it went right toward Fennekin. Fennekin tried to dodge it, but couldn't. Despite Grass moves being not effective on Fire types, it hit bad.

    "Fenn... fenn.." Fennekin whimpered.

    "Wait, what the fudge is going on there?" Kaylee asked, hearing all Fennekin whimpered.
  27. Tyler picked up on the soft voice that came from the serpentine Pokémon, as he slowly wiped his teary eyes. He looked up at the Drampa before taking a slight breath. All that could come out of his mouth was another series of unintelligible sounds that his trainer had a hard time interpreting within the first five minutes.

    He took out his clipboard and unfolded it after managing to resist the urge to put his hand in his mouth for the second time in a row. He took out the last page and placed it on top of the first after securing the pages with the clip. He showed the clipboard to the Drampa, as the page read:

    Tyler's FAQ:
    • What's your name? (My name is Tyler Frost.)
    • What's your occupation? (Same as always, I'm a doctor.)
    • How old are you? (Honestly, I don't know... but everyone keeps telling me that I'm around a couple of months old.)
    • How are you doing? (I'm doing okay, but I mean... it could be better if I didn't have to be stuck being a little baby.)
    • What's with the lab coat? (It's for security purposes, I don't want to be exposed.)
    • What's with the bandages? (I kinda got into too many fights earlier, I'd rather not talk about it honestly.)
    • Can you even talk? (I don't know if having to cry, making silly sounds and having to write everything down would be considered that.)
    • You wanna battle? (No, I'd rather not be going to the Pokémon Center again, thank you.)
    • You wanna play? (No thanks, it's already bad enough when I can't find my trainer because she's playing peekaboo again.)
  28. Maren walked briskly up the long staircase, wandered a bit, and finally came upon her dorm.
    She turned the key, and swiftly-excitedly- opened the door.
    Her roommate was already there, with a Pichu on her shoulder, and two Pokemon Maren didn’t recognize playing in the room.
    Maren froze. She didn’t want some sort of battle to ensue.
    But then she realized how silly that was. Everyone’s Pokemon were resting up for tomorrow or else checking out the academy. Who would battle now?
    She grinned, releasing her Meditite, Monk, and her Woobat, Polly. “Hello!” She chirped, walking in to sit on her bed as Polly flitted aroubd the room. “I’m Maren.”
  29. PrincessPika~chan

    PrincessPika~chan Previously PrincessPika

    Aabriella got off her bed and walked towards her roommate, "Hey! I'm Aabriella, Aabriella Niako" she said with a smile on her face. "That's Ariella Song, a Popplio; Tsunami, a Pikipek and-" Aabriella was interrupted by her Pichu, who's cheeks were sparking angrily. Aabriella briskly picked Sparkler up and placed her in a corner of the room before she used Thunder Shock. However, to Aabriella's great relief, it did barely any damage to what was nearby; "That's Sparkler, a shiny Pichu. She's kinda... What's the word? Shy? I'm not particularly sure. She'll get used to you being around, eventually; until then, you'll have to put up with her constantly sparking out with Thunder Shock;" Aabriella said to Maren, slightly giggling as she said Thunder Shock.
  30. Maren blinked. “Oh!”
    She laughed a bit. “If the Woobat ever stops exploring the room, you should know her name is Polly. This“ -she gestured to the Makuhita on her shoulder- “is Yellow. And the Meditite hiding behind me is Monk. He’s pretty shy, too, just...”
    She trailed off, and gave Aabriella a knowing look. “Yeah. Say, I’ve never heard of those Pokémon before! What region are you from?”
  31. PrincessPika~chan

    PrincessPika~chan Previously PrincessPika

    Aabriella smiled, "I'm from Alola; it's quite far from here, so I'm not surprised you've never seen Popplio or Pikipek before." Sparkler ran over to Aabriella, but stopped when she saw a rainbow on the floor; "Oh, Sparkler!" Aabriella exclaimed "How many times do you accidentally create rainbows on the floor that distract you! Of course it's all because you're shiny and Pikachu coloured!" Aabriella picked Sparkler up and placed her back in her hair before turning her attention back to Maren, "So, where are you from? Just out of curiosity;" Aabriella asked, eagerly awaiting a response.
  32. Sneasel quickly blew a snowy wind out to the stray leaves flying to his trainer, freezing them instantly and then shattering them in the air using a slash attack. "I guess your pokemon did a Razor Leaf attack, to what I've just seen." Sara said, pushing the chair from off the floor to roll it right before her bed. The impact knocked the chair back, throwing Sara off the chair onto her bed where she began laughing. "You need to try this Kaylee. Its quite fun!"
  33. XenoRed

    XenoRed Formerly Charizard F

    Joshua came into his dorm.
    "Wow, this dorm is awesome!" He said happily "Guys, you gotta see this!"

    Saying this, he let his Pokemon out. Dratini, Mareep and Charmander were all amazed how good the dorm looked.

