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Sinnoh Tournament (Open)

Discussion in 'Pokémon Role Play' started by Trucro, Nov 8, 2015.

  1. Jacob stretched his neck around his head as he took his position on one end of the field. The battlefield was larger than Jacob was used to, and it was surprisingly spacious. The ground was made of thick, dry mud and dirt, giving off a light brown look. In chalk, a large rectangle was drawn. One one end, stood Jacob and his Croagunk, Felix, at his side. The pokemon was looking up at Jacob as if looking for orders, but Jacob wasn’t giving any. Across the stadium, on the other side of a rectangle, stood another man. Taller than Jacob, he had brown hair, and a prepubescent-looking beard, despite obviously being in his twenties. To Jacob’s right, near the center of the stadium, stood a referee, wearing black and white stripes.

    Around them were elevated seats, the stands. There weren’t many; just about five rows for people to sit in. The truth was, it was barely a stadium; the walls themselves only rose about 6 feet in the air. The stands rose higher, in fact. Even these few stands weren’t filled with people; not yet, anyway. It was only the first few rounds of the tournament, and the tournament would be going on for some time. This open-air battlefield was obviously a makeshift one; there were several all throughout Veilstone City. Jacob didn’t expect a large crowd for this battle, especially since it was only his first match.

    Upon orders from the referee, Jacob reached for a pokeball from his belt, and he saw his opponent do the same. Simultaneously, both trainers released their respective pokeballs in the air, and in a flash, their pokemon appeared. On Jacob’s opponent’s side, a Drapion appeared. It was a large pokemon; Jacob hadn’t seen one in years, and he had forgotten how big they could get. On Jacob’s side, the flash revealed Zed, his Excadrill. The pokemon stretched happily as he was released. Zed has always had a passion for battling, but Jacob hadn’t used him in some time. The Drapion, however, towered over Zed, and Jacob was not a little worried that his pokemon might be outmatched.

    With the wave of a flag, the referee began the battle.

    “Drapion, use Venoshock!” the man on the other side of the stadium started. The Drapion opened its mouth and released a flood of purple poison heading straight for Zed. Jacob reacted quickly.

    “Zed, use Drill Run!” The Excadrill pulled his arms together, and in a single push he jetted towards the Drapion. The attacks collided, and Excadill pushed through the poison liquid, slamming into the Drapion and sending the pokemon falling backwards. Zed ended his attack, opening up us arms and standing up. The Drapion lifted itself to its feet, and Jacob’s opponent barked another order.

    “Drapion use Pin Missile!” Drapion raised its arms, pointing its hands at Zed and released a set of glowing white needles at Jacob’s Excadrill.

    “Zed, dig!” Jacob shouted, but Drapion’s attack was too fast. The needles slammed into Zed, knocking him backwards. The ground pokemon flopped over at Jacob’s feet. Rolling onto his belly, Zed pushed himself up, and turned back towards his opponent. “Rock Slide!” Zed raised his arms, and above the Drapion rocks began to appear in the sky. They dropped down on top of the poison pokemon, smashing into it and kicking up a cloud of dust. Jacob didn’t wait, however, for his opponent to give his next order. “Zed, now use dig!” Zed quickly disappeared under the ground. As Jacob was able to see the Drapion, who had remained crushed under a pile of rocks, Zed popped up out of the ground, sending the Drapion flying out from beneath the rocks with great force. The Drapion dropped to the ground, and was struggling to move. Jacob’s opponent shouted something, but Jacob wasn’t listening.

    “Zed, end this will Drill Run!” The pokemon assumed its drill position again and fired towards the fallen Drapion. The attack hit, and the Drapion was flung across the field again. It hit the ground hard, and fainted immediately.

