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Site Power Up!!!!1!

  1. Doctor Oak

    Staff Member Overlord

    Today, I had planned to launch this new design, a new upgrade to the forums and the brand new Pokedex. However, the Pokedex is lagging behind, and as such may not be finished for a while now as I've got a TONNE of other work to get done.

    But, even though the Dex isn't going to be too forthcoming too quickly, I figured it was time to get this design and upgrade underway regardless.

    This design is built to handle a lot more than the previous one and should be a lot more versatile - so I'm looking forward to keeping it fresh throughout the rest of the year.

    Incidentally, the TCM's back up for now... we'll see how hard it hits the site for now - but hopefully it can stay up for a bit longer this time (especially as now I'll be spending less time working on the Dex and thus less time personally hammering the site myself).

    This is stage one of a big upgrade to Pokecharms this year - and it is really needing it now - later in the summer, we'll be upgrading to a new server that should cope a lot better with the site and will be using that opportunity for a massive shakeup to go along with the new Pokedex, an upgrade to the TCM and a complete overhaul of how the Staff Showcase is done.

    Essentially, in the coming months, everything is going to be changed and new - and I'm personally really looking forward to what's coming, so I hope you lot will be too.

    As with all forum upgrades, there's a possibility (if not a probability...) that there'll be some bugs. Please report them and bear with them - I'll try and get them all nailed as soon as possible. There really shouldn't be too much trouble this time though...

    Anyways, hope you enjoy the new look - and the wider forums again. Unfortunately, there's no way to keep the older layouts this time, but there will be plenty of variations of this theme later down the line to choose from, so I hope that makes up for it.


Discussion in 'Pokécharms News' started by Doctor Oak, Apr 12, 2009.

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