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Ask to Join Six Kingdoms Fifth Kingdom World War RP

Discussion in 'General Role Play' started by Cmeriwether, Oct 13, 2019.

  1. (Link to Discussion, for Resonance, descendancy, and character sheet is here)

    In a world where almost anything could happen, a giant sentient crystal was looking through time when it saw a major disaster in the calendar year 1224 LD, and then found a war in the calendar year 1056 LD. It called forward six heroes. First, A young man with brown-blonde hair and blue eyes appeared, he wore a blue armor suit and stood about 5'11", he wielded a longsword and a large shield.

    "Connor the Crystallized, King of Wethera from 818 LD to 856 LD, you have been selected as a Hero of Legend to assist one of the prophesied nine, your retainer is Dolan, a young man who has the same hair color as your descendants, and Stands a little shorter than you." The crystal announced.

    "Understood, Time Guardian." The man responded.

    Next a young lady with silver hair and baby blue eyes, standing about 5'8" appeared, she wore a crystal suit of armor which had its midsection destroyed, wielding a rapier.

    "Ariana Silver, wife of Connor the Crystallized, and the Queen of Wethera from 829 LD to 877 LD, you have been selected to assist one of the prophesied nine, your retainer is Kino, a young boy with a puppy, and he's about a foot shorter than you, easily identifiable."

    "Understood, Time Guardian." Ariana responded.

    She gave Connor a big kiss before she left for her crystal. Connor had a strange smile on his face, and was somewhat red.

    Third, a young man with brown hair and red eyes appeared, wielding a Poleaxe with a stormcloud shaped blade. He wore a set of green crystal armor, and stood about 6'0".

    "Brandon, King of Arton from 821 LD to 889 LD, you have been selected to assist one of the prophesied nine, and your retainer is Ariana Stormeye, she stands about the average height for a female of your country, and has silver hair."

    "Understood, Time Guardian." Brandon responded.

    He suddenly felt a person, breathing heavily, on his back, she then pecked him on the cheek and let go.

    "Ellie, I will most likely be back within five years." Brandon explained as he left for his crystal.

    The girl, now known as Ellie, had tears hanging.

    Fourth, a young man with black hair and brown eyes, wearing a imperial suit of armor with a pair of katanas was called forward.

    "Sasuke, Emperor of Tenyengcheng from 820 LD to 873 LD, you have been selected to assist one of the prophesied nine, your retainer is Valgard Cynae, a young man who is about 6'5"."

    "Understood, Time Guardian!" Sasuke responded.

    Fifth, a slim, almost underweight girl, around 5'1" with brown hair and green eyes, she wears a yellow Crystal-metal hybrid suit of armor, and wields a bow.

    "Jenna, co-ruler of The United Stalian Kingdom from 829 LD to 877 LD, you have been selected to assist one of the prophesied nine, your retainer is Makoto, a young man about 5'0", and has an electrical elemental Alignment."

    "Understood, Time Guardian." Jenna responded.

    And last a young man with golden hair and silver eyes appeared, he wore a robe of four colors, representing the four elements of fire, water, earth, and wind, wielding a large staff with a charm for each element.

    "Magus Malone, you have been selected to assist one of the prophesied nine, your retainer is a young girl named Kia, she has a little wingless Dragon, she has a dual alignment due to her descendancy between The King of Stalia and the King of Fimia."

    "Understood, Time Guardian." Magus Malone responded.

    "Now to the two that have been assigned, now is the time!" The Time Guardian announced.

    In the city of Regentsville, in the kingdom of Wethera in the land of the Six Kingdoms, a thirteen year old girl who stood 5'0", had silver hair and green eyes, and wore a mix of leather and plate armor was wandering about the city when she got to her house, a small place, in the middle of the city, next to a castle wall about one mile long. At the front door, a crystal was sitting there until she touched it, which caused it to Break and reveal a cloaked young man in front of her.

    "Hi, Ariana Stormeye." Ariana responded to the man.

    "I'm King Brandon of Arton," Brandon whispered, "and you have been selected as my retainer."

    "Ok..." Ariana responded to the Hero of Legend.

    She was looking around the square, preparing for a speech from the Current King of Wethera.