    “The winner is Jacob and his Excadrill!” The referee announced. A few muddled claps could be heard as Jacob walked over to Zed and patted him on the shoulder. It was a good win, and Zed had done well. He recalled his pokemon, and walked over to the bleachers. With Felix(Croagunk) following close behind him, he took a seat and prepared to watch the next battle. He wanted to see what he would be up against in the next rounds.
  2. A small boy by the name of Winter took to the field. He'd be facing Lennox, his childhood bully. They shook hands and walked over to their sides of the field.
    A whistle sounded and Lennox shouted "Get ready for Crusher and Burn!"
    He sent out a Machamp and a Blaziken and laughed loudly, expected to win easily. Winter however wasn't going to lose. He'd spent the past month training his Klefki (Klef) and Sceptile (Sylvester), he couldn't lose now. Winter was mute and couldn't talk so he used a series of signals and bell to tell them what he wanted them to do.
    The battle had begun.....
    "Burn use Flare Blitz on Sceptile!" Burn rushed to Sylvester and singed him with the massive volley of flames. He stumbled back and fell to the ground. He had fainted, and on the first move.
    Winter thought to himself "He thinks he can play that with me? HA he has another thing coming for him! Time for Klef to show what he can really do!"
    Lennox laughed and told Crusher to Cross Chop.
    "Try to win now loser! HAAAAAAAAAAA!"
    It hit, sending Klef to the ground.
    Winter however had something in store for Lennox. This would shut him up for good.
    He shook the bell crazily and Klef turned to to see if Winter was sure. Winter nodded and Klef started running towards Lennox and his entire team, a look of anger on his face. Klef used Foul Play and instantly knocked out both Crusher and Burn.
    "Heh, wonder how it feels now to be beaten badly."
    Lennox stood in shock as he had just been beaten, by Winter. He called back Crusher and Burn and ran out of the stadium. He never said a word to Winter after that.
    Winter called back Sylvester and walked with Klef over to the bleachers where Jacob was sitting. He nodded and sat with Klef, both with their blood pumping.
  3. As the last battle took to a close, two new contenders took to the field, one, Rory, in a dark blue winter coat with snow-pants and hair greener than summer's grass, with his pokemon Glaceon, he was ready. And the other, a stranger with a dress of red roses, and her pokemon Roserade. Rory thought to himself This isn't gonna be easy, the ref started the battle. It came so sudden to Rory, that he was caught off guard.

    "Roserade use magical leaf!" Rory head in the distance, putting him back to reality. It was difficult to think, after clearly zoning out, Rory panicked a bit while his Glaceon got hit and engulfed into a cloud of smoke.

    Glaceon got up shakily, with a worried expression, Rory called out to Glaceon, "Are you ok Glaceon?" Glaceon nodded. I can't take another hit like that, that was clearly a critical. The opponent's Roserade used magical leaf one more time, but this time Rory had a plan. "Glaceon use blizzard!" clouds formed up and it got really windy, really fast, distorting the attack and causing it to miss, then the blizzard hit Roserade and froze it.

    "We're not done with you yet, Glaceon, finish it with Ice shard!" ice chunks appeared out of nowhere and were hurled at the opponent, causing Roserade not to be frozen anymore, but extremely damaged. Roserade got up and started to charge a white light. Rory thaught, last chance to finish this, Glaceon can't take that hit. "Glaceon, use dig!" the hyper beam missed. Immediatly after, glaceon hoped out of the ground behind Roserade. "Glaceon, use ice fang!"

    Glaceon bit Roserade, and a small bit of frozen mist about the size of a water balloon emanated around the bite mark. Roserade fell forward with dizzy eyes onto the ground. Rory has won. He thought to himself, Glaceon shouldn't battle again for a while, i'll give the others a shot.

    After the battle ended the lady congradulated Rory, and he walked over to Jacob, Rory said with a confident and encouraging smile, "see you in the finals" and walked away.
  4. A young boy about 17 in age stepped on the battlefield his feet nervously quivering was going against his best friend Jine, but with both of the two's pokeballs in hand This young boy was named Derick. He sen't out his Torterra while Jine sent out Mismagius the referee started the battle with a "3...2....1...Go!" Derick had zoned out thinking what to do "Mismagius use Shadow Ball!" After the Mismagius starting to attack Derick got back to his senses "Torterra block with a Rock Slide!" While the Shadow ball hurdled toward Torterra it was blocked by rocks falling from the sky "Torterra use Crunch!" Derick commanded this Torterra was faster than normal but this was a trick for Mismagius to attack "Mismagius use Mystical Fire!" sending a powerful flame at the Continent Pokemon What do I do now? "Torterra use Giga Drain" Large green spheres go toward Mismagius draining i'ts energy then "Mismagius use Shadow Ball." Torterra took it like it was nothing "Now Finish it with Leaf Storm!" A large amount of leaves spray at Jine's Mismagius knocking it out making Derick the winner walking toward Rory, Jacob, and Winter winner's of their own matches

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