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Slink's Sprites Chao, Splices, and Recolors; Now Available!

Discussion in 'Creative Archive' started by Slink, Jan 9, 2008.

  1. Okay, I'm doing requests, so you have a choice of what ye want:
    -Trainer (Reference if Possible)
    -Trainer Overworlds
    -Pokemon Mugshots
    -Trainer Mugshots (Probably not a good idea)
    -Pokemon Overworlds (I will choose whether to do these or not depending on difficulty.)
    - Poke Chao
    -*NEW* [glow=red,2,300]Pixel Art[/glow] ​

    I would like to stress that all of these are made by my hand, and that if anyone steals or edits them without my permission, I will [glow=red,2,300]DESTROY[/glow] you. Er, I mean repoort you to the mods. *cough*

    Also, concerning the Pixel Art, I will only take these one at a time. So do not request them until I say you can.​

    Well, I do in fact have some sprites that I entered into the Trainer Card thingy a while ago... they didnt get it ^_^; But hey, here are my sprites.
  2. :o Your sprites are amazing. :) Keep up the great work. (Is that George a guy from the Matrix?)
  3. Wow! Are they? Looking at your sprites... Mine seem so bland! But thank you very much! And yes, he is from the matrix, its not supposed to look like 'george', I just let him choose a sprite and put it in.
  4. I noticed you said you need "tips." Although it's quite clear to me, you don't need a single one! Your shading is excellent, and your style's impressive. I'll be watching this space for sure!
  5. Noobie sprites? Hardly. The splicing looks natural and the shading has been done nicely. The only tips I can give you is to add more shades to your black sprites for better effect. Also, if you want your Sprites to look even more DP-like, I'd suggest not to outline them in black, but in a darker shade of the clothes' colors. (Like say you're outlining blue jeans, outline them with a darker shade of blue mixed with a few black lines to show shadows in the outline.)
  6. n00bie sprites very hard to believe they are good. I like the trainer cards on how you used the pokemon icons I tried to find a place to put them but it never looked good. You are realy smart.
  7. :D Thanks for all the great comments guys :D If you like you can come look at some of my drawings on the art forum... ;D
  8. Sem

    Sem The Last of the Snowmen
    Former Administrator

    Yus! More talent to add to the site. >=D Also, I remember some of these that were submitted to the TC Maker loooong ago, you've been lurking for a while. ;P
  9. Heheh Yeah. I remember Stellarwind made some rule... Then I stopped going on cus my sprites didnt get accepted xD

    Hehe What can I say, I was young :D
  10. Your sprites are good. I really like the Zangoose cosplayer/pokemorph, the girl in black and pink, the boy in red and black, and the two of them together.
  11. Thanks :) Its an Emo Guy, Emo Girl, and Emo Couple.
    Or you could call them goths :) Take your pic.
  12. Hey can you mug a mug and overworld sprite for Mightyena please and thanks
  13. Hey nice Gym Badges! :) You think you can do a flame with a tiny green leaf in the middle, please and thank you :)
  14. Awright first requests, I'll get right on em...

    EDIT: Okee Dokee, I have done the Mightyena mug, it might not be perfect, but thats cus I couldnt find a front view of mightyen. ANYWHERE. But yeah. here is my attempt:
    Unfortunately I couldn't pin the mightyena overworld, I might, howver be able to make a mightyena profile overworld, if you would settle for that, Flame.

    Now onto the Gym Badge!

    Ah... Zadia seems to have been banned... Um well, here it is anyways :D


    In memory of her/him, I call it, the Zadia Badge :p
  15. can you make a trainer spirte for this[​IMG]
  16. Yoshimitsu

    Former Moderator

    Jocelyn213, would you mind telling me where that sprite came from?
  17. my cousin made it for me
  18. Wow great sprites!(im a noob so idk what's great.) Anyways, can I request for a overworld and mugshot of Manaphy?
  19. ya sure a profile overworld will be good thanks the mug looks sooooo good
  20. Hokey Kokey (okay) I'll do Flames profile overworld, and the manaphy mug. Er, just to let you know Iceie, I dont think Smoochum will much appreciate you ripping of her work. Its also against the rules and would get you a warning. Just helping you out :D

    Kay they are done. And Flame I managed to make a front view overworld!


    EDIT: I have been ill all day so I had some time on my hands. I looked round some topics, made some posts, and I noticed a lot of spriters making Linkachu sprites. So I did one myself.
    Thats for you Linkachu (heheh rhyme) Its far from amazing but hey.