    (@Willow Tree Kino can set up his introductory post, the current location is the city of Regentsville in the kingdom of Wethera, and Kino's current location would most likely be the academy in the city, right in the center. Same applies for Valgard @Pokéboy098 , and for Dolan @ThAtGuY101. This also applies for Kia @Clunpsy, and Makoto @Crystal1302)
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  2. Willow Tree

    Willow Tree Previously Brightheart

    Kino yawned as he gave a long stretch for both his arms, rubbing them achingly as he rubs his cheeks a bit to wake himself up. He had taken a liking to falling asleep literally anywhere, whether it be on a stray bench, on the stairs, or just straight up on the floor. No worries about making himself look bad, a good image had never been his goal, not to mention, he's the baby of the village, it should be normal for everyone to randomly find him koed on the ground. Koi barked a greeting, nuzzling the boy's arm in a welcoming manner, tail wagging as he licked Kino's hand. "Hey there Koi," Kino piped up, petting his dog adoringly, "how long had I been sleeping now? 2 hours? 3? More?" he guessed, tapping his chin thoughtfully. "Eh, forget about it, I just woke up, not going to work my brain just yet." the boy commented, lamely reaching out and picking up a paper bag that rested next to Koi. "Here boy, want a treat?" he offered sleepily, rustling through the bag and retrieving a tiny beef jerky from it, teasing the little Shiba as he waved the salty snack in the air. Koi pounced on his hind legs eagerly, waving his front paws in a begging gesture, tongue sticking out as he panted for the food. Kino giggled and threw the jerky a short distance away, having Koi to chase after it as in fetch. Koi went after his reward as expected, but then stopped a second before he sank his teeth into the meat. Instead, he turned and barked for Kino to come. The boy obliged, though he looked confused as to why. What he found there was a lone crystal, just resting there underneath the sun, it's finely carved edges shimmered again the pale gleam. "Why is such a fancy looking piece of jewel just sitting here Koi?" Kino asked, tilting his head as his dog, who gave a low growl to answer that. "Meh, finders keepers I guess." Kino shrugged, reaching down to pick up the crystals. The results weren't as he expected, for the jewel suddenly cracked, leaving the boy to whip his hand back immediately, any signs of earlier sleepiness gone and replaced with shock. He was about to make a comment about how weak the material is, but was left speechless when a tall figure emerged, silver hair contrasting with astounding baby blue eyes, flashing fiercely in the still bright sun. Kino gaped at the tall frame, which soon became clear is a woman. A long shadow was cast down upon the shorter male, leaving the boy flabbergasted from looking at the woman from a more intimidating angle. Not knowing how to handle the situation, Kino did what he believed was the wisest thing to do when you meet a stranger that randomly pop out from an abandoned crystal.

    He said hi.

    "H-hello?" Kino bleeped, raising a hand shyly to welcome the lady, "How are ya doing? Was it stuffy in there?" he laughed nervously, eyes gazing at the leftover crystal shards. "So...are you supposed to go back to the crystal or what?" he questioned, "Are you a genie?" he continued, instantly forgetting he was talking to some kind of mythical human, "I've always been told genie came out of lamps, guess that's a lie. Oh wait, you're a girl, should I be calling you a juno instead?"
  3. "Hi, Kino, I am a Hero of Legend, specifically Ariana Silver, Queen of Wethera from a long time ago, and you are my retainer." The woman, now known as Ariana Silver, responded, "Something big is about to happen, and I need your help."

    Ariana Stormeye was wondering around with King Brandon when she spotted a small boy and a tall woman, much taller than herself.
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  4. Willow Tree

    Willow Tree Previously Brightheart

    "Ah....er.....I'm....flattered I guess?" Kino said slowly, trying to take in the information he was suddenly getting. "Wait, but, why me? I was just napping earlier, surely you would want a more reliable retainer than myself." He pointed out, "And...I'm sure I didn't learn this in class, a crystal summoning humans I mean." The boy mused, running a hand through his hair in a confused manner, "That's something they left out from all the textbooks." He muttered, seemingly more bothered by that than being confronted by a stranger and suddenly being asked for assistance. "So...something is happening is you want my help? Well, if you asked for it then it'll be rude to decline, so sure. What is it? Some kind of festival? Big event? Ceremony?" The boy guessed, tapping his chin.
  5. "You have a key part in this, and there is a war on its way, and one that has to end by a certain time, or a major disaster strikes, you will also have help." Ariana Silver responded, "That's all I can tell you about the event, but I can let you know, that people from some of the history books are coming, like my husband, Connor the Crystallized, the King of Wethera from 819 LD to 856 LD."
  6. Willow Tree

    Willow Tree Previously Brightheart

    Kino seemed to choke on that fact, gasping as he gawked at the lady. "War?! Disasters? You expect me to help in a war?!" He exclaimed, honestly shocked but yet the boy doesn't appear concerned nor panicked. "That's actually really really cool!" He suddenly added, a sparkle lit I'm his eyes at that thought. It could then be confirmed that the boy was excited to be chosen for such a thing. "I'm so so honored to be a part of this! And history books? Husband? Wait what?" He bleeped, giving her a blank stare for a good solid 3 seonds before he waved that fact off. "Forget it, I won't understand even if you explain. So, who's the rest of the group? You said I'll have help right?" He said, "Where are they? I wanna meet them!"
  7. "One of them is behind you," Ariana Silver called out.

