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Open Sinnoh

Discussion in 'Pokémon Role Play' started by Suga Bear, Jun 23, 2017.

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  1. Hello welcome you can pretty much do anything but no bad words and also to use legendary Pokemon or ultra beasts please ask for permission
    Region your from:
    Badges/Ribbons:(if any)
    My info ♥
    Simple and HAVE FUN!!!!♥

    Nikki woke up as the sun shines brightly on her face she gave loud yawn the realised she was getting her starter today.Nikki quickly changed into a white dress and heels(1 inch heels)grabbed her bag and ran to the lab.When she arrived there out of breath she immediately went inside the lab where Professor Rowan was patiently waiting."Hello you must be Nikki" Professor Rowan said "yes" Nikki replied they talked for a couple of minutes when the professor lead her to a room with a table and on the table were 3 pokeballs the professor released the Pokemon out and the Pokemon were Turtwig,Piplup,and Chimchar the professor asked Nikki which starter she wanted and Nikki who already knew which one she wanted and picked up piplup.Piplup and Nikki left the lab and went straight to Nikki's house in Twinleaf town when she went inside her house her mom was waiting for her in the living room "Welcom home Nikki" her mother yelled from the living room as Nikki walked over to sit by her mom and Piplup in her lap her mother looked at the cute water Pokemon and giggled "Oh honey I thought you would choose chimchar" her mother said while giggling Nikki just looked at her Marie in confusion Nikki then just rolled her eyes and asked "mom where did dad go?" Her mother replied with "training his Pokemon in the backyard" Nikki gave her a quick hug and picked up Piplup Popup and ran outside
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  2. Name: Jay
    Age: 12
    Pokemon: Alolan Vulpix
    Region: Hoenn
    Badges/Ribbons: None

    Jay had just moved to Twinleaf town and was ready to start his journey with the Vulpix his father brought home from his trip to Alola. It's white fur gleamed in the hot sun. Jay's mother then walked into his room and told him that Professor Rowan had called and wanted to give him a gift. Jay knew it had to be a pokedex and a pokemon. He rushed outside and ran as fast as he could to Sandgem town, taking down every Bidoof that stood in his way.
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  3. Jay walked in the lab and the professor handed him a case with two pokeballs. Jay picked the one with a small fire sticker on it and opened it. Chimchar leaped out and Professor Rowan handed Jay a white pokedex. Jay rushed home with Chimchar and his Vulpix (whose name is Pixel) and showed his mom his new pokemon and pokedex. She congratulated him and reminded him to name his Chimchar. Jay looked at Chimchar and said," I'll name you Red." Chimchar jumped with delight as his new name. Jay then walked outside and saw bubbles through his neighbor's window. Jay thought,"I wonder what Nikki is up to. There were only two pokeballs in that case. Maybe she got the third one."
  4. Nikki played with Aqua and Candy in the backyard after she got bubble beamed by Aqua.While they were playing she decided to go to Jay's house to show him her Pokemon
  5. Jay saw Nikki walk out with a Piplup. He knew it! She probably had a pokedex too. Maybe they could go on a journey together. He and Pixel had always been fond of Nikki. He walked up to her and said, "Look's like you're ready for a journey, did you get a pokedex too?"
  6. Nikki looked at him and flat out said "duh"
  7. Jay rolled his eyes at the comment and replied, "Just making sure, I didn't want to assume. So do you want to battle? I think it would be a great way to test our new partners before we head out."
  8. "Sure,2vs2 or just the starters" Nikki asked while Piplup was looking at Jay with complete annoyance
  9. "Using Pixel would be too easy for me. Let's just use starters." Jay said with heavy sarcasm, looking Nikki in the eyes.
  10. Aqua (piplup) looked Jay in the eye and shot a bubble beam at his face
  11. "Hey! Tell your friend to chill out!" Jay said as Pixel shot an ice beam at Aqua's feet. Red straightened his stance and got ready for a battle.
  12. Nikki took out Candy (Buneary) and made her use attract on the other pokemon
  13. Red's eyes opened wide as he walked toward Candy. Pixel (Female Vulpix) looked at Candy and used leer, getting ready for an attack.
  14. Candy looked at Nikki and smirked Nikki nodded "Jay Candy wants to battle along side with Aqua"
  15. Pixel growled and turned to Jay, "It would seem Pixel wants to battle as well. Red, are you ready?" Jay said as Red finally snapped out of Candy's Attract. "Chim!" Red yelled.
  16. Nikki picked Aqua up and tied a blue bow around his neck then she put him down next to Candy who was acting with her soothe belle Aqua looked up at Nikki then smiled Candy stoped playing with her belle and got ready to battle
  17. *playing stupid auto correct*
  18. Name: Quinn
    Age: 13
    Pokemon: Monferno, Shellos
    Region: Sinnoh
    Badges: Coal Badge

