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Open Skylanders: A New Generation of Heroes

Discussion in 'General Role Play Discussion' started by Peachy Ace, Nov 20, 2017.

  1. The Skylands, home to Skylander Academy, where Cadets train very hard to become Skylanders and defend the realm against the Likes of Kaos and the Doomraiders. Applications we're sent to you by Master Eon, protector of the Skylands. You must send him the applications back with everything filled out. You may choose to accept the form and send it back or not. With the Form, comes Rules to being a Cadet and to becoming a Skylander.

    Hello there, I am Master Eon,

    This letter was sent to you in hopes that you will join the Skylanders Academy, school for Cadets and upcoming Skylanders. Whether you choose to fill this request and send this back to me, please fill out this Form and Read the Rules, in order to apply.




    1. Do not attack any of the other Skylanders unless authorized by a Skylander, and in an Arena, or in an area where no spectators will be hurt.
    2. You must comply to the commands of official Skylanders. If this concerns you, or they may of given your inappropriate commands, please take it up with me.
    3. We don't take kindly to public acts of profanity, ignorance to Skylanders, and acts of love, kissing on a cheek or forehead being the bare minimum.
    Please send this back to me if you wish to apply to Skylanders Academy, thank you for your time.

    Skylanders OC

    Name: Nova

    Element: Earth

    Species: Dragon

    Gender: Male

    Appearance: Nova is a Crimson toned Dragon, with an appearance similar to Spyro's, without the horns and small curves on his head and the tip of his tail Tail resembling Flashwing's tail. He wears anklets on all four legs and one on his tail as well. He has white horns growing on his forehead. He was branded, and now has the words Burst written in Black on his right side.

    Personality: Nova is a ticking time bomb, his anger getting out of check too many times to count. Once at a certain point, he will literally explode, leaving a small crater, and covering himself in smoke and dust, which he shakes off. He tends to be calm when ignored, actually tending to take baths in molten lava. And he has a terrible crush on another Cadet Dragon.
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