    Ariana Stormeye saw a small boy a bit shorter than her and walked over with the Hero of Legend following closely. He noticed the woman with the boy, and she noticed the boy.

    "Hi, Ariana Stormeye, what's your name?" Ariana Stormeye asked.
  8. Dolan sat on a bench and thought about what he wanted to eat for lunch. "i might make a sandwich! or maybe a roast! no... i hate making roast. I always burn them. a roast sandwich?! nah. probably just a simple sandwich with turkey! and some sweet delectable strawberries for you, nadel"(his hedgehog). As Dolan walked he noticed a blue eye white haired woman talking to a much shorter girl with bright hair... Dolan noticed a strange looking crystal and as he walked over he realizes that the short woman was a man? He wasn't entirely sure but he wasn't going to ask. "what a strange looking crystal" Dolan said carefully. Nadel poked his head out of dolan's pocket and let out a little squeak as he gazed around the room.
  9. The crystal cracked, revealing a brown-blonde haired man with blue eyes, said eyes looked dragon like, he wore a suit of armor made from a stronger version of the crystal he just appeared from, he had his hand on his sword, and spoke, "Hello Dolan, I am Connor the First, The Crystallized King of Wethera, from 819 LD to 856 LD, also, you are my retainer, I am here due to an incoming war, in which if we succeed, could prevent a major disaster." The man, now known as Connor I, spoke, "Also, there is a Chance that my wife, Ariana Silver was sent to help, first can you help me find her?"

    Connor had a look of worry on his face, along with a slight blush.
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  10. Dolan paused with a look of confusion, "That's not a name I'm familiar with... and also war? major disaster? I was planning on eating lunch but now I'm looking for some lady? today has become strange. though I suppose its problem i can't handle!" He said confidently. As he did Nadel let out a squeak as he was also ready for the challenge. Dolan smiled and stood confidently ready to take on the world.
  11. "She Stands about 5'8", has silver hair and baby blue eyes, and is wearing a suit of crystal armor, but has the midsection cut out, that, as a matter of fact, was from dealing with a pissed off Dragon." Connor explained, "And please let me know if you find anyone matching this description, also you will have help for the war, not only us, but several others, also, where are we?"
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  12. Val was wandering around searching for a tavern of some sort where he could get lunch, when he nearly walked into what looked to be a crystal. Said crystal was right in front of the door to a tavern, so naturally Val tried to push it out of his way, but upon touching it it cracked and a man came out in very foreign armor. Out of instinct, Val immediately grabbed his spear off his back and pointed it at the ambusher.

    “Who are you and why won’t you let me eat!?” Val shouted, frustratedly.
  13. "Valgard Cynae, I am Emperor Sasuke of Tenyengcheng, from 820 LD to 873 LD," Sasuke explained, "Sorry about that, I am also here to explain that a war was about to start, and you have a key part in it, for now I will let you eat."

    Sasuke walked behind Valgard so he could walk in the tavern.
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  14. “I’m not sure what kind of emperor you are, standing in front of a tavern like this, but I can tell you one thing: I won’t be playing any key part in a war without getting paid first.” Replied Val, as he put his spear away.
    Val walked away and entered the tavern, promptly sitting down at a table.
  15. "An old one, from two hundred years ago, and a very powerful one, as I was close to the King of this kingdom we're in from my era," Sasuke explained, "A mercenary, huh, as a matter of fact, two of my close friends were mercenaries."
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  16. Dolan casually walked down the halls looking in every room with no luck and as he went further he found his task to be more dull but being the determined guy he was he continued. Eventually he walked by and spotted her and her retainer. Dolan went back to tell Conor.
  17. "You found her!" Connor responded, wide-eyed, with a slight blush, "Now lead me to her, ok, Dolan?"
  18. Dolan paused for a moment, "hmmm... alright, how about a strawberry..." Dolan pulled a strawberry out of his bag and reached for his pocket giving it to Nadal as they walked towards their destination.
  19. A young woman could be seen stretching as she exited her homely little hut made out of mud, straw, and other such natural materials. She looked at the many birds flying overhead before looking back at her house. Inside, her little pseudodragon was found sleeping on a pile of books and scrolls the young woman had been so diligently working on. She was studying the plant life around her and had been documenting them down, even though these plants had already existed within other pages of books and scrolls.

