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DPPt/HGSS Skull's Pseudo breeding thread. (Riolu box clearout! Updated 6/12/09)

Discussion in 'Pokémon Trades and Battles' started by 112% Elusive, Feb 4, 2009.

  1. Pseudo because I only have some pokemon I can breed.
    (I'm not kidding. =p)
    For the love of all things holy, try NOT to set a specific time. I fail at showing up at specific times. >>

    Coming Soon!

    LOL whut?

    I currently can breed:
    Eevee with Wish and Curse
    Eevee with Wish, Trump Card, Last Resort, and Baton Pass. (Thanks Jet!)
    Eevee with Shadow Ball
    Riolu with Bullet Punch, Blaze Kick, and Vacuum wave (THEY MUST GO! >> I has, 15. X.X )
    Sneasel with Crush Claw, Shadow Claw, Torment, and Ice Punch
    Shinx with Fire Fang, and Thunder Fang
    Misdreavus with Ominous Wind, and Dream Eater, (and eventually, Pain Split. But NOT YET)
    Ralts with Modest Nature and Synchronize
    Larvitar with Iron head and Protect (From El) *NEW*
    Duskull with Pain Split *NEW*
    Teddiursa with Fake tears, Night Slash, Aerial Ace, and Swords Dance (From Katie) *NEW*
    Scyther with Reversal, Counter, and Aerial Ace (From Katie) *NEW*

    What I want:
    Absol with Sucker Punch and Psycho cut, if Possible
    Gligar with Night Slash and Cross Poison
    Pearl Exclusives
    Suicune *NEW*
    Raikou *NEW*
    Entei *NEW*

    I'll take anything off your hands you have an abundance of, willing to give away.
    I'm willing to let the Riolus go for virtually NOTHING.

    Event pokemon wanted! (Very long) *NEW*
    I will trade a whole variety of pokemon for pokemon on this list.
    Please consult this page to find the details of what I'm looking for. (All on original level please. Will also branch out onto other pages)

    ~2009 Event pokemon wanted list:
    Movie Arceus (July 18 to September 30, 2009: Japan)
    Shokotan Pichu (Shiny. June 19 to July 17, 2009: Japan)
    Video Game Championships 2009 Milotic (Shiny. May 9 to June 13, 2009: United States)
    Nintendo of Korea Mew (March 21 to 22, 2009: Korea)
    Tanabata Jirachi (June 19 to July 17, 2009: Japan)

    ~2008 Event pokemon wanted list:
    Nintendo Zone Pikachu (November 14 to 27, 2008: Japan)
    Nintendo of Korea Darkrai (November 14 to 27, 2008: Korea)
    TCG World Championships 2008 Milotic ( Shiny. October 12, 2008 to January 25, 2009: Japan)
    Nintendo of Korea Deoxys (August 30 to 31, 2008: Korea)
    Tanabata Jirachi (August 18, 2008 to ??: Japan)
    Baba Flygon (July 1 to 14, 2008: Japan)
    Nintendo of Korea Rayquaza (May 31 to June 1, 2008: Korea)
    Nintendo of Korea Manaphy (March 29 to 30, 2008: Korea)
    Saikyou Salamence (February 15, to March 14, 2008: Japan)

    ~2006 Event pokemon wanted list:
    Any 10th Anniversary pokemon. (February 25 to July 23: United States)

    You can request:

    That's all. I'm serious about the Riolus. >>

    Skull is my chat name, I will [eventually] change my current forum name to it, so might as well get used to it. XP
  2. If you will trade for a Feebas (I have about 10 hatchlings), I'll take a female Riolu (jolly, gentle, or calm natured, please). You can also have your choice of gender and nature since I have so many XD. If you want, I can nearly max out Feebas' beauty stats and train it up to about level 20 (yeah, I'm lazy).
  3. I don't have any of the specified female riolu.

    I'm not rebreeding though. The point of this thread was to get rid of my riolus, not breed more...

    do you still want it?
  4. Sure, I'll still take one (as long as it's not lax natured).
  5. I don't have any Lax Riolu, so you're good. =D

    I'll take any Feebas with a nature that raises Sp. Attack, preferably Modest.
  6. I was half-way done typing my post before my computer spazzed out >.
  7. I'll do the beauty part by myself.
    Gender, female
  8. Secad MS

    Friend Code:
    Shado, I would like the legit Event Shaymin, please. I wasn't able to get one at the event because of extreme weather like tornadoes, high wind speeds, road flooding, heavy rains, and thunderstorms.

    I will trade a legit Darkrai for it, untouched and at level 50. I can also attach an item, if requested.
  9. I have 3 legit Darkrai.

    Unfortunately, I'm going to have to turn that request down. Sorry Secad. =\
  10. Secad MS

    Friend Code:
    How about my shiny, level 100 Torterra with Wood Hammer, Rock Slide, Earthquake, and Crunch with some special item?

    I am really desperate for this Shaymin.
  11. I noticed.

    I'm not interested in torterra, however.
  12. I'll take a male riolu with adamant nature for a shiny zubat
  13. ...

