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Open Sky Island

Discussion in 'Pokémon Role Play' started by Seal Pup, Oct 20, 2016.

  1. Well, one more role play on the hatch. Man, just love making role plays and want more, more role plays. Here is the main story of this role play.

    You were lost. Stuck on a big sky island, many Pokemon were trapped, like you and somehow some came in cages. You were on the island were many Pokemon are evil, and you had to run everywhere. Everywhere. Many Pokemon chased you, until you got injured. Luckily, a strong Pokemon trainer is coming soon. However, you were on a mysterious island in the air, and it was almost in space. It would take 1000 days, but flying type Pokemon could escape in 1 hour. However, you didn't like seeing one piece of the island, you trying to survive. You were still injured, though, and you limp, and somehow is now, a easy catch.

    No flying type Pokemon. The reason is, that it would be hard to be caught, and it is a sky island, so you would probably escape early.
    I, yes I can cause drama, like twisters and all those.
    Yes, you may start inside a cage, but SOMEONE must save them, and if not, then no more starting in cages.
    No OP Pokemon. You have to be the first stage of the evolution.
    Follow the rules please.

    You only need a simple form:

    Name: Destiny
    Gender: Female
    Species: Eevee
    Other: Flora and Destiny are siblings.

    Name: Flora
    Gender: Female
    Species: Eevee
    Other: Destiny and Flora are siblings.

    It was somehow a calm, quiet night. No Pokemon even made one sound ever, but there was something bad happening. Destiny and Flora came in a cage when they arrived. One Pokemon had to save them. Only one move can help, and only one person could
    attack the cage. Flora and Destiny couldn't attack, they were to

    Before, Flora and Destiny where sleeping with their eyes closed, and when it was morning, they somehow were delivered in a cage into the mysterious sky island.
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  2. Name: Smugleaf
    Gender: Female
    Species: Snivy
    Other: Was cursed with bad luck at a young age.

    BIC: Smugleaf awoke with a start. It was a cold, quiet morning, and... the Snivy didn't like it. Where she was from, it was always noisy, and brimming with many people and Pokemon alike. However the female caught a glimpse of the cage directly next to her, housing sleeping Eevees. "HEY!" shreiked the Snivy, narrowing her chocolate gaze at the two Pokemon, sleeping. How could they sleep at a time like this!? It seemes as if they were in the sky. Was this Smugleaf's bad luck kicking in again? Or was it just... generally, a nightmare? She couldn't work it out. "ARE YOU TWO AWARE OF WHAT IS HAPPENING, HERE?"
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  3. Name: Calder
    Gender: Male
    Species: Piplup
    Other: Has a few friends, including a Buizel.

    Calder woke up to find himself in a cage. A Snivy was yelling at two sleeping Eevees. 'How did this happen? I'm usually more careful when it comes to this kind of stuff.' He thought. Calder sighed. He would wait for the right opportunity, then he would escape with at least some of the others.
  4. Destiny and Flora ignored. They did open one eye, and they were in a cage! The sky wasn't good, smoke and clouds covering it. Apparently the cage was also a bit on the air, vines from the nearest tree. A strange pack of Zangoose. The Zangoose seemed to had kidnapped Destiny and Flora. However, the Pokémon all came from a nightmare that two female Pokémon were kidnapped. Apparently, they were the Pokémon.

    The Zangoose smilied; it pulled the vine up, and the cage was pulled up.
    Destiny and Flora and their cage was now at the top of the tree. They had kidnapped them, and they saw some other Pokémon nearby. The Zangose unknotted the vines.
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  5. (OOC: can I have 2 OCs?)
    Name: Fury
    Gender: Male
    Species: Tepig
    Other: In his day, he was a very good battler. But that was years ago. Fury has aged beyond his prime, unable to fight as he used to. He has given up any hope of escape long ago, but inside of him, he will always have the fire, the willpower that he had long ago, waiting to ignite once more. (Still a Tepig because he swallowed an everstone or something. He was really prideful in his youth and refused to evolve)

    Name: Swift
    Gender: Female
    Species: Plusle
    Other: Stubborn, Headstrong, will continue to try to escape no matter how much she fails

    Fury woke up to find himself inside a cage, just like the day before, and the day before, and the day before that. It has been ages since he had been brought here. At first, he tried to escape, even past his prime, he was still quite a powerful battler, or so he thought. But the bad Pokemon had outnumbered him and before long, he realised that escape was futile. He lay down on his side, trying to go back to sleep.