    She decided to leave her dragon there for a moment before she put on her leather armor, her weaponry, and her sandals. After her other morning routines were done, she gingerly picked up the still sleeping pseudodragon and set her softly within the knapsack she carried along when she went to the market or the academy. The little dusty brown dragon, with only two front legs, a pair of wings, and a barbed tail to speak of, only shivered just slightly before curling back up and resuming her wondrous dream.

    Now, she was able to set out. She needed to get to the academy for her graduation. She walked along the well-worn path towards the market and walked among those she had seen, but never fully known, before finding herself at the doors of the academy. Some classes had already begun and ended when she got there, but when she was about to enter, a crystal appeared in front of her. Her curiosity got the best of her and she poked the crystal, summoning forth a young lady she had only read about in textbooks. She looked on in awe, completely bewildered by what she saw. It couldn't be... Could it?
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  20. Dolan looked over "twas a simple task with a simple solution... isn't that right Nadel?" said Dolan as he smirked . Nadel looked at Dolan and looked up from his pocket and let out a gruff before going back into his pocket and rolled into a ball. Dolan looked at his pocket. "Your just mad because you didn't have lunch yet". Dolan muttered as he placed another strawberry in his pocket and Nadel let out a happy squeak.
  21. Not long before her summoning, Ellie was waiting for Brandon to return when the Crystal called out to her.

    "Ellie of Druang, you have been called by your descendant, a young woman named Shadara, now go and contribute." The crystal announced.

    When the crystal was broken, the woman appeared to the other woman. Ellie was a little shorter than the other woman, had red hair and green eyes.

    "Ellie of Druang here, my guess is that you are Shadara?" Ellie responded to the young woman who seemed to have a face that could be read as 'Holy Crap!'

    As for Connor the Crystallized.

    "You are my retainer, so four things, you are stuck with me, two, I'd like you to meet her, three there is a war leading to a disaster, and four you are part of the prophecy to end it, I'll need your help, along with the rest of the group." The former King of Wethera explained.
  22. Willow Tree

    Willow Tree Previously Brightheart

    "Behind me?" Kino turned his head curiously to face this said ally, and sure enough, she was there. "Oooooooooh, hi Ariana!" He greeted, waving his hand at her as he examined his new ally. "I'm Kino! And this is Koi!" He introduced, holding up his tiny pupper by the front legs, almost like the Shiba was a teddy bear kind of way. Koi didn't seem to mind and barked, wagging their tiny stump of a tail. "And you're a....a....what do you call those again? A....a retainer!" He snap his fingers in triumph when his tiny brain finally remembered the word, "You're a retainer?" He repeated, this time without all the thinking in between.
  23. Shade just silently nodded before snapping out of her reverie. "E-Ellie of Druang? As in the Ellie of Druang? Wow, I didn't think I'd be worthy enough to meet you," she finally snapped herself out of her fangirl phase before continuing her introduction. "Yes, the name is Shadara, but you may call me Shade. How did the crystal appear before me? Am I chosen for something?"

    Shade could feel the little dragon growling in her bag, but she chalked it off to a dream. Her little dragon doesn't usually wake up until noon anyway.
  24. "I am Ariana Stormeye, and this is Brandon, formerly the King of Arton." Ariana Stormeye explained.

    "Ariana Silver?" Brandon asked.

    "Brandon!" Ariana Silver exclaimed.


    As for Connor The Crystallized, he decided that grabbing Dolan by the collar with his strength was the best idea, dragging him to Ariana.


    "Yes I am Ellie of Druang, my husband is King Brandon of Arton, I don't know where he is at the moment." Ellie explained.