    Don't have any that fit your description. I have a male one but I already promised it to someone else. Sorry. Not rebreeding.
  14. Overbred riolus? ^^;
    Anyway, I'll take one... I don't care for nature or anything else. Would you be willing to accept a fire stone? For some reason, I have like... two dozen :/
    Oh, and is it possible to get the riolu in egg form? If not, that's fine too :]
  15. Meh, no. All hatched.

    Fire stone's fine.

    If you could get the Power Item that raises Defense I'll throw in a free item of choice, from most items.
  16. Er, if I knew which item you were referring to, I probably could...
  17. I have an extra event darkrai or deoxis I could trade along or i have some shinnies (ill tell you by pm if your interested).I would also throw in a Pokemon or two (i can attach a dusk stone) from my trading post. I missed the event and I'm really searching for an event shaymin. PM me if your interested in trading.
  18. PM me your list of Shinies.

    I have 3 event Darkrai, and a Gamestp deoxysd, so I'm not interested in either.

    You aren't the only one looking for one =3
  19. Ruko

    Ruko Bearded Trout Warrior

    Friend Code:
    I'm here for that event Shaymin as well. You know I consider most shinies as less valuable than their original colors, and that I give my event pokemon away as gifts.. so I don't have either to offer XD

    You should also know that I can breed most nearly any pokemon that's breedable and with nearly any moveset for you.
    How does the next 18 pokemon you want bred sound?
    I will breed for nature, gender on pokemon with a 25% chance or higher of the gender you want, and vaguely for IVs [vaguely meaning you name two stats and I'll get one with both over 20].

    If not, I also know that you don't like EV training your pokemon. Give me the exact EVs you want, and I'll train the next 18 pokemon you want :)
    [Please remove EVs from stats you don't want prior to trading]

    I have every nature of ditto to offer, and can breed some really high IV'd smeargle for you. All in all, you can mix any number of things, I'd just prefer there not to be more than 18 total XD
    [Also, I'm here on behalf of Katie, so if you like my offer, you don't have to hold for her]
  20. ...

    I'm not sure. XD

    Also, I recently began EVing, specifically for the battle tower. I usually chain for max stats now. (Max attack Carnivine XD)

    A lot of people want the shaymin, so I have to consider all offers.
    I'll get back to you, as I've gotten quite a few offers in the past few week or so, as I need to see what I want out of my offers.

    Don't expect an immediate answer, however.
  21. Hey! Um, if you still have a (female) Riolu that you're willing to give away for nothing, I'll take one off your hands ^^.

    Name/FC in the sig.

    I'll be available around 430-whenever pm Eastern US time :p
  22. I can get you a poochyena with thunder, fire and ice fangs. I am sorry, but I can't get poison fang. Would you like a poochyena?
  23. yeah sure. =D That would be a large step toward my Poochy dream with Thunder, Fire, Ice, and poison Fang ^^
  24. Xatu

    Friend Code:
    I did not realize that you were looking for those. I made some recently. I'd give it to you for a Riolu.
    I also have Mawile with the same moveset if you're interested. That Sneasel also looks like a lot of fun.
  25. You got it Vice, and Xatu ^^

    Er, I'll PM you when I have it bred. I haven't had time to breed it Xatu, but would probably have time later today ^^;
  26. I'll get rid of one of those Riolu for you if you get rid of one of my Elekid. I went out looking for Electrizers and caught WAY too many of them.

    Somehow a bunch of them ended up with similar natures. I think I was training my Synchronize Ralts while I looked for them. -_-;;

    I can give you Jolly, Bashful, Naughty, or Lax. They're all Lv. 9, too.
  27. I'll take a jolly one. Did you get any electrizers? XP
  28. I got friggin' TWO. If my Nosepass chain ends anytime soon, then I can trade as soon as you're ready. I was also wondering since you asked about Electrizers...could you help me evolve my Electabuzz into Electivire? I can't find anyone to trade me one or help T_T

    EDIT: My chain is over, I'm ready when you are. Online now and waiting.

    EDIT2: Never mind, I guess you didn't see my post, so it's going to have to wait until tomorrow.
  29. send me a PM when we are both on or something. I fail when it comes to set times. >> Ask Xatu...

    I'll help XP
  30. By the way, I'd like a Modest Riolu, if you have one. If not, Calm is fine. I just want a beast of a Sweeper in my Lucario. :D
  31. don't have modest, but I'll probably have calm Xp

    I need a female duskull/dusclops/dusknoir BADLY. Doesn't need to have any egg moves, but is simply female.
  32. I think I just so happen to have a female Dusclops. I can check for you once my Tauros chain ends.

    EDIT: Well, it isn't a Dusclops, but I have Female Duskull. It also has Pokerus for you agreeing to help me with Electivire. Could I get a Misdreavus for it?
  33. yeah sure. But like I said. I fail at set times. Don't set one, for the love of all things fuzzy. >>
  34. I'm not setting times lol. I just happened to be chaining Tauros at that time and it was convenient for me to check when I was done.
  35. I will trade you a level 40 Abomasnow with a dusk stone for a Riolu (lowest possible level) that has Bullet Punch.
  36. 1. I should edit that I no longer need dusk stones, CRUD.
    2. All riolu are level 1.
  37. Can i please have one of your awesome riolus??? there so sweet!
  38. Hrm, I noticed I needed the legendary dogs D=

    Updated =p
  39. I'd like one of those Riolus. My FC is in my trading post.

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