    Meanwhile, somewhere on the island, a Plusle was sneaking around. She saw the caged and got closer to investigate. She had only recently escaped her own cage, and now she was determined to free others. But then she noticed the Zangoose. "Not worth it" she muttered to herself
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  6. Everyone else seemed to be doing absolutely nothing to attempt to get out, and Smugleaf wasn't having it. She grew in her Vine Whip and slipped the vines through the gaps in the cage; then beginning to hit the Zangoose over and over again in an attempt to distract them.
  7. 'I guess now is the time.' Calder thought. He repeatedly rammed into the bars at a particular angle so his head wouldn't hurt too much. After several times of doing this, the vine snapped. The fall broke the cage. Calder escaped from the remains of the cage. 'I'm back in action. Now to teach these Zangoose a lesson and to and free the others.' the Piplup thought.
  8. Name: Bloom
    Gender: Female
    Species: Chikorita

    Bloom was not having a good day. She woke up, groggy and light headed, in a place she did not recognize. The Chikorita got up and looked around, groaning all the while. She tried walking and managed to stumble upon a scene. There were many Pokemon battling it out, or so it appeared. Bloom quickly hid, tears coming to her eyes. Where was she, and who were those Pokemon?
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    @AshGreninja had his posts removed as well for the exact same reasons.
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  10. Sorry for breaking the rules, I'll try and make a less OP Pokemon.
    Name: Bone
    Gender: Male
    Species: Archen (I am aware that he is part flying, but Archens can't fly)
    Other: Since he is a fossil Pokemon, Bone doesn't know who is family is, or where he came from.

    Bone woke up, lying on the ground with pieces of metal on the ground. His head hurt, and had bruises on his leg. He stood up, confused where he was. He decided that he would climb a tree to look around. He climbed up a tall tree, once on the nearest branch, he looked around. This place is something he never seen before. He jumped to the next branch, repeating this over and over again. After a while, he heard cries, he walked over to the direction of the sound and peered trough the leaves. Bone saw pokemon in cages, tied up with vines. What in the world is this place?
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  11. (I'm going to make another character, since no one is saving Flora and Destiny.)

    Name: Viking
    Gender: Male
    Species: Vulpix
    Other: mostly falls in love.
    Flora and Destiny couldn't get out of their cage. It got broke a bit, but Flora and Destiny couldn't fit through. Vine Whips through the cage, but Destiny anf Flora dodged it, it may hurt them. Somehow more Zangoose appeared, and one ran away with Flora and Destiny in the cage.

    "Huh!? Did I see someone get kidnapped? Well, I think I should save then." Viking the Vulpix thought. He did see one glimpse of the Eevees, and they were cute. He raced after the Zangoose, trying to save them.
  12. (My bad, I read them now.)
    Name: Flame
    Gender: male
    Species: Froakie
    Other: knows the moves Pound, Quick Attack, Bubble, Water Pulse.

    Flame in a tree, his leg hurt. He needed help but he saw his friends in cages. "Should I get help or help them?" Flame asked himself as he fell out of the tree. "Help them it is I guess." Flame said.
  13. The branch Bone was standing on started to break, Bone made his best effort to jump over to the nearest cage, just in time when the branch broke. He used wing attack on the vine, and the cage went crashing down. Bone yelped when one of his legs whacked againist the ground, making a wound on his already injured leg. He looked beside him and saw a snivy beside him.
  14. (OOC: Unknown parts about my OC will be revealed later on in the RP.)

    Name: Unknown
    Gender: Male
    Species: Pichu
    Other: Wears a yellow and black scarf around his neck, and he tends to have mood swings in emotional breakdowns.

    A Pichu was near the bushes, as he noticed some cages that were nearby. He saw a Snivy and an Archen outside of the cages, as he pinched himself to inhibit his perception of the pain that went on in his body.