    Ellie motioned for Shadara to follow her towards a group of others.
  25. As Dolan was lifted by his collar he paused with a dumbface expression. After he regained his composure and he looked over slightly "retainer huh? Is that so, and just what sort of prophecy? While there may be some increased minor skirmishes I wouldn't call it a war." Dolan said confidantly. Dolan wondered to himself but who would be foolish enough to want to war with us anyways? Dolan wasn't even certain what he was supposed to do as a retainer. One thing he knew was the conflicts with the neighboring kingdoms needed to stop. Dolan considered taking the man up on his offer. He looked at his rokushakubo(6 ft. staff) ready to go train.
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  26. Willow Tree

    Willow Tree Previously Brightheart

    "Eh?" Kino gave her a blank stare as he looked from Ariana to Ariana, "You're both Ariana? Great, wonderful, how am I supposed to figure things out between the two of you." He laughed, picking up Koi into his arms and squinted at the two Arianas. "So, one is Stormeye, and the other is Silver. Aight, I got it, check check." He mused, half to himself as he petted Koi's head. Kino then noticed that there seems to be more people coming towards them, and he sweat dropped comically at the fact the others found them so quickly. "Er...we're really actually gonna do this...?" He bleeped, "This is not a prank or anything? Are you guys hosting some kind of action reaction show or something?" He questioned, earlier excitement seemed to have diminished by a little.
  27. After resting in the tavern and grabbing a bite to eat, all while completely ignoring the weird stranger who called themselves an emperor, Val ran over to the academy to prepare for his graduation. When he go there, he couldn’t help but notice two other students talking with what looked to be full grown adults. In fact, he recognized one of them; it was Connor, one of the former kings of this very kingdom. He figured it was just some sort of impersonator, when he overheard something they said: war.

    He couldn’t hold his curiosity back any longer. Walking over to ‘Connor’, he said, “Do you need a soldier for this imaginary war of yours? I’ll take some free money. My name is Val Cynae.”
  28. "Seriously, the giant sentient crystal we were sent by told us about this." Ariana Silver explained, "Kino, remember you're my retainer, and I am going to reveal this, but you are a direct descendant of Magus Malone, and possibly descended from my youngest sister, Ashley, Ariana, you seem to be descended from my sister Tina."


    A man who somewhat towered over him appeared, a familiar man followed, "Val, correct, from what I know, you are the retainer for my close friend Sasuke, who is right behind you, as a reminder, you are stuck with him, also, he is the former Emperor of the Island nation of Tenyengcheng, I could use some help with this, and here is 200 gold pieces I happen to have left over for some reason, now follow, Val."

    He then looked over to Dolan, and motioned him to follow with Val.

    When they found the other group, Connor figured he should hug her. He walked behind Ariana Silver, and hugged her, whispering, "Ari."


    At the exact moment her sentence ended, Ariana Silver felt a familiar set of arms around her.

    "Sweetheart, what's going on?" Ariana whispered.
  29. Willow Tree

    Willow Tree Previously Brightheart

    Kino's mind swirled at all the things he was hearing and seeing. Sure, a human popping out of a crystal is weird enough, but then came the news of war and then retainers and now he's some kind of descendent of a certain girl? "Urm...if I'm some kind of direct descendent, does that mean they're my ancestor or something....?" He asked, "My grandma never told me about this..." he muttered to himself. "If I'm their descendent, is there proof of that? Some kind of treasure passed down? Powers? Anything?" He pressed, tapping his foot on the ground, "Is there some kind of DNA test going on that I wasn't aware of that tells you of such information? I'm confused."
  30. After she regained her composure te

    "Kino, from what I can tell, you are most likely not connected to me, or my sister Ashley, but Magus Malone, yes due to Your elemental Alignment of a combination of Fire, water, earth and wind." Ariana, who was currently being hugged, explained, "That is your trait along with your orange eyes, they are the mark of Magus Malone."
  31. Willow Tree

    Willow Tree Previously Brightheart

    "Woooooow, this is the first time I've heard of such a thing! Didn't know having orange eyes could be such a big deal as in being a direct descendent." He chirped, "And Elemental Alignment too! That's awesome!" He laughed, satisfied with his questions being all answered. "Though to be honest, you guys talk like you're some kind of a thousand year old hero from the past." He commented, "Not to be rude of course, it's just what I've notice throughout the conversation." He leaned forward a bit, "You guys aren't that old right? You surely don't look like it."
  32. Dolan looked over at valgard then looked over at Conner "follow...?" Dolan said slightly confused. Moments later he reluctantly followed. He smiled and greeted himself to val as they headed out. Dolan was still disappointed he hadn't ate lunch yet. He continued onward however.

    (Edit: accidentally got autocorrected)
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  33. "We're from over two hundred years ago," Brandon piped up, "Ariana here was the Queen of Wethera ruling alongside my best friend, Connor the Crystallized, King of Wethera, he was her husband, and still is, your classmate Ariana Stormeye is descended from Asher Stanson, who married and had his lineage through Tina Silver, The man who walked up with Connor is descended from I don't know who..."

