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Open Six Kingdoms Fifth Kingdom World War RP Discussion

Discussion in 'General Role Play Discussion' started by Cmeriwether, Oct 11, 2019.

  1. A world of fantasy, where a lot could happen, it is the year 1056 LD, a huge war is about to start, and it's up to 9 young heroes and three heroes of legend to end this war. The sentient crystals that prevent the destruction of the world sensed a major incident in the year 1224 LD and figured this is the best time find the event that causes that accident and prevent it, so they're supplying the three heroes of Legend. Your characters start in the academy, the day the characters graduate, first day of the fourth month of the year 1056 LD, in Wethera, which is huge, with a lot of military, and prepared for this war.

    Heroes of Legend:
    Connor the Crystallized, King of Wethera, from 818 LD to 856 LD, Crystallized in 819 LD, is one of the three, and the most powerful when it comes to Raw power.

    Sasuke, Emperor of Tenyengcheng, from 820 LD to 873 LD, Crystallized in 833 LD, is the second chosen, and in terms of abilities, he is the most balanced between magical and physical power.

    The last is Jenna, Queen of Stalia, from 829 LD to 877 LD, Crystallized in 822 LD, in terms of abilities, she is the strongest magically.

    The Nine young heroes have certain descendancies.

    For example: Tina Silver (Asher Stanson): Ariana Stormeye

    Available descendancies

    Connor the Crystallized (Ariana Silver, qualifies for Angelic): @Merciless Medic's Shadara (Dual descendancy, King Brandon and Ellie of Druang as other descendancy.)

    Sasuke, Emperor of Tenyengcheng (Morgan of the Far North, qualifies for Ice):

    Mystic Kira: @Pokéboy098's Valgard "Val" Cynae

    Mystic Matt: @Crystal1302's Makoto

    The Archmage of Magus Malone (Ashley Silver): @Willow Tree's Kino

    The King of Stalia (Jenna): @Kasumi Daiyamondo Axel (dual descendancy, Magus Malone, via the last Archmage of Magus Malone, whose wife was Ashley Silver).

    King Felix of Proxima:

    King of the Fimians: @Clunpsy's Kia

    Lord Ebenezer:

    King Brandon of Arton (Ellie of Druang, Qualifies for Demonic as an Elemental Alignment): @ThAtGuY101's Dolan

    Player's section

    Ariana Stormeye is my Player character for the RP and is the retainer for a fourth hero of Legend: Brandon, King of Arton, from 821 LD to 889 LD, Crystallized in 852 LD, he has more raw power than Connor the Crystallized, but he is weaker on Defenses.

    Now here's your application, fill it out with your character, I'm doing mine as an example

    Name: (Obviously)

    Age: (12-19)

    Gender: (Fill in the blank for your character)

    Sexuality: (For romance, fill in the blank for your character)

    Appearance: (Place height, weight, hair color, eye color, and any appearance notes here)

    Equipment: (Any weapons and armor they may wear go here, any notes on the equipment go here.)

    Personality: (Not too detailed, can be developed more during RP itself.)

    Elemental Alignment: (Will let you know if your character's Descendance allows access to a special alignment)

    Crush: (Use later in RP, unless they have a character they are trying to get home to)

    Pet: If not retainer, a baby creature of normal or magical origin applies, if Retainer, treat Hero of Legend in this slot.

    Other: any special notes go here.


    Name: Ariana Stormeye

    Age: 13

    Gender: Female

    Sexuality: Straight

    Appearance: She has silver hair normal for the clan, and green eyes, she stands 5'0" (5'0"), has a small frame, 96 lbs and her curves will develop as the RP advances.

    Equipment: she wears mostly leather Armor, with a few pieces of metal armor plates. She is known to carry two shortswords.

    Personality: She is a very determined person, and will stop at nothing to end this war, even if she dies in the process.

    Elemental Alignment: Angelic (Due to Descendancy)

    Crush: None yet...

    Pet: None, is Retainer for Hero of Legend: King Brandon

    Other: She is very affectionate when she is close to a person.
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  2. Willow Tree

    Willow Tree Previously Brightheart

    Okay, so, I'm really interested in this little rp and it sounds amazing. But the problem is, I just don't get the descendancy part. I don't know if it's because the category aren't separated or I'm just mentally challenges or something, but I just can't seem to figure out what it is supposed to be lol. And apparently it also affects the Elemental Alignment for the forms, so I think I need an explanation on that too.
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  3. The descendancies affect elemental alignment by giving an extra option, like with Connor the Crystallized, due to his descendants born from Ariana Silver, their descendants gain Angelic as an alignment option, like Ariana Stormeye due to being descended from Ariana Silver's younger sister, Tina. The King of Arton's Descendants have access to Demonic as their elemental alignment. The mystics have access to aggressive element, The King of Proxima and The King of Stalia have Souls as their optional alignment. The archmage of Magus Malone has access to elemental (fire, water, earth and wind), The king of the Fimians and Lord Ebenezer's descendants have weather as their alignment. Just let me know which Descendancy you want for your character.

