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Ask to Join Skylanders: Recon squad 13

Discussion in 'General Role Play Discussion' started by Martin Pine, Oct 29, 2019.

  1. Skylands. An ancient world of astonishment and adventure. Magic runs deep throughout this amazing place, breathing wonder and life into the vast expanse of floating islands. Countless stories, battles and events have all played out during Skyland's long, long history. Despite such a long history, much of Skylands remains uncharted and unknown, at least to the peaceful races and the collection of Skylanders and portal masters.

    As sworn protectors of Skylands it is our duty to save and preserve innocent life throughout it. There could be innocents that being are tormented right now, just beyond the reach of what’s known to us. That is why I have called upon you, fellow Skylanders, to journey into the unknown and claim the knowledge to help and save others we do not yet know of.

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    1) The basic rules of Pokecharm’s. Link here, just in case you need to go through them and jog your memory: https://pokecharms.com/threads/general-role-play-rules.123/
    2) No power playing, It’s alright to loose and not be perfect. (It’s more interesting in my opinion) I’m not gonna do anything to your character unless I have your permission so feel free to have them trip up or make mistakes, make opportunity for other characters to help them out or quickly save them for a second. I shall be entrusting the same to you ; p
    3) Don’t be afraid to discuss stuff with me if you want to. Question what you like but no being a douche about it please.
    4) There’s a lot of text in this post so include the words ‘Eon’, ‘Flynn’ and ‘Skylander’ in your post somewhere ; p

    Basic plot
    Master Eon has sent teams of portal masters and Skylanders to scout out the unknown sectors of Skylands. Due to the 3 dimensional nature of Skylands the association has been spread rather thin. Whilst The Senseis, Giants, Trap team, Swapforce and elite Skylander’s focus on maintaining peace in established areas, less powerful and newer skylanders are tasked with exploring newlands.

    The RP will follow a young portal master with little experience and a small group of Skylanders as they explore sector 13 of the uncharted territory. What should’ve been a simple reconnaissance expedition turns into an adventure that no one expected. The team of misfits will have to put aside their differences and work together to overcome foes, figure out problems and save Skylands from a threat nobody expected.

    This will be less like the Netflix show and more like the games. An adventure story with a small group of less experienced or powerful Skylanders that’ll grow over time.

    First part
    The first part of the RP will commence on a ship, imagine something like the Dread-Yachtfrom Skylanders giants. The ship will house accommodation for each Skylander, a kitchen and storage area alongside the cockpit and a portal of power infused close to the bow of the ship. The deck will be used as a common space. When the RP starts to ship will be moments away from embarking into an unknown area. The portal master (Yours truly ;p) Will be using magic to survey the area and they’ll only really be identifying anomalies. I will make the RP interesting and everything, feel free to message me about ideas or certain plot points you want with your character and we’ll see what happens. Speaking of characters …

    Skylanders is a game all about heroes. Through the lifetime of the product many different types of heroes have been released and I suppose, I have a few regulations about it. Skylanders lore is … very loose, changing throughout the games and being completely ret-conned via the Netflix show (Which I am now watching). To keep things consistent I’ll be introducing a few rules, specifically about characters.

    In terms of playable characters:
    Allowed: Core Skylanders, OC’s, (Swapforce and Trap team at a push)
    Not allowed: Giants, Swap force and Trap team (Too powerful, this is supposed to be a group of rookies/average Skylanders, not elites) Superchargers (I … don’t like the superchargers, it annoys me that a game all about magical gloating islands would introduce CARS, ARE YOU KIDDING ME)

    Character bio (You are allowed up to two characters ;p)

    Appearance: (If taking an existing character you can use a picture but also write a description as well)
    Powers/Abilities: (A games format can often be limiting to a character’s abilities. You have creative freedom here, no x button does this or y button does that. What’re their skills? Are they good with a sword? Can they breathe fire, be creative seriously … but don’t go to overboard or overpowered. If you’re not getting it read my description and it’ll make sense)
    Backstory: (I find the backstories of Skylanders to be rather … short and simple but this gives the opportunity to expand. Once again, creative freedom ; p. Delve into their life, how certain events in it shaped their personality. Add certain features and events to their backstory if you like)