    Quinn just got back to Sandgem town. He hadn't been away for to long but, still a few days. He had made it to Floaroma town but, new trainers were coming and he wanted to meet them. When he entered Scorch his Monferno was by his side.
  19. Jay gave Red a small red scarf and sent him and Pixel to meet Nikki's pokemon. "Let the battle begin?" Jay said, raring to go. To the far left he noticed a trainer with a Monferno watching them and got a little nervous.
  20. Nikki just looked at Jay and smirked "Aqua bubble beam on Red and Candy Dizzy punch on Pixel" Aqua shot a bubble beam at Red and Candy ran then jumped ready to use Dizzy punch on Pixel
  21. Jay regained his focus and yelled, "Pixel Ice Beam on the bubbles! Red use Ember on Candy!" The bubbles froze in the air and shattered, Red spit fire at Candy.
  22. "Candy dodge Aqua bubble beam again but this time Candy use ice beam on the bubbles" you said starting to panic
  23. "Candy dodge and Aqua bubble beam again but this time Candy use ice beam on the bubbles"*Nikki* said starting to panic
  24. "Red use dig to get away! Pixel use Scratch." Jay said. He felt confident. Red used dig too late and got hit with the bubble beam but Pixel managed to land a Scratch on Aqua. Red could barely stand, he had one more hit before he fainted.
  25. Nikki started to think and to her Pokemon suprise said "I forfiet" as she smiled at Jay
  26. "Forfeit!?" Jay said in excitement as Red and Pixel looked at each other in confusion. "Does this mean i win?"
  27. "Yeah" Nikki said giggling at his reaction "I'm going to be a coordinator so battling isn't really a big deal"
  28. "Really? I want to be the champion of all Sinnoh someday. I love to battle." Jay moved in closer and whispered, "Do you see that guy over there with the Monferno? He looks really strong."
  29. Nikki nodded holding Aqua and Candy "well we shouldn't really worry well I'm gonna go home and pack" Nikki said starting to walk away but she turned back to Jay and asked "wanna travel together?"
  30. "You read my mind Nikki." Jay said with a smile as he picked up Red and walked back home with Pixel. Jay kept an eye on the mysterious trainer as he walked.
  31. Nikki giggles and walked back to her house when she walked back in her house her dad's arcanine tackles her on to the ground Nikki screamed so loud that her parents came his Pokemon into its pokeball then Nikki ran up to her room and started to pack then went straight to bed
  32. Jay walked into his house and fed Red and put him in bed. Pixel helped Jay pack and then curled up with him in bed. Jay thought all night about Nikki and the strange trainer. He felt like he should protect Nikki from this mysterious boy. The trainer looked very dangerous or at least very strong. Nikki wasn't a battler but Jay was. He decided that he would defend Nikki and her pokemon from harm. If that trainer was still hanging around tomorrow he would talk to him. He didn't want some stranger watching him and Nikki.
  33. Nikki was peacefully sleeping until Aqua and Candy started bouncing up and down on her bed Nikki had no choice but to wake up she got out of bed and changed into her clothes she would wear on her journey grabbed her bag and wenr downstairs her parents looked at her and all ambraced each other her mom and dad gave her 2 pokeballs and said one was for Jay.Nikki bored and went to jays house and knocked on the door
  34. Jay woke up to a knock on the door. He dressed and went down stairs. He opened the door and saw Nikki. "Hey Nikki, why are you up so early?" Jay said while looking past her trying to see that mystery guy.
  35. Nikki looked at him and gave him the pokeball "it's a Pokemon from my parents" she said
  36. Jay took the pokeball and said, "Really? I wonder why they gave me this. Do you know what it is?"
  37. Nikki looked at him and noded "we both got an evee" she told him showing her female evee to jay "I named mine Nova" Nikki said while giggling
  38. Jay opened the pokeball and a male Eevee popped out. "I think I'll name mine Gold." Jay said with a big grin
  39. "What do you want Gold to evolve into" Nikki asked "I want Nova to evolve into a espeon" Nikki said while Nova,Candy and Aqua played
  40. "I've always liked dark type pokemon. I want an Umbreon." Jay said while Pixel and Red inspected the new member of the team.
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