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Ask to Join Skylanders Academy: A New Generation of Heroes

Discussion in 'General Role Play' started by Peachy Ace, Nov 20, 2017.

  1. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

    Nova grunted, digging himself out of the ground where he slept. He shook off dirt and dust which clinged onto him. He saw another Crimson toned dragon who was actually his sister with an envelope, signing something. She knowticed Nova awake and quickly finished signing it, putting the paper back in the envelope, where a another purple toned dragon grabbed it, putting it in a handbag. "Thank you Comet, Master Eon will be very happy to see another Cadet join us! I will send this letter to him immediately. Good-bye now! We hope we will see you tomorrow!" Yelled the dragon as he flew off.

    Nova walked up to Comet. "You can't be telling me that you're joining the Skylanders Academy! That place is stupid besides, that's in the Skylands! What's so wrong here?!" Nova asked, his voice crackling. Comet snickered, "Oh sweet, naive brother, I am not joining that wretched school, hahah... You are!" She gave him a toothy grin, quickly burying herself into the ground, just before the sound of an explosive went off. She tunneled back up to see Nova, who was standing in the middle of a small crater.

    "Excuse me, you did what now?! Oh you're lucky I don't tear you apart, limb by limb and hand your bloody corpse up on a wall you worthless piece of ****!!!" He growled, approaching her slowly. Comet sighed, "yes, except I don't care dear brother, you will go to that school whether you like it or not! Besides, you will probably be teleported against your will since that form was for you... Or someone will take you there in a Super Charger... Who knows, all I know is that you're going! Now get a move on or I'll have someone take you there!" Comet growled at Nova. Nova stared at Comet, before sighing. "You know what, fine, but reassured, Your on my death list. If someone comes looking for you, I'd run!" He smirked, taking off into the sky and flying away. Comet sighed, "My a**. Now let's see, a whole year or more without annoying little brother, hmm~"

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