    I also have an attempt at a IAWW sprite. [​IMG]
    Yes, I am aware its just a re-colour. Sue me.​

    EDITED EDIT: Jocelyn, could you be a little more specific?
  21. oh sorry, I think I should have read the rules more carefully than to skim around it. :-\

    Edit: Thanks for the tip anyways​
  22. oh sorry, i want d/p overworlds for the spirte
  23. Yoshimitsu

    Former Moderator


    [quote author=Yoshimitsu27 link=topic=3297.msg42914#msg42914 date=1199240519]
    Please do not quote multiple sprites. Definitely don't quote an entire post of sprites. It's really annoying to see the same lot of sprites twice in a thread. If you want to comment on the sprites as a whole, there's no need to quote them, I'm sure the spriter will understand. You may quote single sprites at a time, however, but don't go overboard.[/quote]

    You broke one of the rules for the sprite forum, which are RIGHT AT THE TOP of the Sprite Forum. Warn'd.
  24. I have a question: Are you still taking requests? I do not wish to impose or anything. xD

    If so, I'd like to request over world sprites of Alphina[1,2]
    Perferably in the more FireRed/LeafGreen style, but I don't mind Diamond/Pearl style.

    Thanks a lot, if you can! c:
  25. I am in fact taking requests :) MAke sure you dont get banned or anything... Then I would have waisted my time. I'll get right on it :D

    EDIT: Done, here you go [​IMG]
    If their is anything I can fix, just let me know.
  26. lol. I won't get banned. I'm good at following rules. 8D

    That looks great! Thanks a lot! c:
  27. Shiny Pyxis

    Shiny Pyxis 2016 Singles Football


    *dies because it's ANOTHER CHAO*

    OMG, it's a CHAO!!! KUTE!!!! And that's a funny Linkachu battle scene, though the hat looks a bit weird. Great sprites, Slink!
  28. i think it would be awsome if someone made a trainer sprite out of jean grey from x-men. she PWNS! :p
  29. Chelsea: That Chao is just so cute! I love it! *Takes Zangoose Chao, runs, hides it in secret Zangoose shrine, and bows down to Zangoose Chao*

    Ashley: I apologize for her actions. *Takes Zangoose Chao away from Chelsea secretly and hands it back to Slink.* (I'm not worthy of owning your amazing Chao and neither is she.) *Chelsea makes silly faces at Ashley.* I love all of your sprites. "Me, too." (Quiet, Chelsea! I think he knows.) They're just so amazing. Keep up the super amazing work! :) "What she said."

    (Chelsea is Ashley's alter ego.)

    (By the way, I like Tiramisu_amaretti's idea about making Jean Grey from X-men.)
  30. Haha! Thanks Chelsea :D I will take the Jean-Grey thing as a request, and will get on it as soon as I can be botherd xD And I enjoy making the Chao sprites so's I'll probably make some more. :D

    Peace Out 8)


    EDIT: More Chou :]
    [​IMG] Missmagius :D
    [​IMG] Sceptile :D
    [​IMG] And just for kicks, a Moogle!

    Will do the Jean Grey one tommorow, I'm sleepy ^_^;;

    EDIT EDIT: Well, its tommorow and I haven't done it yet. But I have a good reason! I finnished my Sig. Ooooooh yeah.
  31. omg slink i didnt know you did D/P overwrolds i was to amazed about your cool looking trainer cards to notice.
    I would love to make a request on your overworlds please? he is a link to the person http://img401.imageshack.us/img401/8742/requestiq0.png Can he be looking in every direction and be walking too if its not to hard? If you dont want to do this request just tell me.
  32. Sure, no problem. You will have to wait till Monday to get it though, I'm away for the weekend. Er, unless your in America, in which case; just wait 3 days :D
  33. thanks slink your awesome i cant wait til i see it
  34. ZOMG!!
    Whats that you say?
    Slink FINALLY did his request?!

    Its true :D Sorry for the wait Naruto, but here ya go [​IMG]

    And here some re-colour/splices I did:
    And zomg! Its a Tiny Sceptile!!

    Errrr... Yes Fantina, that DOES make you look fat.

    Well, thats it for now. :D

  35. Wow......You are really good Slink. Your sprites and mug shots are very imaginative, well drawn and colored, with just that unmistakable touch of Slink-osity.

    Okay, if you are taking requests, could I please have a female trainer sprite with dark brown hair in a ponytail that goes slightly past shoulder length, teenage, wearing a black t-shirt with a red Staraptor outline on it and black jeans, wearing black and hunter green shoes. If you want to do my request, I will thank you to the ends of the earth! If you don't want to, that's okay.

    If you chose to do it, you just made my PRPG character Alex. She's very tomboyish.

    Please and thank you!

    [size=1pt]I hope I don't get warned or banned for this.[/size]
  36. I have a request. Can you make a custom badge for me? It would be for a fire/ground gym. Also, can you make me a Combuskion chao? (I'm sorry, I can't spell today.)

    Please and thank you!
  37. Your sprites are really good. I especially like the tiny Sceptile XD.
    Could you make me a Mudkip and a Chimchar chao? Please & thanks.
  38. wow thanks Slink but i have one thing i need to say the hair is not spiky-ish. I like the Tiny Sceptile he look cool and my favorite is the last one (i know what pokemon it is i just cant spell it correct) and you dont have to make a tranparansy background it could be white
  39. i know that this might be spamming or something but can someone tell me where the splices only forum is? I know i sound nooby ???

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