    He resisted the urge to scratch on his injured leg, as he couldn't tolerate it. He went over to the Archen, while he looked teary eyed, as he was shocked at the sight of all the Pokémon bounded inside the cages by vines. He thought to himself as his adrenaline started to kick in, "What is going on?! This place is just absolute hell! I mean come on... it can't be that bad right, right?!"

    He looked frantic, as his cheeks sparked rather loudly! He began to act maniacally, as he continued to approach the Archen with a crazed look on his face, while his tail shook like a bell.
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  15. "Are you ok?" Asked Bone with a concerned look on his face. All though the pichu was right, what was this place?
  16. Flame wanted to help but he wasn't powerful enough. Then he saw an Archen. "Maybe it can help me." Flame said while hopping over to it. "Hello, my name is Flame." He said to it. "I have friends in cages."
  17. Bloom continued to cower behind a tree. The little Chikorita was terrified beyond her wits. A big Pokemon had taken smaller Pokemon away, but now other Pokemon were talking about getting them back. Bloom mustered her courage and stepped forward. "H-hi?" She said in a small voice.
  18. ''Sure'' Repiled Bone. But the snarling zangooses were coming closer and closer. ''But first we need to get rid of these zangooses''
  19. "Alright, lets set up a trap." Flame suggested to the Archen. "But what trap?"
  20. ''I got an idea, follow me'' said Bone. He scrambled up the nearest tree quickly so the zangooses wouldn't attack him.
  21. Flame followed the Archen into the tree. "The strongest move I know is Water Pulse." Flame said to it. "Why are we up here?"
  22. "It'll be easier to free the pokemon" Repiled Bone. Bone looked quickly down at the zangooses. "You free the caged pokemon while I'll distract the zangooses" Muttered Bone quietly so the zangooses wouldn't hear them.
  23. Name: Ruffle
    Gender: Female
    Species: Rockruff
    Other: A Yellow Ribbon on her right ear.She has been in the island for months and got used to surviving.
    Moves(Just putting it):Bite,Rock Throw,Double team,Attract