    @Willow Tree
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  4. Willow Tree

    Willow Tree Previously Brightheart

    Hmmmmmm....I think I have just a low IQ or smth, but I think I got the hang of it. *cri*
    Thank you for explaining though, I think I should be fine. As for Descendancy, the character I planned to have for this rp seems to fit the Arch mage of Magnus Malone with the Elemental access better than the rest, so do I basically put "Elemental" for the Elemental Alignment part?
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  5. @Willow Tree yes, also, this character has possible access to Angelic, due to being descended from a member of the Silver Clan and once I see your character sheet, I will determine if they qualify for Retainer status, and instead of a pet, they are in charge of keeping one of the three available heroes of Legend in Check.
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  6. Willow Tree

    Willow Tree Previously Brightheart

    Okay! Thank you for explaining, makes things so much more easier! I will get started on my form and will probably get it in by tomorrow if not today. As for pet, my character kind of already have one, so if he's somehow fit for the Retainer role, I'd like him to still have a little pet at least in the background, cause without the pet will be kind of weird lol. If that's not allowed or something then I guess we'll just have to chuck the pet out the window.
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  7. I will be checking for Resonance with the Legends for the Retainer role.
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  8. Willow Tree

    Willow Tree Previously Brightheart

    (Here, take my token of appreciation lol. Feel free to tell me to change anything if it's off.)

    Name: Kino

    Age: 15 (was orginally planning on making him 12, but Idk why but I changed it)

    Gender: Male

    Sexuality: Pan

    Appearance: Seemingly short for his age, reaching to what looks like 4'8 or less, depends on how you see it, he can somehow look shorter than he actually is. Due to the boy's tiny feature, the boy have trouble finding clothes that fits himself thatdoesn't slips off the shoulder. When that didn't work out, he resigns to wearing cotes bigger than himself and tends to wear jackets that slips off one shoulder if not both. He rather hates to be teased on his height, so he is mostly seen wearing shoes with a mild heel to them, adding on to a bit of an inch to his size. Kino prefers wearing shorts over long pants, saying that shorts gave him more freedom with his legs, which is true to his opinions. To match with his usually bright clothings, Kino have an equally bright hair, with a brighter eyes still. The colors of his eyes are orange, but in the sun they flashes yellow, with make them seem almost white sometimes. A choker rested on his neck, holding a pattern of a swirly flame at the end, some says it's a bell of some sort. His hair is long, reaching just a bit below the neck, and his small size leaned more towards the feminine side, so it's a common thing to mistaken him for a girl.

    Equipment: He owns a flute, which doesn't seem that intimidating at first glance but the instrument carries a long blade inside that can retract in on itself. The flute part is merely a handle to the real weapon inside.

    Personality: A mischievous, upbeat peppy kid who loves animals of all sorts. First impression with anyone usually starts of rather well, making people to think there's little to no way to hate such a child at first glance. Always leaning on the childish side, he always call everyone by the title "Big Brother" or "Big Sister", regardless of whom he's talking too. You can tell him to stop calling you that but he was never the type to listen to commands, which most likely led him through seas of trouble. Though he's a troublemaker, no matter what he always seems to be able to charm his through with words, so he never received any punishment. Even so, Kino was and is a nice kid, helping out the citizens whenever he could and help out his grandma with her restaurant whenever she needed. Kino never seemed to bothered by anything, whether it be that he was getting kidnapped, or he saw someone get murdered, he never seems to be bothered nor fazed by it. Some say he's fearless, some say he's just plain stupid, they never know.

    Elemental Alignment: Elemental

    Crush: None yet

    Pet: He owns a Shiba Inu puppy named Koi along with two birds, one pink, one blue, that looks like a phoenix, acts like a cat, but is in fact, a dove.

    Other: He's intersex, which explain more of why he looks like a girl.
  9. Let me guess that Koi is his main traveling pet? And accepted, but no Resonance, as of yet, I have to add two more to the plot, I think they resonate with Hero of Legend: Ariana Silver, which she could join them later. Accepted as descendant of the Archmage of Magus Malone. @Willow Tree
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  10. @Willow Tree Magus Malone is both a city in the world and a person, Magus Malone the person was the founder of Magus Malone the city.