    The whole creating RP’s thing is new to me so if you feel like I’ve missed anything out tell me. Like I said earlier if you wanna question anything do that as well, I will literally bend the RP I have planned if the majority are not happy with it. Imagine it like a Dnd campaign but without the dice rolling and stuff and it's set in Skylands. I'll stop typing now XD

    I’ll be posting my bios soon but I just couldn’t leave you guys without it any longer. ; p
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  2. ThePlayfulFox

    ThePlayfulFox Previously PlayfulFox47

    Name: Blaze
    Element: Fire
    Species: Dragon
    Gender: Female
    Appearance: Blaze is a lithe, red dragon with yellow wings and underbelly. Her horns are black that faces backward, her talons are the same color. Her eyes are a dark blue, almost black. Her tail ends with a rounded triangle. She has spines going down her back (same color as her body)
    Powers/Abilities: Flight. Just need to get that out there first. She has a fire breath that can last up to 5 seconds and a flaming charge. She can also breath out a smokescreen. (Should I add a soul gem/super ability)
    Backstory: Blaze came from Dragon Peak where she lived most of her life. She, like most dragons, was irresponsible. She loved flying as fast as her wings could carry her and often disrupted others. One day she was sent to the Dragon Temple for the rite of passage that most dragons go through. Her two paths were fire and brawn. She went back to Dragon Peak but she felt unsatisfied. So she just left. One day she saw a Mabu that needed assistance, although he refused to accept that fact. She helped the Mabu, to which she learned his name was Flynn. And he worked with the Skylanders. Her eyes lit up at the thought and she eagerly asked if he could take her to them. He said he would have to talk it over with Master Eon. She grumbled a bit before asking to see him. Flynn thought for a moment before saying that he could try. So she was brought to the Skylanders and hoped that she would be allowed to join. She was accepted, obviously.

    Sorry for the half-baked bio. Had to do a tiny bit of the early games history so then I could make sure my character fitted in. (Could totally be better.)
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  3. @PlayfulFox47

    I added somethings to the bio template which I forgot XD Sorry for the hassle.

    Also you're allowed another character if you so wish ;p
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  4. ThePlayfulFox

    ThePlayfulFox Previously PlayfulFox47

    Should I repost the bio and move her the element that I placed in her species inside of element?
  5. You can just edit that bio if you want ;p
  6. Name: Master Arren (Prefers to just be called Arren)
    Species: Human
    Gender: Male
    Appearance: Arren is a rather young for a portal master, being around the age of 18. Due to this he has a rather clear complexion and smooth facial features. He has deep green eyes and medium length brown hair that almost reaches his shoulders. Typically he wears deep blue robes, much like master Eon's expect they restrict his movement much less.
    Personality: Arren is a humble and kind portal master. He treats Skylanders like his friends and he cares for them deeply, wanting to help them through whatever problems or troubles they're going through. He's clever and sharp, able retain a lot of knowledge about magic and Skylands. However due to his young age he lacks experience and wisdom, he's usually too quick to act and sometimes he can be over sure of himself.
    Powers/Abilities: As a portal master, Arren has control over the portal of power. He can use it to see certain areas, peer into the past, project images and finally transport and recall Skylanders. Alongside this power he can also wield an array of magic and cast certain spells though the more complex a spell is the more preparation and energy he needs. To top it all off he knows simple self defence.
    Backstory: Arren does not know much about his parents. What he does know is that he was born and raised in Skylands in a peaceful village of Mabus. From a young age he showed signs of a natural talent in magic and after undergoing a few tests it was soon revealed he had the potential to become a portal master. He started training to become a portal master as soon as he could and when was adept enough in controlling the portal and magic he was allowed to join the Skylanders. He's one of many Junior portal masters partaking in the recon mission.

