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Sinnoh Tour (Tentative/crappy title)

Discussion in 'Pokémon Role Play' started by Yami_Angel, Dec 7, 2008.

  1. (OoC: Please send a personal message to ask if you may join. Chances are yes, unless we get too many people.)

    After what seemed like forever, the peak of the Coronet Mountain edged its way onto the horizon. Basically, Sinnoh's welcome mat. Alexandria had her violin out, and was playing for tips... as a street player might, but slightly more sophisticated music and setting. However, the sight of her destination caused her to quit. She simply gazed at the mountain, which seemed to automatically turn heads in its direction. Alexandria packed up her "station", and headed down to her cabin.

    "Finally... How long was this cruise, three days? I just wanted to get to Sinnoh, not random festivities and stops in other regions." Alexandria complained to herself, packing everything she brought back into her bag. She then lay the bag on the ground next to the bed, where Alexandria decided to nap. Even if the region was in sight, it'd still be quite some time before they hit land.

    "HMMOOOOT! HMMOOOOT!" Horns blared, waking Alexandria, and presumably every other sleeping passenger. "We have now made land at Canalave City, Sinnoh region. All ashore who's going ashore." An automated female voice announced. Alexandria recognized this cue as "hurry the hell up", and thus she grabbed her bag, and rushed to the unloading station of the ship. The line was incredibly long, apparently many planned to end their voyage in Sinnoh.

    While waiting in this long, slow line, Alexandria pulled out her laptop from her messenger bag, and a white Pokéball with a red band. "Volt, if you please." She announced, pressing the Premier Ball's button, making it grow larger. She then loosened her grip, the ball resting in the palm of her hand, then opening. From it spilled a bright white light, which zapped its way to just above the laptop. It took form thereafter, into a strange orange creature, surrounded by its own electricity. "Look up a nice place to stay, s'il vous plaît." Alexandria said, causing the orange Pokémon to retreat inside her laptop. The computer turned orange, matching the shade of the Pokémon that had just been sent out, and began to float just beside Alexandria. An Internet browser opened itself, then a search engine, which looked up several luxurious hotels in and around Canalave City. Most of which were terribly expensive. "Er, if you may, lower the price range." Alexandria said. Even if some of those were affordable to her, she'd have hardly any money left for other hotels, let alone anything else. The laptop snickered, it purposefully brought up such expensive hotels. But, it did obey, and brought up nice, non-millionaire hotels. "Arigatou, Volt... chan." Alexandria said, her way of "politely" pranking Volt back. For Volt hated the suffix "-chan".

    That was when Alexandria realized she was walking on solid land. The distraction of so many hotels had caused her to forget where she was going. Yet, she still paid it hardly any mind, she was checking out a nice hotel, in the very area she was currently in (aptly named The Seaside Resort). "Volt, book that one." Alexandria demanded, dropping her usual politeness. There wasn't anyone around, anyways. Several pop-ups came up during the booking, but eventually, it was done. And Alexandria, seeing there was much daylight left to burn, looked around. There was so much to do, with quite a lot of time, but also with a somewhat indecisive mind.

    "Okay, then... where to first?" She asked her Rotom-laptop, which once again opened a search engine filled with various results. Alexandria saw the many choices, and sighed. Volt snickered again.
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  2. "Here's good, Dodrio." Ralph Spruce said as his Pokémon let its pace slow. He was back in Canalave City after a 3 month trip to Hoenn to visit his relatives in Fallarbor. As much as he enjoyed it there, he was happy to be back home and couldn't wait to settle back in. Ralph swung one leg over the side of his Pokemon to meet his other leg and hopped off Dodrio's back. "Thanks, bud." Ralph said, petting each of Dodrio's three heads before returning the creature to its PokeBall.

    Ralph looked around at his hometown, noting that he had come at a bad time: tourist season. The streets were packed with impatient people trying to get in all the sight seeing they could before the sun went down. Wingulls and Starly were all around, picking at the scraps left behind by visitors who had stopped to grab something to eat. Ralph sighed at the sight, but couldn't help smiling. He was home!

    He walked confidently, though that could not always be helped. The eighteen year old stood 6'3", and people often asumed he was as tough as he looked, which was not true. Behind the scruffy, unshaven face and the curly brown hair he was actually quite kindhearted. His eyes gave this away, people liked to tell him. They said tough guys didn't have such blue eyes, and that usually made him laugh.