    Additionally, I am waiting for two more so I can start with the first group, need three to do so.
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  12. Thanks for tagging me, but I’m not sure if this one’s for me. I mean, I really appreciate the tag, but I’m gonna pass, at least for now.
  13. I'll pass on this one, sorry. (I'm having trouble making an OC, s'all.)
  14. when you say king is stalia has souls as optional allignment do you mean like a necromancer or like stealing peoples souls? if so i definatly want that!

    Edit: it says jenna in parentheses... if I choose that option does that mean I have to go by the name jenna?
  15. @ThAtGuY101
    The Souls alignment has to do more with healing than anything, Jenna is the other Hero of Legend in that line.

    Edit: She's the reason the King of Stalia's line even has that alignment, Jenna was the Keeper of Souls in her era, which meant she was able to resurrect those with a special condition called Permadeath, which is basically a death without revival by normal means, it requires the Keeper of Souls to resurrect them and it can only be used once in a month.

    Edit again: It's good to see questions.
  16. Name: Valgard “Val” Cynae

    Descendancy: Val is the son of the estranged (and deceased) brother of the Mystic Kira.

    Age: 19

    Gender: Male

    Sexuality: Straight

    Appearance: Val is often thought to be older than he actually is, due to being 6’ 5” and having grayish-brown hair. He has brown eyes so dark that they almost look black. His body build is very thin, however, and he only weighs 125 lbs. His hair is unruly, and reaches down to his shoulders.

    Equipment: He usually is found wearing animal furs, leather armor, and occasionally a bit of metal here and there. He is an expert in using shields, spears, and pikes.

    Personality: Val has few friends, but many acquaintances. He naturally distrusts people, due to a tragic backstory to his parents. He plans to seek employment as a mercenary as soon as he graduates, instead of joining the army. Personality wise, he is pretty lazy, but a fun and caring guy once you get to know him. Due to his laziness, it may be difficult to convince him to help with any sort of war-stopping plans.

    Elemental Alignment: Aggressive

    Crush: None yet. And all of the other characters are so young that it would be weird.

    Pet: Retainer for Sasuke.

    Other: I can’t think of anything.
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  17. @Pokéboy098 Accepted, and Resonance for Emperor Sasuke of Tenyengcheng
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  19. What kind of abilities would angelic be?

    Also I didn't see king anton as an option, is that the villian?
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  20. @ThAtGuY101 he is actually the hero of Legend assigned to my Character, and his descendancy has demonic as its optional alignment, his descendancy is better for more melee oriented characters.

    Edit: Angelic is a light based Elemental Alignment, in which light or Holy would be the base element, reason is Ariana Silver, who has Angel blood in her bloodline.

    Any name in parentheses indicates a Significant other.
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  21. Willow Tree

    Willow Tree Previously Brightheart

    So, I know Kino's location at the current moment, but is there supposed to be a way on how I start? Cause apparently, your character touched a crystal and summoned a King, should I be doing the same? Or do I just pounce around the place pretending to be clueless about my possible fate?
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  22. At the Academy a crystal appeared right in front of Kino, when he touches that Crystal, a girl about a foot taller than him will appear, with silver hair and baby blue eyes, she has a very nice and bubbly personality, and her name is Ariana Silver. Kino should be in the academy courtyard.
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  23. Willow Tree

    Willow Tree Previously Brightheart

    Aight, so I basically have him touch the crystal and summon Ariana right?
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  24. Name: Dolan

    Age: 17

    Gender: male

    Sexuality: straight but mostly interested in power

    Appearance: (5' 10 1/2ft., 165, silver, yellow, pale, muscular, small horizontal scar on right cheekbone)

    Equipment: (he carries a quarterstaff as a weapon, and wears a open-robe with chainmail and plate armor covering his upper torso)

    Personality: friendly, mild-manner, over-confident, unapologetic, but respectful. He's a very confident and it shows in the way he talks, the way he carries himself, and the way he interacts with others, but he's not vain nor look down on others. He might be unapologetic but that doesn't mean he's unsympathetic in truth he does care but he won't give an apology. He will try and fix his mistakes and help those in need but he wont say he's sorry. He prefers actions over words.

    Elemental Alignment: Demonic

    Crush: N/A

    Pet: white hedgehog with dark brown eyes named nadel (nadel - german for needle)

    Other: He likes to bring out the best in people. Sometimes he can go a little overboard. (especially if its something he's passionate about)

    I'll try update this more later.l
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  25. @ThAtGuY101 Accepted and Resonance for Connor the Crystallized, be careful with @Willow Tree's Kino, he has the King of Wethera's other half, Ariana Silver.
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  26. i have two last questions, i noticed your retainer is "king brandon", i ask this question because i'm not sure what kind of name to give my retainer. (the name is the easy part but whether or not i should add king in front of it or not is what i'm a little confused on.)

    could you elaborate on what you mean be careful with Kino, im assuming there is some rivalry?

    i just wanted to go ahead and say thanks in advanced for being patient...
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  27. @ThAtGuY101 The descendancy you chose when you selected the demonic alignment and the Person in Question are in fact the same person.

