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SJ's doodles

Discussion in 'Creative Archive' started by SJ, Jun 25, 2010.

  1. SJ


  2. BlackRoseJack

    BlackRoseJack Formerly psy-teen

    that is fantastic is is really good I love how you've got an abstract water effect!
  3. This piece of art is insanely cool and a bit freaky at the same time. The good kind of freaky.

    Instead of only a link, why don't you show us your other work right here? You made the topic already. :p
  4. *Smiles* That's a wonderful drawing, SJ. It's definitely an interesting concept of mew as well, and you did a good job with the water and it's affect on mew's shading. All in all, a fantastic piece of art.
  5. Very fetus-like, just like the thing the Pokemon was based off. In my opinion, putting it in the water is very much like the fluid in the womb. I love the setting.
  6. SJ


    Thanks all, I got the inspiration after watching a programme called Animals in the womb on C4 in about 2006, so that shows how old it is!

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