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Ask to Join Six Kingdoms: War on Proxima (RP)

Discussion in 'General Role Play' started by Cmeriwether, Feb 13, 2020 at 2:59 AM.

  1. (Link to the Discussion is here.)

    In the last day in the year of the landing eight hundred and twenty five, a young man with Brown-blonde hair and electric blue eyes with a dragon like appearance to them, wearing an ornate crown, and a formal suit, looked on with a young lady, Silver hair, baby blue eyes wearing an ornate tiara, and a light blue gown, reaching her ankles. The man was just shy of five foot eleven, and slim of build, where as the lady was five foot seven and three quarters, and of a voluptuous figure. The two were looking out from the balcony in front of the entrance of the throne room, which is on the third floor, at the Party goers, on the first floor. They could be anywhere, since the castle was huge. Guards in red could be seen near important rooms in the castle, with feathered helmets. Another young lady, much shorter than the one on the balcony was talking to a young man in a yukata, with a haori over it, they were grey in color. The woman was in brown, wearing a cloak that symbolises the royalty of The Far North. Not far away, three young people, a girl about eleven, a boy around the same age, and a girl about fourteen, the boy and older girl both wore a cloak with fire, water, earth, and wind. Both had orange eyes, the mark of Magus Malone. The boy was wearing a suit, and holding the hand of the girl his age. She wore a dress, both sets of clothing were silver in color.

    "Aww, Allie and Dennis look so cute together." The woman on the balcony cooed, "Look, Connor."

    "I'm going to talk to Dennis, Ariana." Connor whispered before leaving a kiss on her cheek.

    He then headed to talk to the young boy.

    Dennis looked up when he saw Connor the Crystallized, King of Wethera, taking time out of the party to talk to him.

    "Hey Dennis, is Allie your girlfriend?" Connor asked teasingly.

    "What!?" Dennis responded, utterly shocked.

    "Ariana knows you like her little sister, Allie." Connor responded.

    Dennis's face was priceless, it was as red as a tomato, and he looked embarrassingly away from Connor.

    Allie was waiting for Dennis, so she could continue spending time with him. She was blushing heavily, and butterflies fluttered in her stomach when she was near him. Dennis then walked back to Allie as the two continued from before, talking to party goers, holding hands. Connor then looked a around at his end of year party.
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  2. A sound clicks could be heard as Hoder entered the castle as heard the festivities one of royal guards turned to him. "My king is the Amour really necessary, why don't you wear something more formal." The guard asked nervously.
    "Ridiculous, this amour is a representation of North Proxima's strength and pride, I don't trust the other Kingdoms to play nice" Hoder laughed smirking. Hoder entered the Party looking around at the other guests wait here I'll call if I need aid." Hoder ordered his troops sternly. Hoder began surveying the scene and relaxed he then saw Conner the Mad dragon king as he had been nicknamed. He approached the king. "Hello my Sir it is a great pleasure to meet your aquiatance." Hoder told the king bowing.
  3. A young boy leaned against the wall. His black coat indicated that he belonged to the nobility of the far north. He never enjoyed such events. His beautiful and cold crimson eyes watched everyone. Nevertheless, he was invited and it would have been a lack of manners if he stayed leaning to the wall until the end of the party.

    He spotted his sister, Morgan with... He was probably Emperor of Tenyengcheng... Sasuke.. He could walk to join their conversation. His Sister was the only person, that Leon would enjoy to keep company. He also felt... Worried maybe. He wanted to walk up to them, but something else catched his attencion..Or should I say someone.

    Two kings, King Connor l of Wethera and king Hoder of North Proxima. "Kings first.. Then I should join my sister" he whispered to himself and approached the two kings. "My lords...I'm sorry to interrupt you. I just didn't thank you for the invitation before, King Connor. I am also pleased to finally meet the Ruler of North Proxima, King Hoder "the young prince spoke in an official, full of pride and respect. He also bowed to both rulers.
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  4. "King Hoder, it is a pleasure to meet you," Connor responded, bowing, and then turning to Prince Leon, "Prince Leon, it's been a while."

    Ariana stood near Connor and responded with, "Prince Leon, King Hoder, I am Ariana Silver, of Clan Silver, oldest daughter of the Earl of Friendship."

    Ariana curtsied and then kept close to Connor.

    "Ari, can you check up on Dennis and Allie, please?" Connor asked her.

    Ariana nodded as she went off to check on the two.

    Dennis and Allie were walking around the party greeting each and every Noble or Royalty. They were talking with the King of Arton. Brandon, the King and his date, Viscountess Ellie of Druang, were talking with Dennis and Allie when Ariana walked over.

    "Hey guys." Ariana responded.

    "Ariana." Ellie responded.

    "Ellie, is everything okay?" Ariana asked worriedly.

    "Brandon just learned about a potential declaration of war." Ellie answered.

    "Oh, no." Ariana responded.

    All of a sudden, an arrow whizzed past Allie and Dennis. Dennis was in front of Allie, glaring at the direction of the arrow and his arms out, trying to protect her.

    "Not now," Dennis whispered.

    Allie kept close to Dennis, as Brandon's eyes glowed red. Ellie figured it was time to alert Connor.

    "Your Highness, an assassin has been spotted in the castle, and tried to kill Allie Silver." One of the red guards with feathered helmets told the group of rulers and Future rulers.
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  5. "It was indeed.." said Leo and then he turned to Ariana as she introduced herself and bowed to her. "It's a pleasure to meet you, Lady Ariana"

    Then, Leon turned back to the Connor and Hoder. He thought for a while.. He wanted to ask for... How to be a king, but before he managed to do this he heard an Alert..

    Assasin! Ehh... So annoying.

    Leon was a mystery to many, a prince with usually cold expression, but he was a man of honour and he acted quickly.

    He didn't take his sword, as it would be Inappropriate to come with a weapon to the other country king's party, but he had a knife with him. He said quick "Excuse me" and rushed in the direction, where arrow came from.
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