    Two, The title appropriate for Sasuke is Emperor.

    Three, your heroes of Legend are a husband and wife pair, and a very lovey dovey pair too, they may get distracted by the other.
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  28. your post confused me a little ,but i went ahead and read the RP and it all made sense...

    i know i said last question previously but is it too late to have a pet? (like a hedgehog)?
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  29. I might be interested, given that I don't have a lot of things to do due to work, baby stuff, and other RPs I'm in. I do have a few questions before I start.

    Is it possible to have a character who is both angelic and demonic?

    What do you mean by Crystallized? As in they become the Hero of Legend?
  30. There are several Heroes of Legend, Connor the Crystallized was the first selected, and his title was the Crystallized King of Wethera. It is possible but requires a dual descendancy of Connor the Crystallized and King Brandon of Arton. I am in need of a dual descendancy.
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  31. I can do a dual descendancy then :3 give me a moment to create her.
  32. Alright, go ahead, and according to the lore, the two characters who she is descended from are best friends in their time.
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  33. Oh that's handy dandy. Give me a second to whip one up once I start multitasking on irl stuff. :p
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  34. @Merciless Medic Take your time.

    @ThAtGuY101 I edited my most recent post to have the Hero of Legend assigned to help Dolan ask where they are.
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  35. Name: Shadara "Shade" Lyria-Mitne Darastrix
    Age: 18
    Gender: Female
    Sexuality: Straight
    Appearance: Being 5'05" (165 cm) and 130 lbs (59.0 kg) of muscle, she is quite the ordinary sight in silhouette, but in detail she's a little more intriguing. Her hair is cut in a short pixie style and is black (think Alice the vampire from the Twilight series), her skin is ashy white, and her eyes are a stormy grey. She tends to wear dark brown or a black shirt and dark loose pants that are tied at the calf, and she is usually barefoot, only wearing sandals when having to be in civilized places. Because of this, her feet are usually quite dirty, as she is practically a hermit, living in the forest on her own and going to the academy for lessons and to talk with the teachers and going to the city for errands. Although, due to this, she is usually known as "Dirt Foot", even though she does take quite good care of herself in hygiene, physically, mentally, and spiritually.
    Equipment: She tends to go light and fast, as that was the way she trained herself - to be quick, agile, overwhelming in a fast flurry of attacks, and quick in mind as she finds the opponent's weak points and strikes. Because of this, she wears dark leather in key areas, especially her joints and sensitive areas and areas bound with major muscles she needs to function like a normal human being. She also mainly uses daggers and a short bow, and commonly wears a quiver with arrows and her bow slung over her back and some daggers sheathed and strapped to her thighs and hips - four in total. Due to her slight affinity with alchemical poisons, she has a few bottles strapped to her hips that she usually has her daggers and arrows dipped in to get rid of dangerous creatures, and not have them dipped and cleaned thoroughly when hunting animals for hide, leather, meat, bones, and organs for other alchemical potions or to sell to herbalists.
    Personality: She tends to keep to herself, but she speaks the truth and is very blunt about it. She isn't a fan favorite amongst those in the guild, especially with her seeming lack of respect in her tone and words as she doles out the truth when others don't need to hear it. Despite this, she is self-sacrificing and will do what she can for those that she deems as friends. Those that like her deem her as trustworthy due to her bluntness but these friends are few and far between. Most have left the academy and she doesn't seem them very often. She also takes her studies seriously, even though her attendance in her classes doesn't seem like it. Still, she graduated with flying colors. She does have an affinity for violence, as she likes to see the light of those in her enemies fade, but she is quite benevolent for her allies in a fight, always wanting to make sure they are okay and not too badly hurt. This can cause her to lose concentration during a fight however, as this can mortally cripple her as she isn't the most defensive person on the planet, what with her leather armor and feminine body.
    Elemental Alignment: Angelic/Demonic
    Crush: None for right now
    Pet: If not a retainer, she will have a baby pseudodragon (if this is okay). A pseudodragon is something like this: A small elemental-less dragon that is usually used as familiars for those with magical abilities. They are usually more mischievous, their tasks being those of spy missions and scouting than actually hurting others. Although, their stingers and bite pack quite a punch when they lash out defensively.
    Other: N/A
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