    "Rest today, guys - because tommorrow, we are gonna train!" Said Joshua, and all the pokemon looked at him, happily.

    Admin edit: Posts in the RP form must be in story format. What you posted was not story format - more of a weird hybrid script format, and that's not actually acceptable here. None of that asterisk nonsense. Think of the last book you've read, did it feature weird asterisks and varying tenses? No? Exactly.

    I fixed this particular post for you, but the next time you post anything rule breaking, there will be an official warning.
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  34. (“I see, I see. I will make sure the little Gible here will do you no harm, Tyler.”) The Drampa responded.

    (“What- harm?!”) Khōjin exclaimed, looking at the older dragon. The Gible hardly had the intention of hurting the sensitive seal.

    (“I kid.”) Miso mused.

    Meanwhile, Houda looked at a clipboard. So Tyler can write as well? How interesting. She made a quick note of this on her journal. She then stopped to ask one question.

    “... Does your Pokemon know any moves?”
  35. Darren continued to play the guitar whilst Elekid left as he heard noise from outside the room, he opened the door and looked to see one side of the hall turned into the aftermath of a battle zone. When the door opened, the sound of Darren's guitar tune became slightly clearer to anyone near his room. Rockruff and Bagon merely went to play with Chimchar. As Darren played, he looked out the window to see the view outside and sighed at the sight of it.
  36. “Well, he doesn’t really use moves as much, but I remember that he likes to use Pound Rush, Examination, Water Snipe and Icicle Shooter a lot more than the others,” Serah replied before Tyler took the page of the clipboard and placed it back in its original position. The little Pokémon turned towards his trainer, only for him to be unable to find his trainer seconds later.

    “W- where did she go?! O- okay... m- maybe she’s showering or something, or she’s probably getting that pink stuff again!” Tyler thought while Serah gave a concealed chuckle.

    Tyler sniffled and gave out an infantile sound of noticeable confusion when he picked up on the chuckle. His trainer kept her face covered with her hands while wondering if the baby Pokémon would be able to outwit the classical game for the tenth attempt this week.
  37. Clint heard Darren's guitar and came inside the room "Hey, You're really good with this guitar" he said honestly then he looked at Chimchar "He didn't give you any troblue, did he" he said and his Chimchar went on his shoulder then he went to his bed he searched for something in his pocket. "where it is?" he looked around the room "No, no, no"
  38. The imposing form of the currently alien academy loomed over Dominic Mercado, causing the already writhing amounts of both excitement and anxiety within him to proliferate even further - combining to craft a concoction of mostly inward elation. He had never really been one to fidget, always preferring to keep most emotions or forms of nervousness to his own consciousness, never viewing it as too much of a worry that would be relevant to others. It was his personal way of coping with stress, and he didn't exactly see a reason to focus on changing that if it worked sufficiently enough.

    After several minutes of confused pacing, Dominic had finally made his way over to the desk which had a large sign labeling it as the reception area for new arrivals, and after shifting the combined weight of the Pansear, Alfred, and his backpack from his shoulder - before astutely walking to the secretary who sat behind the designated desk.

    "Hello, Ma'am? My name is Dominic Mercado, D - O - M - I - N - I - C, 14 years, and I'm here to receive my dorm keys." The boy said, motioning for his Pokemon to just stay still for one moment, which they had noticeable issue with complying with - but that was just the nature of the admittedly adorable creatures, always frolicking around in their signature rambunctious manner.

    The lady present nodded in acknowledgement to Dominic's statement, before averting her gaze over towards the computer that withheld lists of information in front of her. The Pancham that the boy owned, Jessie, had an almost cherubic appearance in the light of the notably beautiful day - a sight which helped somewhat exorcise the fears that was still held within about the coming school year and his time away at the academy.

    The secretary turned over back towards Dominic, pushing out two sets of keys in front of him. This was taken thankfully by the anxious teenager, who thanked the woman before wading back into the crowd that was now infectiously spreading across the campus. While he made his way over to his dorm building, a trio of Pokemon mirthfully sauntered behind his tall, well built form bearing typical articles of clothing for the weather that had set in.
  39. Maren grinned. “Whoa! I’ve heard of Alola, but I’ve never met anyone from there! This is so cool! I’m from Kiloude City- it’s a remote city in Kalos.”
    She already liked Aabriella. She was nice so far. “So, uhm... do you want to go check out the campus for a little while before orientation? I’m kind of dying to explore this place.”
  40. Jacksoneternal

    Jacksoneternal Previously Breon

    Jackson had just arrived in front of the huge line at the registration counter with his Totodile on his head.

    "Name please." The staff member asked.
    "Jackson conner" Jackson said as he lifted his head from a book he was reading while holding Totodile making sure he doesn't fall.
    "Okay then, here your is your room key and enjoy the academy." The staff member said with a bright smile. "Thanks." Jackson said as he grab the dorm key and turned his attention back into the book and walked away from the counter headed towards the academy dorm area. "Now then what number is my dorm." He said looking at the dorm key.

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