    Name: Whamshell
    Element: Water
    Species: Crab
    Gender: Male
    Appearance: Whamshall resembles a humanoid crab with only two legs and big thick arms with hands rather than claws. His upper torso and face combine into one. He's mostly red with gold outlines and an underbelly alongside gold claws on his fingers and nails. As a crab he possesses no hair but he does have small white spikes on the side of his body alongside with big deep blue eyes.
    Personality: Whamshell is a proud and heroic character, driven by a strong sense of honour and righteousness most likely due to his royal nature. Thankfully he isn't all uppity about his heritage but that doesn't stop him from occasionally mentioning it and recalling tales of his vast heroic deeds whilst a prince of the crab kingdom. Despite being a little self centred he can be considerate and caring, knowing a prince is nothing without his knights. Whilst not he doesn't judge other beings there is a way to get on his bad side or disagree with him, causing him to be rather hostile, not violent but hostile.
    Powers/Abilities: As a crab Whamshell possesses a great deal of strength and armour. Even without his mace he can pack quite a punch and thanks to his naturally armoured body he can take quite a hit and shrug it off. The armour can be prone to cracking or snapping if it takes to much force or is bent however. Whamshall possesses a mace called the Claw Cracker. He can expertly wield this mace which has the ability to shoot out starfish and produce a small current of electricity. Finally he knows some basic fighting should he ever be without his Mace.
    Backstory: Whamshell is the son of a royal crab family that rules an underwater civilisation of crab people. As the King's son he had many privileges as well as responsibilities. He indulged in both of them, taking his duties seriously and his entitlement gratefully. One day, when Trolls attacked the city for the oil buried deep beneath it, Whamshall alongside his father and the royal army faced them in battle. It was a long, hard and gruelling fight. Midway through the battle Whamshell's father found himself injured and unable to command or battle. During this time he handed the mace other Whamshell, amazed at his son's ability to handle it as well as the rest of the troops on their side and the trolls. Shortly after their victory Whamshell's father acknowledged his son's great skill and insisted that there was more for him that protecting a little crab kingdom. Soon after this Whamshell joined the Skylanders and has been serving and racking up tales ever since.

    Name: Sprocket
    Element: Tech
    Species: Goldling
    Gender: Female
    Appearance: Sprocket looks like a typical goldling except for her medium length red hair. Whilst most female goldlings would fashion themselves in fancy and expensive dresses, Sprocket prefers her trusty blue battle armour or just plain ordinary clothes.
    Personality: Sprocket is not a Skylander that likes to wait in the sidelines. She has no patience and always likes to keep busy whether its with tinkering or talking, battling or building, wasting time just simply isn't an option for her. She resourceful and intelligent which makes her confident and cocky. She isn't rude but she is easy to annoy, sometimes with relatively harmless things which makes the fact that she hates being in the wrong much more worse. When duty calls however she can be serious and throw disagreements aside to save lives.
    Powers/Abilities: Sprocket's most powerful weapon is her brain. Accompany this with her engineering skills and she can build whatever she thinks of. She's more of a supporting Skylander, providing the team with technology or fixing anything broken. When she wants to attack she can however. Her go to offensive tools are her wrench, landmines and turrets which can turn into tanks if she climbs into them but given enough preparation she can make an array of inventions to help out. Her powersuit comes packed with a few abilities. A small blow torch, a taser and a seemingly bottomless pocket where she keeps handy items or tools.
    Backstory: Sprocket comes from a typical goldling family, one that indulges in the benefits and perks of extreme wealth. She strangely never found herself interested in money or fancy things and instead found engineering to be her true love. Her uncle thankfully shared her interest and actually helped her chase after her aspirations, increasing her skills and teaching her almost everything she needed to know. Before long Sprocket outclassed her uncle but she still held a massive amount of respect for him. One day he mysteriously disappeared and she soon found Kaos to be the reason behind his disappearance. She went after himself at first but despite her talent she found herself outgunned, out skilled and outnumbered. By chance the Skylanders happened to come across her, assisting in her search and fight for her uncle. He was never found but Sprocket continues to work with the Skylanders in hope that one day they will find him.
  7. Damn, I was hoping for this not to die >~< @PlayfulFox47 Do you know anyone else that might be interested?
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  8. ThePlayfulFox

    ThePlayfulFox Previously PlayfulFox47

    No, not really
  9. ThePlayfulFox

    ThePlayfulFox Previously PlayfulFox47

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  10. The Dark Fairy

    The Dark Fairy Previously Eliiiscool

    Hello! how does the portal master thing work? is it one at a time like the games?
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  11. Sure, I'll join! I'll write up a bio when I can ^.^
  12. So the way it'll work is the entire group will be in Skylands. The portal master and all the Skylanders will be able to interact with each other. Imagine Skylanders but before they were banished, in fact I'm half tempted to have that not be a thing in this narrative.

    The portal master works more like a leader of the group rather than having complete control over them.~

    Also thank you for showing interest, the both of you.
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