    "You and Ellie." Ariana Silver whispered into Brandon's ear.

    "Me and Ellie?" Brandon asked, with a red face.

    "Yes," Ariana Silver responded.

    "And the mercenary that appeared with Sasuke is the estranged nephew of Mystic Kira." Brandon responded, "Three more were selected, one is moving towards us, with two others not quite on the move yet."
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  34. Willow Tree

    Willow Tree Previously Brightheart

    "Ack pft- you're both over two hundred years old?!" He exclaimed, gaping in disbelief. These crystals humans just made him more and more confused as time goes on. He knew he should've paid attention in history class. "Man, that's a long time, just think of the things you can tell us that happened way before I was born!" He pointed out, "You guys are obviously someone of importance too! Perhaps if I could to a library and search for your names I could get myself and entire dictionary length of text!" He laughed. Koi barked in agreement, wagging his tail as he kicked his tiny legs out to stay firmly grip in Kino's arms. Scuffling a bit, the puppy was able to get into a comfortable position, which was funny to look at due to the fact all four of the Shiba's legs are facing towards the sky, making the dog look more like a baby than a dog. "Wow Koi, I didn't know you had a knack for laying upside down." Kino chuckled, playfully rubbing the Shiba's stomach.

    Soon losing interest in the plush belly of his own dog, Kino looked around his surroundings. "Say, there's more people right? You said some are coming, where are they?"
  35. "One's a young woman, moving towards this location, she seems to be the retainer for my wife, Ellie of Druang, and the other two have yet to open their crystals." Brandon explained, "When all three get here with their heroes, the other two sent are probably Jenna, former Queen of Stalia, and Magus Malone himself."

    After Brandon was done explaining, Ariana and Connor responded, "Kino, please, make sure she stays okay, or otherwise, you are most likely a dead man."

    Connor's right eye glowed blue for a moment and then stopped.

    "I sense Ellie." Brandon responded.
  36. Shade nodded and followed alongside Ellie, only stopping short when she saw a bunch of kids she vaguely recognized with adults she had read from books. They must be chosen for something very dangerous, that's for sure. She stayed behind in the shadows and overheard many things. So they have powers due to being directly descended from a special someone and they are destined to end a war. Amazing.

    She walked in and introduced herself as Kino asked about where the others were. "Yes, my name is Shadara. You may recognize me by my nickname Dirt Foot here at the academy, but I would prefer you called me Shade," as if to confirm, her feet were quite dusty and dirty, despite the rest of her clothes looking clean and spiffy. "And yes, we have been chosen by these wondrous people, by whom we have full biographical books in the library, to help them in an oncoming war. If these people are here from the past, then they certainly must have seen the future. At least, that's what I got from overhearing the entire conversation. And we are descended from one of these people. Oh, that reminds me," she turned to Ellie. "What are my powers? Who am I descended from? Despite me knowing a lot about you and your comrades, I don't know my ancestor."
  37. "You have four big time Ancestors, Connor the Crystallized, Ariana Silver, King Brandon of Arton and myself." Ellie answered Shade's question, blushing heavily, while pointing at the taller silver haired girl, the cloaked man, and the brown-blonde haired young man with the crystal armor suit, "You have access to both Angelic and Demonic elemental Alignment due to your ancestry, they will appear at different times, also, follow me again, I need to talk to Brandon."
  38. Dolan was a bit confused as he wasn't sure where they were going. As they continue down the path. Dolan carried his staff and swung it around as they approached their destination.
  39. Raising an eyebrow, she followed Ellie to talk with Brandon. She had both alignments? Demonic and angelic? Basically darkness and holy? Or whatever the antonym for holy was? That's interesting. She stuck her hand in her satchel and softly stroked the hard scales of her pseudodragon. Being descended from four people was extremely intriguing. Who else was descended from more than one of these amazing people?
  40. Connor had motioned for Dolan to come forward and introduce himself, while still hugged his beloved, he let go and called, "Dolan here is my retainer, and from what I can tell, is a descendant of Brandon and Ellie."

    "Ariana Lina Stormeye, you are descended from Asher Stanson, and one of the last, who married my little sister, Tina." Ariana Silver explained to the young girl.

    "What...!" Ariana Stormeye responded, "Kino, who is your Descendancy?"

    "Hi, Ellie." Brandon whispered as he hugged her.

    "Finally," Ellie responded, blushing.

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