    "To the library." Ralph said, turning his entire body as promptly decided to do some reading. He had caught a Psychic Pokemon, Solrock, during his stay in Hoenn and he wanted to know as much as he coud about it. The thought of his Pokemon made Ralph realize that he didn't currently have any of his team members out, which made him lonely. "Solrock." Ralph said, grabbing at his belt and releasing the floating rock. "Hey." Ralph said, trying to sound friendly. Solrock just looked at him, their relationship was still awkward since he hadn't had much time to get to know his Pokemon. "Welcome to Sinnoh, buddy." Ralph said, chuckling as Solrock took in his surroundings.
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  3. "Oi. There's just... so many choices." Alexandria moaned, skimming over the myriad search results. "Volt, could you narrow the search? Go for quieter places. And, er, nothing too expensive. I'd like this money to last." Alexandria explained. An annoyed tone in her voice caused Volt to not hesitate, nor pull up numerous false or ridiculous results. And, with that, there were very few matches, in fact, just two: a retirement home, and a library. "The library it is." Alexandria noted aloud. Volt opened a GPS system, and Alexandria started her way there.

    The walk to the library was simple enough. Like the hotel, the library was near the dock. And it was easy enough to spot, a giant banner that hung from several windows read "Canalave Library". Alexandria slightly quickened her pace, not wanting to wait much longer. This was a perfect setting for Alexandria, as it was quiet, peaceful, and sophisticated (for the most part, anyways).

    As Alexandria entered, a soft bell alerted an elderly woman--likely the librarian--to her entry. The woman nodded, smiled, and returned to her work. Alexandria smiled back, then headed for the stairs. Whatever Alexandria would be interested in was on the second floor, as the screen of her floating laptop displayed.

    Alexandria reached the second floor rather quickly, as she slightly trotted up the stairs. "How nice..." She whispered to herself, in astonishment at the sheer masses of books. The bookshelves easily reached half-way up the walls, and, appropriately, rolling (and attached) ladders were scattered among the shelves. "What first?" Alexandria inquired to herself, walking through a row of bookshelves, looking left and right to her choices. She was in the cooking section, also where books were to be bought (not rented), as she needed some ideas for food. There were so many choices, from the more spicy styles typical of Hoenn, to the more traditional and Asian-themed foods from Johto. She selected several, such as "Quick & Easy: Sinnoh Cuisine", "Gourmet Food for the Inexperienced Chef", and the simply titled "International Foods". She picked out a desert book, too, so she could spoil herself... when needed. Along with those, she got a book for beverages, and recipes for Pokémon food. Her total price... a few thousand Pokédollars ((since Pokédollars seem to have the same worth as Yen)). "Oops." Alexandria commented, noticing a higher price then she had hoped. But, it was no matter, at least they'd last. And with her new books, and her being at a quiet place anyways, she simply found a table, sat down, and began reading. (As Volt sat himself, as a laptop, down, and let go of its possession of Alexandria's laptop. It began reading as well. With the ability, when presented, to transform into a microwave-oven or refridgerator, learning a few recipes couldn't hurt.)

    (OoC: Just going to point this out now, Alexandria didn't book the Darkrai Motel. It most certainly would not have a website. :p)
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  4. "So...what shall we do now?" Silver uttered softly to Cynda, his Quilava. They had been in the library for a fairly long amount of time.This was pretty much one of the only quiet places in the area.Too chaotic outside for him.Even though he himself had just arrived, by walking, to make it worse, so he was just happy to sit down for a bit. They had been sitting at a table a few feet away from where Alexandria had sat down, but Silver was focusing intently on his drawing, and did not notice.

    "Quil." Cynda said, laying in a seat that had been pulled over next to Silver.He poked his head up, looking over Silver's drawing, giving a sort of "nod of approval", and then layed back down, observing his surroundings.

    "There, this should do for now." Silver said happily, brushing off the eraser bits on his picture, which was of a field with a few pokemon hiding within the grass, peeking out.He closed the book, with a scence of accomplishment, and stuck it back in his bookbag."Uhg...we still have a little bit more time to waste before it's night..what would you like to do, bud?" Silver inquired, looking down to Cynda.

    "Quilava." The fire pokemon said, tilting his head, about as not sure on what to do as Silver was. He then hopped up onto the table, and stretched, yawning.

    "You probably shouldn't be on there, buddy, they might yell at me." Silver said, laughing slightly, patting Cynda on the head.He adjusted his tophat, and closed a book that he had sitting next to him, titled "Fire Pokemon, Volume Two". "Remind me to put this back where we got it, okay Cynda?" Silver said with a smile, patting the Quilava again, who nodded happily.

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