    Her ears perk up when hearing strange noises outside,her den was inside a tree near the noise.She growled because it disturbed her sleep,'Ugh,Must be the Zangooses again...',She got out of her den and hid in a bush to find out what's making the sound.She saw a few new pokemon and the zangooses,She growled at used Rock Throw at the zangooses and hit directly at them,"I TOLD YOU NOT TO COME BACK!!",She shouted angrily at them.The zangoose fled when they saw ruffle,"Geez,they just don't give up",She saw the other pokemon and went to greet them."Hi!I'm Ruffle nice to meet ya!"She said cheerfully.
  24. Name: Simon
    Gender: Male
    Species: Cyndaquil
    Other: He wears a white hoodie, the back of it was singed open from his flames.
    Simon stayed crouched between two bushes, silently watching the other Pokemon. He knew he should at least try to talk to them, but he was too shy to do so. "... If I come out..." He thought. "... They just might hurt me, and I wouldn't want that to happen." Simon shivered at the thought. He slinked around the bushes as quietly as possible, trying not to be noticeable.
  25. Even if the cyndaquil quietly moved in the bushed she could smell and hear a bit with her strong hearing ears.She could tell that someone is in the bushes,before she turned around she said,"I know you're in there",She turned around and got ready to attack if it was a foe,"COME OUT AND SHOW YOURSELF!!"she shouted to show she was serious.
  26. Simon shook when he heard those words. "... Y-yes... Of course...!" He said shakily, now slowly exiting the bushes. Simon finally crept into the bright area, showing off his burnt sweater and all. He then sorta broke. "W-what do you want? Food? Shelter? I ain't gonna give you any since getting any is hard enough as it is!" He yelled, standing on his hind legs.
  27. Ruffle sighed seeing the Cyndaquil isn't dangerous,She went to the Cyndaquil and apologized,"Sorry for yelling at you,got used to it since most people i find want to kill me and stuff..."She said annoyed at the thing the enemies did to her,then suddenly smiled,"Hi!I'm Ruffle!Nice to meet ya!What's your name?"She said holding a paw up.
  28. Simon stood hunched now, just feeling plain awkward. "... Ah, I see..." He shook himself in relief, taking her paw and shook it. "... Simon." He let go of her paw, now standing back on his four legs. "I'm sorry for suddenly yelling back... I shouldn't have done that..." He chuckled awkwardly, scratching the back of his head.
  29. "Nah!It's fine since you must be scared..."She looked around and thought of something,"Say,How long have you been here?Did you just came here or maybe you have been living her for a few days?"She said while sitting.
  30. Simon shrugged. "... About a week or so... Two weeks at most." He explained. "... Just seeing how harsh the conditions are up here makes me just wanna jump off..." Looking up, he saw nothing but the sky. "... All I want to know is how I got here in the first place."
  31. "Do you have anywhere to live?",She said looking at Simon,"Its hard to find shelter around here"
  32. Simon gave a nervous look before taking a gulp. "... Well, sort of I suppose..." He said, looking back at the bushes behind him. "... I do have a big burrow under this tree here... Did you want to look at it or something?" Simon asked, a curious look on his face. "Or did you not have a place of your own yet?"
  33. "No,no i already have a home!Just asking because if you didn't have a house you could stay at mine for a while",She then remembered how far her burrow is,its actually quite near his,"Actually!Our homes our quite near!I could visit you everyday!Since its quite lonely here",She said smiling but soon turned into a frown,a happy one to be exact,"I'm quite happy there's someone to talk to,I had no one to talk to these past few months being here",She then noticed she was babbling,"Sorry!I'm Babbling again,Heheh..."
  34. Simon raised a brow. "Our burrows are quite nearI suppose..." He looked back at his burrows entrance. "... I suppose we could visit each other, as long as we don't try to kill each other in the proccess... Hah..." Simon chuckled awkwardly, looking back at Ruffle. "... So, is there any other Pokemon around here? Any water types to be exact... Since then I'll have to find a way to stay away from them..."
  35. She shivered when he said Water-types,She was afraid of the water types herself,"U-umm,Yes....there are some around here..but they don't come here often,so its quite safe her!If you wanna know where the water type usually live is near the lake,So if you wanna drink you should go to the pond,There are water-types there as well,but the people there are quite nice!"she said going to the pond,"Would you like to join me for a drink?"she said turning to the cyndaquil,"Oh!and what do you mean by...'as long as we don't try to kill each other in the proccess'?"She said making her voice sound like him at the 'kill each other' part.
  36. Simon shook himself. "... Well, you never know when somebody will want their own friends as a little snack..." He shivered. "... It's a bit of a scary thought, really... I've almost got eaten by one of my friends below this island... His name was Rufus... A Pancham..." Simon seemed near to the brink of tears. "... But I don't blame him... Pokemon were starving down there, and so we had to resort to cannibalism..." He shook at the thought. "... But I suppose we could go get a drink. Since nobody seems to be eating each other at the moment."
  37. "Hey!Cheer Up!In the Pond are friendly people they NEVER have eaten anyone before!"She said smiling at him,she suddenly crouched as if she wanted to run,"Wanna race?"She said waiting for a respawnce.
  38. Simon nodded, couching down beside her. "... Sure, I guess..." He replied, fixing his gaze onto the pond that was several yards away. "... At least I finally know someone I can actually trust here..." He said, chuckling afterward. "... I'll give you a headstart, if you'd like." He suggested, allowing his legs to relax.
  39. (I kinda want to jump in. So tell me if I shouldn't. It feels a little late.)

    Name: Dawn
    Species: Vulpix
    Gender: Female
    Other: Very shy. Dawn will often begin by being frightened by new Pokémon. The exception is other Vulpix.
    Dawn had woken up alone, which wasn't so odd. But she wasn't in her usual hollow tree. She didn't recognise anything. This was alarming to say the least. She felt she should have a look around but she could tell there were others nearby. So instead she hid in a nearby shrub.
  40. Name: Rulix
    Gender: Male
    Species: Piplup
    Other: cute
    (soz it might be 2 late)

    Rulix woke up in a square cage and took in his surroundings. He saw a few other pokemon, some free, some also stuck in cages. "Hey! A little help here?!" Rulix shouted.
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